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If you find any threads that are missing key photos, please send a message to the post owner to let them know.  If you don't hear back within a week, then let a mod (or Minuit) know so we can see what we can do. 
To find a specific item in the list, press the Control and F keys at the same time. A box labeled "Find on Page" or similar should appear. Type in what you're looking for and anything in this list that matches will be highlighted.
* - Broken Photobucket pics.



Random informative picture thread

Cruiser's mostly Renix tips

Best Thread for MJ tips and tricks

MJ Registry (Find out your truck's build sheet, birthday, and selling dealership)


A/C and Heating
Replacing your heater core without pulling out the dash

Renix 4.0 AC bracket bearing replacement
Revive your dead R12 A/C system with Red Tek R12a refrigerant
Fan diagnostics and repair

HVAC fan replacement

Complete A/C refurb writeup


Axles – CAD stuff, axle mods, diff covers, u-joints…
A CAD delete technique
Another CAD delete technique

CAD delete part 1
CAD delete part 2
Air switch for CAD
Axle specifications
Cheap D30 axle seals
Ford 8.8 axle swap 1
Ford 8.8 axle swap 2
Ford 8.8 axle truss
Front axle removal
Home made D30 differential guard
Home made D44 differential cover and drain*
Home made POSI lock (manual CAD activation)
U-bolt eliminator install
Universal joint replacement

Axle Gearing – What will X” tire do?, ratios…
Tire size (and more) calculators


Body Exterior – Panel replacement/mods, window stuff, adding stickers, removing stickers…

floorpans and rockers source (Key Parts brand)

Fixing dents in a Comanche

raising the stock flares to fit big tires

Making removable half doors

easy repair for rusted/snapped front fascia screws

Easy Emblem Restoration

Door Window Seals replacement
tips for repairing front end damage

Relocated Front Fender Flares

97+ taillight conversion
97+ conversion*

97+ power door swap
97+ frontend swap
97+ wiring harness tips
Back window (and slider) R-n-R
Bed lock for securing cargo
Bedside patch panel information
Beijing Jeep front panel on an MJ
Broken door hinge fix
Bushwacker flare installation
Datsun 280ZX hood vent install
Datsun hood louver install*
Dip your Comanche
Door hinge repair

Door hinge reinforcement install
overkill door hinge repair
Door latch rehab
DIY rear corner guards
Fabrication 97+ window regulator hardware
Fender flare facelift
Hatch strut alternatives
Hood pins
Hood vent installations
How to install front clip JEEP emblem letters*
How to open a stuck Hood
How to remove and replace door glass
Installing 97+ door handles & mirrors*
Installing a snorkle
Installing half-doors
MJ Bed swap
MJ floor pan replacement
Modifying Cherokee front mud flaps for the rear of a Comanche
Modifying Cherokee rear mud flaps for a Comanche
Power window regulator restoration*
Rear glass removal
Removing factory pin striping and decals
Rocker panel and cab corner replacement*
Rusty floor fix
Sliding roof rack
Stop your tailgate from rattling
Tailgate handle restoration
TJ fender flares
Using front XJ splash guards on the rear of an MJ
Using rear XJ splash guards on the rear of an MJ
Windshield replacement with rubber trim (no glue)
ZJ 5.9L Hood Vent Install

Paint gun - best one for the money!



Proper Comanche brake bleeding (including the prop valve)


rear disk conversion using ZJ parts


WJ steering and brakes

Dana 44 axle seal refurb

Dana 44 disk brake conversion
mj load-sensing proportioning valve delete procedure
95/96 booster master cylinder brake upgrade with Wilwood proportioning valve
95-96 dual diaphragm brake booster swap
Adjustable MJ load sensing brake valve
Adjustment procedure for the rear proportioning valve
Front combination valve cut-a-way pics
How to change your one piece front rotor and wheel bearings
KJ discs on an XJ Chrysler 8.25 axle write up
One man brake bleeding
Parking brake pedal refurbishment
Power brake troubleshooting guide
Proper Comanche brake bleeding (including the prop valve)
Rear extended brake lines
Rear load/height sensing valve delete and bypass procedure
Use a guitar string for an e-brake cable
WJ dual diaphram brake booster swap
XJ handbrake in an MJ 1
XJ handbrake in an MJ 2

ZJ disk brakes conversion

ZJ disk brakes, WJ dual booster and YJ front brake lines


Bumpers – Custom bumpers, installs…
Custom bumper build 1
Custom bumper build 2
Custom bumper build 3
Custom front bumper build
Custom heavy-duty stock bumper
Custom rear bumper 1
Custom rear bumper 2
Front tow points
S-10 rear bumper install
Warrior bumper install

Clutch – Clutch components, other such clutch stuff…
99 clutch master into 87 MJ
Clutch master cylinder rebuild
Clutch slave replacement


Cooling – Radiator tech, fans...
3 ten inch cooling fans install
4.0L radiator installed into 2.5L MJ
Closed to open cooling DIY 1
Closed to open cooling DIY 2
Closed to open cooling DIY 3
Dual OEM aux fan installation
Dual 2-stage E-fans install
How to bleed a closed cooling system
Renix 4.0 AC bracket bearing replacement
Thermal fan switch for 2.5L
Transmission cooler install

Downloads – Parts manuals, FSM's, etc...
1988 MJ/XJ Electrical manual
Jeep Comanche MJ parts manual
Jeep Historical Drawings by Hubert Cossard (French Site)
Jeep Parts and Service Manuals
Renix FI (Fuel Injection) manual

88-90 Factory Parts Manual

91-93 Factory Parts Manual

84-93 Factory Shop Manual



Cruiser's mostly Renix tips

Renix engine sensor testing techniques


87 Factory Electrical Troubleshooting Manual

Soldering 101 video

factory Sentinal Headlight installation

Steering column repair

Replacing the headlight switch/connector

Headlight switch replacement
Addendum to Cruiser54's C101 elimination: Deletes connectors but retains connector housing
Adding an auxiliary fuse box
Aux input added to factory tape deck
Battery cable copper lug source

Dimmable dash light LEDs

Camshaft sensor test

Cruise Control install using factory parts

Dual Batterys under the hood
Dash harness rebuild/refurbish
Factory radio guide
Finding an active electrical short
Full gauge cluster swap for column shift MJ
HO full gauge cluster swap tips
HO MJ/XJ Premature Ignition Coil Failure Fix & Relocation
How to put an ignition switch back together
Installing an aftermarket security alarm system
Jeep Ignition Distributor Info
Renix connector locations

Crank position sensor testing (video)

Renix Camshaft sensor replacement
Starter relay upgrade
Upgrading the puny Jeep meep-meep horn
XJ rear harness to MJ rear harness guide


Engine – Maintenance, HO engine codes, etc

Cruiser's mostly Renix tips

All Vacuum line schematics

Oil Pressure sender fitting- What to do if it breaks
2.5L aluminum valve cover
2.5L vacuum line info
All you wanted to know about oil and oil filters
Brown Dog offroad motor mounts review

Camshaft sensor test
Convert Renix Metric Oil Filters to the More Common SAE Threaded Filters
Easy oil changes
How to install an HO stamped steel valve cover on a Renix head
Installing a 1996 throttle body mounted MAP sensor on early HO engines
Installing a 99+ intake manifold
Installing a Unifoam filter in the air box
Jeep 4.0L cylinder block, crankshaft, camshafts, cylinder head, and connecting rod specs
Larger capacity 4.0L engine oil filters
MJ Renix to HO Oil Filter Adapter & O-ring Data
"Ram air" inlet hose for stock air box
Reading OBDI 91 and 92 MJ fault codes
Rear main seal replacement
Relocating alternator to A/C mount
Renix alternator relocation

Renix Camshaft sensor replacement
Renix extended idle work around
Renix Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) testing / adjustment
Renix throttle body spacer
Renix valve cover breather repair
Restoring and refurbishing your valve cover
Timing chain replacement
XJ/MJ V8 Swap

Torque specs for AMC engines

Exhaust – Manifolds, mufflers…

HO exhaust manifold on a Renix 4.0L
Prevent Exhaust Header/Manifold Cracks With a Flex Joint


Fuel – Hoses, tanks, piracy fluid…
Adding a fuel rail pressure gauge
AN fittings how-to
Bosch aftermarket fuel-pump install
Draining your fuel tank
Fixing a leaking fuel tank
Fuel injector cleaning 1
Fuel injector cleaning 2
Fuel Injector cleaning 3
Fuel pump ballast resistor upgrade
Refurbishing the fuel sender

Renix Fuel Injection Factory Manual


Interior – Clusters, panels, steering column tech, seats, switch panels, interior lighting…
freshen up your interior with vinyl paint
Convert Electric Doors to Manual Doors
120 mph speedometer installation
Ambient temperature dash display from Mercedes
Automatic floor shifter 97 upgrade/mod

Bucket seat restoration and repair
Center console writeup
Cigar lighter and aux switch plate combo
Cleaning and refurbishing a stock tape deck radio
Column Shift PRNDL Indicator on a Full Instrument Cluster
Convert ashtray into extra cigarette lighter sockets
Cupholders 1 
Cupholders 2
Cupholders 3
Cupholders 4
Cupholders 5
Cupholders 6
Cupholders 7
Cupholders 8
Cupholders 9

Cupholders 10
Dakota bench seat install 1

Dakota bench seat install 2

Door speaker grill mod

Door speakers 6.5" upgrade
Fix for speaker/window crank interference
Freeing up the seat back tilt levers
Gauge swap speedometer cable solution
Headliner 1 and overhead console
Headliner 2
Headliner 3
Headliner 4
Headliner 5
Headliner 6
HO full gauge cluster swap tips
How to keep AC vents from rattling
Ignition lock removal
Loose steering wheel cure
Making ZJ/WJ seats tilt forward
MJ dash removal
Multifunction switch (stalk) repair
Paint/dye your carpet
Quadratec Ultimate floor liners
Rearview mirror and interior lighting upgrade
Removing door panels
Seat repair

Steering column repair
Transfer case shifter modification
Upgrading to full gauge cluster (plus odometer recalibration)
Upgrading to a gauge package w/column shifter
XJ buckets in an MJ


Aftermarket fog lights wiring diagram
Beijing 2500 XJ tail lights on an MJ
Converting courtesy lights to LED
Dodge Dakota taillight swap
Dome light fix
Euramtec B pillar light alternative
Export model amber parking light assemblies
GE Nighthawk LED headlamp evaluation
Headlight wire harness upgrades
Installing EURO city lights
Installing EURO side repeater lights
Installing LED lighting in your camper shell
Interior lights upgrade
LED dome lights
LED overhead courtesy light
Melted headlight switch and connector repair
MJ light bulb part numbers including LED replacements
Porsche 911/912 interior lights
Renewing MJ tail lights 1
Renewing MJ tail lights 2
Renewing MJ tail lights 3
Rewiring your marker lights as turn signals
Wagoneer front clip lighting upgrade 1
Wagoneer front clip lighting upgrade 2
XJ roof rack / light bar on an MJ


WJ steering and brakes

Steering Gearbox upgrades discussion
Ruff Stuff 7/8" Heim Steering install
Steering wheel info and disassembly
Adjusting caster
Adjusting steering gear play
DIY power steering pump adjustments and modifications
DIY steering column lock plate compressor tool
Saginaw power steering gear technical reference

Steering column repair
Tie rod end and draglink replacement
Tie rod upgrade
YJ steering linkage on an MJ


Suspension – Setup tech, spring info…
Airlift airbag helper kit
Budget 5-6" lift parts list
Bump stop extensions
DIY adjustable front bumpstops
Factory shock swaps
How to install 2" coil spacers and shackles
How to measure ride height
Installing front and rear JK shocks
Leaf spring overhaul: bushings, bolts, pads, coating, shackles
Lift vs control arm length table
Longer sway bar end links
Lower control arm install
MJ rear sway bar on a shortbed
MJ rear sway bar on a longbed
MJ shock absorber cross reference
RE bumpstop install
Tips for getting more flex from your truck
WJ lower control arms
WJ upper control arms install
WJ sway bar swap
V8-ZJ swaybar swap


System Conversions 

Late model XJ Parts Manuals and Shop Manuals downloads

     a. Renix to OBD1/2
Swapping an HO fuel pump into a non-HO trucks sender
Renix to HO TPS adapter

89 Cherokee Renix to 99+ HO Manifold Swap Nickintime's video

     b. 97+

‘97+ H.O. Fuel tank option

97+ power door swap

97+ frontend swap
97+ wiring harness tips

97 swap how-to
Adding emissions components to my MJ
1997 XJ fuel pump to 1997-2004 dakota fuel pump
97 swap: header panel, doors, mirrors, ect
Overhead console for 97-01 swap
97 XJ trim on shortbed MJ
Adapting MJ headlight harness to 97 XJ harness 

     c. 2.8L - 3.4L Swap
2.8L to 3.1L/3.4L/3.8L swap notes

older 2.8L to 3.4L swap links
     d. 2.5 – 4.0 Swap
1986 2.5L to 4.0L swap

2.5L to 4.0L swap links
97 rear flares how-to
2.5L to 4.0L swap tips

Transfer Case – Linkage/shifter tech, upgrades…
Boostwerks shifter linkage upgrade
Installing Novak cable shifter on a np242
Modified transfercase shifter linkage 88 MJ 4.0l ba105 np231
Novak 4wd cable shifter install
Novak shift cable on np-242
NP-231 t-case upgrades
NP231 Upgrade (dead pics)
NP231-NP231 doubler
Speedometer gear info
Transfercase linkage



AX-15 swap how-to

AW4 troubleshooting
AW4 Automatic to AX15 Manual Swap
AW4 Automatic to AX15 Manual Swap
AW4 neutral safety switch clean and refurb
AW4 TCU shift mod
AX-5/15 and BA-10/5 transmission identification
BA-105 drain/fill plugs off-the-shelf solution
BA-10/5 to ax-15 or aw4 swap info
Everything you ever wanted to know about the aw4
Manual transmission gearing
Ratchet shifter
Transmission installation guide pins
Transmission cooler install with pics and part numbers
T-19 transmission conversion and rebuild

Towing/Undercarriage – Hitches, skid plates…
Gas tank skid plate ideas
How to install a factory transfercase skidplate

MJ trailer light wiring harness and mount
Spare tire hoist repair 1
Spare tire hoist repair 2
U-Haul 2" reciever hitch


Under hood Upgrades – Cleanup tips because some things are just ugly or in the way…
Vacuum canister relocation 1
Vacuum canister relocation 2
Vacuum canister relocation 3

Wheels and Tires – Refinishing, wheel specs, dubs…
Aluminum wheel restoration
Turbine rims restoration
Factory wheel weigh in
Jeep wheel specifications
Jeep wheels guide

Windshield Wipers and Washers
97+ windshield washer tank installation
97+ windshield wiper arm installation
MJ/XJ wiper bushing install
Wiper motor replacement
Windshield wiper motor and bushing replacement

Comprehensive Wiper Mods/Upgrades/Maintenance


Other – Didn’t find it anywhere else? Have a look in here…

Tons of XJ mods
Jeep Comanche Specs
Acronyms and abbreviations
Christmas Comanche
Comanche vehicle dynamics portfolio
Comanche weights and measures spreadsheet
Cruiser's mostly Renix tips
Driveshaft lengths
Hi-lift jack mount
How to get into your MJ if you lose your keys
How to make an on-board welder
Jeep model list (MJ, XJ, etc.)
Jeep technical photos
Jeep VIN decoder
Locking your toolbox
MJ periodic maintenance schedule
MJ related info links
MJ screw / bolt / nut info & sizes
Non-Jeep DIY writeups
Random informative picture thread
Rust removal using electrolysis
Safe towing and recovery discussion
Stripped bolt head removal
Torque specifications 1
Torque specifications 2
Upgrades from the junkyard
Ultrasonic cleaner for small parts

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Understood  :thumbsup:


My schedule is gonna free up over the next week, so I can actually start working on stuff. I'll probably start alphabetizing the entries, checking to make sure pics work, etc in the next few days.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Started putting things in alphabetical order and editing titles for clarity. If you see an asterisk (*) next to an entry, that means the post is missing one or more pictures. Should be able to work on it for about another hour later on today. As I'm considered a moderator in the DIY projects subforum, any questions, concerns, cries of outrage, and suggestions can be directed to me as well.


If you see any weirdness with how the list looks, don't be alarmed. I can't easily save a copy of the post on my computer, so I have to edit the post and resubmit it to make changes, and if I'm in the middle of something that means the list might look strange for some amount of time.

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Alright, so with Photobucket screwing everyone over with their new hotlinking policy many of the writeups on this list that were working before now have no pics. I'm going to start moving pics over to my own imgur account. I'll be marking the ones with broken pics with a regular asterisk. This will be a tedious job but you can help out! Here's how:


- Find a writeup that has broken pics that say "100% third party hosting usage" on them. All photos that are hosted on Photobucket really need to be moved, but the ones that are broken are a priority. The more an image is seen the more likely it is to be broken. Some pics may work now, but once more people have looked at them they may break.

- Right click on the "100% third party hosting usage" pics, and click on "open in new tab" or whatever the equivalent for your browser is. The picture should now show up.

- Download these pics to your hard drive

- Upload them to www.imgur.com

- Send links of these re-uploaded photos to either me or an admin as well as the title of the writeup. I have editing privileges on the DIY forum so I can replace pictures in writeups.

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which buckets? 

MJ buckets go right in (except for the female seat belt end that won't have the plastic sheath that holds it up). 

most 84-95 XJ buckets can be bolted to your current floor brackets. 

or you can get creative with any ol' buckets you find in the junkyard.  each will take a different adaptation approach though.  

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I am looking at replacing my door windows in my 88MJ with a window from a 99 cherokee.  don't want to change the door it self but change the window.  Get rid of the wing window that does not open.   My door is good as well as the hinges (so far).   Is this a doable change?


I did not see anythng about this or did I just miss it?

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