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dome light fix

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So i have never heard of any one doing this but my dad sure helped me out. So my dome lights did not work like most peoples don't. well he took some wire and his soldering gun and put some wire in between the contacts since there was not one to get the current to run through the light. Well, now that he did this he hooked them back up and they work and we just super glued the lights in. also I found out that the lights had a built in map light. They flip up if you push on them with the doors closed to come on and in the middle they are neutral and do not come on even with the doors open and in the down position they are supposed to come on when the doors open. now if you rig it like we did they come on with the doors open in the down position and in the middle neutral position. Hear are the pics:

here's a chart to explain better 38595024417_medium.jpg

And here is what it looks like on the light its self:



and here they are in action 38595024412_medium.jpg38595024414_medium.jpg38595024415_medium.jpg38595024416_medium.jpg


Now mine didnt have clips either so we just super glued them in :rotfl2:


I hope this was a help to any of ya'll.



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I did this as well, I ordered the dome light housings from euramtec.com and also ordered blue LEDs from superbrightleds.com and filed the b pilar about a 1/8th of an inch and wedged them in :thumbsup: also ordered LEDs for the gauge cluster, just too afraid to take it apart just yet lol

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