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  1. You know your right I did forget you have to use wheel spacers if you run the 8.8 in the rear. Good thought completely slipped my mind :p
  2. The only thing I don't like is the fact that he went with the Dana 44 as an upgraded re axle, I'm upgrading my re axle (like I have) I'm doing the ford 8.8 with disk breaks, it's silly not to. And 6.5" lift with 33"? Come one 35's or run a 4.5" lift lol Siill i'm drooling over this truck wish I wasent trying to buy a house :p
  3. Does any one know if this guy has a build page on here? It looks to be an extremely well built truck I know I'd be an honor to own it. http://jacksonville.craigslist.org/cto/5122203070.html
  4. Last time I'll see her, was a fun time hope to get back into the MJ world again some time. Brandon
  5. Sorry no updates other then I will be putting the truck up for sale shortly. it is sitting on very used 33" cooper tires, does run but will need a trailer. Sad way to end but life caught up to me and need to move on. One day i'll have another MJ but now's not the time. Enjoyed all the time together I'm sure ill be back. Brandon
  6. Looking for a 10k+ winch preferably a warn in Florida will pay for shipping or will drive. I'm not on here very often so call/text 8137134508 if you have one, thanks! Brandon
  7. If you email Jeep with your vin they will send backs build sheet Brandon
  8. Ok thanks for the info, the psi has been fine the cracks are very fine but since you said that Eagle I decided to email Cooper this is what I got: Thank you for your inquiry. Cooper products are backed by a workmanship and materials warranty that our independent tire dealers administer on a regular basis. You must be the original purchaser of the tires. Any tire that is deemed to have an eligible adjustable condition as determined by one of our independent tire dealers shall be processed according to the terms of the Cooper Warranty Program. Our independent tire dealers make the determination on what qualifies as an eligible adjustable condition, and handle all warranty returns. Cooper tires are guaranteed for four (4) years from date of manufacture for a weather checking condition. If you suspect this condition exists on your tires, please take them to your nearest dealer for inspection and possible warranty coverage. Also, if you happen to use any tire shine products, most of them contain petroleum distillates and are not acceptable on rubber products. The Rubber Manufacturers Association [RMA] states that "Treating tires with dressings or incompatible cleaning agents can cause ozone cracking or weather checking". Not sure if sitting would count under warranty but there's a tire place in town that was in there list of dealers, so I'll stop by there and see what they think. Thanks again for the information Brandon
  9. Very nice keep the updates coming :) Brandon
  10. Started to put the in sides back together and found out that one of the door panels got messed up... Also looking for a bench to replace the buckets. Thought I would like them but after sitting in both I miss the bench. And last but not least went to cover up the tires to keep them from rotting and found out 33" of tire won't fit into the dinky trash bags I got. On a side note I got around to putting x-mess lights on the convertible today :P Brandon
  11. As a last resort there has been some to use a dodge gas tank as a replacement which would fix the miss reading gauge. Here's a helpful link http://comancheclub.com/topic/24894-dakota-gas-tank/ Brandon
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