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  1. follow cruiser54's valve cover mod. http://cruiser54.com/?p=131
  2. MancheKid86

    Hillbilly Delux

    i ended up finding play in my upper ball joint bore of the knuckle (the ball joint did not have play) so i sourced out a new scout II knuckle for $20, tossed some new ball joints in it and reamed it for a over knuckle 1 ton TRE i had to cut off the old knuckle, since it was no good, i had zero issue chopping it up. otherwise i would have taken a sawzall and cut the upper and lower balljoints out with the RCV's in a Scout II spicer 44 (dana 44) they have to be installed assembled at the same time as the knuckle is being installed ( it is a bit of a royal pain) in order to disassemble the axle, you literally have to cut the knuckles off. it is a one way installation. once they are installed. there is no nice way of removal at this time, i refreshed 1 ton over knuckle steering with all new TRE's and put it all back together also just some randoms. i refreshed my comanche badges, cleaned, polished, repainted the black and a generous amount of clear coat and side by side my buddy's 2" lowered cherokee, that walks most of the imports in town and me testing out the new parts
  3. MancheKid86

    Hillbilly Delux

    i then painted the axle, once it was stitched together. everything else had a thorough final clean, then mostly every part got a fresh coat of paint. tossed the axle back under the truck and back out into the bush there is a few reasons why i stayed with the dana 44 under the truck instead of going to a 1 ton axle unsprung weight, would to too great and i would have to stiffen the truck (i will down the road but not now) before i could even think about driving it again new rims and tires all new gears locker upgraded shafts ect... for me currently that financially isnt an option the biggest one though is diff clearance. the way the truck is set up is to achieve maximum diff clearance ,the axles are strong enough built up to withstand the 39.5 tires snow wheeling is HUGE here, and it is my favorite season. diff clearance is critical. if i went to a 14 bolt and shaved the lower portion of the housing i still would loose clearance and that is not an option. that being said, i also maintain a large sidewall keeping the 15" rims
  4. MancheKid86

    Hillbilly Delux

    I then cut the retainers off my axle shafts, since my disc brake conversion brackets become the new retainers and with the help of my friend designed and made a truss for the new axle
  5. MancheKid86

    Hillbilly Delux

    since my last update a few things have happened. the last trip to apex, we stopped in the nearest town to get some food. while hanging out in the parking lot i noticed my rear diff housing had failed. (the right tube has always been bent since i owned the truck, i guess i gave it the final nudge haha) so called the tow truck and get er hauled back home. i ended up picking up another scout II d44 housing for $40, it needed alot of cleaning before i even was able to put the gearset in. but i shimmed it all into place. and meticulously cleaned the entire housing
  6. Seeing if theres any interest out there, I have made a stiffener/repair brace for the MJ/XJ that I feel would be a good upgrade for any one who needs one. Cut from 3/16 plate steel, it has three steering box mounting holes drilled. And the two OEM factory flanged holes have been exposed for another surface to be welded to, and to still be able to utilized for extra areas to mount hardware for your offroad bumper brackets As for the spacers I have used dom tubing reamed to a .625 ID to ensure zero play of the hardware. I still need to have the spacers welded on. I figured $80 CAD + shipping (which is currently $62 USD +shippingwith the exchange rate)
  7. MancheKid86


    ditch the electric soleniod. it freezes open and keeps air going through, can't shut it off XD ask me how i know. just use a manual ball valve. more air. louder. and shuts off.
  8. lol i gotta read past page one before i post XD
  9. MancheKid86

    Hillbilly Delux

    you made me check, even did a search query all could find was so i am confused on what your talking about, i think that explains itself? thanks for reading my build thread though! i guess i should of put a comma after external slave to make it easier to understand
  10. MancheKid86

    Hillbilly Delux

    I think you mean YJ transmission with an external slave bell housing? Otherwise it sticks out under the truck like a soar thumb under the frame to all the rocks
  11. MancheKid86

    Hillbilly Delux

    here's some of the pictures from this trip, with all the fires going on right now it was very smokey
  12. MancheKid86

    Hillbilly Delux

    I ended up replacing the track bar bushing at the same time as all the control arm bushings. at this point i "should" have been death wobble free. so i go for a rip down the road and one bump, death wobble, baaaaaaaaad finally fed up with it occurring even thought i replaced everything in the front end within 1500 km of each other found the culprit i tore the front apart and starteda repair, i took some DOM and used a reamer to obtain a true .625 ID for the new hardware. i then used a unibit and opened the inside of the frame up just enough to install the sleeves.welded it all together and i was able to drive 90 mph on 40's without a steering stabilizer (could have gone faster but didnt want an impound or roll the damn thing) this is my repair in final before it was welded onto the frame. like i said i don't have final pictures ever on the road we are!
  13. MancheKid86

    Hillbilly Delux

    onto the engine bay i went, gave it a good clean, and re routed/relocated some things (at this point the stock airbox still remains, i want to relocate it into the wiper cowl) i ended up routing the front airline and winch power side by side on the passenger frame in the end. for some reason i only take mid way pics and no finals haha every bare wire was loomed i relocated my washer fluid reservoir to my truck box and my and over flow reservoir behind my bumper also at this time i added more stickers to my window, as a bandaid and replaced my lower control arm bushings they are from a dodge ram 3500
  14. MancheKid86

    Hillbilly Delux

    afterwards, i tore the interior apart, acquired the remaining trim pieces needed from a donor Comanche to finish the interior. i striped every panel out, replaced every insert and fastener for the trim pieces. (no pics of them but i swear they are installed) gave the cab a good wash. and proceeded to chase my interior wiring gremlins. i was able to gain full function of my interior lights after soldering in some new wire. i may have even steam cleaned the seats, you should have seen the amount of dirt that came out of them
  15. MancheKid86

    Hillbilly Delux

    the drive back from apex was pretty rough, so i decided to look into what was the culprit. first thing i found was my upper control arm mount! at this point, i replaced all upper control arm bushings, repaired the control arm mount and effected area on the frame i also picked up some TJ bushwackers, the netted more coverage then the XJ ones. i now have to take them off when i go down trails