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  1. 11 years later! how time flys, good to see your still at it!
  2. stock rad, mech fan, aux fan, water wetter Flow Kooler Water Pump aftermarket tsat this combo stopped my overheating, pushing my truck on 40's in 104+ degree weather like it was winter time
  3. I agree with cap and rotor checking. your first post sounds like a worn out distributor bushing. pull your cap off distributor grab the rotor and wiggle it. if there is any play this could most definitely be the culprit.
  4. sure was. at this point i am cutting and fitting frame stiffeners, have a booking at the bnb so here is where ive stopped until they leave. i had a bit of repeated arc blow by the leaf perch so i will try to wrap the ground around the frame a few times and reweld it after i grind it out. i will be touching up the plug welds and grind them to make everything flush. still have alot of welding to go
  5. trimmed the passenger set of frame stiffeners to fit and started welding them on!
  6. your hitting it from the wrong side,its shouldered on the other side of the carrier so its only goes in/out one way that is the side for roll pin installation it has a larger diameter. the other side has a smaller diameter and is meant for removal hope this helps
  7. Got the call they had the time to blast the jeep, $340 to do the entire shell looks like its time to put the frame stiffeners on and paint!
  8. you can easily bench test your horn, run a + and - from the battery to the horn and that will rule out if the horn functions. a. horn beeps. - run multi meter on power wire and see if you detect a voltage whilst pressing beeper -if power, replace ground. -if no power check all fuses and trace wire back to see if there is any chafing/breaks/corrosion of wire b. horn no beep - replace horn let us know what you find!
  9. just re-read this build thread, great to see your mj still kickin'. was also a trip to see some of my reply's from over 10 years ago looks like you are still having fun!
  10. seen the rest of your pictures on the facebook CC Great job on the resto
  11. ^^^ THIS only ax-15 i have seen fail not from driver/neglect but from to much HP, was a supercharged v8 cherokee at the drag strip (which was wayyy above the HP rating of the transmission) made a big noise while shifting and it locked into 4th gear. when i took it apart the 3/4 gear syncronizer hub was detroyed the other ax-15s have been from people grinding gears and destroying the synchro's deteriorated fluid (contaminated with sludge, which fills the grooves of synchros and causes them to fail) not changing fluid causing bearing failure ive also seen people reseal the input shaft and put way to much rtv on the machined surfaces and block off some oil galleries to in input bearing. the best was the reverse to 5th clutch drop that sheared 5th gear right off. (i had to replace the main shaft and synchros for that guy) any used transmission is a gamble, you don't know how the previous owners have treated it, pull the drain plug and inspect what comes out before you make your purchase (look for bearing material/sychro bits) from my experience running 10w30 (i have been using 10w30 in various ax-15 for 8 years, i use castrol GTX) has been the best fluid to use. it literally cleans all the grooves out the synchros giving it a better friction coefficient to allow for a smoother shift. first oil change after a few 1000K and you won't believe all the sludge that comes out, put castrol GTX in a high milleage (over 400,000km) transmission ran it for 5000 km (it instantly fixed the shifting btw) and drained it, took it apart (converting to external so why not while i had it out) and it was immaculate inside. cleaner than any of the lower milleage running gear oil, it made the synchros look brand new. rant over
  12. You may get lucky if you loosen the gas tank straps. thinking the tank has to be dropped though
  13. Floor is all welded in. Took a break to go back for some schooling and now time to get back on the build. Will edit this post once I find all the photos and post in coresponding order. Sending out the truck to get media blasted within a weeks time
  14. you can tell your an AME just by how meticulously clean your shop is. keep up the great work
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