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Found 4 results

  1. MancheKid86's HillBilly Deluxe 1989 jeep comanche 4x4 Engine: 1993 4.5L HO stroker - built by robert bryce Crane cam shaft 1977 4.2 crankshaft 5.0L Ford Mustang fuel inectors 49 PSI fuel pressure regulator Ported and polished thermostat housing performance 190 F theromostat Flow Kooler water pump Converted open cooling system Aux Fan Transmission/Transfercase Assembly: External Slave AX-15 from 1990 YJ to achieve a flatbelly via transfer case clock angle NP231 Doubler NP241
  2. i have no idea why i bought this, but its sweet, it showed up on my social media for dirt cheap, after my friends were off work we were off to get it, later on that night we showed up and did a quick exchange, it was dark out and hadnt even seen it in the day light. currently its on 35" boggers, the rear are cut and is set up for mud racing slightly modified, has a rollerized small block chevy 350 bored .010 with arp studs. rebuilt turbo 350 with high stall torque converter b&m megashifter, twin stick 205 transfercase, radius arm links front and rear, down travel limited to
  3. So I got rid of the street comanche a few months back as you all are aware of. I sold my immaculate XJ as well the other day, for this. Its a 1990 Comanche pioneer, it has the metric tonne package. Its got a locked D44 rear and d30 front with chromolys and geared to 4:10. It is dark blue, it's got custom metalcloak TJ long arms up front with there 6" coils. SOA in rear and all around a 5-6 inch lift. Now the major stuff: Built LM7 5.3 from a 2005 silverado with just under or around 400HP. A built 700R4 and a new/rebuilt NP241 T-Case. All the swap was done using Novak adapt parts and painless h
  4. I've recently purchased a D44 for the rear of my MJ, which will probably be getting an auto locker (like an Aussie locker) however, right now I'm more concerned about the front. From how I understand the AWD functionally will effectively be useless. because as you round a corner the outer wheel moves faster which would cause the locker to activate. so my question is: Am I right, or is there something I have overlooked? Thanks in advance any input is appreciated.
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