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Found 3 results

  1. MancheKid86's HillBilly Deluxe 1989 jeep comanche 4x4 Engine: 1993 4.5L HO stroker - built by robert bryce Crane cam shaft 1977 4.2 crankshaft 5.0L Ford Mustang fuel inectors 49 PSI fuel pressure regulator Ported and polished thermostat housing performance 190 F theromostat Flow Kooler water pump Converted open cooling system Aux Fan Transmission/Transfercase Assembly: External Slave AX-15 from 1990 YJ to achieve a flatbelly via transfer case clock angle NP231 Doubler NP241 internals and output inside a NP231 case for the second transfercase Front Axle: Spicer 44 out of a 1979 international scout II re-tubed and sleeved to obtain drivers pumpkin. all new brackets welded on 2.5" raised coil spring buckets (built in spacers) Detroit locker 4.88 gears RCV axles Warn Premium locking hubs 1/4" thick walled front drive shaft Rear Axle Spicer 44 out of a 1979 international scout II Detroit locker 4.88 gears Spring Over Axle Relocated shock mounts TSM MFG gm metric disc conversion with drilled and slotted rotors and Cadillac Eldorado e-brake calipers Chromoly axle shafts Suspension Front 10" short arm lift 7.5 lift coils, 2.5" built into axle custom lower control arms with dodge one ton bushings custom upper control arms Rear 3/4 eliptical 10" lift Spring over axle 2011 chevy colorado shackles Steering and linkages Stock steering box Full one ton over knuckle steering Iron Man 4x4 Fab steering box brace with sector shaft support Iron Man 4x4 Fab track bar and bracket with frame brace Tires and rims 39.5x15x15 Grooved Bias super swamper tsl's 1977 ford bronco rims with weld on bead locks MISC warn 9000 XDI front winch Black Diamond Synthetic winch line warn 8000 VR rear winch Onboard air regulated to 155 psi relocated battery train horn 138:1 crawl ratio
  2. ​I just recently completed swapping out my old 4.0L with a 4.6L Stroker from ATK and I could not be more happy with the results. Prior to purchasing the Engine, I pinged the forums and probed the interwebs for a reputable reman company... all I found were bad reviews and horror stories... It made me feel uneasy but I went with ATK anyway. I figured I would post my experience. Prior to the Swap I had a 1987 4.0L with about 160K on it. The engine was still firing up and running but I felt it was time for a swap. ​The price was / is awesome. I paid 2900 for the stroker. It did not come with a valve cover but all of the gaskets were included. For the swap I also decided to put it a higher flow water pump, a new starter, plugs , wires, CPS, Thermostat, and a flex plate. Once the parts arrived I dropped the manche off at the shop and waiting for the motor to go in. I am told the install was simple... fit as expected ... no issues. HOWEVER.... as soon as the mechanic fired up the engine ... she leaked oil like a bastard! To be sure it was not the oil pan... I put a new oil pan in and replaced the gasket and sure enough it still leaked..... It was obvious it was the Rear Main Seal but we wanted to be sure.... I called ATK prior to authorizing work... and a little up set I explained the situation. Sight Unseen ATK authorized the mechanic to fix the problem and paid for both the parts and the labor. It took a few weeks for the check to finally arrive but never the less it did. It is worth noting that it if you purchase from autozone, the labor is covered by their warranty .... and the parts are paid for by ATK. Now not to throw any stones but the mechanic said the RMS was installed backwards :doh:​ With that said the RMS was replaced and the engine fired up with no leaks!... BUUUUUUT It was running sluggish.... I panicked thinking the engine was truly a dud and I would join the few folks on the internet in bashing ATK... but it turns out I did not upgrade the injectors to 24psi ( which most stroker forums recommend) .. ATK states that it can use the stock stuff... but it just does not run right. I also bought an adjustable fuel pressure regulator as well to dial in the power... it was not necessary but it helps. After all this... the MANCHE is more powerful than ever and runs very strong.. While I was a little disappointed with the quality control of ATK, they came through immediately with a fix.. at no cost to me. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions... I hope this helps some folks on the fence about REMANS...
  3. Comp 68-239-4 Cam only- wild cam Keith Black IC945-060 pistons no rings, long rod stroker pistons, forged, high compression. $425 for the pistons $110 for the cam $500 for both Buyer pays shipping
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