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  1. I don't think so. It was a tough sale, but life takes precedence. Love these little trucks. Eventually I think ide like to do some work to a 2wd 4.0 aw4. Hmmmm. For now the 90xj gets some love. I've got a ton of projects to catch up on.
  2. at least daily. theres usually one or 2 rust bucket 2wd's being driven as DD's around here
  3. hmm. ill have to look n see
  4. I already have the brackets. Looking for FACTORY MJ BUCKETS in decent shape. Willing to drive to Denver, Salt Lake, Moab, Grand Junction, Billings, Pocatello....
  5. i got one of the mounts that goes over the ebrake handle. it holds a soda can but thats about it. Everything else just falls out when you go around corners. But hey, in 1988, if you had a can of pepsi on a saturday going to the lake, you were Cruisin! there werent any of these new fancy coffee mugs and water bottles. I'm debating just getting rid of it. we have sealed mugs, so they usually jsut get stuffed under the seat bracket or in a bag behind the seat
  6. I'm sure you could Fab up a mount. On my Renix, i used an HO compressor mount, found a set of adaptor brackets that a kid on Ebay is making, and plopped in a HO 136 amp alternator and an adjustable external voltage regulator, a 77" belt and a radiator hose for a renix with AC. fits like it was designed.
  7. ide drive it! long live the 30 year old mini truck craze and all the odd transformations that folks came up with.
  8. I'm running the Cav Fab Alpha 3 link. daily driven for near 20k miles as well as trail use. no complaints.
  9. i towed a 2wd MJ from Oregon to Wyoming on a uhaul dolly. just dropped the rear drive shaft from the pinion, tied it up to the body with a ratchet strap to keep fluid in the AX-5 and away we went. blew a rear driveshaft on the tow rig in Boise, hooked the driveshaft back up on the MJ, went and got new u joints, put it back on the dolly with disconnected driveshaft, and continued on our way.
  10. First oil change after the stroker install. Have to do another 200 miles and change it again. Enjoying some 75degree weather and went for a little flexing and sand running.
  11. Did cruisers dizzy indexing. it felt so odd cutting the locator tabs. I still don't know how the dizzy doesn't move. Makes a huge difference and idles smoother. no more backfiring, and it pulls like a dream. The before and after pictures of where the dizzy should be are really hard to come by, but imagine this....the distributor rotor rotates clockwise. You want to advance the distributor so the trailing edge of the rotor contact is a paperclip width past the post on the cap. You do not have to cut the cap, i marked on the dizzy with a sharpie marker and used a small straight edge. here's the best picture i could get.
  12. Injectors installed, i can actually drive this down the road. The off idle torque is amazing. it pulls hard up past 4200 rpms. the old engine wouldnt pull past 3500. i still need to index the distributor per cruisers tips. hopefully that fixes the half throttle backfiring. need to put about 250 miles on it and then change the oil, and then run another 250 miles and change the oil again.
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