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  1. WyoCherokee

    Newest little project MGB

    Almost a twin to mine. 72 MGB. i put the electric overdrive in it. need to rebuild the carbs as the primaries leak like a sieve when cranking over. thinking ill just put a weber downdraft on it. I'm also chasing an electrical issue. no wipers, radio or blower fan.
  2. WyoCherokee

    Overland Built Manche...on going

    is that an EAG bumper?
  3. yes, a helical gear LSD, no clutch packs.
  4. WyoCherokee

    ANOTHER jeep trip!

    max never answered my quote question. bug him about that hahaha
  5. WyoCherokee

    How to remove Dash?

    be very careful with the heater control cable connection. it's plastic and can break very easily. Take out your instrument cluster and remove the speedo cable before you start yanking on it. the heater hoses are a royal pain to hook back up. Take your time, put screws in labeled plastic baggies. Took me a full day with breaks to remove, change heater core, and re-install dash. It helps to remove your seats and console.
  6. eh, its not a truck. its a JKU with a bed.
  7. WyoCherokee

    Aftermarket Seats in MJ

    i do believe corbeau actually makes an MJ specific bracket for their seats.
  8. Headliner in, thanks to steve at SMS headliners.
  9. WyoCherokee

    Group Buy on Headliners

    i got mine installed, notice a immediate increase in heat retention in the cab. especially being 8 degrees outside this morning.
  10. WyoCherokee

    Bump Stop

    sounds like you need to change the length of your lowers and then re-set your pinion with the tops. got pics?
  11. WyoCherokee

    Checkin In Finally

    welcome! we need some photos of the field Recovery! and the MJ of course.
  12. WyoCherokee

    Group Buy on Headliners

    mine is sitting at the post office apparently. The crappy part about not getting off work till 530, is ill have to wait 2 weeks to go get it on my next off day rotation.
  13. WyoCherokee

    Too Much Sheat (Indiana)

    i really could use 2 Renix ones, but i can use one for now. (the XJ can wait)
  14. WyoCherokee

    Too Much Sheat (Indiana)

    are those A/C Block off/ Non-AC idlers i see on your shelf?
  15. always have a parts rig in your driveway..or 3.