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  1. THOR intake installed. Renix adaptor and boot mates right to the tube. some slicing and dicing on the bulkhead. Does have an annoying whistle at partial throttle I'm going to have to track down. Had to get a 1/2" PEX tee to connect all the vaccume hoses. not bad overall. much better than the spectre kit.
  2. You jsut got one of the holy grails of 1-ton swaps. consider yourself lucky that they screwed up.
  3. THOR intake kit has arrived. Will be retrofitting this to a Renix intake. Cav-Fab t-case skid has shipped, should be here the 20th.
  4. guard? The dimpled sheet on the bottom? almost flush with the bulkhead.
  5. Thanks! Ive gotten to use it quite a bit between winching Stuck XJ's out of snow banks and tugging high centered XJ's off grader wind rows. (a friend has a little private off-road course on his property)
  6. we hit -22 yesterday morning with windchill of -50. been averaging about highs around zero and lows in the negative mid-teens. Supposed to get up in to the teens this weekend. Ill be in a t-shirt!
  7. RIP Don. Sure did admire all the knowledge he helped pass on.
  8. Test fitting and laying primer down on my TNT Customs bumper.
  9. well done Eagle! Thanks for your service mate.
  10. WyoCherokee


    Christmas Tree Run this last weekend.
  11. yep i love this state haha. Gillette is a pretty common stopping point along I90.
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