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  1. Test fitting and laying primer down on my TNT Customs bumper.
  2. WyoCherokee

    I wasn't even sitting down when I read it

    well done Eagle! Thanks for your service mate.
  3. WyoCherokee

    D35 Non-Clip ARB

  4. WyoCherokee


    Christmas Tree Run this last weekend.
  5. yep i love this state haha. Gillette is a pretty common stopping point along I90.
  6. WyoCherokee

    D35 Non-Clip ARB

    havent forgot, been crazy busy.
  7. Snow run today for a Christmas tree. The truetrac up front did great. Had a couple uphill digs through drifts. Let off the gas when it started hopping, and just let both wheels dig. Really liking these extreme countrys in powder. They don't seem to like ice very well, but they shine in the deep stuff.
  8. WyoCherokee

    D35 Non-Clip ARB

    as soon as i get home.
  9. WyoCherokee

    D35 Non-Clip ARB

    ARB locker for a D35 non-clip. Compressor not included. Alsongabe a master bearing set for it. $150 obo plus shipping.
  10. WyoCherokee

    Anybody else have an MJ and and XJ?

  11. so far so good. Ive only had it on the trails a couple times and it seems to do just fine. Daily driving, it is invisible. If you can afford it, go full selectable lockers. but if your on a budget, i have yet to see a downside to it!
  12. WyoCherokee

    Water pump

    i typically use napa parts simply because of the discount i get. knock on wood, i haven't had issues with them. really just go to any auto parts store and grab one. As cruiser said, they pretty much all come from the same place.
  13. Just placed my order with TNT Customs for this beauty: https://www.tntcustoms.com/jeep_parts/jeep_cherokee_xj_bumper_adventure_series I got the one with the pre-runner guard.
  14. WyoCherokee

    mpg 2.5l vs 4.0

    ive had two 2.5's. both averaged over 25MPG. Ive had three 4.0's. best ive ever got was 20 with a wyoming tailwind. Youve got something else wrong.