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  1. grab you one when i get home
  2. Will ship on buyers dime via USPS. Make me an offer, no fair offer refused. trying to clean out my garage. Paypal ready.
  3. Engine is just about back together. Summit sent me the wrong valve stem keepers, so ive gotta get the right ones. That's all that's holding me up on assembly. Picked up an HO exhaust header. i grabbed a renix manifold gasket since I'm still using the renix intake. will have to do a little port matching. went with a slightly more aggressive Comp Cam. 68-232-4 if i remember correctly. I want this thing to be a torque monster. I need to drop the tranny and t-case so i can mate them to the engine and drop the whole thing in as one unit. life has been crazy latelly. start a new job in a month so between packing, moving and putting this thing together.....gonna be busy.
  4. Adjusting and setting points with big hands..... arrggghhhh!!! i just eventually converted everything to a pertronix hahaha
  5. You can grab an adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator. However, we must ask. What is your goal, symptoms, problem? If you are running rich, there are other items that will cause a rich condition in a Renix.
  6. Parts have started arriving. 136amp alternator set on a H.O compressor bracket, with some ebay mounts. Will of course have to wire in a external voltage regulator.
  7. for me it was crappy old tires. i had replaced everything up to that point. changed to non 20 year old tires, and DW went away
  8. welp.....long story short, so begins the 4.5 poor mans stroker build. Had a knock develop one day, got it home and checked for a collapsed lifter..no go, checked for a bad piston....no go. finally just yanked it out and pulled off the oil pan. found a bolt had backed out of the oil pump and got slung up into the #1 piston breaking the skirt all to pieces. I got lucky had no wall scarring and broken rods. I got a friends crank and rods from his 4.2 liter, and will be using those for the 4.5. all the parts are at the machine chop getting cleaned up and prepped for assembly. While i am at it, i am moving the alternator up to the AC unit slot using HO brackets and a zj alternator. additionally I'm getting rid of the EGR, evap canister. i rem oved the entire wiring harness and cleaned the engine bay and re-painted as well.
  9. Daystar, Jeep XJ Cherokee front 2" extended 5" tall polyurethane bump stop 1.57" diameter 2 per set, fits 1997 to 2001 2/4WD, KJ09114BK, Made in America , Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001GH1OCO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_OQOOCbNJHDMN6 Naw, just spray some wd-40 up there, give it a twist and it pops right out.
  10. Daystar extended bumps, and hockey pucks bolted to the coil bucket.
  11. Cav-Fab Skid installed finally. took some Grinding and Cutting. not what i expected from the time it took them to develop it.
  12. THOR intake installed. Renix adaptor and boot mates right to the tube. some slicing and dicing on the bulkhead. Does have an annoying whistle at partial throttle I'm going to have to track down. Had to get a 1/2" PEX tee to connect all the vaccume hoses. not bad overall. much better than the spectre kit.
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