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  1. As GJeep said, thats an ABS system. get one from a Non-ABS jeep 95 XJ, or a WJ booster
  2. WyoCherokee

    Road trip tips!

    I drove my 88 2wd ax5 2.5 with a bench seat from Oregon to Wyoming 8 times. 1200 mile one way trip. Once with no clutch. Bring coolant, oil, basic tool kit, a set of tire chains, caffeine, snacks, and some good tunes. Make sure your good and tuned up and have fresh fluids. I drive my 3 linked and locked MJ on 35s; 600 miles a week just Daily Commuting to work.
  3. Whatever is Cheapest on the shelf.
  4. WyoCherokee

    Hurricane Florence

    last i heard it was a category 4, until it hits land, then it will slow to a category 2. But the storm surge is what will be the issue.
  5. WyoCherokee

    Known issues? (I think '88)

    as long as theres no detrimental rust, offer em $500 cash, and get to wrenching!
  6. WyoCherokee

    Throttle Body Intake Hose

    Ive got a Renix intake hose if you need one.
  7. WyoCherokee

    Ever see a Comanche with multiple carbs?

    2 words. motorcraft carbs. I went holley and never looked back.
  8. Snagged this guy last night for $140. normally harbor freight sells them for $399
  9. Some more Photos. I'm really happy with how it handled.
  10. Finally got out to do a shake down run. Performed great other than blowing a high pressure power steering hose. The 3 link ride was phenomenal couples with a spartan and a tru track and 4.88s. The 35s just walked over everything. I'll have seen more pics later
  11. WyoCherokee

    promo codes web site

    Essentially those sites are a waste of time. Use the forum codes, or contact the vendor in person and tell them you are a part of CC, CF,NAXJA, JF and you will usually get 10 to 15%off. I've had better service by making my orders via phone call. AMD even via Facebook messenger with some of the smaller 2 guy garage opeerations.
  12. Thatl do. Rear shocks are stopping my rear axle down travel. Got some new bilsteins coming. Ready to finally get this thing in the mountain this weeekend!