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Found 7 results

  1. Its time to start me a formal build thread. I'll post up as many of the old pictures I've got from over the years. Its been a great little truck and has many memories attached to it, so here goes! TDi swap, frame stiffening stuff begins on page 5, three-link stuff begins on page 6. Keep in mind that I am updating this thread as I progress. Got her in October of '07 from another CC member: KYMJ A nice, rust-free, 4x4 MJ with all the right stuff for a good price. Had to jump on it!
  2. Oh yeah burnt the hell out of that throw out bearing. Wouldn't you know it, I was on my way to work. Yep custom intake and open up air flow I, someone else on CC has done similiar using a speaker mesh to cover as to mine is just open. Attempted to do CAD flip but needed to jack up truck to aline 2 piece shaft for colar to slide over. Someone elses photo on CC but just to show what it looked like before I closed it up. Oh that's my clutch pedal and clutch master push rod linkage Cleaned up both
  3. Well its good to be back in an MJ. MY previous account would not let me back in (19674x4) I used to have a 88 2wd Sporttruck. Sold it to find a new truck. Here recently i had a 99 XJ that i built up extensively Link here: http://www.cherokeeforum.com/f46/project-blueberry-211258/ Just traded the XJ for a 90 Eliminator...will continue with the build thread as more things come up. I spend most of my time over on Cherokee Forum, so check there for most up to date build progress. Here is my MJ build thread: http://www.cherokeeforum.com/f46/project-patience-90-mj-dd-trail-sleeper-231553/
  4. I did a SOA lift. I have the Rusty's RX300 reservoir shocks. The rear axle is a Chrysler 8.25 from an XJ, stripped of all of its mounts. So I need to weld new shock mounts. I'm debating on the changing the shock mounts, angle, and rotation. 1. Use original factory design. Weld shock mounts on axle same direction as the ones on the frame (parallel to axle) 2. Use factory top mounts, but weld new axle mount opposite direction of the factory top mounts. ( EX Top = __ and Bottom = | ) My reasoning is the shock will be able to tilt for flex, and tilt as the axle swings back as i
  5. Yes, i know this has been talked about 1000 times everywhere. it is a dead horse, that has been be at and beat and beat. Yes i looked around a lot, but i still am confused. I can't find any exact set ups that answer my questions. So I'm going SOA in the back. I know what to do there, new shocks, spring perches........ but I am confused about the front. I'm not really sure if i know everything thats needed to do front end up to the same height as the back. I know SOA will give me 6inches about, after i take out my old 3 inch lift shackles, but what do i need for the front? I found alexia's kit,
  6. EDIT: I guess the title should be more specific to the question about converting the front to leaf springs. Pardon my inaccurate problem description. I am kind of new to the off-roading modification scene. I am wondering what the deal is with people doing leaf conversions on the front end (SOA conversion, is that the term?) I've done a little bit of reading on the forums but cannot get a clear understanding. I don't understand the benefits or why someone would do it to their Comanche. I see it sometimes on Wranglers, and honestly with Wranglers the benefits seems more intuitive. But I
  7. I have good (wholesale) access to a local driveshaft builder; after speaking with him briefly today I am considering having them lengthen (re-tube) a stock front shaft and use it in my SOA/SYE project. The only objection he had to the idea was if the front Ujoints were a smaller series than what came in the rear, which I don't believe is the case in our trucks.... Can anyone confirm this is an un-stupid idea??
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