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  1. Some videos from that news meet and drive. Definitely need some more of these trips!
  2. Oh ok, but why not(curious)? Seems like they 3-D print almost everything.
  3. Could 3D printing be an option?
  4. Well hopelessly stuck looks a lot cooler then getting stuck before you even fully enter a pit.lol. Looks like you had a great time too.
  5. Well 802 has some deep holes, didn't even manage to touch the bottom of this one as my front axle high centered the instant I entered it. Not sure lockers would have helped forward progress like that either, definitely could have helped trying to reverse out of it. Lucky I had some new friends with to help with a little pull backwards.
  6. 802 Trail has some wonderful views.
  7. It did very well, no rubbing, or extra noises. My 2.5l struggles going up hills at highway speeds but has no issues at lower offroading speeds whatsoever. Also was able to make my way into play area over filter places at opening of it and had a ton of fun in there. Even got to watch a full size blazer get stuck and almost tip over.
  8. Checked clearance and then hit the trails.
  9. https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/pts/d/sandy-77-f150-axles-dana-449-inch/6935471464.html How awesome of a deal is this set up, is this the year that is desirable? Seems like a pretty good deal to me.
  10. Sometimes it's the littlest things that make the bigger/biggest things work. Had to cut the front fenders and add a little lift and bump for new tires.
  11. Dang, would have been awesome to see another member and your awesome comanche. I believe that I was the only person with a comanche that day too. Yeah I knew that I was going to need some bumpstops or a trim or more lift or all of the above but I just could not resist taking down the trails. So I decided to correct/fix problem from all three areas with a little bumpstops, little coil spacer, and some fender triming
  12. Opps,Oops, guess I should put one of those seizure warnings somewhere, probably be good near the end😂. Thank you mjeff.
  13. I managed to make it to 4xNation's May the Forest be with you clean up, got the comanche to there and back home with some mild fender carnages from tire rub, pulled apart and dropped my exhaust, and power steering decided to leak out of soft line.
  14. Never ever, no matter how much changes we make, we never ever forget where we started/ came from
  15. Pete I think I found a worthy candidate for Comanche of the Month! Wish I knew who it belongs too. Definitely one BA comanche.
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