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  1. My zip is 97023, how much you think it would cost to ship? I would definitely be interested to help you and see if and what is capable.
  2. What are your capabilities for 86 TB, I know they are hard to come by as that is what I have and also have spare. I would be interested in hearing more, I will read entire thread as well, and hopefully we can help one another. Edit: thread reads looks like you are still working out earlier 2.5 TBs, have you received any cores to practice/experiment with yet?
  3. I just got email coupons for harbor freight 34.99 for 6 tons jack stands(pair) but max height is only 23 3/4 inches. So those might not be the solution for you.
  4. I set torque wrench to 105 for alloys rims and 85 to 100 for steel. Never used compounds on threads but do wire brushes them of dirt and debris it they look to need it. Only time I have ever had a problem is using stock steel ford rims on my jeep, they welded themselves to drums in rear and they just never seemed to stay tight.
  5. Your jeep with boggers is what has always inspired me to want some. Thank you, it's the boggers, boggers on anything makes it look better. I bet I will look even better with them on me, mounted to a comanche, squeezing my contents out like a tube of toothpaste.
  6. Just got me some Super Swamper Boggers and Pro Comp rims.
  7. I seen that a possible turbo 4 and 3.6l will be options and a diesel might be an option? Any word?
  8. Hmmm, sounds familiar and definitely looks familiar. I like it, a jeep 2.5l with super charger and tough duck!
  9. Thank you again, have a special few goodies coming too. Certainly can't wait
  10. Yeah teachers foot was in 1st picture I believe asking me, "Hey, we just got this one, they think it has blown head gasket, you want it?" Of course I jumped in as all other motors had already been rebuilt at one time or another by students and this one was still "new". Thank you, earned myself a passing grade and extra credit as all other students had to pair up to be able complete theirs and I did mine solo.
  11. Just a slideshow and video of a 2.8l GM engine I rebuilt for engine repair class, from blown headgasket and milkshake coolant/oil to successfully running and holding oil pressure.
  12. That is kinda what I was wondering too or maybe draglink could maybe be installed on top of pitman to keep angles the same-ish??
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