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  1. Me&my86MJ

    La Dee Flats OHV

    Me too, I also found some YouTube videos of it. I cannot wait to get there. It is so close it is almost in my backyard.
  2. Me&my86MJ

    La Dee Flats OHV

    Who has gone, anyone got pictures, anyone close to the general area, and anyone planning on going or wanting to go in the near future?
  3. Me&my86MJ

    Cause of knock?

    Very nice, I got some 2.5 envy over here.
  4. Me&my86MJ

    Black Friday score

    I felt the same way when I seen the price, pulling capacity, and synthetic rope on the one I got from Amazon. I thought it was about the sweetest deal one could get but you definitely destroyed my deal price by almost triple too.
  5. Me&my86MJ

    Black Friday score

    Nice score!
  6. Me&my86MJ

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    I finally bought the best upgrade for any jeep a house with driveway, and tall-ish 2 car...truck garage.
  7. Me&my86MJ

    swaybar, pros? cons?

    I love it! You guys want to lynch me right now for simply weighting in as someone who currently doesn't have sway bars on, just happens to be how my comanche is right now, never once did I say they are not needed, Pete i totally understand the longer links actually had longer links purchased when i got all my lift components but ended up being too short sadly, and Eagle do you feel you are grasping there just a bit to argue (@#$% no i wouldn't swerve either, you don't know the kids in my neighborhood, lol, just kidding). Calling me ignorant AZJEFF trying to claim I said other than I did, you could read and see bit diffrent but I'm the ignorant one. Man there has been a lot of hate here lately and honestly I getting tired of all of it guys, just read all of the post.
  8. Me&my86MJ

    swaybar, pros? cons?

    I thought you are not suppose to swerve for any animal on public roadways, as it can cause an accident. Isn't the rule of thumb to speed up a bit so front end picks up to travel over them easier, because braking (hard) dives the front end of vehicle, or cause skidding and losing control. Side note my sway bar is only off because my lift and long arms, made stock ones too short.
  9. Me&my86MJ

    swaybar, pros? cons?

    I currently am not running my sway bar(too short for my current lift), I notice a bit more body roll on long sweeping turns and that is about the extent of it. I am also running after market 4 link system which when set up right can reduce(not sure how much) the need for a sway bar. I have also made a many fast/quick lane changes, turns, emergency maneuvers with out flipping my truck or being in danger and love taking winding backroads. Guess it is a matter of knowing ones vehicle, never being over confident, and never trusting other drivers to know how to drive. Everyone has their own prefrences, sway bar is a nice piece of equipment and helpful too. Remove it, Keep it, Jeep it
  10. Me&my86MJ

    SWB Full Armor $600 + Shipping Atlanta, Georgia

    Story of my life, much less I am way up northwest in Oregon, and I have long bed.
  11. Me&my86MJ

    Fab skills?

    That is pretty freaking cool, kinda Mad Max beyond Thunder Dome looking stuff for sure. Especially the ring. 2 man enter,1 man leave
  12. No Sir, definitely not my intent. Yes TBI is both Throttle Body Injection and Trumatic Brain Injury, I was attempting a bit of humor because it has be my best friend when working on my jeep. I was actually just quoting you instead of acting like I know to much. I have also ran into issues with my own parts, especially aftermarket, lift, and/or performance parts(preformance parts, i know I'm dying right now, because there is almost none for tbi). For instance on parts not fitting as one would hope, as just bolt on and go(I know I am not 100% correct and definitely will get something wrong and leave a bunch more out). Throttle bodies & throttle body spacers(bolt pattern differs), performance/aftermarket exhaust manifolds(as later style intake where more a true U shape allowing larger tubes and bends on exhaust), certain sensors and electrical devices (mainly just need harness plugs wired to match each other), also my lift kit was for 87-92 I didn't think that would matter but it really did(about 4 or 5 steps were way off, not needed, missing, or just plain out didn't apply in my situation). You could bolt up some of these thing but then you need others to make them work properly.
  13. Yes, yes it does because the 86 model year (which I have) is the same in theory and on paper as other years but in real life most parts require a bit of modifying to fit(i.e. cut the wires to make it work) and ( you need a cap a rotor, as they are diffrent). Just be very aware of this keep receipts, and don't ruin a part with out first making sure it works for you and your specific needs.
  14. Me&my86MJ

    Best Subwoofer Ground Location

    Victory, sub now works when stereo is in aux mode & am/fm, sadly CD mode gave me an error and wouldn't take cd, and still yet to try usb input. There were only two wires to choose from so it made it pretty simple to figure which one to try next. Thank you again
  15. Me&my86MJ

    Best Subwoofer Ground Location

    ......... Well I guess this is where a nice wiring diagram or owners manual would have made this a whole lot easier. Wow, that being wired that way can make it work like that. Well I will be pulling it out again and hopefully get that squared away. I think and hope there is only one other wire that was free but I could be wrong. Thank you guys for your help too