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  1. Any new updates? I need more inspiration to get mine going. And well..... This truck is one of my biggest inspirations lol.
  2. I joined this forum when I was 16 years old not knowing anything about the comanche that I had. But I wanted to learn. 7 years later I have gathered so much knowledge. And a lot of that from Don. He inspired many things that I want to do to my truck. Always was willing to help solve a problem. I saw the news today on Facebook. Wish I would have seen sooner. I will still go back and look at the info that he has given me. He is a big reason why kids like me understand these trucks. And that is something that he has given us, and will be here for ever. Rest in piece Don, and thank yo
  3. Been loooking forever trying to find a good header panel. has anyone ever found one that's new for a decent price? Everywhere I look there all on sites I've never ordered from. A lot of the local yards panels are broken and want an arm and a leg for ones that are broken. I know they had 2 styles pre 97 where they have the holes for the emblem, on ones that are for the later years where it's smooth. Any body ever ordered a aftermarket replacement one? How did it fit? Just getting opinions on new ones.
  4. Question that I can't remember the answer to. I've got an 2.5 out of a 93 or 95 YJ MPFI. Don't have the engine harness to it. But I am able to get one out of a 99 TJ 2.5. I can't remember if they changed the connectors from 97+ for OBDII. Would it still work if the sensors and senders were swapped with the 99 or will the 93 or 95 work?
  5. Which side door trim are you looking for?
  6. Will the axles shafts from an 04 grand cherokee fit in a XJ non vaccum D30? I know instead of u joints it's cv style. Both are 27 spline I believe?
  7. Boy did I have to do some digging to find this old thread. Nothing posted in over 3 years. At this point a lot of things have changed. But not always for the better. I still have it. But with life and working and all the other things it takes to be an adult, things get put on the back burner. But that has already started to change. Some know but many don't of what has happened to the truck. This is going to be the summary of what has happened in the past 3 years (can't believe it's been that long) The last time I posted about this truck I was still a junior in high school. Drivin
  8. Thank you guys. Ive got more questions Front axles from a ZJ i understand will fit, but does that mean you need the drive shaft from a ZJ and have it modified to have the same U-Joint on the T-case? (NP 231J) Azzy's sells the Transfer case shift linkage, says it works for XJ's, but i havent figured out if it works for a AX-5 and 231J? When swapping in a MPI 2.5 in, do you need to have the throttle cable for that engine (93 Wrangler)? Or Can the TBI 2.5 be modified? If swapping in actual gauges instead of dummy lights, does the dash harness need to be changed too? I know the sen
  9. I figured I'd put a bunch of questions on here rather than making separate threads so it would be easier for me and others to find this information. So I anyone has awnsers pertaining to all this, that would be great! So here it goes. 1. What is the benefit of doing a SYE (slip yoke eliminator) for a NP231? I've heard of it being stronger and helping when lifting you're jeep, but wonder if there are any other benefits? 2. Would would be a better gear ratio to run in a 86 2.5 with a AX-5 with a 3 in lift and 31in tires, 4:56 or 4:88? Mainly would be highway driving and in town. (I live
  10. Awesome guys! Thank you for the much needed info! I'll defiantly try the ZJ tie rod and ends. After my wreck I definitely need some steering upgrades. I'm surprised I didn't break any steering componets from it. But somehow snapped my axle.
  11. Are steering components on the front of a 2 wheel drive axle the same as a D30? I'm going to be swapping in and doing a 4x4 conversion once I rebuild the front axle and componets. But for a while I have to run it with my dummy axle once I get it back from the frame straightener. I need to replace all of the front steering componets but don't want to purchase 2 wheel drive components, when I'm going to be swapping in a D30 eventually. Any info on it all is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  12. I've searched though to see if I could find a write up. Didn't see anything. I've seen people heating them up, it scares me because I'm heating up 30 year old plastic. Is it just a plastic weld that is holding the 2 peices together?
  13. Has any one ever separated the lense from the housing? I'd like to see if anyone has done it. The reverse lense is yellow instead of white. Wanna get in there and clean it up. Anyone have any advice?
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