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  1. That kind of reminds me of this... lots of interesting things going on here:
  2. Yup, Pete is right. Same mounting scheme as the MJ 4.0 :)
  3. @strictlyxjs Thanks for sharing that video. While slightly bizarre, I do appreciate Chrysler's Tread Lightly! Campaign For some reason I literally laughed out loud when I saw this:
  4. Whoah, this looks sooo much easier than trying to draw out circuits in Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Excel Thanks for sharing. Excel is isn't too bad if it is all you have access too at work This is some of my 'office' time sketching out a cheap dual battery idea in Excel:
  5. You laugh, but that might be the only course of action for some of the "only known remaining NOS" parts you have!
  6. 87Warrior

    KOH Comanche

    I like the rear bumper and wings. Plus the graphic on the side looks appropriate on that truck!
  7. I was amazed at how hot it had to of burned. I suspect 70 year old timbers are pretty dry. A family member had been burning pasture around the barn earlier in the day. I suspect there was grass that had grown up around around the wood timbers near the sliding doors that started smoldering after the pasture burn. Nobody was hurt, so that is a good thing. The Ag insurance doesn't cover a material loss like this and the barn had been fully depreciated for some time. I did get a check from the family member who was burning that day for my estimated value of the parts lost. While I was happy with the settlement, I was more bummed about the 10 years worth of parts collecting that disappeared. After all, the loss was just stuff. But dang it, it was 'stuff' I worked hard to preserve for these old trucks.
  8. It was just over a year ago I lost many MJ parts due to a barn fire at the family farm. I received the call from my father at 11pm. Shortly before that he received a call from the neighboring farm who said, "The sky is glowing and the big barn is engulfed. There is no point in calling the fire department." I struggled to rest before making the 1.5 hour drive to the family farm. Here you can see what the barn used to look like. It wasn't pretty, but it was pretty water tight. Arriving onsite, the morning after the fire. The tin was still hot and some of the lumber was still smoldering, but I couldn't wait to attempt some recovery. What I found was disheartening. I'll let the pictures do the talking: Ugh. 3 bench seats, 2 interiors, 4 dashboards, 3 fuel tanks, two XJ's worth of interior bits, a 4.0L, and AX-5 are gone.
  9. While not impossible, it's not really feasible. The camshaft position sensor functions very different than a distributor. You could do it, but you would need to gut the engine bay and replace all wiring and computer with parts from a TJ with a distributor. Kind of like going from Renix to HO in the MJ.
  10. Not much has changed with this old truck. I do have some work to do. It has been sitting for 3 months with a blown brake line, but it will probably be spring before I have the shop space to start the work. - Needs a new rear brake line. The one on the truck rusted through. - Needs a new fuel tank. A rock put a pinhole in the bottom of the tank. - Needs a new speedometer cable. Speedometer has been intermittent to not working the last 2 years. - I have a 231 ready to go to replace the 207 transfer case. I'll probably tackle this when I do the speedometer cable. I did get this cool pic of a Praying Mantis on the truck when putting air in a tire last summer. Not sure how I feel about the critter turning 'rust color' to camouflage itself
  11. I see a couple per year in my town. I can double that if I need to do something on the military base. But if I want to see 10 or more, I can drive past a friend of my body shop guy's place. He buys every 2.5L MJ in the area.
  12. Thanks! I wasn't sure what to expect with this Toyota, but I have definitely been converted to a yota fan. But parts are expensive... Had to replace the electric brake booster on the Cruiser at the tune of $2k. Come on, that's more than I spent on 3 MJs! If this rig ever does need replacing (most likely due to an accident), I will certainly be looking at another Land Cruiser or the Cruisers weird brother, Lexus.
  13. I want to want one, but that is probably because I've been waiting for the Gladiator for 15+ years. I'd have to sell one of my vehicles to add a Gladiator to the fleet, but I just don't see that happening I like most things about them, but I do not like the back doors. The door is obviously the same as a JL door and is cut for the JL fender. It looks unrefined and like something that was put together in a hurry by a sub-par shop for SEMA.
  14. I think I got it fixed. Thanks Pete! For some reason when I originally posted, the pictures were linking to my private Google photos album. I uploaded them directly to CC now.
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