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  1. Ah dang. They were (and still are) showing for me. I tried the upload again. Maybe it will work
  2. I did manage get the truck back on the road in October of 2020. [Another] new 23 gallon Spectra fuel tank installed and a new Wix fuel filter. I did not bother painting this one. I also patched up the brake line that blew out above the driver rear shock with some 3/16" Copper-Nickle tubing. My patch and flare hasn't started to leak yet The speedometer doesn't work more than it does work. I have the two styles of cables sitting on the work bench, I just haven't had the time to get it replaced! A malfunctioning speedometer hasn't stopped me fro
  3. I think in the last 2 weeks, my wife has made 13 loaves of zucchini bread and 20 dozen batches of squash muffins We also got 59 ears of sweet corn that we stripped and froze. From the tomatoes we've picked so far, we have made 16 pints of pasta/pizza sauce, 2 quarts of salsa, and 9 quarts of tomato soup. The cukes have been slow this year, but I have made 17 quarts of dill pickles and have about 60 cukes in the fridge. Green beans are finally slowing down, but we have been picking 4-5 servings a night. We are still harvesting 5-10 okra a night and now need a stool to reach the top since the p
  4. 87Warrior

    Overland MJs

    @Pete M The first portable seat I hauled on a week long trip with the MJ was a Luggable Loo seat on an old 5 gallon hydraulic fluid bucket with the bottom cut out. Heck, I may still have it in the attic! It's one of those things that takes up a lot of space that you can't really make have two uses. It is less of a problem in a pickup than an SUV.
  5. 87Warrior

    Overland MJs

    The answer is yes.... Part of my planning involved pinpointing the location of all latrines along or near the route. This proved useful for the gals. Now, this didn't always provide enough relief. The next most used option was a tree squat for urinating, followed by bagging the TP in a Ziplock bag and putting it in the trasharoo. On a few instances we did resort to relief over the rear of a log for log dropping. Luckily everywhere that occurred the ground could be dug so it could be buried. The TP was collected in a Ziplock and put into the trasharoo for disposal. Bio
  6. 87Warrior

    Overland MJs

    @gogmorgo You are absolutely right! Most of the gear in there is clothing. One wife and two pre-teen girls require A LOT of clothing. Two small tubs hidden under the bags contain 1 week of food and a complete camp kitchen. It was maddening to me to bury the gear, but it helped them stay comfortable on the 2 week trip w/o laundry which was totally worth it...and since it wasn't a regular trip for those 3, we used the big/old sleeping bags vs. buying new synthetic gear. I still cannot believe we unpacked and repacked that load nearly every single day for 2 weeks. Personally, I have f
  7. 87Warrior

    Overland MJs

    Depending on you end goal, it is important to remember that less IS more when living out of your vehicle. I find that a lot of enthusiasts buy a ton of stuff for their vehicles, never use it to its full potential and realize the vehicle is now useless for what they really wanted. Just something to keep in mind as you build. Last year I spent 2 weeks driving the New Mexico and Colorado portions of the Continental Divide Trail. Four of us total (3 female) in a 100 series Land Cruiser. Organization and accessibility were the biggest problems we had. Here we are fully loaded out. The f
  8. You always share the Ouray area beautifully. Thanks for sharing. Someday I'll muster up the energy to hike to the Corkscrew Turntable...Someday.
  9. Pete, my only concern with your cucumber trellis is I imagine you will end up with several cukes growing on top of the netting. Our garden is being pretty productive this year. Sweet corn is about 8' tall, Okra is about 6' tall and the Cherry and Roma Tomatoes are about 5' tall. Squash, Cucumber, hot peppers, miscellaneous herbs and green beans are also going crazy. This should be a link to a 360 version of the above pic: https://photos.app.goo.gl/JpD2kHW493og5yiw7 I grow cucumbers on a couple of pieces of hog panel and some old T posts. Works well. I'm sure
  10. 3...and a 1/4. A good friend of the painter I use has about 5-10 MJ's (it's been awhile since I driveway shopped his place). I understand he only buys rust free 2.5's.
  11. I was going to say it sounds like you have a Beach Boys song!
  12. That kind of reminds me of this... lots of interesting things going on here:
  13. @strictlyxjs Thanks for sharing that video. While slightly bizarre, I do appreciate Chrysler's Tread Lightly! Campaign For some reason I literally laughed out loud when I saw this:
  14. Whoah, this looks sooo much easier than trying to draw out circuits in Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Excel Thanks for sharing. Excel is isn't too bad if it is all you have access too at work This is some of my 'office' time sketching out a cheap dual battery idea in Excel:
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