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  1. Stacking is the best way to transport a rust free bed!
  2. I thought Pete was going to grab some tools and start working on my truck when he stopped by! In all seriousness, it was great to meet you Pete. I wish we could have visited more, but it was fantastic to put a face to a name. I'd love to travel the same way you are someday and meet folks along the way. Your enthusiasm for these old trucks rekindled the flame that has been a mere flicker for awhile. Once I get the overpriced Toyota brakes repaired I fully intend to start back on my 92...or maybe the 91. Keep doing what you are doing. Thanks for taking the time to stop by rural Kansas to say, 'hi'.
  3. Yeah, but you could stop at the Coleman Outlet in Wichita if you stayed on Hwy 50. The great flat blah is terrible unless you have a lot of time to see some of the sights (there are a few out there)! I'm open either way and look forward to meeting up.
  4. Soooo, I am just over an hour from your trek through Kansas. Would love to meet the mad man behind the CC curtain! I'm certainty willing to travel to meet up as well.
  5. 87Warrior

    Jeep Fail

    I am not surprised with the outcome. After all, it has a Wrangler drivetrain. Hopefully things will get interesting when the diesel is released. +70dB is super disappointing for cab noise with a stock truck.
  6. x2! I am not pleased with the bracket I cobbled together and would gladly pay for a quality bracket to install the Dakota bench.
  7. Thank you for being a friend Don. You will be missed. Rest in peace. I hope there is infinite CHROME where you are.
  8. 87Warrior

    Memories of Jim

    Wow The last time I checked in here I remember reading that Jim was having some issues. This post is mighty depressing. Apparently, sometime ago my wife's Grandfather and Grandmother we're tooling over Mosquito Pass in their new Wagoneer when they stumbled across a guy in a GTO on the road. Turned out the guy in the GTO was Jim after returning home from some military duties. Jim even remembered the Wagoneer, my wife's grandparents and their interaction!
  9. I followed my 03 TJ FSM for torque values, 4.0 section as Jeep was using the 2.4 in 03. You will need the proper sealant for the front, driver side head bolt. You should get the head resurfaced and pressure checked, and the valves measured and lapped. My machinist found two exhaust valves that needed replaced with about 190k miles on the engine.
  10. I used these last year when I had my head rebuilt. '86 2.5L. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000C2AHC2 Had a few extra, but no real downside. I also used a 4.0 manifold stud and bolt set in the head that worked great.
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