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  1. 87Warrior

    Memories of Jim

    Wow The last time I checked in here I remember reading that Jim was having some issues. This post is mighty depressing. Apparently, sometime ago my wife's Grandfather and Grandmother we're tooling over Mosquito Pass in their new Wagoneer when they stumbled across a guy in a GTO on the road. Turned out the guy in the GTO was Jim after returning home from some military duties. Jim even remembered the Wagoneer, my wife's grandparents and their interaction!
  2. 87Warrior

    2.5L head bolt

    I followed my 03 TJ FSM for torque values, 4.0 section as Jeep was using the 2.4 in 03. You will need the proper sealant for the front, driver side head bolt. You should get the head resurfaced and pressure checked, and the valves measured and lapped. My machinist found two exhaust valves that needed replaced with about 190k miles on the engine.
  3. 87Warrior

    2.5L head bolt

    I used these last year when I had my head rebuilt. '86 2.5L. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B000C2AHC2 Had a few extra, but no real downside. I also used a 4.0 manifold stud and bolt set in the head that worked great.
  4. 87Warrior

    Worth saving?

    That one looks better than the MJ I've been driving to work this week. I'd offer low, but have $500 ready to go.
  5. Thank you for the progress report. I look forward to these things!
  6. 87Warrior

    2001 Eliminator

    Holy cow! I wasn't sure if you were around any more Mike. Good to hear she is still working well.
  7. 87Warrior

    Getting to know ComancheClub

    Welcome. And don't worry about those 31's and 3" lift, a lot of us recognize that setup will get your truck just about anywhere it needs to go
  8. Yes. I will buy a set. These are much cleaner than the mess I cobbled together for the Dakota bench. Take my money!
  9. 87Warrior

    Found a nice video

    Wowzer. Impressive, but sad at the same time.
  10. 87Warrior

    88 2.5 runs super rich

    I know MotoRad is the supplier for Mopar thermostats, but the parts store MotoRad thermostat I put in my 86 didn't last 6 months until it was stuck open. I suggest paying just a little more for a Mopar thermostat. These seem to be the most reliable. Even available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00F6E3W8M/
  11. 87Warrior

    8.8 swap spring plates

    I tried to reuse the spring plates from my 86 and failed. By the time I elongated the holes to get the new ubolt in place, the ubolt nuts would make contact with the side of the spring plates. Since I was staying spring under I wanted to use the stock shock mount on the spring plate, but that didn't work out. I bought the Ruff Stuff 8.8 swap kit for the perches and ubolts but ended up using the spring plate as well. For the shock mount I used a couple of long shock tabs welded to the axle tube.
  12. 87Warrior

    Project Crazy Horse

    I don't see daylight through that floorboard....it could be worse