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  1. good point good point
  2. got the visors finished up today! got a feeling these are only going to get better
  3. theres ways to do that without being a total well a$$hole
  4. stroker was just an idea still is might might not it all depends. and I got the screw out with enough perseverance that is one thing I have a lot of
  5. Jesse J


    nope keeping all 7' EXACTLY
  6. so far we have 5 people who have signed on recently dirteat fiero kid me @Huntr @JStone
  7. Jesse J


    but we are buddys in the sense of our trucks being awaiting to be built long beds!
  8. I don't know still need to figure out pricing that should be soon enough. gonna finish the second visor tonight. I just need to build my seat foam so I have a good product to show.
  9. Jesse J


    actually my truck was sold in washington. But YAY another "active" utah cc member theres 4 maybe 5 of us now
  10. Lol I am never going to here the end of this am I first @ghetdjc320 now you!I got an ankle grinder and a zip disc if push comes to shove.
  11. I got everyone crawling over me all of a sudden. and I think it might be fairly safe to say it is mostly spoken for.
  12. not even lol. my sister was the occupant that that point
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