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  1. well how does that cable connect to the brake release
  2. AHHuggh I think I just snapped my brake release cable while stripping my dash. What do I do?
  3. these things are so cool. I love my legos they are cheaper than actually too
  4. this is true. In other news I ordered some headliner and vinyl samples from SMS auto fabrics so those are on their way. I'm making a custom headliner like mnkeyboy's except its gonna say comanche on it. I saw a video on bleepin jeeps yt about adding wj lumbar support to an xj seat and I'm gonna try to find a wj seat and see if i can add it into a bench seat with some welding and while I'm at it at some headrests (to increase my likely hood of not dying if I crash) while I'm reupholstering my seat . I've been pretty swamped with stuff in my life so I haven't been doing a wh
  5. it just be like that some times. it makes me really sad to tell the truth
  6. Uggh. I saw a couple weeks ago someone I saw someone made their headliner say 'jeep' I've been trying to find it for ever no but I can't find it uggh so frustrating can anyone help me out?
  7. well and if they can put a 392 in it they can definitely shoehorn a hellcat (every car they put a 392 in eventually got a hell cat) once they make that cool single cab gladiator that would be sick af
  8. every vehicle that got the 392 has eventually gotten a hellcat so I'm more excited for the inevitable hellcat wrangler. (also it annoys me that they keep saying "the first v8 in a jeep" because the j10 and others had a v8
  9. Jesse J

    COVID Chances

    well the high schoolers have enough freedom to make the choice where as the little kids are just doing what their parents told them
  10. Jesse J

    COVID Chances

    Yeah I'm actually really impressed with all the kids wearing their masks. I see worse behavior with highschoolers.
  11. I think at the end of the day if you learn you learn
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