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  1. ^is one of the most helpful people on the club
  2. I think because there is something else going on that's causing the issue. I'm with you though
  3. awesome thanks AX15 should be coming out of the cherokee this weekend!
  4. ordered . aint cheap but buy once cry once
  5. ok going 4.88s and another true trac up front. That should be good right?
  6. I was since the beggining planning to run 4.88s but it's costly. but the rear is set up already with 4.27s so it would be cheaper and easier but maybe I should just bite the bullet
  7. I am looking for some opinions on running 35s on 4.27s. Stock 4.0 with ax15. I have a rear axle with 4.27s and a tru trac and the front doesnt have a carrier or gears so it would be cheaper up front to put 4.27s in and not touch the rear axle but also it would be better to just get the ratio I want the first time. Not a designated trail rig but it will see offroad a lot. Thinking about a true trac up front as well
  8. Well Saturday drove out to Wyoming to pick up some 88 grand waggy d44s from @derf wheels too! And my clutch parts came in! Trans swap this weekend. And I got a picture of me being happy my Jeep parts arrived
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