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  1. Think u responded to the wrong pic but there liscdnse Plate lights and they also hold the plate on Yeah are the license plate lights supposed to come on with the normal lights?
  2. happy birthday. also when exactly are those lights supposed to come on?
  3. yes I know and they are cut different but idk I think I have an aftermarket ignition in my truck so idk. it's a hole thing
  4. Yeah Idk why every aftermarket bumper for any post 2002 jeep looks like that
  5. yeah I know but the dude cut them high and and said take them back so for now since the jeep just sits in the driveway I am not worried about locking it so I will wait
  6. Jesse J


    I bet what happened is I forget the names of the dudes who did the body kit painted them all red or it was red plastic and then painted them for black comanches
  7. or do what I am doing is get a manual xj and swap everything then part it out
  8. I got my keys cut recently and the door ones don't work right and the ignition ones somehow work for the ignition really well and they work for the door not smoothly. once my truck is driving I am taking it to someone who will cut the door keys so they work right
  9. Jesse J


    any updates? @Aussiemj
  10. sweet thanks bud. I am bored so I am going to restore my lenses tonight
  11. looks like a great start. Make sure you flip the grille the right way it's upside down
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