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  1. jumped the connector and it fired up! there is quite a bit of engine smoke I think because I didnt bolt my downtube onto my manifold correctly (because that was my first fix when I heard about the exhaust rag
  2. cps checks out I am skeptical of the connector one of the male pins is bent and the female is shoved back in there but I think they are touching
  3. held them close enough to a ground? I didnt check my cps
  4. no spark judging from the videos I that I took from my engine bay with 2 different sets of plugs. no spark when I put a plug in the wire from the coil to the distributor idk if thats an actual test but I thought I would try
  5. no. and I have no way of getting one atm. is this nub supposed to be black I can't rember if it was last time I had my cap off
  6. old ish. might be worth replacing. my plugs are pretty new
  7. can't confirm spark I am alone atm. I can hear the fuel pump
  8. Well my jeep was running great until yesterday after school driving home about 500 feet from my house it sputtered and died. spent the next 4 hours trying to get it to run including sawing off my exhaust muffler back because 2 people at school told me some dingus shoved a rag up my tailpipe. Ended up towing it home with my buddies xj. Started fluid didnt work. Cleaned the plugs this morning because thats what was wrong the last 2 times.
  9. Haha that’s good. Makes me want to do something festive to my manche
  10. Finally earned my big boy pants yesterday! pull was really smooth only took like 2 hours (granted I had a lot of the work already done) What really took forever was bolting it to my stand that took like 4. Had a blast doing it. Probably going to strip it down and clean it all and leave it for a couple months-years while I prepare the cashflow for it. I did recenty get hired at home depot 15$ hourly!
  11. definable way more strong than most things I could buy. It is such a crappy design supporting this big mass from the side but there is really no better way to do it.
  12. Built an engine stand out of some scrap 4" channel yesterday. Seriously over built for what I need. Fun little project didnt take to long. HO should come out soon?
  13. one year ago today was the purchase of this fine machine boy its come a long way. especially the interior Jeez
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