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  1. what simple things can add a real touch to a mj?
  2. you can pop off the panel behind the door and below the seatbelt there is a about 5-6 in hole could run new wires to there and tun them up into the dash my ebrake don't work but its a stick haha
  3. wheres the registry haha if i see them ill let em know we exsist
  4. thats good idea because ill have to sacrifice my speakers if i get tube doors so i might find a 89 xj and try it lemme know how it goes and tips or ideas
  5. they guy i bought it from coudt tell me it looks like 2in terraflex spacer and a 2.5-3 in coil dana 30front dana 30 rear ax-15 i have the lunchbox lockrs for it its hard said its a daily driver to work and i do have to merg on the highway.
  6. long i bought adjustable 0-6in and they are 4in too short and i had my axle secure so it wouldent move but yea Long
  7. there isnt a three link that just bolt on? dang i got a buddy that can weld what should i need to do a coil convertion
  8. whats an alternate soluton i want my rear axles to drop more i plan on going to moab this summer or fall with some buddys
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