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  1. ^ Missed the thread where he explained his username I don't have a problem, I swear!
  2. ^ can't afford more than 4 letters in his username
  3. What is the whole part number on the injectors you used?
  4. If it's just a small break or nick, electrical heat shrink tubing works great for that
  5. There are at least 13 unless someone backed out
  6. While the displays and housings definitely changed, I wouldn't think the clock chip would have. Unfortunately I'm not keen on spending the time just to take a look lol. Early clocks had a full first digit unlike later clocks but I would expect the general layout of the pins would be similar. They take up the whole area, but there is still more than enough depth for an Arduino and a display!
  7. This is awesome! I've been thinking about adding some TFT displays in the dead space below the clock and this will complement that nicely.
  8. Aside from a used unit from another truck, your cheapest option is buying it directly from MTS. Get a Bosch pump from RockAuto.
  9. It is. The JPSU-6 manufactured by MTS Company is the only aftermarket sending unit available for our trucks. http://www.mtscompany.com/sendingunits.htm
  10. He actually went and electrocuted himself lmao! As for the never-sneeze, if you were particularly messy with it make sure it's not on the electrode, otherwise as Cruiser said it's definitely not an issue.
  11. Absolutely gorgeous wheels. The white-lettered tires really completes the look.
  12. scaleless

    The gun

    XJ and MJ are definitely Glocks. Small and boxy but pack a punch. They made a billion and they're fairly cheap. Some people like to load a ton of ricer crap on them and some people like to build them into monsters, but one thing is for sure: parts are EXPENSIVE!
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