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  1. ftpiercecracker1

    First gladiator sighting?

    Saw this on the way home from work, same area as the blue comanche. LOTS of money flows through this area.
  2. ftpiercecracker1

    Had to stop.

    You keep that kinda talk up and I might just show up at your house with a loaded flat bed. I would love for another CC member to have her rather than some Joe Shmoe off craigslist.
  3. ftpiercecracker1

    Had to stop.

    Holy sh*t. . . $8200?! I've got mine listed for $1,500, and it's 4wd and 5spd. Although I must admit it is in far worse physical condition than the one above.
  4. Have a look underneath both driver and passenger side floor boards for rust. These trucks are notorious for rusted out floor boards.
  5. ftpiercecracker1

    Had to stop.

    Saw this guy on the way home from work. Made a hard U turn to go back and inspect. Bench seat, automatic on the column, 2 wheel drive, Dana 35. Real clean interior. Aftermarket tube bumper.
  6. ftpiercecracker1

    it's cold out there!! be prepared!

    At its coldest I think it might have broke 55 here, truth be told I was still freezing my butt off.
  7. ftpiercecracker1

    One of our own is down

    Goodbye Don. Battle over. Victory now. Your legacy will be carried on by all those you have helped, both here and elsewhere. FPC.
  8. ftpiercecracker1

    Ain't nothing free and dumb is expensive.

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/2634734002 85 dead newest tally. Darwin award winners, every last one of them.
  9. ftpiercecracker1


    Every brand has its lemons, but on the whole Toyota vehicles have proven themselves, at least with my family, time and time again. Actually we did have a first gen Tacoma that had trans issues, but I was quite young and don't remember much about it. But other than that every Toyota we have owned or a family member has owned has been a cherry in term of reliability. There was one incident where an uncle of mine took a Toyota car, don't know the model, and the engine blew up in fantastic fashion during the test drive. Quite hilarious. As I said, lemons exist in all maks. It's curious some of you mention frame rot. My parents Tundra (330k) and my Tundra (216k) don't have so much as a speck of rust on the frame. And my parents live in Middle TN, slush country. On the topic of maintenance, my parents are famous for vehicle neglect and abuse. Trans oil has never been changed. Along with the tundra they also own two Toyota tercel wagons (85 & 86). Each one has about 250k on the clock, both are daily drivers. 5spd manuals, manual 4x4 too. I should probably stop talking so highly of Toyotas on, of all things, a jeep forum, probably bad juju.
  10. ftpiercecracker1


    Parents have an 00 tundra (4.7 v8) with 330k extremely hard/neglected miles on it. Called me today trying to figure out a noise coming from the engine bay. Turned out to be the idler pulley. . . . . . . . . . . did I mention its the factory original idler pulley? After 330k miles it's the first thing to finally give out in the serpentine system. Dare I say I think the friggin belt is original too. I love my jeeps, but d**n if toyotas aren't well made.
  11. ftpiercecracker1

    what has 6 tires and climbs rocks...

    A wheel base that long? Probably high centers on ant hills.
  12. ftpiercecracker1

    the new Jeep truck. it is what we all thought it would be.

    Meh, took them long enough, but it ain't no gladiator, even if that's what they call it. Why are the back doors angled? The whole bed and back window look slapped together to me. I wonder what a base 4x4 model will go for. 35k 40k? No thanks. No SFA either. It just seems like a cash grab that will be discontinued in a year or two.
  13. ftpiercecracker1

    There went my MJ money, my Nissan saga.

    Ah, gotcha. Hard for me to infer sarcasm via text.
  14. ftpiercecracker1

    There went my MJ money, my Nissan saga.

    Soooooo you like/don't like tundras?
  15. ftpiercecracker1

    Craigslist Gem.

    Really nice truck for what I would think is a damn fair price. Just wanted to put it out there. Not mine BTW, although I will be putting my up for sale here shortly. https://ocala.craigslist.org/cto/d/1988-jeep-comanche-pu-trk-4x4/6717580574.html