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  1. This 100x. There is nothing Jeep about it.
  2. I think this has already been talked about, but I could not find the thread. My question is how in the fudge did the HP jump from 350 to 750 just from a turbo? From my research and understanding a good turbo set up usually gains an additional 100hp. 100hp gain is pretty impressive, but these guys jumped 400hp with just 15-17psi of boost. Am missing something or is this BS?
  3. How does the 2.8 stack up comparatively to the other diesel options? Mpg/hp/tq. Will it shake your fillings loose like the 4bt? What are the manual trans options? I assume it could be mated to the ax-15, but would you even want to? If money wasn't an issue would it be the engine of choice? My dream is to have a built diesel MJ one of these days. Sort of a jeep version of the hilux. Plated frame, D44 front/rear, lockers front/rear, simple diesel engine. 2k bed capacity, 35mpg and can drive underwater.
  4. Found a sweet all SS, master built grill (model: SQPGD) in a neighbors trash the other day. It was pretty dirty but all the pieces seemed to be there so I decided to bring it home. Cleaned up extremely well on the outside. It is made in china, but it does seem to be made out of a pretty good quality SS. REM barely has any attraction. It is in fact complete. But there are several pieces that I would like to/need to be replaced. Namely the burner. Pic after blasting. The problem I'm running into is parts availability. This grill is a ghost. It's hard to even find images of it let alone parts. I've searched eBay, amazon, bing, google and a host of grill parts website all of which have produced nothing. If anyone has a recommendation or better yet a link to parts it would be very much appreciated. I can't bear the thought of throwing this thing away, but what else can I do if I can't find the parts? Thanks
  5. 28, very bottom end of acceptable weight for my height, no genetic disorders/family history to blame. Ever since my first job at a plant nursery I haven't been able to stand on hard surfaces for longer than 10min without being in considerable discomfort, not sharp pain, more like a dull ache/feeling of compression. Last 6-8 inches of my spine is where it's at, pops when I bend over. I was medically DQed from joining the coast guard because of it, actually all branches of military. Honesty johnny that I am, I reported I had occasional lower back pain in my initial paperwork. ☚ī¸ MEPS said I had "lumbago". Despite two outside physicians clearing me for active duty, I was still DQed.
  6. Unladen, not accounting for air speed velocity of course. Bob's or Arse?
  7. Front pinion bearing is toast. If I'm not mistaken this requires a full disassembly of the gear case correct? Which means going through the process of setting them up again, back lash, wear pattern and such correct? Does a D30 require case preload or just pinion preload? That would require a case stretcher right? Any good sources for a D30 or D44 master regear kit? It's a high pinion non disconnect, don't know if that matters. Can't remember the year specifically, but it's a later model D30, just before they changed to low pinion.
  8. Neighbors father has it and I learned that another neighbors entire family had it (mother, father, two daughters) all recovered. Mother had worst experience. Out of commission for better part of a month. The mother lost her mother to covid. Client of mine knows two people that died from covid as well. Parents just got test results back the other day, both negative. They live a pretty secluded life so I'm not to worried about them.
  9. Oh heck ya! I know when I got mine it was a sureal moment. Finding a d44 happens to other people not me. Had to pinch myself a couple times. Make sure nobody tails you home to try and steal it.
  10. Rappers, SM influencers, A list celebrities, and their airheaded yet some how absurdly wealthy ilk. This is 100%, concentrated, consumerist, status symbol seeking, look how much money I have, hot garbage. Which is ok I guess. Not everything has to be a bare bones white work truck. The on the fly lift height adjustment was cool though.
  11. I personally don't think a 4L is the right move, even stroked. She just don't have the pawr. Like you said, the cost is an issue for one AND reliability another. Even with a couple decades now of R&D I still hear about people wiping out cam lobes all-the-time. A diesel swapped gladiator is a dream of mine, but can be costly. I don't think you'll be happy with anything short of a V8 or diesel. Trans 700r4, 4l60e, 4l80e for auto NV4550 for manual? I've heard good things about cummins 5/6 speed manuals Dana 300 t-case (twin stick?) Or maybe atlas? Can't remember what the diesel ford's run but novak seems to think they're indestructible. It may be sacrilege, but just food for thought. My brother had an old non turbo 7.3 single cab short bed with dual 4in side pipes right under the driver side. Sounded like a machine of friggin war whenever he started it. Wasn't so bad at idle, but it had the deepest roar/bark I've ever heard, like nothing else.
  12. Sorry pete. Should have been more clear. I ment where do i buy gears. Brand and such. Are all dana 44 gears created equal? What should i look for in a kit?
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