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  1. ftpiercecracker1

    Name that. . . . toyota?

    Nice. I wonder how valuable parts would be for it.
  2. ftpiercecracker1

    2 Engineering puzzles

    Thanks guys, especially Minuit. I have not seen that equation before. During my research this site provided the equation i was going to use. Would it have also worked? https://process.arts.ac.uk/content/calculating-point-which-piece-box-section-steel-will-bend-and-not-recover/index.html Thanks for the links too. FPC.
  3. ftpiercecracker1

    2 Engineering puzzles

    A cogged belt would make sense, but this deck is like any other and uses a traditional V-belt. I was thinking 4x6, but it's all for not if I can't find the aforementioned data. Gap is unknown. The width of the blades will determine how close they can get to one another. But I don't have blades for it yet. Can't be much more than 1/8th of an inch right? I'm wondering if this was one of the first attempts to have a three blade mower deck and the engineers didnt realize the blades had to be staggered until after production.
  4. ftpiercecracker1

    2 Engineering puzzles

    Problem 1. What size box steel would I need in order to support 300lbs, extended out 7ft, without experiencing more than a 1/4in of deflection? One end will be unsupported, the other securely mounted to a flat surface. I have done some research, but the online steel manufacturers do not provide the necessary information to solve this problem. I need the second moment of inertia and the yield strength of a given piece of steel. If you know a site off hand that does provide such info let me know. Problem 2. I bought a 3 blade deck to put on a mower project I'm working on. But the blades are directly in line with one another. All decks with three blades that I have ever seen have a staggered blade arrangement, where the middle blade is the leading blade. How can a deck with blades directly inline with one another cut grass without leaving a small line of uncut grass in between the blades? On a staggered 3 blade deck the diameter of the two side blades fall within the leading blades diameter thus leaving no area uncovered by a cutting edge. The leading blade is far enough forward that the side blades and the leading blade do not contact.
  5. ftpiercecracker1

    At scrap yard now.

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what are you doing?! Do you want them to find out and hike up the prices?
  6. ftpiercecracker1

    At scrap yard now.

    Final haul, plus a pair of hood struts not pictured. tailgate 2 tail lights j10 markers 2 emblems Wagoner? bezel, rest of front clip had been ripped to shreds. $110
  7. ftpiercecracker1

    At scrap yard now.

    D35 If it was a D44 I wouldn't say a thing until it was installed on my truck!
  8. ftpiercecracker1

    At scrap yard now.

    Trying to acquess two 258ci crankshafts also.
  9. ftpiercecracker1

    At scrap yard now.

    Haul thus far.
  10. ftpiercecracker1

    At scrap yard now.

    Almost identical, but this one has the flip open side windows. Don't have price yet. Yes, but it's hockey stick style.
  11. ftpiercecracker1

    At scrap yard now.

    Is this a factory MJ topper? Ranch brand, looks like it fists perfect. Should I buy? I have no use.
  12. ftpiercecracker1

    86 MJ SBC Swap - Help?

    Disclaimer: I have never put a sbc into an mj. BUT, I have read countless threads regarding the operation and have a j10 that does have a sbc/t400 in it. Currently working on it too. Easiest path forward with least amount of work, which will still be a lot of work. No gauges. Manual choke mechanical fuel pump Power to distributor Power to cooling fans New off shelf generic ignition switch 1 wire from batt to switch, 1 wire from switch to dis, 1 wire from switch to starter solenoid custom trans mount custom motor mounts, lower for hood clearance. custom length drive shafts Transmission adapter, if needed Cooling will be a significant factor, might have to cut hood vents. I don't think a custom rad is required, but a good quality two row all aluminum rad with two high cfm fans would be a good starting point. You will most likely need to massage the fire wall. How much? Dunno. Probably not nearly as much as would be needed to fit a 4.0 also will need to cut trans tunnel to accommodate where the shifter will come through. also also, which side is the t-case on. MJs use driver drop. I wish you the best of luck. If you would please consider documenting the process so the rest of us can enjoy the build.
  13. ftpiercecracker1

    Charleston, SC MJ, who is it?

    I was in Charleston, SC last week. Saw this lovely site outside a post office downtown. Anybody here? Bench seat, bone stock, 2wd, auto. Didn't want to draw suspicion so I only snapped the one pic. Didn't have any cards on me either.
  14. ftpiercecracker1

    pic testing