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  1. In FL on my "old" 3 blade cub Cadet I had to sharpen them every other cut to razor blades or else they would just tear the grass. It was maddening. I now have a two blade rider and that thing cuts excellent with two pieces of flat stock for blades. Exaggerating for effect but you get the idea. I like the outer perimeter of the property to look more natural, but at the same time I would like to try keeping the immediate front and back yards more well kept. Problem is most Florida grasses SUCK under foot. In TN my dad likes to mow rocks, so keeping blades sharp is a fools errand. Keeping blades straight, now thats part of routine (daily) maintenance. Wish I could bring some TN grass to FL, stuff is like walking on a velvet carpet and we don't do a d**n thing to it, it grows like that all on its own.
  2. I wonder if ever in their wildest dreams did they imagine their dumpster fire of a video would end up on an obscure jeep enthusiast forum?
  3. Also, steering stabilizers only mask potential problems/death wobble. I'm not recommending anybody to run without one, especially on a daily driven MJ but personally I havent had one on mine for years and have zero shaking/death wobble issues. 80mph on high way, hitting pot holes, etc. Nothing, smooth as glass. Edit: I should mention hitting puddles at speed without a stabilizer is the only issue I've encountered, but it is a BIG issue. Puddles should be avoided at all costs. They can jerk the wheel clean out of your hand.
  4. This work of art was at the Florida gambler 500. Several videos of it. Will try to add links. https://m.facebook.com/events/440-co-rd-310-palatka-fl-32177/gambler-500-florida-2019/946006858922963/# Its official name is 'peep' I imagine like those horrible marshmallow peeps.
  5. Pics please 2.8 is the least desirable of all available comanche engines.
  6. Slightly off topic, but speaking of people with more money than brains. https://selecthomedecorandmore.com/natural-tree-stump-side-table
  7. My brother will be in attendance of the G5 in palatka FL next weekend ( April 12, 13, 14) Hopefully he will get some good pictures. He will be driving his 4runner, 33 ATs, coil spacer lift, modded factory rear E-locker. He's pretty gentle offroad, but I have had to pull him out once. Did it with the MJ, what a sweet sweet day that was.
  8. So does the 242 have 4x4 hi locked? It goes 4hi part time 4hi full time 4lo full time Right?
  9. https://m.facebook.com/groups/278217436305296?group_view_referrer=profile_browser I sooo want to go to one of these, but of course I'm in TN and won't be back until the 15th. Its sounds like one helluva good time.
  10. Is the 242 superior to the 231 or is just a matter of preference?
  11. There is one in the JY by me too, 100% unmolested. I was really scratching my head when I peaked under the hood and saw the jeep 2.5 How valuable are they? I don't know how much they want for it, its the type of JY where the guy behind the counter makes up numbers as he goes along and whether he likes you or not. I'm out of town at the moment, but if someone really wants it I may be persuaded to go and pull it once I'm back.
  12. Ya, i find the gimmicks and "Easter eggs" really juvenile. However i really liked the things like the included tool kit, bolt holder and offroad cruise control. The bed is nice and low, easy to work out of with no fluff/plastic. But it does really annoy me that they qualify it's usefulness by saying how "it will fit most dirtbikes" like that's all a pickup is good for . Just the phrase "lifestyle vehicle" makes me want to puke. I like its overall concept, but they hammed it up with widgets and Easter eggs, they are charging to much for it, and they called it a gladiator. With all that said I could see myself buying one if I had they money. Sooo
  13. It's really starting to grow on me.
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