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  1. Everything is still pretty much business as usual here in S FL. Some places are limiting hours of operation though.
  2. Hmm, so it sounds like "you get what you pay for" isnt exactly true for dash cams. I am willing to put $150-200 into one. This is probably a dumb question but do they need to be connected to the internet?
  3. Yes, i used the search, but what i found was inconclusive at best. Why i want one: I live in south FL need i say more? Who is running what? What is a reasonable budget for a mid to upper quality unit? Are there any not made in china? What features should it have/would be nice to have?
  4. I wish i had the scratch to take advatage of all the low hanging fruit/stocks, but as usual in order to make money you have to already have money. On a side note, i wonder how many upper crust types are already hiding out in their million dollar bunker(s)? Probably another good economy to invest in.
  5. Coronavirus. Surprised a thread for this has not been made yet. Who is where? How is it? Thoughts? As much as i like hearing about juicy conspiracies something tells me Pete wouldn't, at least not on here, even if it is the Pub. So i guess keep it to a minimum? I'm in South Florida and as far as i can tell its business as usual. Store shevles are still stocked, k-12 kids are still in school, i think, people still going to work everyday.
  6. Excellent. That was pretty much what i had in mind. Radius arm is the technical term for what I'm calling "2" link, got it.
  7. What are the pros/cons of a 4, 3, 2 link control arm setup? Pics for clarity. 4 link being what the MJ has stock. What I'm calling a "two" link as there are only two points of connection to the frame. 3 link I would assume the "two" link would be preferred for offroading as it has the fewest points of articulation which means easier fabrication and less chance of suspension binding as it cycles and greatest potential for suspension travel. Maybe not as "safe" since there are only two points of connection. If one fails you are in a serious world of sh*t, especially if you are traveling at any speed. I would imagine a four link suspension offers the greatest on-road manners and keeps the vehicle more planted, but would it really matter for the typical nonashole MJ driver?
  8. Psssh, a good wash inside/out, an oil change and some fresh gas and boom, you got yourself a daily that will go 300k miles.
  9. Suspension drop limiting strap. Is it metal?
  10. Can someone explain to me why the 4.0 can only handle such minimal boost? Ive heard talk about the HG being pushed out, but i just can't wrap my head around that because the clamping force exerted by the studs across the head must be equivalent to thousands of pounds of pressure. How much could the boost be increased if you could get a solid copper gasket? Grooves and O-rings?
  11. What are your intake temps? 90°? I just had a thought. Assuming all the plumbing necessary is done, if you submerged your a/c evaporator (thing IN the cab) in your water tank would that not continuously chill the water? I assume you ment to say more hp?
  12. There are so many options out there, especially in the marine sector, you could really dress this up and make it look professional.
  13. Sorry about the poor lighting. I know, it looks like sh*t, but hey everything works as it should and the truck runs fantastic sooo. There are two main grounds. The big one runs through the fire wall and connects to the block. I believe right where battery ground connects. The other is the body ground, it comes off the fuse block and is screwed to the cab body just behind the seatbelt. The main power runs through the fire wall, to a HD 80amp fuse, then to the starter, which is also where the battery connects. Ive modified this fuse block such that 4 slots are keyed power. Keyed power comes in on one slot, power goes out to guages, radio and one other one that i can't remember. A bisected PVC pipe makes a tough wire channel, screw in conduit clamps hold it in place. Found this connector during a junkyard walk. It replaces the original 3 piece bulkhead connector/fuse panel. Everything is sealed up real tight and it uses a clamping lever to pull and hold the two halves together. This plug has about 30 individual connections. I just depin the whole connector and reuse the pins. Unusually i try and get two or three identical connectors incase i need a spare pin. It has three huge wires (10-12ga?) I use for my dual electric fan relay, quad headlight relay and blower pwr 4 medium wires (14-16ga?) O2, fuel pump, running lights, can't remember. The other 23 are (18-20ga) and are used for all the other light duty stuff associated with engine sensors/management, relay tiggers and such. My setup for blinkers and hazards. Just a short wire to pickup power and two flat blade receivers. They are velcroed into place ATM.
  14. Does such a thing exist? Also, why did you stick with the 2.5? From what i understand a boosted 2.5 has about as much power as a stock 4.0
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