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  1. I personally don't think a 4L is the right move, even stroked. She just don't have the pawr. Like you said, the cost is an issue for one AND reliability another. Even with a couple decades now of R&D I still hear about people wiping out cam lobes all-the-time. A diesel swapped gladiator is a dream of mine, but can be costly. I don't think you'll be happy with anything short of a V8 or diesel. Trans 700r4, 4l60e, 4l80e for auto NV4550 for manual? I've heard good things about cummins 5/6 speed manuals Dana 300 t-case (twin stick?)
  2. Sorry pete. Should have been more clear. I ment where do i buy gears. Brand and such. Are all dana 44 gears created equal? What should i look for in a kit?
  3. So one question that hasn't been answered yet is gears. Where? Who? Is it as simple as googling "dana 44 "x" ratio? Or does it have to be more specific?
  4. I checked out the DIY in your sig. Even the "easy" disc conversion is pretty involved. I converted my 8.25 to disc, but that was a snap in comparison. I think i might just keep the drums after all.
  5. Dunno didnt ask, came out of an Eliminator so 88-90? . . . . . . Maayyyyybe
  6. Never thought i would see the day where i can say my MJ will have an OG dana 44. Just bought tonight for $175. Complete drum to drum with E cables and bracket. 3.07 w/ lsd. Now, what do i do with it? ๐Ÿคจ Currently have chry 8.25 with custom length driveshaft. How do i get brakes/gears? Can i convert to disk? Should I? Converted Chrysler to disc and really like it. Can the LSD be serviced/rebuilt? Will the driveshaft i have work? Will post pics tomorrow.
  7. Bringing this back, figure its time for an update. Whats everybody status? TP hasn't replaced the dollar as the countries currency so i guess there wasn't a total collapse of the socioeconomic structure, which is something right?
  8. Nah, rear hatch/trunk is normal.
  9. A quick Google showed a couple similar limos that served as presidential limos and were armored, but that doesnt explain the stretched roof. Maybe just better visibility?
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