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  1. Very nice truck Steve. As Pete stated, enjoy the addiction. I know it's already been thrown out a couple of times but Crusier's Tips are most helpful. Enjoy my friend.
  2. earl*t

    Advertising credit?

    Adam gave me a heads up.
  3. Very nice looking truck, congratulations on the honor.
  4. Hey Footballguyy. You've got one sharp dressed squire up there in Wasilla... or are there more like him? The rear glass was a direct swap from another Comanche.
  5. Exactly what I had in mind. Summit has something similar to the Monte's spring loaded plate mount.
  6. :clapping: Me too Ben! Seriously... thanks. I can't wait for winter to lose it's grip. Up until now, my truck has seen little use, primarily shows and garage kept to preserve it's condition, not much fun, so I plan to USE it this year. I hope to put on several more miles in support of my outdoor endeavors. To that end, there are a few items and want to improve. I still have the minor tire rub on the front fenders and I need a hitch. First, my thoughts on the annoying tire rub. I only need a little lift, I think a inch. Keep in mind that my ride is 2WD. My lift isn't about articulation, I don't haul loads and don't plan to, I just need clearance for the 17" wheel/tire combo. I have tirelessly searched the pages here for a solution. Undoubtedly, my answers is here, but I can't seem to find a suitable combination. The economy add-a-leaf 3" lift I installed is very respectable in my opinion. I'm not surprised that the ride is a bit stiff. That's an inherent characteristic of an add-a-leaf. Most spring rates are stout enough to support the added weight of an aftermarket bumper and the like. The result is a compromise and unfortunately, ride quality is less than it could be. My impression is that Old Man Emu is the suspension manufacturer of choice for ride quality. Ever searched for a 4" lift for a Comanche with OME components? I'm disappointed by no response after having contacted them. I'll retry. One company utilizes an OME 4" "full length front coil" in their Comanche offering even though OME doesn't. They don't offer a rear spring pack for the Comanche. I suppose most here know that OME offers different spring rates. I'll pass along what I learn and am open to information if anyone has already been down this same road. Second is the hitch which is on the back burner until the suspension is worked out.
  7. The metal is 16 gage mild steel equal to 1/16" thickness. The two 90* bends were made on a sheet metal brake. The first is unseen behind the tailgate. It is vertical and the second is horizontal and is seen directly under the tailgate. The work piece was temporarily attached to the rear of the bed with self tapping sheet metal screws. In the picture above, I simply applied enough pressure to conform the metal to the contour of the bed and my friend tack welded the seam as we went, obviously from top to bottom. It was quite easy. Also above, the recess for the license plate was cut out for initial fitting. Tacked in and trimmed. Finished welding. Notice that at this point, no sheet metal had been trimmed or cut, other than the license plate recess. After the welding was finished, two relief cuts were made from the bottom up to just within about 1/2" of the recess. We used 3/8" round stock to fab a simple frame. There are three pieces on the bottom, one below the recess and one on each side from the center out to the original bed. Two support braces were welded from under the back side of the recess up to the bottom of the bed. Then I rolled the center of the sheet metal around the round stock and my buddy tacked it on each side. It was trimmed to fit and welded in place. After the center section was completed, the two remaining sides were rolled by hand just as the center had been done. The finished product welded and dressed.
  8. :thumbsup: Congratulations my friend. Having meant and spent time with Adam, I can attest that he is a top notch first rate gentleman. His MJ is the cleanest and closest to factory original , other than the mods he's implemented, that I've seen. This truck is immaculate! Enjoy the well deserved honor.
  9. Not build related, but I have to ask. Are those your donuts in the parking lot?
  10. Very impressive progression Joe! Keep up the good work.
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