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  1. your most redneck emergency repairs...

    Here’s a couple jems from a while back. These happened on the same wheeling trip when the ol’ Ape was still around. Friend of mine got high centered and just went for it. He got loose and then ripped the crossmember out from his XJ. Ratchet strap to the rescue! The next day say it was pointed out to me that my leaf springs were fanning out way too much and then started twisting around. Maybe I should’ve gotten around to putting clamps on? Ah well.
  2. Project Plain Jane

    Dang... those wheels. Very well played, sir.
  3. Krustyballer Fabrications

    Shipping was the clincher for me as well. Never pursued it after bringing it to a FedEx and getting totally blind sided.
  4. Pitstop

    Hey there, Tim! Still down to give a hand with those floors whenever you’re ready.
  5. Project Plain Jane

    Mmm... Love that bumper. Easily my favorite in the aftermarket right now.
  6. Price aside.... (JCR Manche Roof Rack)

    I really like the idea of them. The execution though seems to fall short with me. Pretty sure it's the vertical plate mounts in the rear and the "IKEA flat box" bolted together look that kills it.
  7. Welcome to our second month of 2018, Comanche Club! Funny how these things sneak up on us. First it's a new year. Then we've already gone through one month. Then we get to spotlight a member who came into this site swinging. He's only been around since August of last year but this build has really made a huge splash! I think he's a shoe-in. YEAR/MODEL ● 1988 SporTruck ENGINE/PERFORMANCE ● 4.0 HO DRIVETRAIN ● AW4/NP231with boostwerks linkage/ Tom Woods rear shaft/ Dana30/C8.25 COOLING ● Stock cooling system from an '01 XJ with an added Hayden trans cooler. ELECTRICAL/IGNITION ● Stock '01 XJ SUSPENSION/STEERING ● Metalcloak 4.5" coils Metalcloak adjustable trackbar JKS disconnects Rear SOA on stock 2wd MJ springs INTERIOR ● '01 XJ interior swap. MJ specific trim painted Agate to match XJ dash and door panels Reupholstered headliner, visors, and rear cab panel BRAKES ● Stock '01 Xj LIGHTING ● Hella Ecode headlights w/relay harness Led bulbs in all other exterior lights EXTERIOR ● Gunmetal Grey Metallic paint 97+ XJ front clip swap and XJ doors JCR front and rear bumpers WHEELS/TIRES ● 15x8 MR1X Mamba wheels 33x10.50 BFG ATs MISCELLANEOUS ● XJ 3rd brake light mounted on the rear of the cab. Aftermarket sliding rear window and 97+xj windshield being installed this week EZ Cool insulation on almost every surface on the interior FULL BUILD THREAD HERE Remember That One Time?... Tell Us Your Best MJ Story ● I jumped on this rust free MJ from North Carolina almost exactly a year ago. I didn't have a solid plan for it but I knew I had to have it. Buying a 2wd truck in the middle of winter in Pennsylvania while living on a mountain was not the best of ideas. It was weeks after I bought it before the snow and ice melted enough that I could give the truck a good run down. My first trip took me to a building supply store where I picked up some lumber for a workbench project. I was so excited to have a Jeep truck and doing truck things with it that I didn't notice that I parked on a tiny piece of ice. It was enough to get stuck on with one tire spinning while the other 3 sat and watched. I eventually wiggled free after several minutes and drove home with my top speed of 48mph. Once I got home and unloaded, plans for the MJ began forming in my head. I was officially hooked. Minutes later and I was stuck once again but this time on a dusting of snow. CC is Awesome!... Why Do You Think So? ● I could not have made this truck into what it is without the knowledge on this site. I have been lurking on this site for years reading through various member builds. There are many great builds on this site and many have helped me acquire some knowledge for my build. I have three build threads that I constantly visited and would like to aknowledge. Alexia, Backdraft, and Rymanrph all have great threads and I drew on each of them heavily for inspiration and motivation. I have read these threads over and over for quite some time. So much so that they are some of my most visited sites over several years. Thanks to everyone that has ever posted a thread here about their truck. Without this site I would not have had the ability or confidence to take on a project like this on such a unique truck. A Jeep truck. Wow. Just wow, Aaron! It really goes to show that a good base is the start of all great builds. It definitely goes without saying that your truck is absolutely gorgeous in that stunning gray along with the blacked out Moabs and just enough details to draw us in closer. Super MJ! -Ben
  8. Hey guys!

    Been wondering where you’ve been off to! Welcome back, sir!!
  9. It’s still your month after all!
  10. Project "Eliminator"

    Wait... what?! Indiana?
  11. CAD, Jeep is at it again....LOL........and other info.

    Lots of good info in that video. On the aftermarket side of things, updating the knuckles and brackets are a big plus. Not a fan of the CAD, but I get it. Overall, some steps in the right direction.
  12. Getting to know ComancheClub

    Have a seat! Beer is in the fridge.
  13. Bench Seat 4 Point Safety Harness

    Call up D&C Extreme out of Colorado Springs. We’ve got a Comanche cage kit that we can piece down to only what you need.
  14. Project CRD MJ is born:

    Glad to see this at the top of the list.