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  1. This is where my head is at too. These little engines are super tough and reliable. I think cost is really what would keep me from this swap.
  2. So... I've been thinking again. I found an article from Four Wheeler from a while back when they bolted in a 4.0/AX15/Dana 300 into a CJ7. The rear driveshaft ended up being 20.25". If you figure my little CJ5 is 10" shorter in wheelbase than a CJ7, I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with a 10" driveshaft. Let's talk about the T5. Been doing a bunch of research today about them and it's a real mixed bag of opinions. Looks like the 3rd gear is the week link in the whole package but I'm seeing more horror stories from people trying to go way above and beyond what you should with a T5 anyhow. My current T14 three speed is also in that same boat of being classified as a lighter duty transmission. I don't see myself using my Jeep as a real rock crawler. Rather I find myself wanting to go out into the mountains exploring back roads. The gear ratios of the T5 are 4.03, 2.37, 1.50, 1.0, and .86 while the T14 has a 3.10, 1.61, and 1.0. A lower first gear would be nice and obviously I'm still after an overdrive. If you look at the AX15, it's got 3.83, 2.33, 1.44, 1.0, and .79. Comparing a TJ on 33s and 4.10s or 4.56s with an AX15 would be real comparable to my little CJ on 33s and 4.27s with a potential T5 in it. Not sure if I've got a question in there... more so just thinking out loud. Anyhow, tell me more about your CJ5 plans.
  3. Flip your grill right side up. Geez! ... and welcome!
  4. This gets me thinking about the diy overlanders putting good effort into their rigs. There’s a bunch of homemade rooftop tent builds and interior sleeping platforms with creative storage solutions all over the interwebs. Companies like ARB and the like really make sone nice products but I agree... those prices?
  5. neohic

    EJS 2019 Concepts

    How about those concepts, eh? I know the Scrambler is probably the size of a school bus, but I absolutely love it. https://autoweek.com/article/trucks/2019-easter-jeep-safari-concept-lineup-6-awesome-pickups
  6. Did this sweet mod this morning. Old one had just about zero gasket left. Way too shiny though.
  7. Got a gift today. My coworkers know me so well! It’s a late printing from 1983 but the original publishing was from 1963. Already read through some of it and a bunch of the directions check out by GPS. Cool!
  8. Love this truck. Another of the very few I wish I could’ve had a shot at when it was for sale. https://www.offroadxtreme.com/news/rob-maccachrens-class-7s-comanche-is-up-for-sale-on-craigslist/
  9. Wha’?! When did this Wagoneer come along?... and what’s happening with the Cummins J truck?
  10. Throw backs are for Thursday. For the record, I know the truck still exists... not sure if Pat has been around for a while again. Rob just saw him. For that matter... Rob hasn’t been around either. Makes me feel old.
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