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  1. Yessir, Brent. Trusses are currently “up the hill” by the house. It’ll have a steel roof and siding.
  2. Seems as though every work day gets cut short by rain.
  3. I’d like to say I’ll be there but I really can’t commit just yet.
  4. So... I've been doing some construction lately. After we moved to Colorado almost three years ago, the plan was always to have a small house and rebuild my shop... again. This is both the third house and the third shop for me. Looking back, the first house was too big but I had plenty of room to build my 24x32 shed. The second house was still too big but is still had a bunch of space to build a shop which I decided to not use as we kept talking about moving out of state. Instead I decided to make due with what I had and I made it work. Then we moved. Then a year later we bought a house that needed everything but looked like it had a nice space for a new shop. Then another year went by with fighting with the city. See, my house is 478 square feet and the city I live in has a hard and fast rule about only being able to build an accessory structure that's 90% the size of the primary or smaller. NOW WHAT?!?! Well, I did some soul searching and I came to the realization that I don't have near the stuff or the vehicles that I once had... and I love it! My last shop that I made due with was 14x28 and it was workable but it wasn't quite right. I always wanted a couple more feet in width for when a vehicle is in there and the doors are open, but I loved the super high ceilings from the last place. After trying to be creative with the city and missing my opportunity to start construction last year, I decided that enough was enough and I need to move forward. This was my solution... ... 16x26 of "well enough". It won't be exactly how the print shows, but for the most part it'll be a cute little cabin looking shop that I can finally get back to some kind of normal for me. I've been homeless for three years now... yes, yes... I technically have a place to "live" but not having a place to build and be creative has always felt more like a home than a "home". Then there's the yard. I have a 1/3 acre but there's a pretty good elevation change. The lower part of my property is flat(ish) and it made the most sense to build down from the house. That was the plan after all when we saw the house for the first time. Here's where I'm at... It's tall, right?! What I had at my last place was a deep single stall garage for a shop and then 24x36 cold storage space that always had six vehicles sitting in it. Now I'm down to her daily driver, my CJ, the Eliminator, and my trailer. Having a small shop again makes sense to me. I've got a little bit of a plan to maybe put another smaller shed on the property for just vehicle parking, but that's down the road. I wanted a 12' ceiling for this one and I'll be putting scissor trusses on top of that too. The plan was to put a two post lift in there too along with a small loft in the back. This is intended to be a work space that'll house my Comanche for now and keep the trailer on the side. The CJ?... the CJ is just fine outside. Might put a car port up the hill by the house... I digress. As for more pictures (because that's why we're here)... This has been slow going. It took me a year to get my permits in order after trying to get a variance. I quickly got tired of trying to answer the constant question of "what's your deadline?" so now it happens when it happens. At this point I'd be happy to have a weathered in structure that I can pick at throughout the winter. Anyhow, I'll admit that I've been a bit distant around here lately. Honestly I haven't had all that much to report. Been a while since I've had a big build thread! Welcome to it... follow along if you like... I'm sure it'll be a bit before it's fully function. Stay tuned.
  5. #truck That’s 16’ material sticking out from every direction! Needed to make a run for material today so what else would I do? Got a few looks on the way home. Kinda reminds me of those pictures you see of construction site accidents that you think “Did that guy live?!”.
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