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  1. Sold. Wasn’t really trying all that hard but someone came along with a big enough bag of money. Cash went straight into my shop budget.
  2. Tons of great information here! I remember WAY back finding an ancient thread with most of this and then putting together a laundry list for salvage yards. PSA: Don’t use F150 coils in your XJs/MJs, kids. They ride and flex like garbage.
  3. I think back to several movies I watched growing up that I was definitely too young to be watching. Movies that I’d be watching tv with my dad and there it would be: that little smirk while flipping through channels. “I get a kick out of this movie... your mom probably wouldn’t agree, but it’s pretty funny.” Blazing Saddles... Airplane!... Young Frankenstein... Some of my best memories are with my dad and these little moments. Now there are so many stupid humor movies out there that I know word for word! Thanks, Dad.
  4. I had really good luck with my 10 hole rims using stripper as well. Let the chemicals do their thing, neutralize them, then a quick polish, and finish up with s good clear coat.
  5. Not your exact application, but I’ve had excellent results with welding a nut to any stuck plug or broken bolt in the past. I’ve got zero time for easy-outs.
  6. What say the internet? KCs or no? Truth be told the lights are some some good but cheaper housings I had in my stash that match the Jeep’s patina. Friend of mine a while back gave me these covers and they just happened to click on perfectly. Thoughts?
  7. neohic

    Need help on bed damage 1988

    I’m with Pete on this one. I’d get in there with a slide hammer and pit pit what be pulled out and then finish up with a hammer/dolly. Skim coat of bondo to finish. I think the problem you run into with cutting/welding donor sheet metal is going to be trying not to affect the surrounding area with additional warpage from heat. The damage is done, eh? I’d keep the fix as localized as possible.
  8. neohic

    tech thread....you want TECH? Look here

    I... have... no... words...
  9. neohic

    Comanche Motorhome

    How about some updated pictures of this beast?
  10. neohic

    One of our own is down

    Mr. Donald "Don" Edwin Hornbrook Aug 19, 1943 - Jan 21, 2019 Mr. Donald “Don” Edwin Hornbrook, age 75, of Arab, passed away on Monday, January 21, 2019 at North Alabama Specialty Hospital in Athens, Al. Mr. Hornbrook was born on August 19, 1943 to Francis Hornbrook and Ruth Ericsen Hornbrook in Massachusetts. He was a U.S. Navy Veteran and served in the Vietnam War. Mr. Hornbrook moderated an online car forum, the Comanche Club. He enjoyed fishing, working on cars, watching boxing, Red Sox baseball and Alabama football. Mr. Hornbrook loved his two dogs Gus & Donnie. Mr. Hornbrook is survived by his wife of 33 years, Alma Hornbrook; daughters & son-in-law, Kelly Hornbrook, Abby Culora & Nate; son & daughter-in-law, Chris Hornbrook & Trina; granddaughter, Allie Forrester; sister, Sue Bruno. Funeral service will be 4:00 p.m. Saturday, January 26, 2019 at Arab Heritage Memorial Chapel with Pastor Keith Hodges, officiating. Visitation will be 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Saturday, January 26, 2019 at Arab Heritage Memorial Chapel. https://www.arabheritagememorialchapel.com/m/obituaries/Donald-Don-Hornbrook/Memories
  11. neohic

    One of our own is down

    I’ve been trying to find a reason to find my way to Alabama to meet Don and now I feel like there’s no point. It is with an immensely heavy heart that it’s time to say goodbye. Thanks for keeping us updated, Abby. While I’m in the same boat that never crossed paths with your dad, I know that he was a good man. Don will be missed.