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  1. Nope. All natural! My long term plans are to turn my 6x12 storage shed into a greenhouse close to the house. Then my shop down the hill and another smaller shed for just storage. Getting this shed to where it needs to be will be a real trick.
  2. Ol’ Pinkster helped out with pulling some trees today. Prepping a spot to move my shed to.
  3. neohic

    Let’s Get Hypothetical!!!... CJ5 Engine Swaps

    I'd like to keep all the charm! In its current state, it's definitely modern enough to be a comfortable (enough) daily driver if it had an engine I didn't stress over. Not sure I can completely answer your question though, Pete. I'd like a mostly stock Jeep in terms of simplicity... not necessarily that it needs to be correct for 1975. Can I have a mostly stock looking old Jeep to be comfortable driving across the country?
  4. neohic

    Let’s Get Hypothetical!!!... CJ5 Engine Swaps

    I'm leaning towards this boring non-hypothetical solution as well. With keeping the T14 three speed, my main gripe is the huge gap between gears and the lack of an overdrive. Granted, 3rd gear is a 1/1 ratio and with the 4.27 gears and 33" tire (measuring to 32") puts me just shy of 2700 RPMs at 60 MPH... which isn't terrible. Sometimes just driving around town feels like it just doesn't have the right gearing though. At 30 MPH, 3rd gear feels too low while 2nd feels too high. Around town driving sure felt better with the old 32" tires (measuring just over 30") but it always sounded like the engine was ready to set up an impromptu yard sale of ejected parts. Perhaps without completely hitting the reset button that hard and leaving the majority of the hard parts as and where they are might be well enough. Let's swing the conversation over to a non conventional 4.0 swap. Having a quick look around in the internet land, there are a ton of forums that start with the guy saying "my fuel injection isn't working right, can I put a carb on my 4.0?" that is quickly followed up with a pile of ridicule. I know a 4.0 will run on a carburetor and therefore will run off of my current Howell based throttle body fuel injection/DUI ignition. I also understand that the 4.0s rely on spark control and knock sensors (Renix, anyhow) to make the best of the higher compression than the 4.2s. The 4.0s are a higher reving engine than the 4.2s making me want to believe that it would live a happier life in front of a three speed transmission... but is probably a moot point. Say I do a 4.0 swap and run it off of the throttle body injection. Would it matter is I were to use a Renix or HO as a base? What about ruling out a 4.0 from a WJ?... I know... I know... the motor mounts are different. Pretty sure the '81+ carb intake manifold I have will work on either head with a little port matching and with the correct bridging washer will work with either of the exhaust manifolds. What about alternators/accessories? Would it make sense to just leave my V belts being everything works as it should?... they should directly bolt on depending on the intake manifold I'd use?... right? Or am I just over thinking everything?
  5. neohic

    Let’s Get Hypothetical!!!... CJ5 Engine Swaps

    Do you recall what model it was under? I thought the 231s only made it into the S-10s and Blazers with IFS. We did a 5.3 swap in s YJ a while back and we used bits from a 232c and the stock 231j to make it all work. Both were driver side.
  6. neohic

    Let’s Get Hypothetical!!!... CJ5 Engine Swaps

    Or a 241? They are both passenger drop? The Chevy 231 is a driver side drop yet. 241s are passenger drop, but they also hang down pretty far, and they’re also getting harder to find because that’s what everyone likes to use for LS swaps on the cheap. Pretty sure a 241 would physically bolt up, but the spline count would be different. Only reason I suggested the 2.5/AX5 combo was because I have that setup somewhat available. Not to have everyone feel like I’m just knocking down their suggestions, but I really am enjoying this! Everyone’s suggestions have gotten me thinking but I keep circling back to three options: 1. Replace the 258 with a 258 when the time comes. Live with the higher RPMs at cruising speed. Enjoy the simplicity. 2. Replace the 258 with a 4.0 when the time comes. Keep the T14. Keep the throttle body injection because it’s still practically brand new. Enjoy the simplicity but always know that I left a ton of potential on the table by not swapping in the multi port injection. Live with higher RPMs at cruising speed. Enjoy the simplicity. 3. Replace the 258 with a 4.0 when the time comes. Keep the T14. Add 300% more wiring to the Jeep than it already has and keep whatever fuel delivery the 4.0 donor has. Live with higher RPMs at cruising speed. Loose the simplicity. 4. Replace the 258 with a 2.5 when the time comes. Swap in a AX5... or 15. Figure out a transfer case. Add 300% more wiring to the Jeep than it already has and keep the multi port injection from the donor. Enjoy lower RPMs and keep up with tragic. Loose the simplicity. So, again... thoughts?
  7. neohic

    Let’s Get Hypothetical!!!... CJ5 Engine Swaps

    Trying to think of options while retaining the passenger side drop front axle. Advance Adapters says an AX15 will never fit.
  8. neohic

    Let’s Get Hypothetical!!!... CJ5 Engine Swaps

    I think so. Definitely need to stick with a manual trans as well. Simplicity is a plus too! Keep in mind that my little CJ has a 83.5” wheelbase. Even if it’ll fit, how much room does it leave for tube in a driveshaft?
  9. For reference, let’s consider a starting point of a ‘75 CJ5 with a current drivetrain of a 258/T14 with 4.27 Dana 30/44s and 33” tall tires. So... I’m not convinced that my 258 has lost that long term reliability that they’re known for. I was having some issues earlier this year with a clack and low oil pressure. This was “fixed” with rolling in a set of bearings. I’d call my oil pressure adequit but I catch myself watching the gauge more than I should. This gets me thinking about other options. Sure there’s the near bolt in option of a 4.0, but I’m stuck with zero overdrive transmission options. What about a shorter engine to compensate? Why not a 2.5/AX5 combo? I know... I know... its got to be some kind of sacrilege to replace a six cylinder with a four. But why? The early ‘90s Jeeps with the 2.5 made more horsepower than the 258s, but obviously less torque. The AX5 could prove to be difficult paring with a passenger side drop Dana 30... I guess a Dana 300 could be put behind it, but who does that? By moving the drivetrain forward I could still have a nice driver with adequate power and overdrive to make it a real road tripper. If you google “Project Ground Up” from Four Wheeler from a while back, they used a ‘98 2.5 XJ as a donor to power a ‘56 CJ5. They ended up stretching the wheelbase a little but I think starting with a long hood (‘72-‘75 for those not in the early/intermediate CJ realm) might have some benefit. Open floor here! I’m looking for some hypothetical “what if’s?” and “why not?” type of thoughts here.
  10. neohic

    Fab skills?

    I love it. Just another form of art as far as I’m concerned. What is art than anything that can be shared and interpreted by others? I could totally get down with this.
  11. neohic

    ZJ trail rig.........

    I guess it’s more so that I was aware of it via the internet. It has to be the same one I saw it a couple years ago in Moab in a parking lot also. Never talked with the owner but I looked it up and down pretty good.
  12. I’m loving the tires! Very quiet for what they are. Fuel injection is still awesome. Fuel pump is loud though. An in-tank unit would be nice. Long term I’d like to build my own tank. Stock is just 15 gallons and most aftermarket (from what I’ve found) are either the same 15 gallons or a giant 30 that hangs way down. 20 sounds like a nice number! I’ve got plans for this little CJ. Everything comes down to time and a place to do it.
  13. neohic

    ZJ trail rig.........

    I’m somewhat familiar with this rig. Good buy! Any future plans?
  14. Has anyone else noticed that the weather is changing? Its been a breezy and chilly weekend at the house and it really got me thinking about what to do with the ol’ Pinkster. Sadly, he’s been neglected over the past month or so. I was trying to think of the last time I drove it and I really had to think. Had a few errands to run today so I used it as an excuse to turn the key. Pretty good lifter clack! Reminds me that I need to change the oil as its been about 800 miles since I rolled in the new bearings. As for today, a cold breeze and the all too familiar clunks and rattles from every direction needed to stop. Went to the hardware store and grabbed some weather stripping along with scouring the junk drawer for the only roll of tape in the house. Before: After: Before: After: Slightly hoakey?... you bet! I’m not going to put any addition effort into this tub until I have a plan and a shop of my own to take care of things properly. On that note, I crammed the bikini top into the gap between the tailgate and the hatch. To finish up the winter prep, I made sure to have my “defrost rag” waiting on standby... ... and I crawled under it to check on my fuel filter status. See, I started running two filters after I had some issues with it stalling while driving. Over the past few months after the fuel injection swap it would occasionally die, I’d throw in a new filter, and it’d be fine for a while. Unfortunately, Pinky sat for about five years before even the previous owner let him sit. I added the super cheap plastic filter so I could keep a better eye on things. Call it a pre filter? Anyhow, it looks like I’m due for another soon. I really need to just drop the tank and clean it out. As for the engine itself, I’m still not 100% confident with it. Oil pressure has slightly dropped since the bearings. Maybe the cooler weather will help with keeping better oil pressure?... a guy can dream, right?
  15. neohic

    Still love this truck

    I hear ya... Been two and a half years since I’ve driven my Eliminator. So nice to see the vehicles we haven’t in s while. Turning that key is like shaking hands with an old friend.