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  1. Time to start thinking about the condition of things before winter. I need to get my doors finished on the outside to satisfy my permit. Before that can happen I needed to finish the interior of the doors as I had more screws to put through from the outside. They’ll get jazzed up later on. I’ve been talking with a friend of mine who’s dad is an electrician. My house is running on 100 amp service and I need more to be able to put a sub panel in my shop. His dad needs some metal work done on his camper so we’re working on trading labor. Glacially slo
  2. More truck stuff. As much as I’m on the fence about having a hard top it sure is handy.
  3. Agreed. Not seeing anything related to profile or messages anywhere.
  4. Thanks for checking in, Jeremy. Good to hear you’re on the up and up even if it’s slow going.
  5. Rain comes in from the west. I was watching the rain drops yesterday afternoon and the direction of the carport is perfect.
  6. My brother and I got the carport roof on. I’ll need to figure some trim for filling space between the carport and the shed. Otherwise I suppose it’s doing its job. He also surprised me with a long running joke between us. I’ve got a thing for “garage eagles” and he recently bought a house that was beautifully adorned with this creature but didn’t care for it. Perfect!
  7. Thanks guys! I’ll be insulating and finishing the same as I’ve done with the past two shops. I really like white pole barn tin on my walls because it’s super bright and easy to hose off. Might break this one up with some wainscoting.
  8. My brother is coming out this week for a visit and he needed a place to stay. The house can get a bit cozy with its massive 478 sq ft stance so today I prepped the “guest quarters” It really needed it anyhow. The exterior construction is coming to an end. Makes me start thinking about bringing home my Eliminator.
  9. I doubt it. The air is really just hazy with smoke. Haven’t noticed even so much as any soot or dust. Months ago he started putting up the railing extensions on the deck. I got word from the city that they weren’t happy about anything I was doing with my property. Apparently my shed is “blocking their view”... of my house?
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