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  1. neohic


    Beer is in the fridge.
  2. Wow. I’m very impressed with this build! So much of it is so close to what I had in mind with one of my past projects that I sold off. VERY NICE!!
  3. Did you sell the 3800?
  4. neohic

    rustiest MJ

    The body line didn’t look near as bad as that, but I recall my old ‘88 I got years ago in a mad scramble to figure out a cheap winter beater. There was TONS of rust all covered up with bondo! I had it and then I sold it to Austin (xjrev10). He was filling it with gas, the tank got filled enough that the weight ripped the straps out of the frame, so it got a ratchet strap all the way around the bed! I think he then drove it home to empty the tank followed by driving it across the scales. I’m sure it’s pots and pans by now.
  5. Oh, hi! I miss this build. I also enjoy the cat part of the Internet. Much approval to see both.
  6. Been in San Francisco for the past week. Happy to be home.
  7. ... and then?! How did you get here from where it was and what drove the build in this direction? Mechanical upgrades?... wiring?... dash?... what do all the switches do?... THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW!!
  8. Really sorry to hear, Tim. Good luck with everything.
  9. Pretty sure the proper term is “porno red”.
  10. neohic

    how low is too low?

    The wheels are dumb and I question his battery hold down.
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