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  1. neohic

    wake up call

    Thanks for hangin in there, cruiser. Keep your stick on the ice.
  2. Haven’t totally decided yet. I’d like to have a small wood stove once everything finds its place. For a constant heat, I’m leaning towards a small electric heater with a thermostat. That way I can keep a consistent 40-45* and then kick it up when I’m out there.
  3. Finally got the roof sheeting and ridge cap on today. Next on the list are the barn doors, soffits, and fascia trim.
  4. A long while back I recall someone moving their fuse box over to the passenger side footwell much like in the ‘97+ XJs. The member used a block from an ‘80s (I think) Cadillac but it’s just another GM box just like ours. I don’t see any issue with moving the box but I’m not sure if I’d put it under the hood unless it went into a sealed container. Here’s a quick how to on taking apart the fuse block chassis instead of cutting/splicing every wire: https://comancheclub.com/topic/45231-fuse-block-dissection/
  5. Haven’t looked here in a while. Glad I did! Great build so far.
  6. I’m going with more vertical pole barn tin for siding. Tan on top over a 42” lighter green wainscot.
  7. No. Got a few other things slowing me down lately too.
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