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  1. neohic

    I'm back!

    Good to get back on the wagon.
  2. Blast from the past. Good to see an update.
  3. It’s terrible. As stated above, I’ve only had a no whistle situation with stock air boxes. Moving the air cleaner into the cowl puts it through a megaphone as you’re always hearing it through the dash vents. What’s the use anyhow?... is it worth the effort to move the air inlet that move higher?
  4. You don’t like the whistling and plan to move it into the cowl? I’m going to put the intake I made for my old wheeling rig in this category. These things whistle through the dash vents being they share the same intake space as the blower box. They’re terrible! Granted they look great and keep a ton of clutter out of the engine bay. Otherwise these are super annoying. Second on my my list are ugly taillight mods that have zero flow with the rest of the MJ’s body lines.
  5. ... tan and some kind of green to follow.
  6. How do you aim your headlights correctly though?
  7. neohic

    Ford 360 Backfiring

    I’m going to start with calling Kevin at Performance Injection being I already had issues with another throttle body he sent me.
  8. neohic

    Ford 360 Backfiring

    So I finally got back to this today. Firing order is good. All sensors check out. No vacuum leaks. What I found late this afternoon was a funny looking spray pattern through the right injector. I unplug it and the backfire instantly goes away. I plug it in and it comes back. It idles just fine on one injector but if you rev it then it’ll give a code 44... oxygen sensor senses lean condition. What it won’t do it run on just the right injector. I think the left is good... the right has issues. Pictures to keep people interested.
  9. Progress is slow going but things are still happening. Kind of frustrating only having the gumption to work on it on the weekends only to have something else going on just about every weekend lately. Sheeting the building is done and I started the framing of the car port today. Everything involved with that is heavy.
  10. I briefly talked with Rob yesterday. Regular bunch of CC old-timers from the sound of it! Hope you guys had a great time!
  11. You should be okay WAY down there in Wisconsin, Brent. Those dangerous Canadians have a lot of ground to cover before they’re knocking on your door.
  12. I’d wait until you get out here. I brought a whole fleet of vehicles out here when I moved to CO three years ago. Two of which are still sitting in storage, one got stripped and scrapped, another got sold. There’s plenty of great Jeeps out here! I’d wait for a nice XJ if you’ve got family to tote around.
  13. Finally found just the right balance of vintage and scrappy looking for a tach. Made a nice little mount to finish it off. We’ll see how long it takes me to wire it.
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