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  1. ^Started the CC cookbook thread which I thoroughly enjoy.
  2. Not quite as sweet as I was hoping, but also not all to surprising with how the drive home went.
  3. I used aircraft stripper years ago and it worked out great! The old clear lifted right off, I then gave them a good rinse with water, and they were finished up with fresh clear.
  4. Found some remnants today while I was moving my truck home. Rest in peace, Ape.
  5. Today started out with a continuation of house sitting for my relatives. Typically when we watch the ranch I’ll go out and start the Eliminator. I did this… and then I moved it out… … got fresh gas… rinsed off some dust… … and then I didn’t have a good enough reason to put it back. IMG_2002.MOV My wife was out there with me and she popped the question, “Why can’t we bring it home?” I had no response. Things went great!… for the most part. The drive into town felt like sitting down with an old friend. No excessive heat. No weird smells. Just a nice drive. Then there’s the last bit of the drive up to my place from the Springs that the transmission started shifting in and out of overdrive. No big deal there… it’s a winding pass uphill. Towards the top I noticed a puff of white so I pulled over. Transmission fluid everywhere. I can’t say I’m surprised though. “WHAT?! That mystery used trans I threw in it in 2006 finally blew the front seal?!” Right?… there shouldn’t be any news there especially after sitting for five years. My exhaust agrees with that diagnosis. Something else that my past self should’ve reminded me about was that pesky rear axle seal that was seeping back in 2016. “I’ll fix it when I get out to Colorado” I no doubt thought. Well… … it still leaks! A LOT!!! So, unfortunately, I’ve got some work to do before I can really start to enjoy driving it again, but at least it’s nowhere near as out of sight and out of mind. I’m now forced to move it each time I go out to the shop to work. Welcome home, buddy.
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