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  1. 4.0 has the 42re. Sometimes the dipstick list what to use but yes it is the ATF+4. As a side note. I would do a service and replace the filter on it if you haven't. Those aren't the greatest trannies and life expectancy is really hit and miss. My dad's WJ crapped out at 150k, my wifes KJ has 180 and is still going but the tranny is really sluggish. Around 130k we serviced it because it had the shudder problem (felt like you where driving over cattle guards) but the shift points drive me insane. Another thought is putting one of these in. They help with a lot of the shift issues. http://www.electricaladvantage.net/42re44reshiftcorrectionkit99up.aspx
  2. You should be able to put a reman head on without touching to bottom end. I wouldn't quote me on that one though. In the end it's all personal preference really. I would just look at it as you are already going through the work, time and money to do it and if it's a difference of a few hundred bucks to be done and done right. I hate doing double work. So if I'm already going through the trouble of doing something most times I just opt to do it once and right, but I get sometimes it's not in the cards.
  3. At a minimum you should get the heads and block machined. I wouldn't try and DIY that part. Especially if you don't have any of the proper tools. Not worth the chance of messing it up. For the heads I would just let the shop do it all and give you a "drop in ready" unit. Whether that's a core exchange or rebuilding your current one.
  4. Good to know. I really want to get out to Moab here soon. Been far to long and since it's only 3 hours for me now excuses are running thin.
  5. Just a suggestion if you haven't, check out NAXJA and the Colorado chapter. They do a lot of trail runs. Good dudes too. I'd love to get my MJ back out. It's been in Denver since I've moved up the hill. Hoping here in the next few weeks I'll get it up here. Need to sell the wife's KJ though to make room.
  6. Man can't say I have just one but I could name my top ten. These probably spend the most time on my turntable. Most are punk albums, because well I love punk. No particular order Dag nasty- Circles Screeching Weasel- Wiggle Lillingtons- $h^t out of luck Teenage bottle rocket -Total Sludgeworth- Losers of the year Queers- Love songs for the retarded Ramones- Self titled Vindictives- May moods of the Vindictives Youth Brigade- sound & fury Zero Boys-Viscous Circle
  7. Been rocking some ska.... Mustard plug, skankin pickle, operation ivy, mad caddies, to name a few.
  8. Yep a BA is 21 as well. I guess short answer is it will be easiest to get a tranny and tcase together or at least form the same years.
  9. True and depending on which tranny will dictate the rest. AX15 and aw4 90+ 23 spline. AX5 and pre 90 aw4 21 spline.
  10. You could also source a AX-15 for a YJ or TJ IIRC. Might be a little easier to find those. You can do a AW4 swap. It's the auto from the XJ's awesome all round tranny. Tranny you need pre 95 IIRC. You can also do a NV3500 but it's not cheap. T case won't matter on years really.
  11. On one of my K5's I was working on a few years ago someone did that.....What a mess. Never saw something so poorly done. Seriously would have just been better leaving it rusted out. I ended up abandoning it from a restoration stand point because I found a super clean 74 cheap. I was going to make it a truggy but couldn't justify 2 K5's and my other car.
  12. Howdy, if you only want to make it 4wd and don't care about swapping in OBDII get axles form a 97-99 XJ. Auto will have 3.55's, manual will have 3.07's and if you can find a 2.5l it should have 4.10's You'll get a non CAD HP dana 30 and chrysler 8.25 with 29 spline; both are great axles. Tcase will be personal preference if you want to search for a 242 with PT 4wd or just a 231. A 242 is nice for winter driving but not needed. Tranny will be based on what you have either auto or manny. if you have a manny might be worth it to search for a AX15 if it's a auto aw4 up to 95 should be fairly straight forward IIRC.
  13. A 96 swap is going to be tough. It was a crossover year so everything is going to be a mess. What might be a 96 for one thing is a 97 for another maybe 95 another time.
  14. Smokeyyank


    Yep, love me some flat, black discs! I started collecting vinyl about 15 years ago. I'm huge into punk (not Blink 182, offspring, Greenday BS) and most of the albums where only published on vinyl and super limited numbers, I have a few that are 1 of 100 pressings. I'm kind of pissed vinyl made a come back because it's a fortune now. I never bought it as an investment, just simply wanted to have the REAL recording of music other than rely on youtube. Now I've started to buy classic rock albums, really don't care if they are original pressing just want to listen to them. I enjoy the ritual of laying down vinyl and listening to a full album. Been totally diggin on Cosmos factory from CCR lately. I got one of these https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/665940-REG/Audio_Technica_AT_LP60_AT_LP60_Fully_Automatic_Belt_Drive.html?ap=y&smp=y&lsft=BI%3A514&gclid=CjwKCAjw67XpBRBqEiwA5RCocUirr20ATA8trudx14z459z-CzkKa6C5fP66aESwH4ssilQ5tARaHBoCYWQQAvD_BwE Hook it up to my little computer speakers and it's perfect.
  15. Son of a bit......well that sucks.
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