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  1. Keep the stock setup and upgrade to a solid tierod. Unless you're going 35's really no need to mess with what's there and flip the tie rod.
  2. Smokeyyank


    Happy Friday! On my pils kick grabbed a STS from Russian river. Pretty tasty but that Woods Boss has been on my mind.
  3. Well after 24 hours I feel fine. The wife though........completely debilitated in bed, low grade fever and body aches.
  4. I got the J&J yesterday and Wife got her second pfizer.
  5. Smokeyyank


    Happy Colorado pint day! While having a kegorator has been awesome, I do miss the occasional strolling through the beer section. And lieu of having a keg currently occupying the kegerator (because I just blew through it in no time) I took a stroll down to the local store to see what selection they had. Lately been sipping on more pilsners, specifically czech or German style pils. When my wife and I went to Europe a few years ago we were in Prague and some of the best beers I've ever had were there, and they were all pretty much pillsners. WhilebI know I can get some of the bigger European beer
  6. Body guy I used to know feel off the face of the earth. I'm in the process of fixing my daily after getting swiped by a semi but I'm having to do it all myself. Could look into these guys. https://www.carsrememberwhen.com/ They offer full on restos and only work on classics. Imagine they aren't cheap though. Lot's of other shops for paint and body tend to hang out in Englewood.
  7. They say you can't because of the rzeppa drive shaft on older models, but you should be fine on a 03. I have a 04 with no issues.
  8. Gotcha, was going to say a lot more of hype for nothing.
  9. Only party Ford is crashing is the tow truck drivers easter plans...... Saw a new Bronco the other day like fiat said tiny and honestly just meh. Had to do a double take.
  10. 100% this. Getting it running good before trying to mess with it.
  11. If you're gonna bag something find a frame. Way too much work trying bag a unibody and a lowered Jeep looks like s h I t IMHO.
  12. Possibly in the front but the rear will still ratchet and bang.
  13. I run a lunchbox in the rear of my WJ. It's ok, noisy af on the street and can get annoying for DD. I don't daily the WJ so it's not a deal breaker but if I did I'd probably save a little more and get a LSD type diff. On my XJ I had a lunchbox in the front and it was noticeable in turns. The clicking isn't bad it the unloading and banging that occasionally happens that gets old. A Lunchbox does offer cheap traction and they work. Are you planning to run front and rear or just one?
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