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  1. Smokeyyank

    Rear window replacement

    Yeah mine it has to go around. That channel in the seal is about 1/2" of window going in it. I get what you're saying about not having to but there just is no way I can unless I cut the seal to allow it to "slide" in vs wrapping around. Since it will be needing a new windshield I'll probably just see if I can get the glass guy to hammer it out. Thanks for the info though.
  2. Smokeyyank

    Rear window replacement

    Also not sure if it matters. But the seal I'm using was from the slider window. Not sure if it would be a different size than the regular window.
  3. Smokeyyank

    Rear window replacement

    Alright, so here is what I'm working with. The seal has to go around the window. I even tried putting the window in and getting the seal in. I trully have no idea how it would work. I can't get enough leverage between the window and the seal to set it correctly.
  4. Smokeyyank

    Rear window replacement

    I see it as the trim goes around the window. The window actually sits inside of it. So I don't know how I would get a good seal between the 2 when there just isn't a lot of room to work with. I can take a pic tomorrow. Guessing it is more than likely user error....
  5. Smokeyyank

    Rear window replacement

    Soooo, no dice on this working. Pretty sure I'm missing something. First go around I put the ribbon on the channel and pressed the glass on WITH the gasket as I have no idea how it would work otherwise. Since the glass sits inside the gasket I just don't see how you could put it on after. It held for a while but I guess it did not seat correctly as the gasket is what the ribbon stuck to and not the window. So then I removed everything cleaned it up and this time put the ribbon on the window still WITH gasket attached. I sealed on one side but not the other and came off. Now i'm cruising around without the back and honestly I like it with the exception of rain in the future. So what am I missing? Do I need thicker ribbon? I think I used 1/4. I'm worried about getting a tube of adhesive and making a mess and causing more headache.
  6. Smokeyyank

    Wood sign preservation question..........

    I'd use a polyurethane spray in a flat /satin finish. Couple of light coats and it should "seal" it up a bit without taking away from the patina look.
  7. Smokeyyank

    MJ Turbo 4.0

    I'd forgo any tubing through the cab. It will get way too hot. You should have enough room to run the IC piping back through the other side. I'd mount the IC in the front under the rad. You could also use a water cooled IC to save space but will need to beef up the cooling system. A plus with the remote mount turbos is since there is more tubing it will help cool the charged air limiting the need for a big ol honking IC.
  8. Smokeyyank

    MJ Turbo 4.0

    Honestly, at $2,500 you could get a turbo on there. It's been done. I've looked into getting a turbo in the 4.0 simply because FI at elevation is a thing of beauty. Yes, no replacement for displacement unless you're at 10k feet, FI kicks its @$$ especially a turbo. Superchargers are meh IMHO. One thing I have not saw mentioned was doing a remote mount turbo. Definitely an option if you're not banging around on rocks. Downside is losing some umph on the exhaust side, but trade off is being able to free up engine space, reduce under hood temps and getting away with a smaller intercooler. Turbo wise 16G or 20G turbo can do a lot, they are cheap and easy to modify. Megasquirt to piggy back for the EFI. You'll need to fab a manifold. Boom done.
  9. Smokeyyank

    Higher crawl ratio? 150:1?

    Gotcha, thanks for the info.
  10. Smokeyyank

    Higher crawl ratio? 150:1?

    Out of curiosity does it affect your driveline angles a lot? I was thinking about one throwing one in the xj but worried that it would jack up the angles and cause me to stretch the wheel base to compensate. Not to having a longer wb would be bad just more work down the road.
  11. Smokeyyank

    CC PowWow friday June 15th in Castle Rock, CO

    Don't think I'm going to be able to make it tonight feelas.
  12. Smokeyyank

    Rookie to rust

    After working on my old K5 that someone glassed instead of using sheetmetal I'd go metal. What a frickin mess. Glass might be easier but IMHO it's a shortcut that doesn't do it right. Cut out the bad stuff. Use cardboard to make a mock up panel. Make a patch panel out of 16-20 gauge. Spot weld it in. Put seam filler. POR15/primer to seal everything up.
  13. Smokeyyank

    CC PowWow friday June 15th in Castle Rock, CO

    It was always fun having friends from out of town get them not fully knowing what they where and seeing the shock or nonchalant shrug after eating them.
  14. Smokeyyank

    CC PowWow friday June 15th in Castle Rock, CO

    Some rocky mountain oysters?! I'll look on the FB page and see what could use some help. Need to see if the wife will give me a pass first. Most of this week I'm tied up with football stuff and sometimes she likes me to come home.