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  1. So to answer a few things. - I have bench seats so no car seat in the middle. Plus the wife isn't fond of me having her in the car since no airbags. - Can't sell the WJ, I just spent a good chunk of change to build it. Has a brand new motor, lift, suspension, etc. Hindsight should have passed on the WJ, but I still love it. - I can only effectively store 2 cars right now. I have a spare spot on the side of my house I can eventually park, but need to remove a tree there. That can't happen until spring. - I know how to wrench on stuff bit it would be nice not to all the time. Was part of the reason we ditched my wife's KJ and got her a GX460. Yes it's more but no way was going to pick up a newer jeep and deal with the fiat junk. -Id rather not have another "beater". I do have a clean 99 XJ that I was planning to flip but may just swap the MJ and the XJ for a bit till I can get the WJ squared away. Damn cars are a labor of love and a fn money pit.
  2. Talk me off the cliff..... So thinking about letting the comanche go and picking up something more family friendly as my second car. I LOVE the MJ but in this past year it really hasn't gotten to be driven and isn't really effective as a second car. Issue is being only able to carry two asses and we got three. My daughter isn't old enough the really ride in it shes 3. She loves to sit in it and say shes driving but most times thats about the most action the MJ gets. The MJ isn't my daily anymore as the WJ has picked up that. I'd rather drive the MJ sometimes but can't because I need to drop the kid off at daycare. Reason this all came up is the WJ got a really bad misfire and I had to limp it home after dropping off my daughter and now it's out of commission until I can get some time. Now rationally having a second car I would have just taken that but.......MJ doesnt work. The plans I had for the MJ where to do a restomod one day but I just don't see that day happening soon. I'd hate to let it go a regret it but also don't want to just have it around because. Only vehicle I ever regretted selling was my old k5. It was fully restored and just awesome. The vehicle I'd like to get is my old benz back it was a 09 c350. Figure if I'm going to have a garage queen might as well be nice. So thoughts?
  3. Smokeyyank

    Amazing Build

    Thing is pretty awesome, but the rear end has a terrible departure angle. Should have stretched that WB but in any case would be awesome to roam around in.
  4. Never heard of Azzys before today. know about boostwerks and people like it. Look about the same other than the azzy's look prettier but also cost more.
  5. I mean if the XJ wasn't already a chick magnet.....this just bumps you up to a new level.
  6. I would just swap one in and keep on going. Most people have issues with the rebuilds on them versus swapping them out. Fluid and filter is a good start. You can also check the relays to make sure it's not one of those.
  7. I can appreciate that. Was just throwing it out for those looking at something not "factory".
  8. No need to reinvent the wheel....... http://www.boostwerksengineering.com/BWE-Comp-Mount_p_14.html
  9. Rear window are non existent. No one makes the sliders any more and you're at the mercy of JY or second hand.
  10. It's going to be impossible to fix right......you're better just selling it for cheap and moving on.... All joking aside killer find. I know the Dakota swap is an option but I honestly don't know enough about it to give you a great answer.
  11. It would t be the worst idea to put front stiffeners all the way around to plating more of the unibody. Obviously will have to work around the crok kit but will be the best route.
  12. Probably because music these days sucks @$$.......They've changed their sound but I love the self titled album. Gotta love those old crusty bastards still jamming anot not charging a fortune to see them or by a crappy shirt for $50 bucks.
  13. Dig the ST I'm not crazy, institutionYou're the one who's crazy, institutionYou're driving me crazy, institution
  14. That is what ended up killing my XJ..... You can put this on https://www.c-rok4x4.com/c-rok-online-store/C-ROK-Cherokee-XJ-Front-Frame-Stiffiners-p38115469
  15. I'll share my insight on becoming a paper jockey. I started as a delivery driver in healthcare back in my early 20's. I can say when I was younger I liked being able to get out in the truck but more likely to get injured and dealing with weather and traffic sucks. I had to transition to a desk job mid way through college because of my school schedule. Truthfully wasn't that bad. I was able to take my breaks and lunches and always used them to just go walk; even in bad weather. Now I've been in a desk job for 14 years. Depending on where you are at within your career path will dictate how much "free time" you get to be up and about. Since I'm in upper management now I rarely get to go out from my office but in large part because I enjoy what I do and where I work. I still can do as want with in reason, but most days I'm eating lunch in my office and occasionally I will go take a walk around the parking lot. My advice would be....... 1- Find a company that has a good culture YOU enjoy. Took me years to figure this out and is a MAJOR factor for enjoying being at your desk. Not saying you need to have ping pong in the break room and catered lunch daily, but since you're spending most of your day plugging away on a computer sitting on your @$$ make it enjoyable as much as you can. Seriously search for a company not a job. Glassdoor is a great resource. 2- Music is a saving grace. First thing I do when I get in is open Pandora. It keeps me sane and helps the day go by. 3- Not all manual labor jobs transition to a desk job in the same way so explore your options within what you like. I was a delivery driver to start and went to verify insurance when I transitioned. Same industry but WAY different. At first it really did suck but I found a niche within my company and ended up enjoying it. 4-Depending where you are in life, kids, wife, etc. Benefits are something to consider and small companies most times have crap benefits. I've worked for a ton of different places and people by far one of the worst was small company and for nothing else than I didn't have benefits (plus the owner ended up being one of the biggest dbags ever). Yes they where flexible, great place to work and I could work from home and have beer at lunch. I made more than the big corporate job I left, but once I factored in benefits I actually made less. Not knocking small companies by any means but something to consider. When I took that job I didn't have a kid when I did have a kid it was eye opening just how bad our "benefits" were.
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