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  1. Welp....... Sadly it was not half a comanche. Guy fabbed a trailer frame and put the bed on top. But has a really good bed tailgate and tail lights. Toppers okay. I have no use for it though. More than likely end up selling that.
  2. For the most part I was just thinking about parts. If I ever need a trailer I just borrow my dads but in looking at it has some decent parts which I guess is more what I was looking for. May just have to grab it if I can.
  3. Down to a more reasonable price $1k vs $2600. Thoughts? https://denver.craigslist.org/tro/d/denver-comanche-jeep-trailer/7351277049.html
  4. Looks decent. https://fortcollins.craigslist.org/cto/d/fort-collins-1990-jeep-comanche-pickup/7351239342.html
  5. Haha, the scuba one made me giggle.
  6. Smokeyyank


    Had that one not too long ago. Great summer beer!
  7. Picked up four brand new Summit machine joints for links. Things are monsters.
  8. Yeah who knows. The longer I look the more questions I have. Does it have wheelie bars? Things probably got an insane power to weight ratio.
  9. I have soooo many questions..... Like is the PT crusier the engine or storage? Does your butt get hot if you're on the back seat? Which lights work? Do all the wheels turn or just the front?
  10. Been listening to power/fantasy metal lately. My daughter who's 4 has been asking for it especially the fantasy stuff. Can't complain at least it's not Daniel freakin tiger.......
  11. Yeah but current XJ prices suck. Good time to sell, crap time to buy. Used to be able to find decent ones around 2k now it's upwards of 4-5k. Not even going to mention crack heads trying to pull 10-20k on some of their rigs.
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