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  1. Check the floor boards! 2wd 4 banger isn't the "most" desirable but MJ's are just cool. Price with out pics I'd say 3k. Could be more could be less but need to see it to give you an diea.
  2. I know the voltage is good. I have a traildash in there that gives me the digital readout. Alternator was just replaced as well. I don't drive the WJ that much but it at least get driven once every two weeks and sometimes more. If it was sitting for weeks I could understand it dying but it's just been a slow death with them. It has been slowly losing cranking power over time. Last week it was cold here and that killed it. The time before was because it had been sitting for a while getting the engine rebuilt but even disconnected cables and it never being discharged before killed it. Cables obviously could be part of the problem. I already have new 2G ones to put in. Was just wanting to wait for a bit before doing the battery but just fast tracking that a little. After going back and forth I decided to get an Odyssey. When compared to the cost of the other basic AGM, $300 for the odyssey vs $175-220 it offers more for what I need. I'll snag a trickle charger too. Thanks for the info.
  3. And they can, obviously just starts to defeat the purpose of the entry price. Might as well get JJ or similar at the start. Yeah it's definitely more of the mall crawler crowd it's appealing to.
  4. I don't know a lot from the XJ side, but from talking to people in the WJ group that actually wheel. The arms just aren't the beefiest. Few have dented them with little contact on rocks. Cost has to be cut somewhere and it's those two areas they do it in. Yes their flex joints fail early. Just get super sloppy and since they aren't rebuildable you have to buy new ones. Their urethane ones do not last they get chewed up easily. Most get maybe 10k miles before needing to replace them. Some don't even get that. Rather spend the little extra ~$200 and go with IRO and get 3 link vs radius arm.
  5. Is it a AGM battery? I'm done with the lead acid types.
  6. Wasn't sure if this would be pub or here so move if needed, but I need a new battery for my WJ. I had one of the Costco interstate but I've gone through three of them in less than 3 years. While it's easy to replace them I'm getting annoyed pulling the battery to swap them. I'm considering bending over and getting an odyssey but damn they're expensive. I do want to get a AGM battery. I know there are some cheaper options, Costco, Walmart, Sams. But I want something that I don't have to worry about. I will be adding a winch and some lights in the future. So any insight?
  7. XJ's are better from a utility stand point. Really they are the greatest SUVs ever made. Super capable, 4 doors and decent MPG. MJ's are limited being a 2 door and really not a lot of people have any clue about them. I didn't know they existed until I had one. I do think a lot of the XJ values are insane, especially these people with low mileage ones asking $25k+.
  8. Just to follow up on this. I swapped the ECU yesterday and have been poking around in the MJ. Here are my thoughts. -Start up idle is improved. -Overall it has more power through the power band. Just a lot smoother. -Low end torque is improved For the 1ish hour it took me to do it not a bad little upgrade.
  9. Thanks! Not sure what's next. I really want to work on building my WJ, but we'll see. So far my thoughts on this are a repaint, new XJ axles with 3.73's, little lift with bigger rubber and just keep it simple and clean. Found his old build thread. I still don't regret my choice..... although I think it would be cool to have a build like it.
  10. Thank you, but can't take the credit of docs, nurses and everyone else patient facing. I'm removed from the trenches. Just figured I'd share what I deal with daily and not from the news. For the most part correct. The goal is just trying to eliminate the large spread, not the entire spread. Virus can't survive without a host so in narrowing the ability to infect you curtail the ability to mutate.
  11. I work in a hospital and have been on COVID meetings almost daily since this all started. We are a small rural hospital but we have a very high tourist rate because of being in a ski town. Several weeks ago our county was one of the highest incidence % per 100k in the country. What I can say from seeing it on the front line has been this. -Deaths are unvaccinated or due to severe comorbidities that COVID exacerbated. We have a small number of deaths ~500 since 2020 but total population is about <20k. That number is very fluid because of people owning multiple homes. I'd say there is closer to 10k full time in the county. Vaccinated deaths are 0. Yes a low % but honestly no one has been able to put out clean data. -Children are getting hit hard right now. My wife used to work in the PICU at Children's Hospital in Denver and has several friend that still do. They are at capacity in the PICU with pediatric covid cases as of yesterday. Several of those kiddos won't make it, but a few also have other issues. In my hospital they are having to divert every single hospitalized child because the cases are so severe and we do not have the equipment. Since Denver hospitals are at capacity it's not looking good for where they are able to go. We had a 6 month old triaged and airlifted out. -We lost some staff due to a mandatory vaccination requirement it was about 2% mainly support services, not clinical. I lost a few staff, one was going to retire and didn't believe in COVID. Other was either going to be fired because of issues or this. There was a nurse that refused and ended up getting it and passed within a week. She was in her 30s no comorbidities. Other wise no clinical people left. -We had went from not having any hospitalized patients (we had 8 through all of 2021) to being at capacity. Before we would divert majority of the patients we had mainly because of our resources and availability at the larger the hospitals. -Almost 10% of our clinical staff is out due to being sick. For a week our ED was almost non existent until the state provided us some travel nurses. People are being turned away unless it's emergent. -This is no longer a pandemic and needs to be treated as an epidemic. COVID isn't going anywhere. -Long term affects are still being studied but the trend is long term affects are more prevalent in unvaxxed. -Everyone will more than likely get it regardless of vax or not. Symptoms are going to vary and so are outcomes. Personally, I'm done with it and beyond frustrated with people thinking they are medical professionals getting their news from Joe Rogan's dumb @$$. Really I don't care what people want to do, but if you don't want to listen to modern medicine don't ask to use it when the time comes. Go to Joe's house. I also don't think the government need's to meddle with it. I hate politics and really they can all F off. To Pete's point hospitals are limited and it really is sad that it's starting to be a pick and choose scenario but I guess that's cost of freedom?
  12. Since I've had it back I've done a few little things to it. I installed the headlight harness upgrade, swapped in the 89 ECU and put the Azzys design gauge overlays on. I need to reinstall the rear bumper and also put the ACOS back on. But other than that nothing really planned. I am going to part out the other MJ and I have a few parts I'm keeping but still undecided on the rest. For now I just enjoy driving it.
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