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  1. Smokeyyank

    Durango box in my Comanche

    I used a durango box and WJ pump on my XJ. Worked great. It's kind of a bolt in but you need to make sure you reinforce the steering area. It ripped my unibody apart on my XJ. Made turning effort A LOT easier though. I went through Rockauto and picked up mine from Lares. Easy upgrade well worth it IMHO.
  2. Smokeyyank

    Cooling system failing?

    I just ended up getting a new bottle and cap from rockauto it was $30. Next spring I'll probably just convert it and upgrade as much as I can.
  3. Smokeyyank

    Dana 35 replacement options

    I'd go with a 8.25. 8.8 is a great swap (ran it on my XJ) and will get you 31 spline shafts and a factory LSD downside is they are bigger. 8.25 is a great axle. Dana 35 is as useful as a boat anchor. 8.25 can be had for cheap. I picked up my builder 8.25 with a KJ disc swap for $100. Depending where you are will dictate a lot of the cost. In CO everything is gold plated so it pulls a premium unless you are hunting for good deals. I'd probably say about $100-$300 for a used axle and parts to get it under a MJ.
  4. Smokeyyank

    Cooling system failing?

    Cool good to know. Maybe I just start with a bottle and cap for now and hopefully that gets me through till spring and I can do a full swap.
  5. Smokeyyank

    Cooling system failing?

    Well as of this morning the pressure bottle cracked along a seam in front. Spewed fluid all over. So should I just get another pressure bottle or upgrade to a open system? I'd prefer to go open but an easy fix would be a softer hit on the wallet right now.
  6. Smokeyyank

    Cooling system failing?

    My fault not overflow, pressure bottle. Ideally I want to swap to an open system. Pressure bottle is filled less than half currently.
  7. Smokeyyank

    Cooling system failing?

    Thanks for the info. I'll update a sig. My guess has been rad is going. Its a 88. Don't know when the radiator was replaced I can ask YELLAHEEP as he's who I got the MJ from. Not sure if he would know but I'll ask.
  8. So over the past 2 weeks the MJ has been creeping up past 220 and there is rad fluid that is leaking close to the overflow. It does it once and then goes back to normal after I turn on the heat for a bit. I have no idea the last time any of the cooling system was serviced. Is it time to upgrade the cooling system or it it simply a bubble? I know the closed systems are tricky.
  9. Smokeyyank

    Best tires for off and on-road?

    I run Grabber AT's and really like them. Had KO's on my XJ and loved them too. Grabbers I got for less than $350 brand new so the big reason I went with them. Check discounttire's ebay store. Sometimes they run promos for $100 off.
  10. Smokeyyank


    Rockauto for pretty much everything stock wise. Upgrade wise it just depends on what. It's not a JK so can't really just stroll through Quadratrec and get the JK starter package. Anything in specific you're looking for?
  11. WJ swap is going to get you the best overall upgrade up front but it's $$$. It gives you waaayyyy better brakes and steering geometry. If that's not an option I'd just go straight V8 ZJ tie rod and stock parts for the rest. I personally wouldn't drop the coin on a OTK or other "upgrade" steering system. If you want to upgrade the box the durango box and WJ pump are nice. Ran it in my XJ world of difference over stock. For gears I'd go at least 3.55 or 3.73. Honestly your best bet would be finding 95-99 preferably 97-99 XJ axles from an auto, freshen them up and swap those in. Will have the deeper gears, bigger u joints up front, no CAD and a 8.25 for the rear. If you're not running SOA in the rear you will just need to weld perches under.
  12. Smokeyyank

    Full belly skid

    Ironman4x4 makes a fullbelly link setup for XJ they did have a SEMA MJ that used a lot of the same parts. https://www.ironman4x4fab.com/product-page/xj-front-rear-4-link-system Other is stinkyfab http://www.stinkyfab.com/trail-proof-crossmember-t-case-skid-jeep-xj-mj/
  13. Smokeyyank

    Rear window replacement

    Yeah mine it has to go around. That channel in the seal is about 1/2" of window going in it. I get what you're saying about not having to but there just is no way I can unless I cut the seal to allow it to "slide" in vs wrapping around. Since it will be needing a new windshield I'll probably just see if I can get the glass guy to hammer it out. Thanks for the info though.
  14. Smokeyyank

    Rear window replacement

    Also not sure if it matters. But the seal I'm using was from the slider window. Not sure if it would be a different size than the regular window.
  15. Smokeyyank

    Rear window replacement

    Alright, so here is what I'm working with. The seal has to go around the window. I even tried putting the window in and getting the seal in. I trully have no idea how it would work. I can't get enough leverage between the window and the seal to set it correctly.