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  1. I run ACOS on mine. I did it to balance out the rack give you tons of versatility over spacers. Don't know how much I "lifted" it. Probably about 1.5". You can also run upcountry springs for a little boost. I have a little taller shocks but that was because I swapped them over from my XJ that was lifted
  2. Last thing I got done was the new exhaust. Running a Kolak 3" with a flowmaster super 50 and magnaflow resonator. I did get it finished but it was took dark for my craptastic camera to get a good pic. Sounds awesome! Along with the intake work thing just rumbles. Burning in some more welds. Intake is a beast
  3. Here's the wheels and tires I'm running. Wheels are from mammoth. Took some searching to find, but they only market them for JK's. I love them. Think they are a good looking wheels and don't have a huge offset but enough to give it a little more of an agressive stance compared to just JK takeoff's. Tires are the Falken Wildpeaks AT3's I got LT tires all around. Heavy but I like them.
  4. Got the front all put together minus the ruined brakeline
  5. Fixed the coil buckets. Used the IRO kit. Worked well and didn't take to long to weld it all in. Here's cleaning up the old area. had to grind down the old bucket as much as possible Welded the new buckets together. This is the first project I've actually welded on. I've messed a round a little in the past but not actually throwing beads down. Some beads came out really good others looked like, well.... $h!t Still learning but I totally dig welding. Need to figure out why I got some splatter New bucket mounted ready to burn in new bucket with coil and isolators in.
  6. Well got more done on the WJ this weekend. Still can't drive it because of more stupid things happening. My dad wasn't paying attention when were compressing a side to put a spring in and ruined one of the new SS brakelines. Love the man but he has been fning up more things from just not paying attention and it's driving me bat$#!& crazy. Here it is at least sitting at ride height
  7. The first time I saw/heard about "bluewaffles" I about lost my lunch. I can take a lot but good gosh that made me spew a little......fake or real I don't want to know but it's just flat wrong!
  8. I know I can expect some rub. Not too worried about it.
  9. Yeah, I knew they had issues, but didn't know what level until I pulled off the coil and the bucket was just non existent. Nice looking WJ what lift size if he running? I eventually will get a rear tire carrier.
  10. This brings me to current. Next weekend will add in some more pics and hopefully have it road worthy. Will still have some other items to button up but I'm stoked! Things still to do..... -Finish up the front end (rear is done but forgot a pic) -Replace coil buckets -Add in Aussie to the rear D44 -Get the 3" exhaust in -Wire up the traildash -Wire the stereo -Get the rubber on running 265/75/16
  11. Next was freshening up the underside. I am going to be running a 3" IRO lift along with Bilstiens 5100's, extended sway bar links, ADDCO rear sway bar and some other things. Go figure the coil buckets were toast.....waiting on my IRO replacement kit to finish up the front I also replaced all the control arms, here's the rear. That a arm was a b*@ch to get out. Ended up having to cut the upper ball joint off as it had seized to the a arm. Replaced all the brakes; calipers, rotors, pads and lines.
  12. First order of business was addressing the engine. I had my engine guy rebuild the 4.7HO. It had spun a bearing and was toast. While he was at it I added in a fastman bored 68mm TB and AFE intake and a bunch of other "maintenance" items (forgot a pic but it's a engine.....) Also I went ahead and ditched the silly 247 t case in there in favor of the 242HD. By doing so I get 2wd vs all time 4wd. Also I get to add in a lunchbox to the rear. Freshed up the 5454rfe with new fluid and a filter.
  13. Thanks for checking out my new build thread! Originally I was going to call it Smokey 2.0, but due to a really unfortunate event I decided to name it as a tribute to my furry four legged best friend that was tragically lost right before starting it. His nickname was Potimus. Onward and upward to what I am building. While I love the XJ platform it just wasn't big enough for what I wanted. After my last XJ being filled with gear, 2 dogs and the wife I was tapped out on space. We added the little peanut to our family and there was no way I was getting all the junk in the XJ. Ideally, this is going to be our camping/overland/road trip vehicle. I've always loved the WJ's just never found myself in one until now. Enter the 04 Columbia edition with the 4.7HO. I picked it up at Copart for $500 and knew it needed a new engine (which I wanted). It was a 2 owner car and overall pretty clean with the exception of needing a new bumper. It did not have the factory Columbia seats anymore, but the covers are decent
  14. Ouch......yeah that's going be to be patience tester right there. I would drill them out. Start with a small bit and slowly work up to bigger one. Getting to them will propbaby be the biggest challenge.
  15. Really?! I thought 4.10's where the deepest, but I'll definitely differ to the Jeep gurus on that one.
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