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  1. Haha funny guy aren't ya. No more projects I need at least 1 semi driveable vehicle
  2. I had peeked at these. Guess I just am not sure if Mazda has improved their reliability factor.
  3. Hahahaha, one of my really good buddies has a sequoia and other has an odyssey. They both really like them, one has 4 kids and other it's their only vehicle I also guess it's the other thing of why you never buy a truck because all your friends will ask your to move. Get a van and everyone will just say let's load that up and go. I'll also preface the rest by my wife drives a GX460 that has 3rd row and truly is great to drive. MPG wise is pretty much on par with some of the minivans specs give or take 5ish MPG. I don't need another big vehicle or anything AWD. I'd prefer MPG over AWD. Subis I just am not interested in at all for a few reasons. One, in CO it's going to be the top of my price point and beyond the mileage I want. Two, I've driven them and don't find them comfortable at all. Lastly, their maintenance cost can add up and given what I would be getting mileage condition wise I don't want to get stuck holding the bag.
  4. So not really a sedan unless it was a wagon. SUV if it gets decent MPG, but most don't. CrV might be the closest and I've thought about those too. I just can't bring myself to daily a mini van. Maybe in a few years but just not at that point. Guess that's where the xB plays a part. Not a full on van but enough to check most the boxes for what a van can do but still have somewhat of a coolness factor. Subis I'm not found of. Everyone I've ever known that had one has issues. Head gaskets and blown engines. Fit is a little too small for car seats. 1 it would be fine but looking through stuff it would be a little crammed. Rav4 possible but again MPG isnt really stellar. Ideally 30 hwy would be great. I know the xB is 28 maybe 30 with a tailwind going downhill. Thing is so unaerodynamic it's silly. don't need 4wd or was, WJ will still jeep bad weather duty and and backroad adventures. Years ago I used to have a HHR ss, thing was fun. It could haul @$$. Wouldnt classify it as relaible though. Tons of space and got 30s if I wasnt pushing it.
  5. Alright spend my money......not really, but that time has to come to get a more family friendly car that's not a fortune. We are expecting another ankle bitter in the next few months and after all the fiascoes with the WJ I'm done with Jeeps. Not selling mine but need something I don't have to wrench on or worry about will we make it. Plus the addition of the lunchbox to the WJ has made the ride slightly less tolerable. Here's a basic breakdown of what I'm looking for. 4 doors, under 6k, nothing Ford, no minivans (seriously), preferably 2008+ Here's my must have #1 Need to be able to fit 2 car seats in the back without making front passengers uncomfortable #2 Reliable, I don't mind basic maintenance but I really want to have something I can do minimal work on and not worry about. #3 Needs decent MPG, my WJ averages 14ish MPG driving on the highway it needs premium too. So not saying I need 40+MPG but something better #4 Needs to have solid safety ratings #5 Needs decent cargo space. Kids have so much crap..... My would be nice to haves #1 Manual, I really enjoy 3 pedals #2 under 150k, I know service records mean more than miles but..... Right now my top choice is a Scion xB but open to suggestions.
  6. Took the WJ about for a little adventure to see how the lunchbox does. Other than being annoying AF on turns in the street does great offroad. Some poser shots...
  7. Never said it was junk just the biggest downside because of reasons mentioned, 2 piece shafts and it's vacuum actuated.
  8. Both are decent axles. Biggest downside on the D30 up front is the CAD. It's a two piece shaft that is vacuum actuated. You can eliminate it and get a 1 piece shaft or at least get a posi to ditch the vacuum line, or swap in a 98-99 HP30, bigger u joints and non CAD. AMC20 is pretty solid. My dad has one on his CJ with 35's chromo shafts and ARBs. Held up fine until he did new axle seals and didn't reinstall it right. Ended up losing a wheel while driving and bending the axle housing.
  9. I have some @krustyballer16sliders on my MJ. Not the best pic of them. here's the link
  10. Smokeyyank

    Home Security

    F ADT......What a joke. We had them in our house in englewood and that was a rip off. Another thought if you are tech savvy is using raspberry PI for wiring up cameras and the rest.
  11. Smokeyyank


    Well it's not Friday but I found something that I've been waiting a lllloooonnnnggg time to try. Heady topper from Alchemist brewing. Well worth the wait and the hunt. Super delicious with a crazy amount of hoppiness but not overly bitter.
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