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  1. I gotta imagine 4.10's on stock tires has to be a torque monster. Probably can't do 55 https://boulder.craigslist.org/cto/d/hygiene-1989-jeep-comanche/7260562916.html
  2. Oh man....... I guess my "realistic" garage -My current MJ built as a truggy, tons, 40's all the other silly things -My WJ with 35's long arms and FS axles -Late 60's commando, what ever color (This will be the next project I'm going to start looking for) -LX 570 -135i If I somehow got a boat load of cash -Unimog with a camper set up -50 caddy lead sled -70 K5 Blazer, hugger orange -2020 ZR1 corvette -2011 C63 Benz -Pagani huayra -Koenigsegg one:1 -Mercedes G63 6x6 -Lamborghini Centenario
  3. What I tell my wife all the time, 'I would have lost money not buying it."
  4. All I know is people love them, they go forever and decent offroad machines.
  5. And that's the thing. Tons are just overkill and going to kill ground clearance with 35s. I'm not going above 35s as anything above that is a bunch of work to fit on a WJ. In looking at the D50 doesn't seem like there are a lot of upgrade options and basically seem R&P as a D44 with D60 outers. I'll keep poking around. Thanks for the info.
  6. So the WJ D30 is low pinion and doesn't really bother me. Issue is the CV axels up front and gearing. By the time you "upgrade" it it's not worth it. I have 3.73s now and they are fine with the 32's. Probably could be ok with 35's but 4.10s would really be a sweet spot. My MJ currently has built waggy 44's under it but they are too narrow. Ideally they would be what I'm looking for minus the width. My WJ does have the 4.7 and a lot more torque than a I6 plus it's just heavier in general. While I'm not planning to bounce it off rocks and mash through walls, the D30 and D44A just don't match wha
  7. Random question. I'm considering swapping axles on my WJ at some point. Reason being, I'd like to move up to 35s. The D30 and 44 just don't have a lot of aftermarket support and well they just aren't that great past 33s plus I'd like deeper gears. I do not want tons. JKs are out mainly due to cost. I know a HP44 and 9 would be the combo that would work but hard to find. Ideally I really like to find something that was full width and stock 4.10s. I was trying to see what axles may work. Figured it pretty much would be dodge axles or possibly a few ford's since I'll need a driver side drop.
  8. I feel for you man. We went through that last December. Not only are you crushed emotionally but the bills after are just a reminder and it sucks.
  9. Because apparently this is what our elected officials think $600 will do. Would rather have businesses open and people paid fairly to the current cost of living standards but that's a different rant. Honestly, it will go to some bills. Between moving, having a baby, home remodel stuff and my wife losing her job this is a drop in a ocean. I'm with dzimm on the student loan/college thing. I was fortunate enough to work full-time when I got my undergrad and my dad helped me a little that I didn't have any student loan debt. My wife though went for her Masters and we are paying on th
  10. Smokeyyank


    Check out palmetto state armory. For the money probably some of the better ARs that really allow you to build them the way you want and give you a good platform.
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