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  2. If you have an '88, the switch for the idiot light is in the back of the cylinder head, on the driver's side. Later years used the PCM to control the water temp gauge/light, and those years had the sensor located in the thrmostat housing. So you can leave the factory switch to keep the idiot light, then get a new thermostat housing with the outlet for a temp sensor and use that to run your aftermarket gauge.
  3. 1989 Jeep Cherokee Transfer Case L127C2 On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1989-Jeep-Cherokee-Transfer-Case-L127C2/263373607062?
  4. Oh I’ve seen that one! I saw it when I was looking for the one I got now. Does it still have that transmission issue? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. So I should just disconnect my idiot light sensor and put in an aftermarket gauge? Also, mine’s an 88 Renix, so there’s that it it changes anything. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Thank you! I’m in the Santa Cruz mountains, and a UCSC grad too! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks Kansashogan, I found one locally.
  8. If you can get it into the factory spot in the back of the head that would be best. It's a small hole though so it might be easier to adapt something to fit the sensor hole in the HO thermostat housing, which is where the ECU pulls it's reading. But you want it reading somewhere in the head. No other point will be as accurate, and if you put it in the radiator it won't react to a tstat stuck shut. If you've got permanent flow through the heater you can probably T it in there, but it won't be as accurate as the head, and it would be susceptible to a plugged or leaking heater core.
  9. Got to love California trucks! Welcome.
  10. But where would I put it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. an aftermarket temp gauge will have its own sender
  12. Yup! It’s clean! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Don’t forget to pull up the carpet to check for rust!
  14. 🤣 will do! I let a family member drive my first one. It got destroyed and sold to a scrap yard before I even knew it. But this old girl will make up for it!
  15. All I see is some wheels, a Jeep front end, some glass and mirrors. Lol. Nice score though! Sad to hear your first was taken from you. Be sure to register it!
  16. Sounds like they aren't using Hunter tire equipment.
  17. I'll snap a pic in the morning, but essentially the machine grabs the inside of the rim and for whatever reason it grabbed it super hard or whatever and the teeth gouged the aluminum.
  18. Some new stuff added. Will add some more tomorrow!
  19. My first vehicle was an 1988 Jeep Eliminator. Through a series of unfortunate events it was taken from me. Been searching for one ever since. Meet Camo-manche. 1987 Pioneer, in-line 6 automatic 4WD. I have lots of plans to bring her into mint “badass stock” condition. Some fancy upgrades are in her future. I’m so stoked to have found her rust free; roughly 150k on her, normal mechanical needs, breaks, speedo cable, drag link. Other than that solid truck! Also stoked I found this community and get to watch y’all as builds! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. The factory license plate lights are pretty generic anyway. We also discovered this weekend they are exactly the same as the ones used on FEY bumpers and probably others still produced today.
  21. #17 is the license plate light PN#56001343 91-93 catalog Number 17 again part #56001343 and 56001313 in chrome 87-90 catalog. They all show the sorta square style no round ones.
  22. That's kinda what I thought. I was just surprised to see Pete had the exact same ones.
  23. You don't replace individual parts, get a full cluster and it will have all the gauges. The sensors will need changed but that goes for any gauge you put in.
  24. Where do you live? Going on vacation anytime soon?
  25. Well I may not be able to recommend aftermarket gauges to you but I can tell you that the temp sender in your case is on the very back of the head of the engine with a little wire plugged in on top of it. Swapping clusters is very easy though. You just need to find either a 5/6th cluster or a full and swap it in and get an oil pressure sensor and temp sensor.
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