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  2. nice! always love free stuff that turns out to work great after some minor maintenance.
  3. how the heck does colorado get all the good stuff?
  4. Ummmmm..........well..............it would have never occurred to me.
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  6. Out of curiosity who is your buddy?
  7. I might have the XJ parts. Is it the same for a 97?
  8. Good Morn: Then are you telling me that i am buying inferior parts through NAPA. I should be getting the Mopar part? Thanks for the response. I do not want to sell my wheels, but it is tough when i can not depend on it. Can you tell me a little more about the harness that was talked about in earlier Posts'?
  9. Yeah I’m visiting my friend who lives in Kettle Falls. Flying into Spokane from Philadelphia. Was gonna try to barter a ride to Kettle Falls (his wife works during the day so they can’t come and pick me up. Unless I fly in during the evening. They only have one car). But I got it all worked out. All good now.
  10. It is stupid expensive. Right now. Until more are made.
  11. I need: A transfer case shift gate for an NP-242 (Select-Trac) shifter, to fit a Renix-era XJ (and MJ) The overhead light module for a 2000 XJ Sport withOUT the full-length overhead console
  12. Dzimm

    Steep Driveways

    I don't have a picture but I picked a desk up for the future mother-in-law in downtown Des Moines about a month ago. The driveway was so steep that my 4.5" lifted MJ almost bottomed out in the rear. The lady drove an SUV and said she's never seen a car make it up the driveway. There were tons of scrape marks at the bottom and I'm sure it ate a lot of bumpers.
  13. I'm sure that winch costs about as much as some of us paid for our MJs.. There should be an * in there, it's only designed to fit the JT, I'm sure someone could make it work on an MJ.
  14. The 91 Comanche doesn’t have an ignition control module. It does have a pcm powertrain control module. It is or should be along the left inner fender and air cleaner housing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Just want to put it out there now just in case we all try to commit blasphemy with JT parts. Here is the spare tire winch: This is a new and exclusive design to the JT. It does not fit on any other Chrysler trucks.
  16. The brakes were not hooked up. So today I pulled off the cover and found the brakes were rusted. So I'm in the process of cleaning the rust off and refurbishing the drums.
  17. Went down that route too. Managed to get a NOS one for a XJ. you could probably get away with getting a TJ or a JK cover.
  18. I'm looking for a jeep spare tire cover for a 17 inch wheel, to keep the sun off the tire.
  19. So I did. And was given this. It's a John Deere 770. 3cyl diesel, 4x4 tractor. The previous owner said that it smoked badly and the flat tire is a bad wheel. I replaced the hoses, fuel and vacuum. New fuel filter, clean out the fuel tank. And it fired right up. And hasn't smoked at all. I put in a new valve stem in the flat tire, and it still holds air. This little tractor has been beaten to death.
  20. If you still have the carrier, I recommend finding another one like a GM one and cut the old hoist out and use the brackets to fit a new one in place. That's what I did, but never really showed the final product
  21. My original spare tire carrier was beat to death plus someone stole my spare by cutting the cable. So I asked a friend who weld's to help me modify a RV spare tire carrier. He welded a pipe to it, drilled holes for a lock. And just now as I look at the picture, I see a design flaw. I need to have the lock go through both sides of the pipe.
  22. Ah yes, the Joy's of working on an old truck. Frustrated, bruised knuckles, and grease as sunscreen. But when you get done, someone will probably say why'd did you do that for..., and your reply is because I wanted to. That is all that matters.
  23. I'm from there what's up?
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