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  2. https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/d/portland-1987-jeep-comanche-pickup-mj/7022184069.html Nice black AMC interior!
  3. So when I was at SEMA I came across a couple of products I am going to use in this build. The First one is the Decked drawer system. It has 2 drawers and two ammo bins. Really nice product. The Comanche bed is almost the same size as the Tacoma so with a bit of trimming it will fit. They have a short and midsize, I m going to use the short one because they I am also hoping to add this:- I am working with Truckcoversusa to hopefully build a custom size for the Comanche.
  4. I'm pretty sure that's the same flex hose I used as a fuel filler neck hose on my first mj. I think it lasted like 5 or 7 years running gas through it 😆 so it should last forever probably for its intended purpose. I was quite happy with it.
  5. So I managed to source a lower radiator hose. I used a Dayco universal flexible hose 81141, Pretty nifty product. Also got the Battery located. I didn't like the way the stock battery box looked. It didn't support the battery as well as I wanted. The battery I used is a 34/78 Red top Optima part no 9003-03. 800a I moved it closer the the fender to give me more room for the intake. I used Rusty's Optima battery box. Pretty nice product. I had to drill new holes to change the angle but it turned out pretty good. Gave me decent clearance for the upper and lower radiator hose Also managed to mount the Warn 8000 controller for he hidden winch. Next job is dynamat the interior. Get the Dash installed and see what I need to get the double DIN Android radio to fit.
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  7. Received this fuel tank with my tuck when I bought it, I have the larger tank installed already so I have no need for this one. Brand new, never installed, asking $50. Might be willing to ship if costs are covered.
  8. That happens to me once on a 91 Cherokee I had awhile back. It got so bad that I would have to start it. Then it would die after a few seconds. And I would have to start it over and over again till the engine got warm. Then it would run fine. I finally chased it down to a bad cam sensor in the distributor. Once I replaced it it ran fine. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. if it's in the morning and possible dampness involved inspect cap and rotor, if all looks good spray some water around cap and wires with engine running to see if there is any spark jumping
  10. I am not sure, but unplugging them one at a time rarely makes a difference. Thanks
  11. My truck misses. Sometimes. It misses until it gets warm. Any ideas ? Thanks
  12. If you're buying ... there's some cool stuff here! Not necessarily JEEP, but something for everyone. https://www.govplanet.com/
  13. Try https://www.ebid.net/us/
  14. I actually want to sell some parts, but I can not use EBay, and I don't want to set a price. So I was just wondering what other sites you guys use to find parts.
  15. Thank goodness its back and drives. My 86 Comanche has a burnt valve, leaking transmission and... preparing to swap the motor for an a.c. already prepared engine.
  16. Its alive. But what a major pain. I had someone finish off the clutch replacement. It shifted great until the shift cable ends failed. So they replaced those. One side work great. But the other side would fall off by looking at it. Come to find out that the ball where the clip hooks to is heavily worn. Oh it gets better. So I thought that I could get another one from a junkyard from a 4 door manual transmission. Same transmission, same parts, right? NO!!! The 3 door is different from the 4 door. In the picture 3 door on left, 4 door on rightSo what I had to do it take a file to the ball clip and make a new edge on the ball end for the clip to lock in. But she lives.
  17. No not really. I'm 6ft 5inch tall and crawling in under the dash is a pain.
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  19. I just picked up a Sony CDX-GT300 radio without the face plate. Is there anywhere online that’s not eBay that I can get the face plate without getting ripped off? Because I don’t want to spend another 30-40 bucks just to find a faceplate. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Unfortunately no. Haven't had much time to do anything I've wanted to. Been looking at axles and some other parts in hopes of obtaining them and doing the suspension work over the winter and into the spring.
  21. I’m pushing the Moab trip back a year. Maybe we cld plan 2021?
  22. What did you wind up using to mate the 3800 series 2 to the AX15? Keith
  23. I just finished moving my fuse box. Kinda. My mj sat for a long time before I got it with brake fluid from the master cylinder leaking all over the fuse box so the terminals and about six inches of the wire leading up to them were badly corroded. I ended up making my own fuse box and relocated it to above the drivers foot well. Keeping the factory box would have been easier, just a matter of extending each wire. Any specific info you’re looking for?
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