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  2. Yup! Its the factory one I've been searching for(Still want one for the XJ). @rylee144 informed me about this truck and I contacted the owner and he said to throw him a price so I did and now I have a brush guard waiting for me when I get up there. It needs rust repair but I can manage that.
  3. It is a Delphi. The first one that I installed was a Precision from O'Reilly's, but the little hose blew off that one. I installed hose clamps on the Delphi. I did a pressure check at the fuel rail shortly after I posted to this thread, and the readings were spot on to the specs.
  4. Not a roller, front axle is in the bed. Good deal on the brush guard, is that an original Comanche piece?
  5. If you can find a pilot bearing that will fit the newer 4.0 engine crank and fit the early AX15 input shaft , that would be (by far) the easiest and cheapest way to go. I know someone is supplying a bearing like what you need. You need to measure ( with micrometer ) you input shaft, I think it is more like 5/8th inch. Good Luck!
  6. I can’t, for the life of me, find new brake calipers for my ‘86 2.8l that aren’t refurbished. I can only find sets without brackets...I’m going to keep looking and update, but I’d thought I’d ask for any known atm that are tried and true. Thanks in advance y’all.
  7. Some pumps are definitely louder than others. I put a Delphi in one of mine and after it came loose from the crude side-of-the-road hose-clamp hold in, and started pulling fuel from the middle of the tank (nothing screws with you quite so much as running out of gas at 1/2 tank...) it got changed out for a Bosch unit. The Bosch is much quieter.
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  9. https://open.spotify.com/track/7112WRQXlBGe4Os43yw8gV?si=km7UrDANTRi-HSevBlbl3w
  10. so antibody testing has gotten widespread enough that they are testing everyone in the nursing home to see what's what. Turns out my grandma did contract it at some point in time. They aren't giving out info about other patients though, so I don't know about her roommate or other people in her wing. So in the past few months since turning 94 she survived the flu and the covid! but now the stay-in-your-room lockdown might be her undoing. she has gotten pretty dang weak. but as a "positive" of her weakened state we were able to get her on hospice care. It sounds super bad, but hospice care doesn't mean you're dying right now. It means more along the lines of "you're not going to fully recover" (and it's unlikely she's going to be doing jumping jacks again). most importantly it means that despite the lockdown my Aunt can now visit her every single day and grandma can qualify for more personal nursing care than she was previously getting. None of this is especially good, but I'll take the silver linings where I can.
  11. Well this ruins the surprise but I got the brush guard from the owner.
  12. Yup I'm pretty sure that's exactly what I've got; earlier AX15 with a 1/2'' tip. No work today so I'm off to Napa with both my half wrong bearings and a set of calipers. Crossing my fingers I can find something that works.
  13. Roller. No motor or trans. $500 There's a bargain.
  14. Probably the earlier AX15. Tip is probably (looks like) 1/2". Don't need the 74 CJ5 bushing.
  15. I believe it’s an internal slave. I have to admit I’m pretty new to the manual transmission game. Just never had problems with clutch or trans in the past.. As for the condition I think it’s pretty good but I’ve only put about 1000 miles on this mj. Other than replacing a leaky master I haven’t had any problems. The tranny and transfer case look real fresh and clean like they were rebuilt recently. The history of this mj is a little mysterious. It’s only had 6k miles put on it since 2007 with great records kept till 2014 then nothing but almost no miles on the clock till I bought (rescued) it. Somewhere in between the trans and t case were refreshed and barely driven..
  16. I decided to pull back the scope and not use the CRD engine for now. Everything else I am currently working through would need to be done, but to properly install the CRD I was going to be doing some pretty major vehicle rewiring. For now the 4.6/AW4 gives me a useable vehicle while I work through everything else. My plan is to get it as a running driving vehicle as soon as possible. Then work on the bodywork and repaint, 2500 front end etc. When that is complete and everything is sorted out and running great, then I will consider what it will take to swap in the diesel. But before I go back around to the diesel I have other vehicular projects to make some progress on. Basically this is my way of getting it out of project hell and dialing back the scope so I can actually use this thing.
  17. So I set the pinion angle(not totally final, but as close as I can tell) and measured the driveshaft length. Trying to order from Tom Woods but they do not list the companion flange for the 8.25 rear end, and it appears to be different from the ford 8.8 options of 2.5" and 3". KJ flange appears to be about 2.65" Phone just rings so I have an email off to them, hopefully someone is monitoring they contact me email box regularly.
  18. Not normal sound. the ballast resistor was to reduce the VERY slight hiss from the pump at idle......most folks never heard it before the resistor.
  19. Hello, I'm just reading this and getting caught up but I think I missed a piece. What happened to the CRD engine? Are you doing a 4.0 now?
  20. Make me an offer, trying to clean out some small stuff I have laying around. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. What pump did you put in there?
  22. Hello! I need to order the same battery and I didn't find exact the same for sale. But I found your post and wondering how were you able to order it through ebay? Could you please explain a little more how to order through ebay?
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