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  2. Strokermjcomanche

    1990 XJ seats in a MJ

    And to the OP , if you use the floor brackets from the bench seat they will work .
  3. Strokermjcomanche

    1990 XJ seats in a MJ

    This . There is no reason for name calling , it's a discussion and I will prove what I'm saying is correct . Here is MJ bench and bucket seats sliders next to each other , you CAN use the floor brackets (both are the same see picture ) . I never said the sliders were the same ....
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  5. krustyballer16

    1990 XJ seats in a MJ

    Were not talking about the sliders either. Just the part that mounts to the floor, like in my pics. Yes, the bench only has 2 tracks while the buckets have 4. Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  6. krustyballer16

    1990 XJ seats in a MJ

    Maybe you can provide some pictures. Because this topic was discussed for months before I made these and nobody could post pics or knew the difference... Any info is helpful Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  7. GrizzzzBear

    1990 XJ seats in a MJ

    Lower Front Mount is the Same, The Rear is Different on the Driver's Side. Seat Mounting Tracks, are Not the Same for Bucket and Bench Seats.
  8. GrizzzzBear

    1990 XJ seats in a MJ

    MJ Brackets, are NOT the Same as XJ Brackets!!!!!!!!!!!!! MJ Buckets Seat Brackets are NOT the same as MJ Bench Seat Brackets!!!!!!! The Front Mount may be the same, but the Back Mountings are NOT!!! In Addition, the MJ Bench Seat Brackets, do NOT have the Second Seat Slide Track for Bucket Seats!!!!!! Take a Good Long Look, You will see, MJ Bucket Mount Track is DIFFERENT than MJ Bench Mount Track. Say I am wrong, you gotta be some special kind of Stupid.
  9. You definitely want a full SYE kit for the strength upgrade, the stock output is pretty weak, a doubler would be really pushing it past its limits. I used cable shifters from JB Custom Fab, i set them into the floor when i made the new tunnel for the flat belly/tummy tuck.
  10. Omega gave us data for the 4.0L. He asked for comparable data for the 2.5L. I gave him a head start.
  11. Would you recomend an sye for the second 2 case? Also @mnkyboy how did you/where did you mount the shifter for the crawl box
  12. What is this? Cut and paste night?
  13. 1984-85 ... XJ: 105 hp at 5,000 RPM, 132 ft-lb at 2800 RPM 1986 ...... XJ/MJ: 117 hp at 5,000 RPM, 135 ft-lb at 3,500 RPM 1987-90 ... XJ/MJ: 121 HP at 5,250 RPM, 141 ft-lb at 3,250 RPM 1991-2000 XJ/MJ: 130 hp at 5,250 RPM, 150 ft-lb at 3,250 RPM.
  14. Try starting the vehicle with the shifter in the Neutral position.
  15. Gotcha. Sorry, dealing with jet lag. It's in park.
  16. Check your transmission shifter, make sure its in Park or Neutral.
  17. MeanLemons

    Discount on Hell Creek Kits and Springs

    So a set of stock MT leaf packs would give same lift as 3” 3+1 leaf packs?
  18. Starter will only engage when your column/floor shifter is in Park or Neutral.
  19. I'm sort of new to this. I don't really know what that means haha.
  20. Just a peek for now I got this and welded it up. First one they made, they hadn't even welded up this kit theirselves yet. So sexy Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
  21. Verify Park/Neutral on your transmission shifter.
  22. Didn't mess with the ignition switch. This is the big three upgrade: "A good, cost-effective improvement is to perform the "Big Three" electrical upgrade. This will vastly improve your vehicle's electrical system, allowing more current to flow easier to all components. This upgrade replaces or augments three key cables in the electrical system with 1/0 or 4 gauge wires: the battery ground to chassis wire, the chassis to engine block wire, and the alternator plus to battery plus wire. This increases your electrical system's current flow capability, ensuring a more consistent voltage under varying demand conditions."
  23. Does the starter engage and crank the engine?
  24. What's a ""big 3" upgrade? Did you mess with the ignition switch?
  25. krustyballer16

    Taking another long Jeep trip!

    Sorry, forgot the dates lol. Yes, July 20-23. And going up your way is only an extra 30 minutes added on...[emoji6] Sent from my SM-G892A using Tapatalk
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