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  2. It’s up above the drivers side kick panel. If it’s factory, should be a white square relay with an AMC part number on it that should start with 895600. If not then it’s probably been replaced. Either way the relay plug should be three pronged. Two on top and one on bottom. Or vice versa depending on how you look at it. If it can’t be found above the kick panel, it could be tucked behind the panel.
  3. What are you working on that needs a harness? Engine, body, tranny, what year and what engine.
  4. Ebay, junk yard, make your own. New ones aren't, currently, produced. Sent from my Pixel 4 XL using Tapatalk
  5. Is this relay a under the hood thing or on the little Fuze panel inside ?
  6. Sounds like the horn is shorted to ground somewhere in the column or the relay. Pull the relay first. Should kill it. Swap with another relay. If that doesn’t work, dig into the column to the turn signal switch assembly and see what’s goin on.
  7. So one of the fun things I've found on my truck is that it decided that yesterday as long as the wire for the horn is plugged in the horn stays on without the key even I'm the ignition. Is this just a bad horn?
  8. Love this jeep! Not the money spent on gas though..
  9. Maiden voyage for the truck was very fun. First day I blew the rubber on the fuel filter and then had some fun over heating issues. Second day my horn decides to go a wall and just honk for ever when plugged in. But today it has been amazing I went on some trails with her and had fun! Thing rides great even on the high way with no sway bars.
  10. There isn’t really a company selling a complete kit for MJ’s. For the front, pretty much anything that lifts an XJ will lift an MJ. For the rear your options are: add a leaf (1-1.5”), longer shackles (one inch longer lifts .5” and so forth), replacement leaf packs (2-4”), Spring over axle conversion (5-6”) or a 4 link style suspension which requires a fair bit of fabrication. You can have excellent road manners with a 5-6” lift on 33’s but it will cost more than most people normally anticipate to get it dialed in just right. As for particular brands, once you sort out the kind of lift you want for the front (leveling kit/puck, short arm, drop brackets, long arms etc) you can get very good direction from those with experience with what you are looking for. Same goes for the rear but there are far fewer options since the typical XJ lift will not fit the MJ rear. Here are my $.02: if you want to run 31’s do about a 2” lift and no more. Old man emu front springs/shocks and maybe a replacement rear 4 leaf pack from General Spring or maybe just a small shackle lift if you prefer a more “level” look. WJ front lower control arms (to prevent those 31” tires from running on the control arms while turning) and replace all the front end bushings with some quality rubber replacements. Replace the tie rod with one from a 1998 V8 Grand Cherokee (other ZJ bars are the same but the parts guys also ask for a specific year make model). And replace your ball joints with the Dana/Spicer kit and replace your tie rod ende with some quality pieces. If the rest of the rig is solid that will be a very nice overall performer. The next consideration is your axle gearing. For 31’s the lowest gears I’d go with are 3.55. Some have run 3.07 but it’s not a nice experience. 3.73-4.10’s are even better for 31’s Once you exceed 2” lift more mods are needed.
  11. Does anybody know where I can get a wiring harness from
  12. That’s often a point of confusion. I imagine some parts store “interchange” guides started this rumor. As Eagle said, all the 4.0’s use a “reverse” style pump which just means they turn the opposite direction of the crank since they run on the back or smooth side of a serpentine system. Any serpentine 4.0 will be a “reverse” style water pump setup be it a WJ, YJ, TJ, MJ, XJ, ZJ etc.
  13. Ok heads off mine now. Going to install this setup with the fresh head. 👌
  14. What a great weekend. Started with hanging with good friends at Megadeath concert. Then had a great day out on the bike and decided to just pull the jeep in and tear the head off. Fixing to get back in The woods to get those last minute wood orders filled. Need some power first to pull me trailer for sure. Tackle this problem 🙄 then on to the next. And what a beautiful sunset and beginning of a new week. Enjoy. very soon on the road agian.
  15. Those will work in an MJ but not plug and play. Notice wiring setup.
  16. Sweet. I will pick one up this week. Thanks as usual!
  17. I have only posted here a few times, although I have had a Comanche for about six years and have been working on it slowly, ever since. It is an '89 long bed with a 4.0, auto, 4-WD base (i think) model. I bought it with several minor mechanical problems, but otherwise it is a solid, straight Arizona truck. I really got into the project at first, thinking I would get it fixed up and sell my '87 XJ within a year or two, but got stalled with finding the time to paint it. Fast Forward to now, I am semi retired and finally had the time to paint it, a two tone silver and gray metallic clear over base, and put it all back together again. I am just about ready to get the license and insurance on it and start driving it. But first, I want to do the suspension and tires. I have a set of 15 X 8 Ravines and was originally considering 33" tires with a 5 - 6 inch lift, but I am reconsidering and thinking I do not want to screw up the road manners by lifting it too high and going with big heavy tires. I also don't want to have to do any fender cutting after spending hundreds of hours and over a grand on materials for the paint. My current thinking is to stick with about a 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 inch lift with 31" tires like I have had on my XJ for years. I have to consider the extra length and wheelbase on the MJ while making a decision, which is why I was thinking higher in the first place. The question I have (and I know I will get a lot of different opinions on this) is, which company's suspension should I be looking at? I will probably only four wheel it occasionally as I also have a '53 CJ-3b for hard core off roading, but I will occasionally take the MJ into the rough stuff. Mostly it will be a street driven truck. Thanks,
  18. Yes. You don't have a meter? Less than $10 in many places. Do 1 through 4 in the meantime. we'll guide you through the meter part. Super easy.
  19. gogmorgo

    College Vehicle

    I don't really know what the situation was on the other side of the truck, couldn't see that direction at all, but I was doing all the driving, steering with my left hand, pedals with my right foot. There was a smaller guy sitting on the trans tunnel with his feet in the passenger footwell, and a girl sitting somewhat on him but mostly on my right thigh with her legs between mine who was harder than hell to see around.
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