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  2. wtb - auto MJ in Middle TN

    Found a 92 Mj shortbed 4.0 auto in NV with 102k miles other than faded i havent found rust yet, alot of dust but no rust
  3. Runs too cold?

    You could potentially see those things. Really it's more wear on the engine and trans because they aren't running at the Temps they were designed to. Colder is better but too cold isn't. But then again, how cold is too cold?
  4. No bueno. The 97-01 XJ booster only has two mounting studs. 95-96 XJ has four.
  5. Still have? I'm interested
  6. your most redneck emergency repairs...

    I guess I have to give him credit that it was not.
  7. Low MPG Ideas???

    any black smore coming out the exhaust? does it smell like gasoline? also check for mini leaks in the entire line, a small unoticed leak overtime can lower MPGs too
  8. Today
  9. Runs too cold?

    any problems running cold? bad MPGs? lack of power?
  10. Runs too cold?

    Get a 52028186 factory stat and be done with it.
  11. How do you know the vacuum ball is holding vacuum? I relocate mine to the engine bay to eliminate the tubing getting corroded by battery acid.
  12. Chinese Replacement Auto Parts courtesy of WunHungLo and his comrades.
  13. Just a quick update I finally got around to replacing the POS TYC blower motor. Found a made in the USA new old stock motor (ACI 331831), man what a difference! Noticeable difference in how the motors look too. New motor was without plug in and blower wheel so I reused the plug and squirrel cage from the TYC blower motor, only good parts on the damn thing. Only excuse I can think of for the TYC motor being so awful (besides its crap) is maybe they wired it wrong for clockwise /anti clockwise rotation, to anyone thinking about the TYC I’d warn you it has poor power and is built wrong, avoid it and find a made in the USA motor if you can. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. Crack in A/C Control Unit causing vacuum leak?

    No “Max AC” means you should have a none AC Jeep. Or none ac control unit. The heater/ac controls are 1986-96 interchange. Only the 1984-85 have a different vacuum switch. I’ve had older cars rot out the vacuum harness for the HVAC, and was lucky enough to find a factory replacement, it’s color coded so I guess if you had to it’d be easy to make your own. Our 91 does the same kind of thing with vents switching to defrost, the default safety measure, on a big hill going into the city. The rest of the time it’s fine, and I haven’t tried to recreate the problem since I replaced the intake/exhaust gasket. I’ve checked all the vacuum lines under the hood and replaced the vacuum reservoir and it still had the problem. Far as I could see the under dash vacuum harness was ok. But like I said ours only does this occasionally so I’m not sure where the problem is either. I’ve never removed the AC control unit to check the vacuum switch. BTW I can’t tell from the picture where the cracks are. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  15. your most redneck emergency repairs...

    no pics, but was wheeling with a group of buddies. guy completely pretzel-ed his tie rod and he had to drive 5 hours home. luckily it was a stock rod so bending it back into a normal shape was fairly easy. turns out, a hilift jack handle will fit perfectly over a stock tie rod, especially if it still has a slight bend. he ended up never taking that handle off and sold the jeep with it still on there lol.
  16. Runs too cold?

    9 time out of 10 yes, however I've had it do the opposite on my 98 xj. Flushed the sludge out of the cooling system and it was fine after that. The only thing I could gather was that the coolant wasn't getting to the temp sensor.
  17. Alfa Romeo project progress

    I'm gonna do a remake on the rear body at some point, so I decided to begin by removing the big, fat, ugly license lights. I have a new LED one ready to go on. It will be located below the plate and painted the same color so it blends in.
  18. The pedal height is the same on vehicles I've done with the 95 and spacer and the WJ without.
  19. Runs too cold?

    Wouldn't low coolant flow cause overheating, not the OP's, um, underheating?
  20. Runs too cold?

    If you have no flow or slow flow, you probably have air in the system. That's still a possibility if there is flow. Otherwise it could be a bad or stuck water pump or a clog somewhere in the cooling system. First thing I'd try, park the truck facing up a slope to get the radiator higher than the engine, open the radiator up with the engine running(make sure its still cold!) Burp any air out you can with the truck like this. My best guess is a bad tstat but it could also be a bad rad cap. These are cheap and good to have extras on hand but try burping air before spending money.
  21. Runs too cold?

    If there is no flow, what would you suggest from that point? I'll check tomorrow. I'm feeling heat in all my hoses, so I assume there is flow based on that. Not just the general engine bay warmth kind of heat. No real upgrades in the performance sense. I switched to Open cooling using the Spectra radiator, and got a newer style t-stat housing so I could put a temp sensor for my stand-alone electric fan controller, which just controls a 2000 xj oem efan around 220. Otherwise, it's all factory equivalent parts.
  22. Runs too cold?

    Interesting. Ive always read that Stant t-stats were golden. How much did the dealership ding you? Mine always seems to massively markup their parts.
  23. Runs too cold?

    - Most likely cause is using a tstat that is not 195* these commonly come faulty out of the box, it's best to buy 2-3 at a time. - The next likely cause is a pressure leak in the coolant system. This usually is at the radiator cap. If those don't fix it, grab you rad hoses with the engine running and make sure you have water flow. If you are getting flow and nothing else seems to be wrong, I don't know what it could be. Do you have any upgraded cooling parts?
  24. Runs too cold?

    My Stant thermostat failed not long after installing. Took forever to get up to temp but didn't stay there long depending on type of driving. Got a thermostat from the dealer and problems solved.
  25. My 99' MJ Limited

    Had fun at Kansas rocks frostbite today, but man it was muddy!!!! I had some carnage... due to the mud and the right technical trails I slid into a couple trees and dinged my bed up some.... Then while pressure washing the dirt off some of the paint began coming off... But, the jeep did absolutely amazing and I did every single trail, even the expert wash out ones. I didn’t do the slab because it was just too slick for anybody to get up so I didn’t try. I tried out the ramp again this time and made it half way up the large one!!! The new front four link system is absolutely killer... I am so impressed with how much my on road and off road handling has been improved! I highly recommend the IronMan4x4 front cross member and link system! For comparison, this is How I did at last years frostbite on the ramp. This one is the small ramp and I didn’t even make it half way up! With the IronMan4x4 front suspension and the 7075 links, I made it half way up the big ramp and had more to go!! But the 37’s were tucking in the fenders and rubbing some. So I didn’t push it to hard.
  26. Starman:

    I dunno. I'm guessing the vacuum of space and intense cold would help to preserve it somewhat. Beyond the sandblasting from space dust and radiation.
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