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  2. and lookin' good too did the old car companies not think their rides would ever get past 100k?
  3. Gone in 60 seconds, there's a 'Cuda in it! cork or screw cap?
  4. Still a low mileage Jeep. 157k?... 557k? Who knows with this rig.
  5. Will do, it’s definitely got the original Colorado red paint. It’s not in great shape but i may be able to clean it up. Definitely not doing a respray if I get it, at least not for a long time.
  6. Today
  7. I've never had an issue getting them out. If it's stuck, I'm sure some heat would help. If you need the fitting in the top photo, I'm sure I have some spares.
  8. Oooooo Youll have to post a couple pics. Especially if it is Colorado Red.
  9. That’s what I’m hoping that someone’s been taking care of it, from what I’ve seen and heard it runs and stops but I’ll really know once I see it in person. I’ll hopefully be taking a look later this week and bringing it to its new home.
  10. No problem! The body code stands out to me. TS meaning it is 2wd sport trim MJ of some sort. But it is a pretty long build sheet for an 89 and sport is just a level before the "highline" trim body code according to Chrysler. I would think this is a well optioned and hopefully a well loved MJ.
  11. @eaglescout526 thanks a bunch man, that is a looooonnng build sheet, anything that stands out to you? Looks well optioned and has a Dana 44 with 3.55.
  12. Hey Bo Uncle Jesse got the shine ready Gone in Sixty Seconds or Bullet
  13. *Q7 Cloth Low-Back Bucket Seats -SA Charcoal 135 Zone 35-Washington 1AA U.S. Dealer Retail 5AS 5KR Midland Corporation ADA Light Group ADH AHL Insulation Group AHY TRAILER TOW PREP PACKAGE ALR APA Monotone Paint BA1 100 AM
  14. I would say its the traditional semi gloss black. Much like the front bumper and rear bumper.
  15. Yesterday
  16. I didn't. I researched and bought the Kobalt 24V even though I'm committed with all my woodworking tools are Porter Cable 20V Li-Ion. No regrets so far with the Kobalt setup.
  17. I used a little heat on the manifold and some Pblaster on the fitting. Be gentle
  18. Unsalted Steve McQueen or John Schneider?
  19. I should add, I know it’s black, but is it semigloss, gloss, or satin?
  20. Sweet, can't wait for the pics.
  21. What is the correct color for a factory sportbar for a Comanche? I am probably getting mine powder coated in the next couple of weeks. Thanks in advance.
  22. 89 MJ

    90 MJ Part Out-WI

    It’s a legit Comanche topper. Not at this time.
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