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  2. INSTALLING XJ SUNVISORS The MJ sunvisors are longer than the XJ ones, and will interfere with the installation of the OHC. However you will need to drill some holes to mount the XJ sunvisor retainer clips. I reinstalled the headliner and the XJ sunvisors, then snapped the retainer clips onto the sunvisors to mock up their place on the headliner. I used a hammer and punch to center punch all holes for accuracy. Removed the headliner then used a stencil, square, and scribe to mark the holes. INSTALLING THE OHC BRACKET I took the following pic from the donor XJ I pulled the OHC out of. Proved to be a good reference for mounting the bracket. You did grab the mounting bracket for the OHC right? Using the bracket itself as a template, I was able to mark all the hole locations. I basically eyeballed it with the above photo.
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  4. Wipers work on high and low full time positions and mist. On intermittent only operates at slowest and fastest delay, nothing in middle. Bad delay module? Multi function switch ?Dirty connection? Thanks for any help in advance. Mark
  5. check the master project list in Petes signature, but yea not terrible to change and shouldn't be an issue with a column shift
  6. nope, haven't seen it before. but i gotta say, burned leg hair does not smell good
  7. when you said bubble wrap all i can think of is the Colombia episode of grand tour and hammonds pickup
  8. honestly I don't mind the cold, but it would be really nice if it would STOP RAINING!!
  9. probably not useful to you but I've got my Co2 tank tied to some unistrut with a pipe clamp.
  10. has anyone seen someone combine their exhaust pipe with their rocker guard? even if it was a show Jeep. Just saw a pic of a 60 'vette and it dawned on me. edit: it might be time for bed. I'm not sure.
  11. Of course when I give up on looking for a cleaner truck and just start buying parts for mine this pops up.
  12. Yeah, it's supposed to only be in the 40's here late Thursday and Friday. Interior/central NC is progged to get a snowstorm (5-8") on Friday even, lol. It will actually be better weather back up in VA than down here come the weekend.
  13. Hey Gang, I'm looking to put an Air Tank & Compressor on my ride. Trying to figure out where to put it. Have a basic Stock MJ, Carry the Spare underneath. Was thinking of a Thinner Tank, on the Passenger side, above the Exhaust, tucked into the frame, close as I can. Just wanted to know, where others have theirs.
  14. It would have been a sumbitch trying to get a luggage tag on it
  15. awww, you're getting the cold snap too? bummer.
  16. We were able to upgrade our seats to first class on the way down (American). Flying back on Delta via Hartfield on Friday. If we can upgrade, our checked luggage should be free, lol. Spent the day today in St. Augustine....really cool little town. Weather here has been great the last couple days, but the bottom falls out tomorrow. We're just gonna stay inside and drink/eat all day
  17. This is owned by an autobody shop on charles street. Things as cherry as you can get. Seen it in person many times they used it to run around and pick up parts. Bought many parts off of us for years. Its 4 banger. I hope someone picks it up before some hillbilly buys it or worse...Charles street is known as a "stolen car" area of providence.
  18. Was able to grab a set of custom made 5x7 headlights with morimoto hid projectors. They were taken off a newer XJ. I’ll polish them up and replace the bulbs. I don’t have a picture but they look almost identical to these:
  19. you'll need the basics. an appropriately geared front axle, a front driveshaft, a shorter rear driveshaft, 4wd trans, t-case, t-case shifter linkage and brackets. frequently it's cheaper to buy a whole XJ to get what you need. (you'll still need a rear shaft because the XJ is too short) now's the time to think about lift, re-gearing, etc. since you're taking everything apart anyway.
  20. Theres gotta be something and all one would need is a sample. I mean its pure vinyl. I wish I knew of a company that could make such.
  21. mjeff87


    :mic drop: /end of discussion (no offense rokinn)
  22. Warren Mohler


    Good point! The gun is not the problem, if the Gov. took every KNOWN LEGAL gun away tomorrow how many hundreds of thousand of them would be left and in whose hands? As responsible gun owners what can we do to keep gun out of the hands of the nut bags that are committing such crimes? We can't. What CAN we do? We can't stop adults that have snapped and do these things, it's going to happen. Can we teach our kid's moral values, that ALL live's matter, the difference between right and wrong? Yes we can. I drive a school bus for a living, every day I am responsible for transporting as many as 140 elementary and high school students. It is disturbing to see the lack of guidance that a lot of them show. My largest stop is approx. 30 students I approach this stop and they are spread across half a city block all looking at their phones, that phone and whats on it is more important than the person to their left and right. Antisocial? What can we do? A lot of my kid's are great people and show a lot of promise a lot are not. Why, it's beyond me. Is the percentage of good and bad the same as it was fifty years ago just that many more of us? Gun control won't stop it, education and solid family values I believe will go a long way to help. In the mean time as the owner of many firearms including an AR15 I am doing what I believe to be the best thing by having them locked up all but one just in case it's needed. I don't have kids in the house but I fell this is a start on my part to keep my weapons where they belong and urge all gun owners to do the same. If you can afford an AR15 or any firearm you should afford a safe place to keep it.
  23. I mean, that's gotta be easier than getting taillights made, right?
  24. It is also a column shift so I'm not sure if that would affect anything
  25. I know I know. Aftermarket makes it hard to restore and take care of all non CJ, SJs, Daimler and Fiat Jeeps. The only posts I can find about this topic is one from 5 years ago and one from 7 years by 87MJTIM. Has anyone looked into or know of a possible source/manufacturer that could produce a roll of the non Laredo style body molding for the MJ and XJ. My truck originally had them but the sun murdered them and looked awful.
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