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  2. um, you're going to want a better way to hold that puppy down...
  3. Indeed! Thanks wahoo! It was weird to be in snotsdale and knowing full well that your one of the only 80’s vehicles there. Aside from @CactusComancheof course. Come on down! Might have to charge an entry fee though just to service the plumbing system lol.
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  5. Alright then, PM me 1988 Jeep Comanche Pioneer 4.0 Liter w/ AW4 2WD
  6. I can't thank you enough guys. I ordered a new ICM. It will take a week. I'll report back after getting and installing it.
  7. Set is good but in used condition. Kept them lubed when they were on the Jeep. These are for the taller lifts. Also including the straps I hung them from the Jeep when disconnected. $100 shipped from Georgia
  8. I stopped antihistamines years ago for a generic of Flonase. works soooooo much better and is cheaper. takes time to build, so it's a daily thing, not an emergency thing. I only take half the suggested dose so I could step it up if needed.
  9. Small update. Running and driving successfully! I managed to get it to it's probably first car show the other week and it faired quite well on the road. I have a black mj sitting in the garage from before I bought this gem and this white one will be getting all the suspension and rear axle from the black one (factory 44). Hopefully in the next 2 weeks it will have a full 4-5 inch lift with adjustable control arms and have a spring over 44 in the rear. Oh and I have a set of XJ Lace wheels that will be going on it as well with some 33s. I'm hoping to start the TDI swap toward th
  10. Try squeezing the lower hose (when it's cool). If it is mushy, you should replace it. While it's running, open the throttle and see what the hose does at higher RPMs.
  11. I can't give a solid timeframe, lest I be crucified when I fail to meet it, but several months at least.
  12. Its hard telling. They were on there when i got the jeep. Ill have to check and see if any of the hoses collapse.
  13. I was going to post something on the 8th to mark a whole year of my situation, but this is close enough I guess. Last seizure was still the 1st of the year. I've been using the last month or so to slowly... sloooooowly transition into things I'd normally find myself doing, which includes getting my diet back in check and occasionally doing things that require physical exertion. I've been trying to figure out if there's been any long-term changes in the way I act, feel, or engage with the world. I can think of a few things: Things that I've been told to chang
  14. I think it's more likely there's an internal fault in the ignition control module, but we can't be sure if you're not sure that's a good tach. Given it's not working on either the original tach or the new one, I would bet on the ICM. If you know someone with an oscilloscope you can test the output at the diagnostic connector to be sure, but since you tested continuity from the ICM to the tach and it's not shorted to ground, it's definitely either the ICM or the tachs. Good repair shops usually have an oscilloscope lying around, so you can probably ask them to test it for you. Should be a 1
  15. Finishing up the steering today. -installed NEW upper Control arm yesterday and currently waiting for another to arrive for the drivers side upper. installed tie rod ends and zj draglink with a new damper , and new shocks up front.
  16. Re bled the master, we'll see how it goes. Found a couple leaks. Might need a new oil pan plug and a new seal on the slip yoke eliminator.
  17. You do know codes are different in every jurisdiction right? My wind requirements are not the same as just a little west of me. I don't have to attach tethers like California requires. And yes my builder is engineering and certifying and registering the blue prints there are drawing with the county. They are saying this building can withstand 120mph sustained winds and not blow apart. They are a licensed contractor in the state and it is a requirement where I live. One county away it's not required. When I told the inspector office I was only building a small garage for my car, she said i
  18. My first thoughts. The water pump may be pulling enough to collapse the lower hose. How old are the hoses?
  19. I have one. I'll PM you with pictures to make sure it's what you want.
  20. Water pump direction (flow). Serpentine Belt installed properly. Lower radiator hose collapse.
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