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  2. I just bought what I believe to be very rare 1988 Comanche Larado 4X4 with factory accessory brush guard and wench. Great tight original interior Like a burgundy plaid color with bucket seats. Original factory radio. No real rust to speak of rides great with 150k miles on the original motor. It was repainted to original color around 6 years ago. It even has the original owners manual, stamped by a local dealer here in the Chattanooga area, and filled out by the original owners. Before me it was owned bye a fella who owned a mill in Lafayette Ga and drove it back and forth. Then passed to his
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jeep-Cherokee-Wagoneer-Rear-Slash-Guards-Mud-Flaps-OEM-NOS-/143967516966 $225 and free shipping on eBay I think it only comes with one bracket
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  5. I have a lot of different topics to post about since last time, but I will put them in later posts to keep them smaller. For now, we shall stay on track with the headlights. Over the weekend I managed to finish disassembling my steering column and remove the wiper and turn signal switches. I was convinced the column shroud was on backwards due to a piece that looks out of place. You can see it jutting out around the five o'clock position from the lock cylinder hole. Now I am not sure, and have no idea why it is there. Either way, someone had broken the shro
  6. Minuit

    How old are you?

    This is looking like an almost perfect normal distribution so far...
  7. Starting stitch looks off an piping no bends look alike nor are straight with anything visors or the half bench. Best of luck with sale
  8. Tailgates at my local pick n pull are $58 + $5 core charge.
  9. What I do when I encounter this (you can tell in the thumbnail when it uploads) is open up the photo in whatever your prefered photo editing software is – on my iPhone I just open up photos and hit “edit”, but even MS Paint would work – and rotate it through 360°, then save it. Fixes it every time.
  10. Turn your diagnostic connector around so the wire naturally exits to the back. It easily pops out of the bracket and can be rotated 180°.
  11. I pulled the distributor cap this morning and didn't see any obvious problems. There was some rotational and a little up and down play but it doesn't seem excessive. Maybe an 8th inch in either direction and about the same up and down. There was a little side to side play in the shaft as well, just enough to feel it moving around. Is the stator/pick-up coil/cam position sensor something I can test by unplugging it?
  12. Thats a fair point, I absolutely didnt think of that. Ill reuse this post again in the future if I get anymore bumper brackets.
  13. For sale posts should stay, that way people can get an idea of what parts are going for if they're looking to sell or buy.
  14. ... Check out : https://www.classicindustries.com/shop/1987/chevrolet/truck/parts/?q=Temp Sending Unit . How many pins on the black sending unit connector, in the red circle? youngfred
  15. Could be the wrong part for the vehicle. Could also be that one of the two terminals broke off. It's hard to see in the picture.
  16. Quality, stainless, ends have rubber O-ring seals. Nothing like the store boughts.
  17. Aftermarket junk. Mopar this time, right side came all the way from Lithuania.
  18. The instrument cluster does have a temperature gauge. Yeah, there is a temperature gauge; no idiot light. But we are unable to find a single terminal sender/sensor/switch, and we don't have full reference since this one looks broken.
  19. It's a temperature sender. It should ground to the thermostat housing into the engine. Hook up an ohm meter between the pin and the housing. It should have a resistance that changes with heat. Or if it's an idiot light sender, it will switch on/off when you hit the right temp.
  20. Just a good overall album.
  21. whatever you do, you better make sure the path through the firewall is sealed up good and tight. or water WILL find a way in.
  22. That was my thought as well, another thing I wanted was simplicity while choosing parts and this kit just takes a lot of the thinking out of what parts to pick.
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