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    Yes I am. I speak in ASL.
  3. Any ideas on where to purchase "New" AW4 solenoids. I have Googled and I keep seeing the solenoids for 87/2001 for Cherokee's, 90-93 for Comanche's. I know no 93' Comanches thier info not mine. Any body found a reliable USA based manufacturer of these components. I want to do all three.
  4. HAHA, Listen Kid, go back to doing write ups about your head unit.... The adults are talking here.....
  5. Today
  6. although it's not original, the choices for "modernizing" (in quotes because it involves replacing 30 year old stuff with 20 year old stuff) the inside of your MJ are... limited.
  7. See Brandon, you need to make that adapter plate like I've spoken about. If it's true for wj as well, you probably will sell just as many as the mj. You can be the savior of seats
  8. Did you get the military wrap, I believe Joe at GS said those get about 1/2" higher. Kinda custom made for slight lift he phrased it.
  9. My brakes have gotten bad (step on the pedal and it goes halfway to the floor and makes a terrible hissing sound). Anyways, I have an 01 WJ booster and master to install. As part of this I want to delete my Rear Height Sensor (its being tied up with string right now). Since I would be doing all this I want to re-run the brake lines themselves as they are starting to look kinda crusty. To simplify life I was thinking about getting THIS and removing the distribution block as well, and starting from fresh. Does anyone see a problem with doing this? Has anyone used this product before?
  10. Could be a non-rusty one; but otherwise, I agree with Darren. I passed on 3 MJ's in Georgia because of rust. Ended up with a solid one for 900.
  11. Once it's painted all one color, it'll just look like a Wrangler hood with a power blister. It still doesn't compare with that sheik's monstrosity. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6760511/Abu-Dhabi-Sheikh-builds-incredible-ten-wheeled-vehicle-military-truck-Jeep.html
  12. Don't buy an MJ in the rustbelt. Go buy one that is rust free and drive it home. I don't understand why anyone would buy a rusted out truck when ones with zero rust are the same price.
  13. 31's with no modification 33's with some trimming 35's with major modifications
  14. Darren


    Are you deaf?
  15. You bet it does! You posting yours inspired me to post about my Dad’s.
  16. This belongs at Wasteland Weekend! https://www.wastelandweekend.com/
  17. Well thank you! It was surprising that the big tires made it ride better.
  18. Gjeep has a writeup in his build thread about putting one-piece windows in his MJ using the Chinese 2500 guts (their version of the XJ). as for interiors, I'd wager there's gotta be something about the interior panels in the link in my sig.
  19. Ball joints....ball joints will clunk, if you have had those inspected and you are assured those are not the problem........set that aside. Worn bushings in control arms..........those will clunk, again, if those have been inspected.......set aside. Steering link will clunk, tie rod ends..........if you are assured that is not the problem...............set aside. Gear box to frame, frame can crack, steering box lose.............inspect, tighten. Lastly, and here is where I think your problem is- Track bar- If hole is wallowed at axle end..........clunk. If fours bolts are lose at frame end..........clunk. If rod end at frame bracket is bad.......clunk. If hole on frame bracket where TB rod end is mounted had wallowed.........clunk. None of which may be immediately obvious. Inspect closely, instruct mechanic to inspect closely.
  20. I found some 8in wheels I've been looking for, I'm going to paint the centers red and use the baby moon.. I just don't like the caps I had...
  21. I'm doing a 97+ swap on my Mj but wanting to keep the paint and not swap the doors. Has anyone swapped just the guts, I'm not worried about wiring I've done a lot of swaps but always with 96 model xj's or swapped the whole door on the 97+. Thanks in advance...
  22. I love the ol' square-lighters you guys did a great job on that one
  23. Not too much going on with the Focus right now, I've been showing my poor KJ some love by driving it. It's been sitting in the garage for the last couple weeks, LOL. I grabbed a bunch of front suspension hardware along with those axle nuts down at the junkyard last weekend just to have for spares and they were all a bit rusty. I tossed them in a small container of vinegar and am letting them sit all this week. I popped the lid off the container last night to check on them, and I've got a pretty good science experiment going on I'm on vacation next week (it's a stay-cation, my birthday is Tuesday and I need to get a bunch of crap done around the house without my wife being there to nag me.....). I'm sure I'll end up doing something to the Focus along the way. I know I need to put a new muffler on it, at least. the bubbling crude (sorry for the sideways pic):
  24. Ultimately every part you will need is available, you'll have to hunt and be patient. Electrical.........EVERY MJ and XJ of the era will come with some electrical problems, every one can be overcome. If you are willing to do the work.........comes down to a clean body or not, just my POV.
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