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  2. If we want to do something in the spring, I'm sure we could put something together at my parent's house. We have 6 mowed acres. We are on the Mississippi in SW WI. We do have some nice scenery out by us. I have thought of putting a show together for MJs, XJs, FSJs, ZJs, CJs, and YJs. I have nothing against any of the newer Jeeps, but I think including them would result in a complete takeover. I don't want to walk around and look at a bunch of JKs.
  3. I'll play. I would not swap a 242 in an MJ, I would just stick with the stock 231 and here is why. Let's say hypothetically that you are driving along in AWD and your vehicle starts sliding. You try to correct it, but you're now parked in the ditch and you are stuck. You probably won't be able to get out using 4wd because you put it in there in 4wd. If you ditch it in 2wd you might have a fighting chance of using 4wd to get you out. Also, with AWD, by the time you lose traction, it will probably be too late to recover. Just my 2 cents. With all of that said, if I needed a T-case and
  4. Just keep an eye on the sliding doors, you'd better replace the rollers as soon as they start making noise than have to buy the closer motor/cable, trust me.
  5. After a couple of cases where all of my Jeeps had issues and I had to think about whether I could get to work or not, I bought a 2019 Subaru Crosstrek. A new car that I'm not going to modify and one with a warranty makes a good daily driver.
  6. Well it looks like we are planning something lol. Realistically, I wonder how many trucks we could get? If its just a few, I can do it on my property, but if its large, we need a venue. Do we allow anyone else (XJs, etc)? Campground? Personal Property? Venue? We have car shows at the local golf course/hotel... nice shaded area and a large parking lot. I'm in Kentucky, pretty much midway up the coast and midway of the midwest - about as central as we can get if we are serious. Nashville or Chattanooga are also pretty close too if we have a point person to take control in either area.
  7. I run a 242 in both my MJ's almost as tough as a 231. Not as much aftermarket support but full-time AWD is very handy. Can be a little noisy and jerky but I think it is the perfect compromise. You will need a 23 spline from a ZJ or a any XJ with an AX15 that will be a short snout and will work but seal between your TC and trans as you can get a bit if fluid leakage. The medium snout is pretty rare and only came behind the 93-95 ZJ with an auto. Avoid the long snout which will not fit with an AX15. Rebuilding is very easy. The kit costs about $200. I would also get an aftermarket linkage. The
  8. Nope, completely worthless. I can take it off of your hands for disposal though! Yes, it is a pretty valuable diff. Is it for an MJ, an XJ, or something else?
  9. Gearing? Regardless if it is a Comanche or Cherokee D44 someone will want it. The Trac-Loc from my understanding isn't super special but can be a decent LSD when friction material is not worn out. It will definitely command more than the 2x 8.25 3.55s I just bought for my truck (100 for one and 150 for another). 3.55s or higher will demand more money.
  10. This thing would be perfect with a solid axle in the front and an AX-15
  11. We got most of the parts from Super Scout, and I have to say, they were some of the best patch panels I've ever worked with. The parts are made using the old IH dies.
  12. Anyone ever sold a danna 44 with the factory track lock diff? Wanted to know if they were worth anything.
  13. Since turning 16 I have daily driven XJs and for the last few years a mix of XJs and MJs. Finally this year I bought 2014 Dodge Journey to have a nice, go anywhere and not worry about it, vehicle. I'm 25 now married and hopefully kids soon.
  14. My beloved 2007 Honda Odyssey. No seriously I love it. 26 w/no kids but it is the most comfortable damn thing...
  15. I was in for a few years, my dad even led the troop for a couple years. Got second in the pinewood derby. Was quite fun but still need to google how to tie knots. I had a buddy for a couple years who finished as an eagle scout. He actually lived through the 2008 tornado that went through the Little Sioux boy scout camp. His best friend was one of the 4 killed. Last year he moved to go to medical school, that day he decided to be a doctor and is now working on fullfiling that. There is an article from 2018 he did an interview about it, it's easy to find on google.
  16. Not yet. We have been crazy busy at work and our friend that has the body shop has been slammed also. Hopefully it’s a bad winter in southwest Michigan so we both can slow down and get started on it.
  17. Thanks, just figured I'd share, hoping it would help someone else out!
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  19. Jealous. Scout IIs are the quintessential "SUV" in my book.
  20. Sweet! My buddy, his dad, me, and my dad put new floors and quarter on their Scout II this spring!
  21. My MJ in the summer and my dad lets me use his work truck in the winter (for this year while I save funds for a winter beater).
  22. I couldn’t imagine that water. That would be awful. We went to Camp Parsons our on the Olympic Penninsula of WA and that water was freezing too. I’m sure it had nothing on Alaska though.
  23. Thank you! I am hoping to get the building part of the project done before my 17th Birthday.
  24. Life Scout (I joined too late to make the cutoff for Eagle) and OA. Wimachtendienk, Wingolauchsik, Witahemui
  25. So the wife was jealous of the fact she drives her 12 liberty year round and I have the lifted JK in the summer and the lifted XJ in the winter lol. So we had been shopping around for something she wanted. Tried to find a comanche but sadly to much money currently. I remember when I first joined this site a running driving one in the area would be less then 1k. Anyway we looked at square bodies, broncos, yes, tjs, etc. Finally one day she sends me a link to an international scout. So after some haggling and finally getting a free weekend. What should have been a 4 hour trip turned into 10 afte
  26. Well I finally had time to finish the lift and get the tires mounted and new head unit installed on the XJ and started driving it. Sadly notices I was loosing coolant pretty quickly and had some nice white smoke in the exhaust. So decided it was time to do the headgasket. Head was milled and got a valve job as well. Got everything back together and used the xj to pull my new project in the barn and in that 20' it promptly blew the one brake line the PO didn't replace. So that is now on my schedule for the weekend.
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