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  1. great find! I'm going to add this thread to the master DIY list.
  2. do you have a manual transmission? is there any evidence of the master leaking and dribbling down into the fuse box (where it deforms the plastic and corrodes the connections)?
  3. those seat nuts are just... the worse. I hate dealing with them.
  4. I know, right? all that factory perfection and then... whoops!
  5. happy to help! I used the experience I gained from that day to pull a bed of my own this past week. if anyone was curious, that pile of trash was in the bed
  6. trust me, if it was a longbed, I'd probably still take it as an upgrade to my trailer. But yeah, it'll be going in my soon-to-be-resto'd '88. If Jeremy can get there, he said he would eventually come to GA to help me with the electrical. but I'd head to AL to get it too.
  7. oh wait, you wanted someone good at this...
  8. it is ABSOLUTELY a worthwhile upgrade. Will it fix your problems? can't say for sure. If your pump was backwards it would overheat all the time. if it's ok on the freeway, but runs hot when stationary, that sounds like an airflow issue to me.
  9. are you rocking the old style e-fan or a newer style with the curved blades?
  10. good luck to you. I might be heading back to pullapart today. If I do, I'll see if any of the Jeeps have a working one I can snag.
  11. I'll take it! I'm not sure I'll be able to make the show though. but we'll iron out the details later.
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