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  1. honestly I don't mind the cold, but it would be really nice if it would STOP RAINING!!
  2. probably not useful to you but I've got my Co2 tank tied to some unistrut with a pipe clamp.
  3. has anyone seen someone combine their exhaust pipe with their rocker guard? even if it was a show Jeep. Just saw a pic of a 60 'vette and it dawned on me. edit: it might be time for bed. I'm not sure.
  4. awww, you're getting the cold snap too? bummer.
  5. you'll need the basics. an appropriately geared front axle, a front driveshaft, a shorter rear driveshaft, 4wd trans, t-case, t-case shifter linkage and brackets. frequently it's cheaper to buy a whole XJ to get what you need. (you'll still need a rear shaft because the XJ is too short) now's the time to think about lift, re-gearing, etc. since you're taking everything apart anyway.
  6. I mean, that's gotta be easier than getting taillights made, right?
  7. hmmm... I see an image title, but no image address in the URL spot.
  8. is that just the handle or the whole handle assembly?
  9. I found mine on ebay for about half that site
  10. There's a small chance that 31s might rub a bit on the lower control arms at full turn (deoends on the wheel you run and the tires you buy since tire measurement aren't exact). It's nothing super bad and can be fixed by simply only turning 95% of the way or by swapping in WJ lower arms which have a bend in them for tire clearance.
  11. nah, I'll be in the '16 Durango hauling my folks' travel trailer across the country for them. but yeah, I always bring a pile of tools anyway. I like to be prepared.
  12. I'll bring my tools
  13. I should be driving through denver this fall
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