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  1. I've met young guys that were model humans, I've met old guys that would swindle you out of your lunch for fun. just gotta look out for the losers and ignore their efforts to bring us down to their level.
  2. after 3 decades, they have become cool. mostly due to rarity and that diesel clatter, but cool none the less. I just wouldn't want one as a DD, or wheeler, or hauler, or pretty much anything but a car-show truck.
  3. keep me posted. I'll bring a trailer
  4. that line made my day.
  5. stuff is happening! I'm still not confident in my ability to unload a bed solo, but if I wait until I'm 100% to start cleaning, I'll be even further behind! so I've begun prepping for photos. also, the map below contains the target area for this next drive. I did the east coast last drive so it's the midwest's turn. guys in this area will have priority. this date is purely speculative, but I'm shooting for being well enough to make the drive north around the weekend of Nov 6th.
  6. that one red bed looks halfway decent! also I spy a door window visor thingie and what appears to be a full gauge cluster this winter we need to get together and do some scavenging! I love a good junkyard run
  7. better than new! like, waaaaaayyyyy better!
  8. Pete M

    CC cookbook

    made some banana chips over last night. 7.5 hrs seems about perfect for my tastes. no longer sticky, but still chewy. like little banana flavored gummies.
  9. I see a whole truck full of good parts!
  10. no hurries, I'm just happy to hear you're doing good.
  11. they are pretty rare. what specifically did you want to know?
  12. the manual transmissions never got the 242 as an option from the factory. neither did 2.5Ls. so the 21 spline 242s would only be from the 87-90 auto XJs that got the Selectrac box checked. they are pretty rare. all XJ 242s starting in 91 would be 23 spline. I cannot speak to any other brand of truck that might have gotten the 242.
  13. Pete M

    CC cookbook

    I've been trying everything in it. from dehydrating apple slices, to reheating my salmon, to crisping up my baked potato (that I mostly nuked), to simple warming up my sliced turkey for my sandwich. it makes everything better. I think to night we'll be having tater tots. I think I've been looking forward to them the most.
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