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  1. Pete M

    Someone needs to do something here. :)

    always, always seatbelts.
  2. Pete M

    Suspension lift

    the late 90s/early 2000s Dakota split bench seems to be a popular swap. not a direct bolt-in, but one of our members was working on an adapter bracket to make it bolt-in.
  3. Pete M

    Suspension lift

    don't think of it as a Jeep, or a truck. try to think of it as you now own a classic car. for perspective, I bought my first MJ in 1997. a 28 year old car at that time would be the 69 Camaro. the build I would do with it (note the focus on replacing the ancient rubber bits): 31s TJ Canyon rims (8" wide and has stock backspacing) 2" budget boost lift (pucks up front, chevy drop shackles out back) WJ control arms (they have a bend for tire clearance plus you can buy them new to get rid of your 30 year old bushings) YJ front brake lines (they are longer than MJ lines and yours are now 30 years old and should likely be replaced) all sorts of fullsize trucks have a longer rear line to do the same and then I'd leave it alone and focus on the other 28 year old items that likely should be replaced so the truck is reliable. (cooling parts, rubber seals, grounds, battery cables, etc) see the link in my sig for all sorts of how-tos. also this link:
  4. Pete M

    Wrangler axle swap

    4.10 8.8s are pretty common. 4.10 libertys are rarer and limited to the early years. car-part.com can help with junkyard searches.
  5. Pete M

    kj in limp mode. :( pusher pump now installed

    KJ. I haven't left yet. new drive day is friday. the rusty fuel return line is fixed. the leaky trans line is fixed. but the code and limp mode keeps coming back. I'm done messing with it until I get to GA. I drove up here in limp mode so I'm confident I can get back. especially since I can kill the code as often as I want. the one bit of new info is that the code reader has a few live stream info feeds and one shows that I'm at almost 10% throttle while at idle. not sure what that means.
  6. Pete M

    Wrangler axle swap

    what year wrangler?
  7. I grounded my system to a seat floor bolt.
  8. if you're talking about the control arms, now is a good time to contemplate WJ arms.
  9. my only experience with poly is the C-bushings on my ford 44 and they were sooooo stiff
  10. Pete M


    hold yur horses! I don't know the fix yet, but there is some evidence that shows it might not be on your end, but rather our 1's and 0's having some confusion about sending out the alert emails... stay tuned...
  11. Pete M

    Men who ponder.

    science is fun can't wait for the results!
  12. Pete M

    3D printing for the wag xj?

    in this day and age someone should be able to 3d that little guy.
  13. Pete M

    Registry Section Idea

    putting together an official CC website has been in the works for awhile, but always seems to be on the back burner. stupid life. keeps getting it the way.
  14. Pete M

    Pistol Storage Solutions?

    looks like you've found a good solution
  15. Pete M

    kj in limp mode. :( pusher pump now installed

    mmmm..... haven't been there in a while.