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  1. Pete M

    I'm back!

    howdy! how's the truck doing?
  2. the link In my signature has some threads that cover the detsils.
  3. I'm sure you'll get differing opinions on this but I'm for putting it back. it does no harm and can jeep your truck from smelling like gas on a hot day. there's no need to stay with the original though, there are plenty in the junkyards designed to mount under the truck out of sight.
  4. I did some gnarly things with my old truck when it was 2wd. the key is not going alone and having solid tow points front and rear.
  5. since you have to make mounts anyway, I'd say those would be perfect.
  6. the link in my sig has a bunch of info for swapping around the various years of transmissions.
  7. how well do the lights work? are they LED or regular?
  8. Brandon's should be ready any month now... how'd the welding go?
  9. beautiful! I may have to steal a shot for the CC fb page.
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