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  1. good find! I'll move the whole thing over and merge this with it
  2. It's never been at the Chrysler Museum, never been displayed, and wasn't in that warehouse I got to poke around in.
  3. what, no curly tail? aside from piggy banks, what's the plan for it?
  4. always loved that MJ. one of my favs build thread, build thread, build thread! you need one in order to qualify for MJ of the Month!
  5. personally I would tap the holes rather than trust the 30 year old screws to still do their job.
  6. a tougher rear axle will solve this issue. they all have longer pinion snouts.
  7. ouch. that' could buy a lot of Comanches. It was pretty sweet though
  8. Pete M

    LJ Thoughts

    42rle? isn't that the transmission found in '03+ Libertys? If so, there are lots of them out there doing fine, but seem to have a higher failure rate than the previous automatic found in '02s and CRDs. But the data is spotty and scarce. so I get the feeling that this is like the Dana 35 and Peugeot and it'll be a never ending disagreement between people that have had issues vs those that are still working fine. It's a shame we can't do legit studies on them to see what the failure rates are or what part fails first and why. maybe it's a single cause, like a batch of poorly manufactured clutches. Or the aforementioned possible computer error that shifts too soon but doesn't show itself except under certain driving conditions. I love failure analysis.
  9. aren't the ebrake cables attached to the bed? I don't think those are going to stretch a whole lot.
  10. that sounds like fun! I'm on my way over to the youtube now...
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