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  1. Np207 swap

    the 207 is an 86 and earlier thing (or really early 87 but rare). what's the green lettering in the middle of the shifter? between hi-lock and N. because it looks like that's a 242 t-case (with all-wheel drive) shifter gate.
  2. what size clutch

    I don't understand the question. any autoparts store should be able to look it up for ya. Here's Autozone's version: https://www.autozone.com/drivetrain/clutch-disc-plate/brute-power-clutch-disc-plate/329628_12536_0
  3. Aging Parents

    so glad there are some positives coming out of this for you.
  4. Scavenger hunt/ picture challenge!

  5. hopefully we'll soon have the auto-shrinking software for uploaded pics.
  6. My Jeep named: RUNS

    always a good feeling to hear it fire up
  7. Best way to lock/secure a trailer

    5 wheel locks per rim, anti-theft bolts on the hubs, sit it on a couple jack stands and then pull all the valve cores. all kidding aside, if I had to long-term store a trailer somewhere other than my house, I just might do all that. I've got a Co2 tank so it's not a big deal to fill 'er back up.
  8. what would you guys like on the main page?

    just trying to help new comers find some fun threads where members share things about themselves.
  9. Rust above rear wheel wells and options

    our beds rot from the inside-out, so whatever you can see will be 100 times worse on the other side of the sheetmetal. 2door XJ rear wheelwells can be made to work, but they are close, not exact. plenty of owners have covered them up with bushwackers, but because it is worse inside the rust will always come back unless you deal directly with the rust behind it. Getting access is the hardest part, but protects like POR-15 can help stave off the cancer attack if you can get in there to prep and treat.
  10. what would you guys like on the main page?

    ooo, I like that one. simple and to the point. or maybe it's just that I really, really want that Jeep in the picture!
  11. NEW Production Comanche Enamel Pins and Patches!

    got my pins and patches today!
  12. 4.0L HO Header Fitment Issue

    well, phooey on that then.
  13. 4.0L HO Header Fitment Issue

    I mean the gasket where the flange bolts to the block. I'm not sure why one would exist, but I know head gaskets come in different thicknesses so maybe an exhaust gasket would too.
  14. 4.0L HO Header Fitment Issue

    is there such thing as a thicker exhaust gasket out there in the world?
  15. led light bars, will it ever end?

    couldn't resist the cheapness so we got a 20"er for the liberty. tucked it up under the bumper. still debating removing that little bit of the bumper in front of it. it really adds to the light output of the Jeep, even with high beams on. but way too bright for use around traffic. and since I had the giant one lying around, I could help but see where it might go. it's waaaay too long for above the roof (probably a 40"er could go there) but it matches the curve of the front bumper quite well I'll likely never get one, but if I ever get to drive this Jeep out west again, I'd be hard pressed not to seriously consider it. 75mph on a freeway in the middle of antelope country needs every bit of light I can muster.