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  1. ordered some replacement stock CRD springs today. had been dreaming of some OME coils/shocks but I just can't swing that level of fundage. plus places are showing it on backorder so who knows when I'd get it anyway. Should be here in a week.
  2. Pretty sure my 20 year old CR was simply urethaned in place. so far so good.
  3. have you dropped the site into the Vendor's section yet?
  4. I hate the split design, but do love that we can swap it out without dropping the transmission. that's a sweet perk.
  5. Pete M


    metric ton MJs were all longbeds, but shortbeds could still get the d44 separate from the MT package. also, the build list for older trucks is incomplete because a lot of info was lost before the transition into Chrysler's computers. but you may be able to find your paper copy. it could be stuffed i the bottom of a seat, or behind a door panel, or other places. a photo of the rear axle will tell us if it's a 44 or a 35. the 44 has a stop sign octagon kinda shape to it. the 35 is an oval blob.
  6. any year AX-15 will work. AX-15s after 94 will have the external slave bellhousing. T-cases made after (I think) 96 will have the sealed rear output.
  7. Pete M

    The Makers Club

    my favorite hands-on job was the year I was a repair tech at a prototype company. I fixed giant hydraulic presses CNCs and robotics, but the car-sized lasers were my favorite. the old one (made in the 80s?) was bigger than a truck! sounded like a jet when the fan fired up.
  8. it's not that bad of a project. but you'll make your life easier by sourcing the crossmember and trans shifter (handle plus the tower), and t-case linkage from an XJ. if the wrangler was a TJ, you'll get a t-case with a sealed rear output.
  9. I would do as much of the big jobs as possible before paint. less chance of scratching stuff later on while you're wrestling with an axle or something.
  10. you might need to. between the t-case being rotated up a bit plus you don't have the AX-15 crossmember with the little drop in the middle, it might be a tight fit. also the wrangler shifter handle get super close to the dash in 1,3,5. But it's doable. I have a 2000 AX-15 in my 88.
  11. Pete M


    vin from a low miles 88 pioneer
  12. a nice looking truck, but I've got some questions, like where's the center console, where's the floor trim on the drivers side, why do the pioneer stripes end at the cab, and that seems like a lot of clutch pedal wear for only 7k miles. but most of all, why does carfax show 150k miles at last odometer reading? something is fishy here. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1988-jeep-comanche-6/
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