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  1. Pete M

    Line x

    it does stop scratching, but it isn't invincible and brings on other problems: fading, getting it clean, chunking, baking in the sunshine, trying to repair the steel if bigger damage or rust occurs, etc. the various brands of liner have differing levels of issues so you'll want to research each and make sure you find the people with negative opinions about what they did. nothing is ever as awesome as a quick quote on facebook makes it seem. plus the effort to remove it after the fact is insane if for some reason you change your mind about the color or the look (yes, one owner did that after buying a truck that already had it on). just make sure you research the hell out of it and give it thought. it's not for everyone.
  2. Pete M

    CC Powwow in the Denver area June 16-ish

    got my flight.
  3. Pete M

    Line x

    no paint needs to be removed. but you'll need to prep the surface as per the instructions. why are you lining it?
  4. Pete M

    Line x

    what do you mean by "change the paint"?
  5. Pete M

    Yard Art to Urban Art

    my guess is that the ground goes there because it is simply the closest ground. (not a lot of them out back)
  6. Pete M

    4 Cylinder Turbo Build!

    any updates?
  7. sigh. yeah the pics aren't dragging over, even individually. you'd have to save each one to the desktop and then bring them in one at a time. the plus side is that then they'd be saved here. I'd wager that &#8221 stands for ". when a new character pack comes in, sometimes the old ones don't get converted quite right.
  8. Pete M

    Fuel pump ground

    copy/paste that into this thread so he'll see it:
  9. Pete M

    dealership parts hillarity

    a-yup. just give them all the monies.
  10. Pete M

    Yard Art to Urban Art

    that little guy is very important. I ended up splicing into the pump ground wire by the tank and added a new ground on the frame rail nearby.
  11. that's a thing of beauty! you should be able to click "edit" in your original expeditionportal thread, copy all the text and then paste it here.
  12. Pete M

    Truck Night in America

    that was probably for the best. I've watched a couple shows (on mute, while doing other things) and some of the trucks incur some serious damage.
  13. Pete M

    Random Purchase Offers

    go drive a Kia if you don't want gawkers and groupies.