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  1. a little later than I wanted, but I'm hitting the road. next stop, Shippensburg!
  2. A/C is officially fixed. and a huge thanks to the engineers for putting a schrader valve on that pressure switch. I was fearing the worst and a whole refill process.
  3. all depends on what you want to do with it. I don't fit well trying to sleep in a shortbed with the gate up. I love my trailer and take it all over the place. can't imagine life without one.
  4. very common. that metal is just too soft for the task at hand. weld on a washer. I'm confident it'll cure your woes, but at the very least it's free to try.
  5. can you share a picture of this specific issue area? maybe it's not what's in my head.
  6. the factory steel that's there isn't up to snuff. hardened steel should cure it.
  7. wait, why can't we just weld on a washer? it just seems like we're overthinking this.
  8. which axles are we talking about? not all ratios are available for all axles.
  9. Pete M

    Epic MJ Roadtrip

    you can just swap in a later radiator with the cap and be on your way. no need to mess with the rest of the system right now. upgrade it later on at your leisure.
  10. the entire body is different. the entire firewall is different. everything that mounts to the body/firewall will bedifferent. I'm not saying it's impossible, but I wanted to make sure the OP knows it's not a shared-platform like the Cherokee.
  11. can I get my official mall crawler card now? found some plastic tail guards at a 'yard and painted them up. also replaced the cracked tail housings because they were cheap.
  12. Pete M


    'tis a gorgeous survivor! I would start hitting the classic car shows asap.
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