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  1. Starman:

    well, depending on whose calculations are right, we may well see it again. or it might crash into venus. who knows.
  2. Fuel pump not running

    the pump grounds right behind the dr side taillight so it might be worth while to clean it.
  3. Double din bezel

    what about using a tablet and hanging it off the front part of the dash lip? (essentially hanging it in front of the radio and heater controls but it a way that they are easily accessed)
  4. what might they be? bonus points if you've got pics. in just this one photo you can see: I drained out the last of my washer fluid bottle and routed the ccv hose to it as a stop gap to catch the copious amounts of oil spewing from my valve cover as I was traveling over the mountain passes on the way to Moab. used a clothes hanger to hold it down for extra classiness that screw hole at the bottom of the pic is from when I screwed a small piece of metal to hold down that corner of the hood after the latch seized on me and I tore it out. never needed it until I hit freeway speeds and then it would flop up and down. and yes, that's tupperware keeping my relays dry. (technically that was planned so it doesn't count for this thread) you can see the metal strip here:
  5. Double din bezel

    I've seen them online for late model XJs, but can't recall one for earlier years.
  6. can't upload photos

    don't worry about it. our site now auto-shrinks your pics for you. just load them straight to your post! but wile we're on the subject, in MS Paint I use "resize" and I usually do it by pixels. I've found that 600xwhatever is plenty big for internet use.
  7. what did you do!

    just send me a message with your name/address and if you prefer paypal or snailmail for the donation.
  8. 06 Liberty CRD

    a-yup. but it's designed that something bends (can't remember what) if it happens to minimize the damage. still costs a small fortune.
  9. I have a bluetooth dongle plugged into my AUX port and it's all hidden behind the dash. (except for the charging cable)
  10. No brake lights

    did this come on suddenly? any trailer light wire harness integrated out back? check the ground located inside the dr side taillight. double check that all your bulbs are correct and the sockets are in good shape. after that I would check the harness connector located behind the drivers side rear tire underneath the truck. I had corrosion inside that killed the brake lights / turn signals.
  11. Haulin MJs, here to there and back

    diesels do not like the cold. My liberty drops at least 10-15mpg if it's below freezing outside. doesn't help that the grille/fan arrangement up front doesn't lend itself to an easy covering for the radiator.
  12. 06 Liberty CRD

    ours has worked great. but I'm just a sample size of 1 so that doesn't mean a whole lot.
  13. what did you do!

    pixel by pixel by pixel by pixel... good times (not)
  14. what did you do!

    it's a classic I still remember making it in MS paint.
  15. gotcha. the location next to the tape functions threw me for a loop.