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  1. I had a rear ujoint go bad in my Liberty that gave vibrations under load, but went away if I coasted.
  2. I'm out of town at the moment, but I'll get that out to you next monday when I return.
  3. nope. nothing that old on this laptop.
  4. not sure if I have pics on this computer but I built an A-frame out of 2x4s and had several axles on it. quality casters are key if you want to move it around. I'll hunt around for the photos.
  5. The XJ pack will have an overload too. but if the MJ one is beefier, just swap it out with the MJ one.
  6. Pete M

    flooring woes

    it is georgia afterall. moisture is sort of their thing. and I'd wager this past week was the first week in a long time that the AC wasn't on (I was up north)
  7. Pete M

    flooring woes

    that be the plan. I followed the dimensions the box asked for. also why did it take so friggin long?!
  8. good ol' flight of the tubabee
  9. I swapped an Explorer pack into my 90 once. I lost maybe an inch of height.
  10. Pete M


    I split your post off into its own thread. gorgeous truck! start a build thread and snap some more pics!
  11. Pete M

    flooring woes

    so I've installed a ton of flooring over the years. never had a problem with buckling until this past week. the snap together bamboo in the sunroom has been there for over a year now. It had the proper gap all the way around, and now for some reason it's touching both the east and west walls and buckled just a bit. It's an easy enough fix (especially since the buckle is right next to the wall I laid last), but I'm still pretty mad (and confused) about it. but that's a project for another day...
  12. how far is it from the tip of the #2 XJ leaf and the MJ main's rear bushing? i.e. how much unsupported length is there? I've been using a main leaf with the ends removed after noticing how much the main leaf arches at the tip of the #2 leaf.
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