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  1. bummer. I can see how it'd be worth while though. having a shop is going to be awesome
  2. I'm out of town at the moment, but I have everything but the windshield banners (and I'll have more of them soon as I can get back to michigan). Plus pretty soon we will have the Hornbrod tribute stickers ready to mail out.
  3. Pete M

    some RV awesomeness for ya...

    if you haven't seen it yet, this bad boy is currently making its rounds of the internet.
  4. Pete M

    any Ford Focus owners here?

    that sounds like a smart idea
  5. I'll check it out I've used a bunch of them now and they are awesome. I still hate wiring though.
  6. Pete M

    junkyard score!

  7. Pete M


    indeed there is. from quite a while ago. or at least the one I found is.
  8. Pete M

    which sticker cut would you prefer?

    here we go. letters are all fixed.
  9. Pete M

    1987 comanche first car

    superdutys have been showing up in the pull a parts.
  10. Pete M

    Diesel Cherokee Wagoneer Holy Grail?

    holy crap! that thing is amazing! I'd clean it up and start hitting the car shows for all my trophies
  11. Pete M

    which sticker cut would you prefer?

    aaaannnnd we have a slight movement of the letters and tires. stand by while we figure this out.
  12. Pete M

    No Tail Lights

    do you have power to the lights out back? are the bulbs the proper double filament?
  13. Pete M

    JL... limo? not sure what to make of this 6x4

    It could be a great advertising tool. lord knows I'd notice the silly thing parked at a store.
  14. Pete M

    which sticker cut would you prefer?

    ignore the weird thicker lines on the truck.
  15. Pete M

    which sticker cut would you prefer?

    I have a modified crop to throw into the mix (the line under the L will match the line under the M)