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  1. Topper is in good shape. Has sliding windows on either side. No keys for the lock. Needs new shocks on the hatch. I’m not quite sure what to ask for it, I’ll say $500, but I’m sure we could probably come to an better price.
  2. Maybe, I’m still just a bit confused about the rattle going away when I push on the transmission/transfer case. Maybe a bad input bearing on the transfer case too?
  3. Hey all, I have this rattle in my transmission and it’s irritating me. I don’t understand for the life of me what it is. It started about 2 weeks after I swapped power trains in my truck. It rattles upon the clutch being released and rattles while the engine is idling. I can make the rattle go away by simply pushing on the transmission. I put brand new mounts and it is tight so that is not the issue. The video makes it much more pronounced than it actually is, but it’s like a full-on rattle. Bellhousing bolts are tight, the mounts are tight. I’m at a loss IMG_7494.MOV IMG_7494.MOV
  4. I gave it a single pump this morning and it fired right back up! Man this thing runs good.
  5. 1987 Jeep Comanche 2.8L, A904, NP207?, D35, D30? Sticker was worn off N/C Kansas Currently being fixed up, to become a rock crawler. Special Features: chrome tailgate latch, cruise, power windows/door locks, cargo light. (Absolutely loaded) Owned by a friend of mine.
  6. So, I never expected it to ever come to this. As some backstory, this truck sat outside, with the hood up, weeds growing through it since ~2009 the 2.8 was stuck solid. I couldn’t turn it even with a long breaker bar and now it runs. And pretty decent at that even on 12 year old gas. Sadly I don’t have any pictures of it after I drove it. It’s not happy trying to move, which I think is a combination of low trans fluid and a stuck parking brake. So have a picture of when I stole the receiver hitch off of it. I did take the topper off, so it anyone wants a long bed Lear topper, please let me know. FullSizeRender.mov
  7. I checked them again after a drive and they all seemed good and tight, so hopefully no more will be lost.
  8. Added fog lights, as well as a whole new set of lug nuts. I keep losing them going down the road. Less than 2,000 miles and I’ve lost 3 or 4 now. Hopefully nicer new ones will help. I also robbed a friends old front clip off his Jeep of the remaining chrome front trim pieces I needed.
  9. Hey, it works does it not? lol. I’m surprised how flimsy the factory bumpers really are. I barely even hit the tree and it bent it a ton.
  10. I did some bumper “mods” this weekend. I backed into a tree to straighten out the bumper, got the stuck ball off of the bumper, and installed a Draw-Tite receiver hitch. Fancy stuff.
  11. Also have you tried flushing the core? My heat didn’t use to work but I flushed a ton of junk out and now it works great.
  12. I think it should work. Later heater cores will have a different size fitting than the one that you have has. I think all the heater cores from 84-96 were the same minus the fitting sizes
  13. The rear axle does not seem to have an extraordinary amount of play either. I never noticed this before I swapped it, not in the Cherokee, nor in the Comanche with the BA10/5. Clutch and flywheel were also torqued to spec and don’t seem to be lose as it sounds just fine when starting and the clutch seems a-ok. Both transfer case and transmission have the proper amount and type of fluid.
  14. Hey all. Whenever I shift gear normally now in my Comanche, it makes a very audible clunk/knock. If I baby it, no clunk, no knock, nothing. It also makes this knock if I wind the engine up and accelerate then coast. It is not the u joints of any kind, the front nor rear ones, nor do I believe it is the transmission mount as I just replaced it. I was thinking transfer case chain slap but it doesn’t seem to have a ton of play to suggest it. The input shaft on the transmission did seem to have some play but it was not extreme. transmission and transfer case are from a 1993 Jeep Cherokee. AX-15, NP231. It still retains the original internal clutch setup.
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