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  1. Well, I’m a liar. Though I would have done stuff by now, but “you can’t rush art” so, here we are. I’m having a love-hate relationship with the paint. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s really bad. I pulled all the trim off because the adhesive is starting to get weak and the off-roading I did started to make some of the pieces start to peel. I don’t know if they recreate them or not, but I’d rather not take the chance. I did a drag race against my friends HO XJ, and I lost. Oh well, mines rarer? I suppose? Also, I left my windows down and it rained, that allowed all the rat smell to leave the seats, so it’s been sitting in the shade with the windows down in order to get the musk out. Yuk. And sense I’m going to have to clean it anyway, I pulled down the headliner. It’s a bit annoying when it falls down in front of you and you can’t see. It was more of a safety thing. Also, the TPS went kaput so it doesn't idle worth a damn when hot. So that’s your local nincompoop driving around his truck for this week. Have a nice week, be safe, and please wear your seatbelt. (Added info: I used it as a tow rig. It hated that. Maybe the 430 is too heavy?)
  2. Ok. I know I haven’t been retroactive on my original plans for this, (I said I would start doing stuff in, like, June.) but I’m finally taking initiative to get there. I hope to buy my parts truck sometime soon, one I sell my old diesel Garden Tractor (John Deere 430, I’ll provide a pic) to get some funds. Once I have that, I’ll get to pulling the motor out, putting the tranny in and then probably driving it for a while before I continue on the “period correct” part. I will need, however if they are here, a schematic for the original SWB roll bar. There are several good welders near me who can whip something like that up. Paint will probably happen next summer (that way it’s hot for the paint to cure) and most of the other things’ll happen before then. But for now, I’ve driven it a bit and figured out that my fan clutch is bad, but it won’t stop me from driving it. Took these pics tonight during a cruise. It’s surprising how little I know of the scenery by me just a few miles to the north. (Also, my hard tag arrived)
  3. It looks like the trucks equipped with the old Atari-style wheels had black column. The nicer ones with the brushed spoke wheels had the honey columns.
  4. That’s a big 2.5L...
  5. I know it’s late, but I was kept up thinking about this trucks color. Did the forest service ever purchase Comanches? The area code is apparently lost to time, so it could be a real possibility. I’ve just never seen another Comanche in this color. If it’s been repainted, they tore this whole thing down to do it. (Interior is green inside) it could also explain the nice motor but overall cheap package. (Column shift, bench seat, non-chrome steel wheels)
  6. I’d like to ask specifically if you’d want to be next to the ocean. If a lake suits you, north Central Kansas would be nice. Milford lake is big, you can fish on it, and has several nice beaches (if you have a boat, you can get to the nicer beaches) Flatter than a pancake, lots of open dirt roads to cruise around on. Topeka would be pretty close, but it’d be on the lower side of 100,000, and you can get there in less than an hour if you roll down I-70. Housing is relatively cheap, and you can probably get your hands on a nice ranch (With no farmland) with a couple out buildings for less than $500,000. Then again, I’m not a realtor, so I’d take this with a grain of salt, or maybe the whole shaker.
  7. After 4 months of ownership, my truck is finally road legal now, with my new (temporary) tag installed, haha. First time it’s been registered since 2002. I also am considering buying that 86 to part out, if anybody’s interested in parts, PM me and I’ll see if it’s there. If I have enough interest I’ll buy it. Although, some parts I want, such as the chrome grille corners... I also took the Comanche for a little bogging. Had about 3” near me recently and I took it down a path that was slicker than a bald-tire semi on a mile of wet asphalt. And she just floats. I guess the wide tires and 3600 pounds helps. I also would like to get the old dealership stickers remade. I don’t know what they exactly looked like (or if they even made any) but I want to get some mocked up to put on before I eventually get it repainted. So that’s this week. I might go and do some 4wd torque slides in the mud, and then probably a wash...
  8. Personally, I’d try to find a new column. Manual or floor shift auto columns are pretty common, and are a pretty easy swap. I’ve never done it, so I don’t have any experience, but I have looked into it for my Pioneer.
  9. So, I made the startling discovery that there was gas in my oil when I went to swap my oil filter. It isn’t too much, but it is gassy-smelling, has a foul taste, is way too thin to be 10W30 (I had a bottle on hand and compared), and doesn’t smell, taste or even look similar to other oils in some of my other vehicles. I’m guessing one of my brand new injectors has failed and is causing the excess fuel pressure to run out into the cylinder after I shut it off. I’m going to pull plugs and see which one is washed. (Or, at least, see if one is washed.) to find the culprit. But, the damage has been done. I just recently changed the oil and the oil pressure didn’t recover. What kind of damage would this cause? If it’s too bad, I have another 107K Renix motor I’ll swap in, but I’m a bit afraid to since it was in a rollover accident, and it smoked pretty good the last time I saw it run, which, I suppose, could be oil he put in the cylinders, but I highly doubt it, but It’s probably stem seals, which I could just swap over my head since it doesn’t leak or smoke.
  10. Does anybody know why there’d be gas in the oil? Does the Renix run at a lower pressure than the HOs do? I put in the later style sender. Also, what could be the damage that that would have caused? Should I consider putting a new motor in?
  11. I think I figured it out. There is a tiny bit of gas in the oil. What would cause gas to get in the oil? I just replaced the injectors so I wouldn’t think it’s that.
  12. I meant more on the rod bearings, but I guess while I’m down there I might as well do all of them. I hate this oil pressure issue. I never had it and then it just showed up. It makes me upset because it runs just so good, other than a backfire that is (most likely) from a quacking and probably dirty EGR.
  13. Also, as I was reviewing this footage to check for knocks, I hear this noise apon shutdown. It is the starter staying engaged? It had the tendency to run with the key off right when I got it, but it’s gone away with time (and I’m guessing, usage) FullSizeRender.mov
  14. A bit of an update on this, oil pressure acts normal and is good (40-60 psi when driving, 40 at 2,000 rpm) but once it hits 160°, or the midway line on the gauge, the oil pressure drops. I have seen, however, that it does react to throttle, so it isn’t the oil pump, but I didn’t get it all the way up to 210° (what I’d call “normal” operating temperature, so I’m not sure how it reacts there.) If it’s the bottom end bearings, how hard is it to replace while it’s still in the truck? I don’t want to have to pull the motor if possible, but I’ll have it apart when I do my AX-15 swap.
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