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  1. I did, although I’m not sure if he’ll post on here or not. If I get any pictures I’ll make sure to send them along.
  2. Well, unfortunately this is most likely where this thread ends. Earlier today I passed along my ol manche along the line. She was a good old truck, but finances come first, and with a bad trans she was on the chopping block. Don’t fret though, hope is that I can get one sooner than later, and I’ll recommence my Comanche adventures. She’s in good hands. She’ll get some larger tires and a lift. If I get any updates I’ll post them here.
  3. Yeah. I suppose you’re right. Though about splurging on a really good undercoat.
  4. Oh yeah. She’ll probably be washed weekly or biweekly (twice a week, not every two weeks)
  5. Wow, it’s been a while, figured I’d update on it at the moment. Well, the BA10/5 did what it does best: fail, the countershaft bearings have finally given up. Trans skips horribly. AX-15 swap is in the planning phase right now. I tracked my low oil pressure to a clogged oil pump pickup, so that’ll get replaced at the same time (as well as the pump) I also want to do the lift-off doors modification, but that’s a back-burner thing. So, not a whole lot of driving in the last two months, made sure I go out and start it weekly so it’s a bit happy.
  6. These are pretty faded, but they’re strong still. They look more of a light red than standard. I guess almost 20 years of direct sun will take its toll.
  7. Well, it seems as if the swap is going to be more of a necessity now. Engine ran really hot going the 20+ miles home at 70. I don’t think anything is broken, i.e. head gasket, head cracks, etc. But to add insult to injury, the PukeGoat absolutely refuses to stay in 4th, you have to put your feet on the floor and pull it in order to keep it in. So, it looks like when I get the tractor sold, I’ll know what to do. Also, @Pete M my donor truck does have a full set of decent red fender flares, if you’d want them. I’m parting the truck out (1990 eliminator) in order to see if I can make mo
  8. Well good, I’m glad that they aren’t spreading a virus into my truck. I already have one to worry about...
  9. I went and entered my first Cars&Coffee with it today after ripping the bench all the way out. Had a blast, and a surprising amount of positive feedback. I wasn’t sure about cars and coffee at first, but it’s basically a car show without the day drinking, and entry fees.
  10. I don’t think so. But then again, I’m no rodent expert. I live by one simple motto: ”If I see it, I kill it, because if you don’t, it’s going to be back”
  11. I’ll probably do it when I pull the motor, since it won’t be used and thus the carpet can sit and dry out. It’ll also be a great time to look at the floorboards to see if anything needs to be done (probably not, but I’m going to check anyway) Also, I wanna note here, I don’t have A/C in the thing, so it’s a windows down all the time kind of driver (especially because it’s bloody hot here in KS, even when it’s raining) so if that helps my point for breathing in the air, but I will agree, hopefully I’ll stop getting stuff in my eyes while driving. (I always thought it was headliner g
  12. I will have to put that on my: to do eventually list. Overall the carpet is actually in surprisingly good shape considering how it was used. There aren’t any tears in it and even the rubber pad for the petals isn’t even worn. But, I might have to do that to get the slight odor out of it. Pros and cons of it being parked in a barn, the interior isn’t sun faded, but is full of rats.
  13. Sure, although it might have to be tomorrow, I’m a bit held up at the moment...
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