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  1. I’ve heard good things about the REM, so I’ll definitely have to look into getting one. Does he have a website or should I contact him directly?
  2. Hey all. So I just recently put the engine in the Comanche and as I was putting brake fluid in last night I noticed it had a decent vaccum leak at the map sensor. After fixing it, it seems as if it runs just as rich as before. What would cause that? I know my EGR is bad but I can’t find any replacements or ways to block it off. Engine idles both cold and warm at ~1100rpm and will backfire occasionally when shifting gears. Things I have checked, installed or verified: New injectors IAC TPS and it’s adjustment MAP sensor vaccum leaks coolant temp sensor Things I haven’t checked manifold temp sensor any help is appreciated
  3. Coming home from town yesterday after I went back-to-school shopping, I came upon an XJ in distress, their tire came apart and they didn’t have a functional jack. We went back to my house to change the tire and then we got to taking. It’s an 89, 4.0 5 speed and he was having issues with it, so I made sure to give him @cruiser54 ‘s website. Come to find out he wants a set of big tires and a lift for it. I just so happen to have a parts XJ with just that. He also said he didn’t want the turbines that were on it and said he would do a trade + money for those, so looks like I finally got a set of turbines, I just need to find 2 center caps (they’re missing) and I’ll be set, no more rusty steel wheels!
  4. I know this topic has been dead for a while, but it’s now mine.. so to speak. I went in yesterday (yes I need to go to bed) and turns out the owner died of a heart attack and his sister wants to part with it… and cheap. So, anyone want any parts? Also, the trim check digit is I? What would that stand for? Gov. Fleet sales maybe?
  5. Drove it to work last night, and she’s a blast! Had maybe a bit much oil pressure and it runs nice and cool down the road. Only little issue is that the front prop shaft rubs on the exhaust from time to time. Hopefully going to go get a set of wheels today to finally have all 4 hubcaps again lol
  6. It started to pour about a mile from my house and since the LEDs are bright I was able to make it back. There was a plug unplugged under the dash and voila! They work again.
  7. Thanks. It’s going so well I actually drove it to work lol. unfortunately for me there’s a rainstorm coming and the wipers don’t work….
  8. Well, she’s finally back together and running awesome! It’s nice to have a quiet and perfectly functional truck again IMG_6315.MOV
  9. I ended up figuring it out before I got back here lol but yeah that was it. I was too advanced and then ended up too retarded. She’s running awesome now!
  10. Tried a second time, it initially kind of coughed, then wouldn't fire again.
  11. It seems like a timing issue, like it’s way too far advanced, but the distributor isn’t adjustable, so what would that bring it to?
  12. Just put the new engine in the Comanche and I’m not having issues. The engine will crank fine, then slow way down, the will crank fine again. It shouldn’t be a valve issue, I checked them. It was trying to kick over initially but then has stopped trying to fire at all now. CPS misaligned maybe? Distributor is in properly and is properly hooked up. Have fuel, have spark, just no boom unfortunately. (Which might be a good think since I haven’t hooked up the exhaust yet.) Also, can a renix run without a knock sensor? I busted mine when reinstalling the engine and can’t get one for a while….
  13. Still no idea why the original engine had 0 oil pressure. Bottom end was good and the screen wasn’t plugged, it was actually so clean I used it over the one that came with the donor engine. Weak oil pump maybe?
  14. I don’t have a picture of the engine assembled though. Phone died so I couldn’t get one
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