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  1. I was able to find a manual regulator at the junkyard for $25. I believe you can get them out of a Cherokee from 84-96.
  2. Interesting, has a fog light + cargo light switch, but doesn't have fog lights nor a bed light.
  3. Yep, mine did the same. Not sure how you’d be able to replace just that piece without taking it out of the door completely though…
  4. I'm leaning that way too. I was hoping to do it before swapping the dash, since some of the components that might need to be replaced would be accessible, but it's probably not necessary.
  5. I’m fairly certain the entire system is new, and has never been charged/had refrigerant in it. At least that’s how I understand it, @kryptronic I can definitely rent a set of manifold gauges. I just picked up these two things: If there’s never been anything in the system, can it be filled with R134a? Or is there something else that would need to be replaced? Figured that might be easier than R12a?
  6. Following the thread here: https://comancheclub.com/topic/50780-ac-r12-to-r12a-refrigerant-recharge-results/ I'm a bit confused as to how I can measure the pressure--the kit I ordered did not have a gauge inline: https://www.frostycool.com/frostycool-12a-recharge-kit-2x-cans-12a-charging-hose-low-side-adapter/ Do I just buy a charge hose with a gauge instead? The fitting used for the R12 to R12a adapter is a large-looking air hose fitting.
  7. Actually, think I found it: https://www.quadratec.com/products/55014_34.htm I think this part no. cross references the OMIX one that you can't get anymore.
  8. Do they still make these for a '91? I can see that there are plenty of listings for up to '90, but can't seem to get anything after it. Looks like OMIX made something, but it's no longer available. Original part no. is 2583860.
  9. Well, I don't think I'm going to swap them. The new cluster has a different setup than the old one. You can see the difference in the two speedometers:
  10. Yeah, hopefully. I did check this morning after raining all night, and it looks like the grommet for the hood release (?) cable was weeping it a bit.
  11. Yeah, I think I might just do that. Wasn't too hard to get the cylinder out of the first one, and I think it'll stay in place once it goes back in. I tried, but didn't want to force/break it.
  12. Doesn't look like there is a c-clip on this one:
  13. Yeah, I tried to rotate some of the numbers manually and they didn't seem like they wanted to budge. I'll give it a shot again, but didn't want to break it. Or, I guess I could rip out the other odometer and plop it into this one.
  14. I got the whole cylinder removed, but there isn't a way to move the individual numbers--it's like there's some internal mechanism that's holding them in their proper place. At least I can spin it a lot faster?
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