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  1. I'm keeping my bench for my dog too! I had a 97 Tacoma with a bench he used to love riding in. That's a cool dog, reminds me of mine.
  2. Just checking in on this project. Still need to tweak the top sticker a little more, but I'm getting closer to the finish line. This virus craze the last few weeks has had me pushing alot of personal projects to the right.
  3. I got it running! Theres out I wasnt lined up with the correct cam tooth, just had to advance the oil pump driveshaft clockwise a tiny bit. I also found this picture which helped give me a better visual of rotor/dist placement at TDC. After doing the process so many times I guess I'm an expert in Renix dist replacement now. 😀😥☹🤷‍♂️ Now to replace my 98 XJ distributor....
  4. Yes it was, I did fix that. I should note all these parts were in good working order when I parked it. They have less than 20 miles on them, as my MJ has been sitting for awhile.
  5. I was wondering that too, but I made sure #1 cylinder was at TDC and it lined up with the 0 mark on the timing like it was supposed to. The balancer def does not look like that.
  6. 89 MJ 4.0L renix. Not the original motor, has an HO block but everything else is renix era (I think). MJ was starting and running fine. It would sometimes buck a bit when starting and I noticed the distributor was clocked quite a bit off from other 4.0s I've seen, so I decided to do cruisers #12 and #13 tips on TDC and distributor indexing. (Old photo, notice distributor clocking. #1 terminal where #4 terminal "should" be) While I had the distributor out I noticed someone had already cut the mounting tab off. The pulse ring was super rusty so I took it off and cleaned with it a wire wheel. There was also a bit of oil and mud inside the distributor so I cleaned that up best I could. Set #1 cylinder to TDC, did the finger pressure test, checked piston location and lined up the harmonic balancer mark to the 0 timing mark. Reinstalled distributor and wires, starter works but it won't turn over. There is spark at the plugs and fuel pressure at the pump. I've redone the process half a dozen times to no avail. I even just started clocking the distributor in various places to see if I could get any attempt to turn over and still nothing. Its driving me crazy, I hope I can get some answers. Thanks. (Last non working setup: #1 set to TDC, rotor at 5 o'clock, trailing end of rotor at #1 terminal per inspection window in cap)
  7. Yup I get it, but with the vinyl I use you would be looking at the backside, which usually is duller in color and full of small air pockets once applied. No one would be happy with the end result.
  8. It won't look right. There may be interior cling vinyl out there but I've never dealt with it.
  9. Outside. I use Oracle 651 vinyl that's supposed to be rated for 6 years outdoor use before fading. Like any vinyl sticker it won't last forever in the elements, but it does a great job for what it is.
  10. First prototype. Not quite lined up as much as I wanted, but this was a test run. Will get back at it soon.
  11. Hard to say how bad the rust is. Looks like you got quite a bit to punch through there. I would keep hacking away at it until you find some solid steel that you can actually weld to, then make the call. Patch panel and stiffener sounds like a good idea, or welding in some thicker angle iron.
  12. I was thinking it was overhyped until organizations like the NCAA were ready to lose billions of dollars by playing it safe. Italy had over 500 deaths in 24hrs. The question I keep asking is would the rates of infection/death be worse if the media wasnt hyping it up so much? I hate our mainstream media but this is much bigger than them and our borders. And even if the virus doesnt take off theres no doubt the economic shock its had worldwide. Buckle up for the next recession either way.
  13. Got the design finished. Going to try to have a couple stickers cut up this weekend.
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