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  1. Wounded_Fighter

    swaybar, pros? cons?

    I have that one already, just wasnt exactly sure if my brain was calculating that, that is what i was measuring for or not. more or less just my brain not functioning properly. pop me a msg when u have that vid out, I'm interested. my plan as of right now is to install this weekend, but with the SB off, since all the bushings are either shot, or gone. Once they come in, I'll throw them on.
  2. Wounded_Fighter

    swaybar, pros? cons?

    So I was searching for new bushings for the swaybar on the new front end i purchased when the thought hit me.. Just toss the bar...? came to this because I became slightly more confused once I located someone that had them, in different mm's, pretty sure its the mm thickness of the bar. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Link I found for the Bushings @ Quadratec But on topic, 98 dana 30 going on my 88 2wd Swaybar..... Pros, Cons? keep it, or lose it.
  3. Wounded_Fighter

    Similar axle?

    eventually it would be ideal. yes. havent seen any wj arms. If i find a deal on a ax15 with external I'll jump on the conversion that weekend most likely.
  4. Wounded_Fighter

    Similar axle?

    I gathered that the parts wouldn't be within the year to year swap fit, but the fitment was what i was looking at mainly. I did not expect that year gap to be direct bolt in, going to jump in on it then :) Thanks!
  5. Wounded_Fighter

    Similar axle?

    98 Cherokee d30hp to go under my current 2wd. Similar application or tons of modifications? I know there might or will be some. I know I need to do rotors, pads, bearings etc. on the current 2wd, so I'm thinking it's just gonna be easier and better all around to just go ahead with the start of the 4wd swap on her. Thoughts? Source, fb marketplace.
  6. Valve cover PCV valves and oil Filler cap. The Filler cap leaks slightly at high rpm with a good gasket on mine, I mean... It's a TIGHT fit cap... have to push it on really good.
  7. Wounded_Fighter

    Manche build with LS2

    More more more!! also, might want to make build page? or just move this to build page? lol
  8. Wounded_Fighter

    Misc Jeep Problems.

    could you provide a picture of where its leaking from on your jeep? Sounds like just a gasket met its time...?
  9. Wounded_Fighter

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    I want it. lol
  10. Wounded_Fighter

    Members, Cab Corners, Rockers PLEASE READ BEFORE RESPONDING

    I don't see how it correlates to that... but I'm all for it. Lol
  11. Wounded_Fighter

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    Who did the bench? that's nice..
  12. Wounded_Fighter

    Street Comanche goodness

    I really thought about making the trip for it from FL. makes another excuse to see family in MI again too are you by chance going to make any carbon copies of it?
  13. Wounded_Fighter

    About this here now Comanche Club forum thang ...

    Thanks for the superb forum area Great Overlord Pete! I probably wouldn't still have my old 88' on the road still if it wasn't for a lot of the great people on here.
  14. Wounded_Fighter

    Renix Relay Cover Clips

    All good!, only got the one still on my truck! Still holds it good, kinda bothers me that the other one is gone though. haha!
  15. Wounded_Fighter

    Renix Relay Cover Clips

    The twist retainer that holds the cover in the engine bay?