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  1. Anyone ever seen/use these? Wonder if they fit. Thinking of gambling and ordering one to see. https://www.4wd.com/p/crown-automotive-floor-pan-plugs-j4000334/_/R-BKMN-J4000334 Edit, they have 2 different ones https://www.4wd.com/p/omix-ada-floor-plug-12033-15/_/R-BKGF-12033.15
  2. True. I think it's just the reinforced rubber one, no spring.
  3. That's "normally" though, of recent its quit even trying. Had it up to 260, in the rain, on the highway.. when it was working highway temp without rain was around 180-190 constant.
  4. Normally it's been kicking before the 210 mark, around what I guess is 195-200
  5. She's already newer. 5 months I think. Found a hole in the old one
  6. Thought of it, haven't done it yet. That would indicate a clogged radiator wouldn't it?
  7. Oh no, don't get me wrong, I did the switch on a wire bit, with 2stands of 12ga, cause I gotta get to work. But I'd like to have it done "Right"
  8. Switched out rad switch with sw594 from az, problem still persists. Jumped wires at the connection, it turns the fan on for sure.
  9. Got one to replace it tomorrow. Will update when tested. Thanks for that.
  10. Cool! I now know what a wire is that's loose. Lol. My truck doesn't have the light unfortunately.
  11. Does c307 or c222 switch efan on/off? I see 307 reads to the dash cluster but can't trace 222 to anything in diagrams. Trying to find which one might have gone bad on me since my efan isn't kicking over 190 anymore. Thoughts?
  12. One drain someone taught me about was the glovebox light. Just pull the bulb. Not a ton of draw but it'll drain it out
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