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  1. No its belt or bearing, got it to squeal in neutral pushing the throttle from the throttlebody parked. https://m.autozone.com/cooling-heating-and-climate-control/belt/continental-serp-belt/940146_0_8397 No fan clutch on this one. All e-fans. Squealing has mysteriously vanished or I'd test it. I think I'm still going to replace the idler.
  2. What would cause this? Belt started squeaking at random, so I threw a new belt at it. It was gone for the first 20miles of driving... then all of a sudden it's back, with a vengeance... louder then ever. So I started playing with it. 70mph. A/c on would quiet it down but not take it away entirely. A/c back off just as loud, to be slightly different. Clutch in, (neutral gear) no noise. In gear noise returns. Next day. <GONE> what...? Sounded like idler or a/c bearing dying? Am I right? Unfortunately for whatever was making the noise it was 9pm and I had 80miles to drive. So no auto stores to stop at and replace pulley. Thoughts?
  3. I thought the factory one a two-piece?
  4. I usually just walk in with the broken kobalt item, make sure the door person sees that I walked in with said item. walk over to tools&hardware department, find the area rep. "This broke need a new one" he yanks one off the wall, open a it, hands me the new one , and stuffs my broken one in the package and writes it off as damaged. I leave, no money spent, no stress. Lol Find " That guy " in the store, he'll become your best friend.
  5. To enter the cab from the rear essentially
  6. Has anyone cut into the rear of the cab before? Like the area between the cab and bed. Looking to find a good spot before a hole cut, wire routing going for a quick disconnect.
  7. Havent killed my ba10 yet so I'm looking to just make it 4wd. Who's got what I need? Shipped to 32738 or pickup in Florida.
  8. The transfer case essentially. Any pics of it? Going to part her or fix her?
  9. Seen this on the way home. Looked like a cut and weld but it wasnt, just a frame, rear armor doubled and sheetmetal for a bed, basically a trunk. Still, looked cool as hell. Would have been a ton cooler if it was a functional 6x6
  10. Sounds like a convoluted way to do oil cooling. But yet. Still sounds like it works lol. Does she stay under 200f?
  11. Last 2 days, egr delete. New pillar lights. Woohoo!
  12. Page 184 of the FSM, 6-1 emissions, contains vacuum diagrams. Found scrounging around for egr valve torque on the manifold. Each has date ranges and such on images, hard to decipher on phone to type out.
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