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  1. Technically there use to be a hose leading this to a flap in the front of the airbox to heat the engine faster with exhaust heat not fumes. But no its fine as it is.
  2. You would literally drive through my town. I'm in Jacksonville.
  3. So... it made the long haul with no complications or excess noises... 270 miles round trip avg 80mph even had to do some heavy tugging to move the other truck around into and out of position she was/is now in. Jeeps back in the garage again waiting for her dd run arounds. (no I didnt tow it home, paid a transport) #sendit
  4. So... only thing I can find in the book that it might be is the reverse pin. Figure 26m-600 item#26 (ironically page 600 in the part catalog) Unless its a bearing or synchro pin?
  5. I been looking through the internal parts trying to figure out what it came from...
  6. So. I decided to change the fluid on my ba10 in my accident truck... after driving g it for 2 weeks and throwing approx 1500 miles in. Just because it made a small pop noise it 4th gear at the start of a 20 minute 30mile? drive today. Drove fine. Hit 85mph still down shifts up shifts. No problem besides the pop at the beginning. This is what I found..... Going to oil her up and hit another 300ish miles this weekend... Any thoughts...? Lol
  7. I don't do reman products. New only Gonna try cleaning connector again and see what happens.
  8. So I had two different auto stores test it for me just to see if the results would be different. Both said voltage regulator on alternator is going bad. Wtf...
  9. So, I've had this happen once before and it ended up being the starter relay going bad but I'm curious on other peoples thoughts on this. Went on a short ride, 3 blocks, no problems. Got my food then turned the truck back on to head back. Going down the road it just ... shut down. No rhyme or reason behind it that I can determine. Last time this happened I was not able to crank the vehicle after work... (relay died) we'll see if this repeats this time after work... Side question. Do I have too much current draw from the battery? With noth
  10. No clue on the rear, think that was just a computer error. However shims, I provided from having to get new LCA brackets at the local JY and made sure all everything was tightened down properly.
  11. So here's the details! Before and After...
  12. Well. I'll know my specifics for sure here soon, I have a 330pm on an alignment machine
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