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  1. I seen the arcing while pushing on it, but it looked like it was inside the fuse. It didnt break. Looks like I may have to redo some of my fuse panel then... time to hunt down the internal connectors then?
  2. I'm discovering a similar problem on my jeep now... the blower/ac worked fine for a year. Gone all of a sudden. Not warm, not anything. No fan, no ac, on any speed. Got down to the fuse, surprise surprise... the fuse is charred. Odd side note on mine is with and speed set, I can push the fuse in and it will turn on.... I think I have a fuse box demon. I'm going to follow this and go over my ac wiring now too
  3. Just did the pacesetter swap on mine. Was disappointed that the collector pipe contacted the bell housing and required.... modification. One bolt on the bottom end of the manifold could not be torqued. Overall I'm happy with it so far. Only on day 2 driving after install though.
  4. I would walk up with 1500, have you sign the title, hand you the 1500, and drive away with it without saying a single word and while trying to make it extremely awkward at the same time. Bit far for me though. It would go fast at 1500 imo.
  5. Somewhere between 500-1200, depending on how she feels that day
  6. Think this almost needs to be moved to vendor tab at this point Haha
  7. My local steel surplus calls them galvanized slotted channel bar. I had done something similar to a Dakota a few years back.
  8. Seen lots of his videos, that noise actually turned out to be piston slap for him. His videos is where I decided to just replace the lifters since mine wasn't the slapper clapper.
  9. Interesting... This might be what I was thinking looking at them again Check, done. Because I found 2 that walked out on their own. Will check No, gauge works good, tested. Will check Possibly Will check Maybe even as simple as a sticking valve? T/C will be, have a new gearset Pan has been off and R/M already done. Done already Definitely thinking about it..... Time, which I suspect will bite me in the @$$ later. Newer balancer already on. New pump in hand. I believe it is, but open to opinion on temps. Pics to follow. But my main reasons for pulling the head are as follows. #1 Coolant dripping on my exhaust near the rear main.....?? #2 lifter tap. #3 inspect valves. #4 exhaust leak (head didnt have to come off for that, but fix anyway) Both upper and lower hoses have been replaced, and heater hoses bypassed since my core failed in cab. Pics, Night: (didnt notice it was blurred) meh... Day:
  10. Didnt seem at all dirty when I had the valve cover off. Heads coming off anyway so I'll be giving it a good cleaning
  11. I've already had the bottom end off and checked for piston skirt slap and clearance, 95% sure it's a lifter
  12. Even with a sever lifter tap? Suppose I should do the cam too then? It pretty much runs itself around 185-190 down the freeway I know it's not designed at that temp but, it doesn't seem to me like the needle is at 195+ ever. Not saying it's right at all, but it's what it seems to do? Egr delete, charcoal canister delete. I was assuming the same but mine has studs and I'm not sure of their condition so I'm replacing with new arp studs. The through-bolt being the 'piviot'-bolt between the two mounts correct?
  13. Got most of the parts and torque specs I need. Parts include, head gasket, valve seals, lifters, intake/exhaust gasket, new header(pacesetter), head studs and nuts, sealant for head stud #11, thermostat 185f, thermostat gasket, new high flow water pump, pump gasket, timing chain and sprockets, timing cover gasket, pulley seal, motor mounts (browndog) I don't have a torque spec for motor mount to block or to frame, couldn't locate. Anyone know it? What am I missing or what else should I replace while I'm in this deep...?
  14. Every answer is correct. Curious what others have installed. But yeah, I suppose it is a loaded question. I'll read up on some more of your stuff jeep, and check out that link tonight.
  15. I have a few ideas in my head, mainly looking for what the stock specs are supposed to be and what people have gotten away with fitting.
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