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  1. Wounded_Fighter

    Oversize Oil Filter

    I drive by one literally daily in my commute, won't hurt me to turn in. They've gotten quite use to seeing me there with my dodge or my new MJ! Thanks for the info. HOrnbrod, thank your as well, I probably did skim past the part number reading everything here
  2. Wounded_Fighter

    Oversize Oil Filter

    Any chance you have a part number for that?
  3. Wounded_Fighter

    BIG parts sale from Deep Gap, NC

    Do you have a burgandy/(redish?) of these door panels for a 88?
  4. Wounded_Fighter

    Bored throttle bodies

    +1 for renix, +1 follow
  5. Wounded_Fighter

    BIG parts sale from Deep Gap, NC

    Metric ton badge Exterior cab sun visor Zip code 32738
  6. Wounded_Fighter

    Bucking under acceleration.

    Mine seems to buck in first and second gear only if I don't give her enough gas... Hoping it will change when I switch injectors
  7. Wounded_Fighter

    Oil pressure

    Duralast PS133 Autozone.
  8. Wounded_Fighter

    Oil pressure

    Uhmmm... Yes.... I'll have to double check when i get home...
  9. Wounded_Fighter

    Oil pressure

    Though i must admit the thought did cross my mind before posting this.
  10. Wounded_Fighter

    Oil pressure

    So I figured it would be a good idea to replace my oil pressure sensor. Before the change iwas sitting between 25-30 idle, and 60 driving. With the new sensor it idles 35-40 and driving it pins 80 Thoughts? Maybe a clog somewhere?
  11. Wounded_Fighter

    Wiring Mess

    This looks so much neater then my mess.... I've got a bit of re-working ahead of myself...
  12. Wounded_Fighter

    Sorry for all the posts

    I'm interested in the reasoning behind this.
  13. Wounded_Fighter

    Members Map

    added myself in Florida!
  14. Wounded_Fighter

    Sun Visor

    Yeah it looks nice as hell. I have the bullbar and lights already on mine, part the way to that look haha. gotta find the bug guard and running board/rocker guard.
  15. Wounded_Fighter

    Sun Visor

    looking to purchase one of those exterior visor that bolts to the cabin roof. can local pickup in central and upper east Florida. Otherwise I'm looking at shipping options :) Maybe I could get lucky and find one with clearance lights? eh, I could always add them. lol pic is not of my jeep.