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  1. So, I adjusted the idle air bleed screw...... (dumb me didn't know that was a thing) So far sitting in the driveway it sounds a lot better. And since I replaced the guage cluster and now have a tachometer! I can say prior it was idling arou d 1300rpm. Now its 700-900rpm in driveway. Once it goes down the road a bit it sits happy at 1k. Have to take it down some high speed still to see if I run that hesitation idle bit again like it was in the video.
  2. I went ahead with the autozone installer. Didn't see your comment. But no with starting it I couldn't even reach the hole with the bolt to try haha. So far no belt noise. Or pully noise.
  3. @Jeep Driver Any idea what the torque one the balancer bolt is? Having a hard time locating it in the manuals.
  4. Current idle when warm.. approx 10mins of driving.
  5. AF meter? Probably not. Yes,... propane? How do you measure mpg or rather mpt (tank)? Worth it? @cruiser54I'm not sure how adjustments are made on the tps? Do I just wiggle it around and screw it in and pray, if it's off do it again? Edit, while measuring with the probes.
  6. Goal is mpg. Logical thought was air/fuel mixture, add more air? So I threw more air into the system (bored throttlebody) she likes it, a lot, idles now at 1300ish? (No actual tachometer on truck) searched forum, found a few high idle topics. Grounds checked, c101 deleted already in past. Only difference for high (warm) idle is the throttlebody, ran normal before it. Still investigating and theorizing. I need to buy a REM too.
  7. Is there a way to adjust the amount of fuel coming from the injectors? Like a way to shorten the burst of fuel?
  8. Figured idler or a/c since it seemed like it was the ac bearing, replaced idler already, balancer will be part no.2 But yes, you are correct. That all makes sense.
  9. Relatively inexpensive part. (Fires part cannon)
  10. So, reviving this with more mystery. It only squeaks after it's been running, warmed up. Engine turned off and back on a few mins later, IE: pump gas or go into a store come out and crank it back up. Squealing with throttle only, clutch position irrelevant (tried it) Could it simply just be too tight or loose? Why is it only after restarting the engine? Thoughts? Edit: replaced idler already.
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