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  1. Wounded_Fighter

    Engine Top end...

    There's the pretty one! Call them?
  2. Wounded_Fighter


    Is it a Press in rubber? glued in anyway? watertight, not that i think water gets in the cab with the new window, but just behind that rubber? ...curious.
  3. Wounded_Fighter

    Engine Top end...

    So a shim would be bad? edit: assuming the rocker arm ratio should be printed on the rocker somewhere? if it isnt how would i figure out what to get?
  4. Wounded_Fighter


    That's a 6 Cylinder. Simple way. Count the Spark plugs or Injectors, 1ea per cylinder. lol But now which i6 is it? someone else will chime in to help
  5. Wounded_Fighter

    should I bring back the 3x5 CC stickers?

    I second this vote.
  6. Wounded_Fighter

    Engine Top end...

    What purpose does the rocker bridge serve? Looking into replacement parts as a recommendation from a family friend, old jeep mechanic. He owns several... several jeeps, So I trust his word. Lifters, Rockers, rods. Lifters I'll probably go with mellings, Felpro head gasket and water pump gasket. Head Studs... I'm not sure yet I was looking at Harlands or scorpions for rockers, you know give the old girl some shiny jewelry. So then I thought of the bridges that are in place on the original rockers... search came up with only the original part and shims as an alternative? Could I just remove the bridge from the setup and just shim it out, or is that even necessary? Thoughts?
  7. Wounded_Fighter

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    I had that during my earlier time of owning mine... Hell she use to spin them 1st, 2nd, chirp 3rd... Now its hard to make the old girl chirp for me. or grind the hell out of it like i did and por15 it. edit: see reference 7/8 and 7/28 on my build page in signature.
  8. Wounded_Fighter

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    BURN IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!
  9. Wounded_Fighter

    Two BA 10/5 Jeep transmissions

    If only it wasnt sooooo far from FL.... lol
  10. Wounded_Fighter


    Think its best to do on, near, or away from the spots where those clips are at? Any images of about where they should be located? Going to try to avoid breaking them as much as i can since I need to reuse until the actual replacement comes. (havent called yet, need to)
  11. Wounded_Fighter


    Dose the metal trim pop on/off? I feel the need to check behind mine now...
  12. Wounded_Fighter

    Lund visor repops

    How do these meet up with the drip rail? Typically how many fasteners?
  13. Wounded_Fighter

    1988 4.0 Electrical problems

    Your going to get weird numbers, just worry when its on 0psi. Mine does the same. Especially if you update to a newer sensor... (dumb question) have you tried turning the pull knob for dim adjustment on the cluster?
  14. Wounded_Fighter

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    My weekend! Bottom end inspection, Wheres the Tap coming from? (Not the bottom end....) OILPAN GASKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /end rant. Sanded, Primed (SP148), Painted (SP154), Clear coated (SP145) the pan. all VHT 550F rated. Color Grabber Green, . Replaced Oil pan gasket, ,Oil pump, Oil Filter, Oil 5w30, Transmission oil. 75w90 idk, but i noticed something that bothered me when i was doing my inspections this weekend that kinda of goes with this... the lines that go in to the trans for the slave, are the suppose to be able to move? (push/pull) at all?
  15. Wounded_Fighter

    Signature image size.

    The signature rules say 120x pixels Is that 40x30? Or 120x??? But when you put a 120 in it denies it? I'm trying to put one of the 2 fuelly banners on my signature there is a 500x63 and a 120x45, neither fit. 500x63 120x45