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  1. Wounded_Fighter

    Suspension replacement

    Images from the post.
  2. Found a set for JK 2011 for dirt cheap. Wondering if it might be a good swap for the tired 30 yr old suspension on my truck. Its shocks and springs only 50$. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/520557975067534/ I remember seeing at one point someone saying JK would be a good swap but can't locate the post in my history or searches, can anyone confirm or correct me?
  3. Wounded_Fighter

    project half-a-Jeep

    neat-o. I think it'd be cool to pull a truck behind a truck lol. kinda make people double take ?
  4. Wounded_Fighter

    how do i decode my vin #.

    I've taken it to the dealer twice now, 110,xxx 111,xxx (finally got the odometer turning on it, but I put about 5k on it easily.)
  5. Wounded_Fighter

    how do i decode my vin #.

    had around 110,000 when I purchased it, 2 months ago? wonder how long that has not been turning now.... V6?? That aint right. haha Interesting info, thanks :)
  6. Wounded_Fighter

    how do i decode my vin #.

    oooh I like this guy :) think theres any build sheets hidden in their systems? 1JTMW6414JT081413
  7. Wounded_Fighter

    Axle swap...?

    on both applications technically. I plan on buying another MJ later down the line
  8. Wounded_Fighter

    Axle swap...?

    If you could use any axles, which would you go with? excluding how much work would be involved.
  9. Wounded_Fighter

    Emiss Maint

    Reach under the dash, rip this out. Done. edit: the one that was in mine wasn't even plugged in...
  10. Wounded_Fighter

    Axle swap...?

    Was not aware. I was on the fence with #3, didn't have my hopes up about it though lol. I image it wouldn't be hard to swap 35 to 44, should i find one with an xj donor. what about 35 front?
  11. Wounded_Fighter

    Axle swap...?

    Front Rear
  12. Wounded_Fighter

    Axle swap...?

    The rear in it looks too small to me to be a 44, I havent run any numbers off it yet to confirm but everyone at the dealership swears its a 44. I think its a 35 tbh.
  13. Wounded_Fighter

    Axle swap...?

    Ideas suggestions? Currently has the 2wd straight axle under her, d44 rear I believe. Noticed a ton of slop on the front hubs/bearings, only a matter of time... Thinking of doing a 4x4 swap. I have a 44front pass drop, and a 12bolt rear out of some Chevy from late 70s I believe, both have manual locking hubs and Detroit lockers but need some attention, cleaning, new bearings, the thought did cross my mind to just fix those and throw them at the comanche, but, that would curve me away from trying to keep her closer to stock and lead me down the dirty path on her. Lol Should I just XJ swap? What should I consider?
  14. Wounded_Fighter

    "The Beast" is up For Sale Topeka, Ks

    dunno if it counts but he kinda dose? lol