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  1. fiatslug87

    Factory front winch mount

    These were from a '89 XJ, the hole on the left would push the bumper out the ~3" Eagle mentioned.
  2. fiatslug87

    8 hour parts trip / New MJ addition.

  3. fiatslug87

    eBay is 20% off again. Today till 7pm

    Why do I always miss the 20% off days?
  4. fiatslug87

    looking for your Comanche literature

    Here are the rest of the brochures the guy dropped off, categorized by decade. If anyone wants PDFs of the non-Comanche ones let me know. The ones containing Comanches will be posted if not already in this thread.
  5. fiatslug87

    looking for your Comanche literature

    So yesterday, a guy rings the doorbell, my wife answers (I was at work) and he says to her "I see someone here is a Jeep enthusiast, I work at an auto shop and we were cleaning up and came across all these Jeep brochures, do you want them?" I looked through them and they’re from 1970 to 1990, almost every year, some model specific some the whole line-up. This was included, it's a 4 panel 11"x17" '87 accessories brochure, that I had not seen before, along with other MJ stuff. I'll get pictures of the rest later.
  6. fiatslug87

    Body work

  7. fiatslug87

    3D printed parts

    I'll see if he can scan and print this in several scales. This one is 1:18.
  8. fiatslug87

    some picture upgrades coming to the CC...

  9. fiatslug87

    3D printed parts

    I should have stated that he would need a loaner to scan. But Pete, I'll see what I can do.
  10. What small parts would you want 3D printed? My brother just got a scanner for their 3D printer and asked if I need anything. They would probably be made from ABS.
  11. fiatslug87

    Don't feed the monkeys, but in this case, worth it.

    Yeah, after Edd left I watched a few episodes then stopped.
  12. fiatslug87

    ROUGH running off-idle

    Always great to hear another 30 year old MJ is back on the road.
  13. fiatslug87

    SWB roll bar dimensions

    Thanks guys!
  14. Can someone measure the distance between the front and rear bars of a SWB factory roll bar where they attach and post it? (red arrow) If you have a factory LWB one that measurement would also be appreciated. Thanks
  15. fiatslug87

    1.7M at a junk shop.

    Where's the big red and white "FOR SALE $1,700,000 OBO" sign?