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  1. The Jeep brass have publicly stated they will be selling the new truck for a premium claiming other trucks are not in the same class.
  2. OK, how about more general, has anyone passed any emissions testing with the bored TB?
  3. Has anyone passed California emissions testing with Neal's bored TBs for the RENIX 4.0L? I assume they should pass, just want confirmation. Thanks.
  4. Krustyballer16 sells reproduction roll bar brackets. They're in the seat bracket thread.
  5. I've heard people say the TPS does not like getting wet. I have no first hand experience of this but if the TPS is not working/adjusted properly it could feel as loss of power.
  6. You should be able to press them out and replace them.
  7. Yup, now get off my lawn!
  8. Too funny, my wife is cooking a brisket flat right now.
  9. OK, that's it, no more health issues for anyone here! Glad you're doing better.
  10. I have one I'm willing to sell but it does not have a cup holder. I also have at least one key for it. PM if interested.
  11. The factory brush guard looks like this.
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