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  1. I've had that Estwing one for decades, mine came with a leather sheath.
  2. Interesting the parts manual also lists a 16 gallon for the '86 MJ.
  3. That makes 8 so far! Just so I don't have to keep counting from the beginning.
  4. '86 were only long bed, so the 23 gallon will fit, if you have a 16 g tank the sender will be different.
  5. My original Mopar one lasted to 195K miles in my '90 AX-15 until it started leaking. I remember reading somewhere that Mopar used Luk components, but I don't have first hand knowledge of that. Stroker, when you find your Mopar ones look for any other manufacturer info.
  6. I prefer the non-perforated leather.
  7. If either are 4WD you have to match the gear ratio of the front to the rear.
  8. Damn, those Border Collies are smart!
  9. Oh man, get that guy a CC sticker!
  10. fiatslug87


    You say tomAto I say tomato, from the definitions it seems they are unibody:
  11. fiatslug87


    Isn't the roof part of the structural integrity for unibody vehicles?
  12. I always ask for weights on the inside only, at least I wouldn't have to see the dumbassery.
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