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  1. Looks good! What did you do for the front? What tire size is that?
  2. You could probably fit this in the back of your MJ.
  3. So is the second AMC set on the left. Yes, I've looked at this picture for hours! ps it's always nice to give credit for photos used.
  4. Wow! That's going to look GREAT in the Guamanian sun!
  5. Great looking truck! Looks to have the tube rear bumper, can you post some pics of it? ps Greek?
  6. I "weekly" drive mine now, one week the '90, next week the '89 then the '88 and it starts over again.
  7. fiatslug87


    This year they're actually bottling the Younger, not sure of distribution.
  8. What year MJ and engine do you have? Add it to your signature. Renix and HO are different, 2.5L I think are the same as 4.0L Renix.. Renix 5/16 line https://www.morris4x4center.com/fuel-oil-cooler-line-repair-kit-83502745.html HO 3/8 line https://www.morris4x4center.com/fuel-oil-cooler-line-repair-kit-83504447.html And it goes o-ring/spacer/o-ring
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