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  1. fiatslug87

    Need help finding interior parts

    Ask in the classifieds: https://comancheclub.com/forum/24-wanted/ or contact Saveevryjp1998, he sells a lot of stuff.
  2. fiatslug87


    Welcome, post you question here: https://comancheclub.com/forum/3-mj-tech-modification-and-repairs/
  3. fiatslug87

    Center Console Options

    The XJs also came with a duct that runs inside the console for heat to get to the back, I use it as a right hand warmer, heat comes out under the rear ashtray.
  4. fiatslug87

    Clock wiring

    I think the 91-93 one has the brightest display and I like how it has five sections to it that matches the panel on the left side. I've put the 91-93 clock in my 88, 89 and 90.
  5. fiatslug87

    Clock wiring

    This has everything you need to know about the MJ/XJ clocks. http://gojeep.willyshotrod.com/HowtoDashClock.htm very easy to swap clocks from different years, I would recommend making a harness with the correct ends so you don't have to cut the vehicle's plug.
  6. fiatslug87


    Sorry, I don't have a part number. I just called them and asked if it was really available and he said nothing came up as not available. code online25, gets you $25 off.
  7. fiatslug87


    Safelite gives me a quote for a '90 Comanche:
  8. fiatslug87

    glove box latch

    available at amazon: https://www.amazon.com/700874-glove-lock-assy-coded/dp/b0089kmbuu or ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/CENTURY-CROWN-VICTORIA-TOWN-CAR-CHROME-GLOVE-BOX-LOCK-LATCH-HANDLE-KEY-78-96/273655985092?fits=Model%3ACherokee|Make%3AJeep&hash=item3fb72af3c4:g:~CkAAOSw4ntcPDO-:sc:USPSFirstClass!94534!US!-1 or ebay (no keys): https://www.ebay.com/itm/CHEVY-BLAZER-S10-FORD-F150-BRONCO-JEEP-CONSOLE-GLOVE-BOX-LOCK-LATCH-HANDLE-78-96/273645091490?fits=Model%3ACherokee|Make%3AJeep&hash=item3fb684baa2:g:E3YAAOSwVXRbt~s6:sc:USPSFirstClass!94534!US!-1 or original (no keys): https://www.ebay.com/itm/80s-Jeep-Comanche-Cherokee-Glove-Box-Latch-Beige-Cap/163378678133?hash=item260a20c975:g:3kgAAOSwwXRb74ar
  9. fiatslug87

    How to setup new account

    Welcome, don't forget to add it to the registry. https://comancheclub.com/forum/28-comanche-registry/
  10. Did the original gauge/cluster work properly before removal? If it did there's probably a problem with either the printed circuit board on the new cluster or the ribbon connection to it. Otherwise, there's probably a short somewhere (bad ground).
  11. In the above link you only need to look at "Dash removal" steps 6, 13 & 14 for removal of the panel. There are two ribbon connectors that have to be removed, one can be seen in "Dash removal 6" step 4, the other is in the middle behind his hand. You have to squeeze the top and bottom to release the clips, kind of a pain in the a$$. BTW, there are about a dozen bulbs.
  12. fiatslug87

    what do you use for a wallet?

    Pete, did yours look like this?
  13. fiatslug87

    what do you use for a wallet?

    A small piece of paper.