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  1. ............there you sit drinking beer for 1.5 hours while you recharge.
  2. From what I remember, I put a flathead screwdriver between the vent and dash at the top, pressed down and out. There is a piece that can fall into the vent so be careful.
  3. fiatslug87


    I still have mine from my formative years.
  4. I don't have any recommendations but I've had a cheap corded Homelite one for 10 years and it's been a workhorse.
  5. Too funny, that's 22 miles from my house and 18 miles from my work.
  6. I've always read a front receiver hitch will not work with the skid plate. Maybe with some modifications it could work?
  7. Received the OmixAda yesterday, looks identical to the new NTK/Bosch, 4 wires, steel body and resistance is 4.4 just like those two. Not sure if I'm going to try it out or just return it.
  8. I do not think this is correct. The symbol is not the same as fog lights, it is the same as the high beam symbol. If you look at the factory wiring diagram in the above attached thread, the switch is only activated if the high beams are on, the switch is wired to the high beam circuit. Conversely, the fog lights turn off when the high beams are activated. These are the the fog and sport bar light switch panel symbols:
  9. It must be the air flow is different now and the cable isn't being buffeted. You should probably zip tie the cable down better anyways. But, hey, a fix is a fix
  10. Good work! I'm still waiting on the OmixAda O2 sensor, should be here tomorrow.
  11. Don had written a DIY for an adjustable version.
  12. My sport bar switch is where the trans power/comfort switch is located. This thread has the installation instructions showing its placement.
  13. Thanks, some day I will replace it with a modified Hurst Pistol Grip for a MOPAR.
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