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  1. Interesting maintenance log book, I guess it will never get lost (just fade away).
  2. What's the Mopar PN for the Renix 4.0L IAC? Found it 83503643, don't know if there's a superceded number for it. I'm interesred in one.
  3. I'm attaching an Excel file I put together from an '89 bulid sheet Pete found and from the salesforce pdf eaglescout526 has. If you filter on source you can see which codes are from which source, I don't think the salesforce codes are completly accurate. There is also this on page 3 half way down from the 87 accessories guide. Decoding_Combined.xlsx
  4. Looks like all you need is 500 feet of winch line.
  5. Mine's a mix of the Trailmaster and Street Beat. Got to love the Union 76 antenna ball.
  6. The 8th position in the VIN is a "U" (1JTMR65UEJT133457), this designates it to be a Laredo, Metric Ton. If it was a "T" it would be a Laredo, standard payload. And how about some pictures???
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