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  1. fiatslug87

    crankcase vent hose, OEM?

    What's the problem? You have money you Bum.
  2. fiatslug87

    Comanche emblems on my trailer?

    Opposite side of where the 4.0 Litre emblem is.
  3. fiatslug87

    Comanche emblem locations

    Well, I have four Comanches to look at, two have the 4.0L emblem 2" from the left, two 1" from the left , all four 1" from the bottom. The Comanche emblem is the same location on all four, and the two that are 4WD have the 4x4 emblem in the same location as stated above.
  4. fiatslug87

    Comanche emblem locations

    The 4x4 emblem is centered in the b-pillar and centered to the door handle, Comanche is below and I can take measurements for the 4.0 Litre emblem tonight.
  5. fiatslug87

    15% discount on Ebay

    Thanks Pete! Finally can get in on it this time. I don't see it through the mobile app.
  6. fiatslug87

    Exotic Car Spotters Thread

    Another i8 July 29, 9:00 pm, I-680N, San Ramon CA. Tough to take a picture in the dark at 75 mph!
  7. fiatslug87

    Bosch 746 Install

    The o-ring orientation is correct, o-ring-spacer-o-ring, now slide the butterfly thing over the fuel tube/o-rings (wide part first) and press the assembly into the pressure regulator. That center part is not needed it's to keep the o-rings and spacer in place in the package.
  8. fiatslug87

    Egr valve

    It has been done by many. As long as it does not need Smog inspection it will be OK.
  9. fiatslug87

    One Week Anniversary Today

    Way to go!!!
  10. fiatslug87

    WANTED: Original short-bed 6' bed liner (JEEP or COMANCHE)

    I've seen an '86 Custom (it had the v6 engine) with the Jeep liner.
  11. fiatslug87

    Newbie build - 91 Eliminator

    Nice! Congrats on the win, well deserved.
  12. fiatslug87

    Mystery connector plugs

    The blue connector is for the underhood light. For pre 1990 this connector is black.
  13. fiatslug87

    Here she is

    Good looking truck. Make sure to add it to the registry if it's not already there.
  14. fiatslug87

    Factory front winch mount

    These were from a '89 XJ, the hole on the left would push the bumper out the ~3" Eagle mentioned.