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  1. You can also try some free on-line OCR conversion sites.
  2. Street Comanche #7, dead and gone but parts live on with @Strokermjcomanche
  3. Just so we can keep track. 1JTMW6416HT067314
  4. Just an FYI, those do not seem to be the same as the OP's picture (OEM rails), they sit up much higher and do not have the "cut-outs" in the supports.
  5. Wiring is not there in the MJs, XJs had the wiring. The factory tweeters sit in brackets that attach to the back of the knee panel.
  6. On ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1992-Jeep-Comanche/303651535987?hash=item46b30abc73%3Ag%3ADZMAAOSwxTxfMvGN&LH_ItemCondition=4 and https://daveysjeeps.com/inventory/jeep-comanche-4x4-short-bed-truck/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=socialnetwork
  7. Added to Registry There are also a few more in the background of same of the pics.
  8. I should have said a couple, two or three more inches, just enough to get an arm between the cab and bed.
  9. Is it possible to unbolt the bed (short bed) and slide it a few inches to access the rear of the cab without disconnecting anything else (fuel tank, fuel lines, brake lines, etc.)?
  10. Not in performance, I needed a cat because I failed smog and I was also replacing my rusted muffler with a nice SS Magnaflow one so I purchased the matching cat. It did pass smog with flying colors.
  11. Holy crap the prices have increased! I purchased a Magnaflow CARB compliant direct-fit cat (I also live in California) a couple of years ago for ~$220, now they're north of $500!!! found a site for ~300 not sure if it's legit. https://jeepsarelife.com/magnaflow-exhaust-products-3391229-df-converter
  12. Yea, it has PB3 as Intense Blue Pearl Coat while in 1990 PB3 was Spinnaker Blue Metallic
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