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  1. Pioneer and Olympic edition graphics are different.
  2. Yes, an auto TPS can be used in a manual and the connector is not used. TPS adjustment is in Cruiser's tips
  3. Got to love California trucks! Welcome.
  4. I looked where I thought it should be and didn't find it. I just went through this for another member, it took me two months to find the part, I really need to get my $hi+ organized. I'll keep looking, if I find it it's yours free. Sorry.
  5. I think I have one, is the number on the part so I can tell left from right?
  6. Someone has a hoarding problem and OCD, but I'm not saying who.
  7. My '88, '89 and '90 with black bumpers are "A" type, with the plastic trim. The NOS chrome Laredo bumper (in the box) with gray end caps & brackets I purchased from a member does not have the trim. Unfortunately I do not have the box with the manufacture date any longer. Bumpers with the trim have four square holes on each side for inserts the screws attach to, unlike the non-trim ones, so the bumpers are actually different.
  8. I had posted this years ago, here it is again for the new members.
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