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  1. Lucky dog! I was thinking of contacting him for it but have no way of getting it down here, I assumed he would not want to ship it.
  2. The ones just above the slider.
  3. Is that wide molding in good shape, is it on both sides? How much to 94534? Thanks.
  4. Because power does not flow through the switch in the stock fog light set-up. The dash switch activates the relay and power flows through the relay to the fog lights. Here is the OEM fog light harness, it plugs into the 10 pin connector by the air box and replaces the non-fog light headlight harness.
  5. He still makes them: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jeep-Comanche-MJ-Truck-Headliner-Panel-Custom-Made-in-the-USA/402113132131?hash=item5d9fcf7663:g:RVQAAOSwxxdZa50G
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    Welcome, good luck with your search.
  7. The black one could be the fog light relay, is it located as in the pic below (thing with pink writing).
  8. You have a BA 10/5 if it hasn't been swapped out. Look for two plugs with square drive centers, those are them. Fill to the bottom of the upper plug. This was just recently answered (in more detail) but I can't find the thread. Good luck. EDIT: found the thread, at the end.
  9. What springs and shackles are they? Do you have the vehicle on the ground?
  10. @ghetdjc320 That eBay vendor has been listing and selling fronts for a while, contact them to see if they have more.
  11. Maybe it was one of those dealer emblems, nothing from the factory used fasteners.
  12. I for one am glad you are keeping it. After all that hard work you should enjoy it for a while. for front flaps: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-OEM-Jeep-Cherokee-Front-Splash-Mud-Guards/264694052668?hash=item3da0feb73c:g:IAkAAOSwcLlejjiZ
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