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  1. It's a base model, in '86 called Custom, column shift auto, part time 4WD. And from the codes you posted, the original color was Garnet Metallic (3C).
  2. Congratulation! Let the joy of home ownership begin. Now I'll have a place to park when I tour the Southwest.
  3. I think you mean cash for internal combustion engine vehicles when you purchase an electric vehicle
  4. Wow, good to know. He's only 2.5 miles from my parent's house where I grew up.
  5. It's supposed to hit 90° here this weekend
  6. WOW, all the spoilers look to be in great condition and complete. @TheJeepNut please ask Jose for the VIN so we can get it in the Registry.
  7. The purpose of opening the front bleeder is to get the system to think there's a leak and move the pressure differential valve so the rears with the height sensing valve can be bled correctly. That's why after the initial rear bleed with a front open, the front is closed and the system is bled again. I had a similar issue, I rebuilt the MC (yes old school) and all was good. From '92 FSM: It also says not to pump brakes, just depress pedal.
  8. Wow, a six year hiatus, welcome back! Now I have to ask, is it in the REGISTRY???
  9. The 8th digit for 86-88 signifies both trim and payload, For 89-92 the fourth position is payload and the sixth is the trim. As Eagle stated tow package is not part of the VIN.
  10. fiatslug87

    Happy Easter

    καλό Πάσχα
  11. fiatslug87

    Happy Easter

    @buxmj my family is Greek Orthodox, I know what you mean about the candy!
  12. Is this really for your daughter?
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