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  1. In general, each progressive generation has worse manners. And I blame social media for the trend increasing exponentially.
  2. At Pick-N-Pull Sparks, NV
  3. fiatslug87

    AMC 20

    That bottom leaf looks like it's two at the perch.
  4. fiatslug87

    AMC 20

    You can tell if it's a MT from the VIN's 8th position: F=Custom, MT G=X, MT H=XL, MT J=XLS, MT
  5. Heat gun & scrapper seem to be doing the trick! Thanks for your replies.
  6. What's the easiest way to remove the stuck on gasket adhesive (it's not RVT) from the block side of the oil pan? Engine is still in the truck which is on jack stands so I have to do it on my back. I'm scraping away and getting very tired! Thanks for any advice. p.s. I do not have air tools.
  7. Welcome to the new millennium.
  8. In case you haven't come across this post with technical and parts manuals yet.
  9. jdog is corrrct, no EGRs in 91 & 92 MJs. Why are you asking for a 90 EGR valve for a 91 HO?
  10. For those that don't know, there was a 1:18 scale wired remote MJ made. So keep looking!
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