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  1. An MJ/XJ shifter should fit. It separates from the shift tower, some have done it in place using two pickle forks (may dent your trans tunnel), search YouTube I know there's at least one video. Here's what the connection looks like.
  2. ^has some more work to do on his jeep (don't we all)
  3. This has full-time 4WD
  4. Are you on http://www.ifsja.org/forums/vb/ or https://www.fsjnetwork.com/ ? Good resources
  5. This is a Metric Ton, G in the fourth position.
  6. WOW! You've had two Laredo Metric Ton MJs!!!
  7. fiatslug87


    Yes, XB was 87 only.
  8. fiatslug87


    XB is actually Olympic white.
  9. Please change the title to the VIN, thanks.
  10. that's the one I was thinking of, I remember the towel tip and it's only 10 years old.
  11. There was a post a long time ago about this. I'll look for it.
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