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  1. Will the weather pack plug with the original plug?
  2. I want the original to make a towing harness without splicing into the original harness.
  3. Do you have that connector? It's under the bed in the rear. I belive It's the tail lights harness connector.
  4. I'm hoping he does the entire set.
  5. I'm curious to see the reproductions.
  6. Both if you have them.
  7. Do you have an extra spare tire tool that lowers the spare tire?
  8. I've seen this one around here in the high desert in Southern California along with a white short bed comanche.
  9. I'll take the chrome mirrors and the outside cargo light if available.
  10. Metal mounting piece under the hood that holds the retractable underhood light. Price?
  11. Do you have a set for sale?
  12. Is your fuse block and harness available if 1988comanche doesn't purchase
  13. Charcoal bucket seat buckles, Drivers side seat rail cover still available? And can I get both small diamond shaped chrome arm rest bezel if available?
  14. Is this offer still available? Lol If it is ill take a roll bar set please
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