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  1. Just need the knuckles if it’s pre 1990 xj my or YJ Dana 30. Two knuckles can go in a flat rate box actually so shipping is pretty reasonable if you don’t mind taking them off.
  2. No worries. I’ve thrown away some before too.
  3. Wondering if anyone has a set of 84-89 Dana 30 knuckles they don’t need. Let me know
  4. Yep, as was mentioned, Dana 44’s are super plentiful and have been arround for decades. It’s just the MJ & XJ versions that are a bit hard to come by. As @Pete M says though, the 8.25 is a great swap candidate. It’s also a bit easier to regear.
  5. Could very well be your slave cylinder. The swap is very straightforward though. Good opportunity to replace clutch while your in there. If it’s just the linkage, you’ll be able to see it from under the dash though there may be plenty of wiring and the steering column in the way
  6. I’ve never really liked my center console and have also been wanting to do some clean and discreet audio work. I’m trying to keep the truck “period correct” while adding improved functionality. Been gathering some inspirational photos on what I’d like to do with the center console. I’d like to meld the oem console and something like this:
  7. Nice MJ! I can appreciate how much work went into it. I agree that the flares don’t quite fit the build. To me the conflict is that it has the body of a street Comanche but is lifted with off-road tires.
  8. So the clutch pedal connects to the rod for the clutch master cylinder. Then there is a hydraulic line that goes to the slave cylinder. Apologies if youR already familiar with the setup. Can you confirm that the clutch linkage is still good and it is moving the input shaft on the clutch master cylinder?
  9. Unless you want to keep everything “period specific” to the truck I’d just grab an 8.25 as suggested.
  10. Original owner MJ, that’s awesome! Does the clutch still engage? There isn’t actually a spring in the bell housing. The pressure plate is the “spring”.
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-AMC-JEEP-DEALER-ACCESSORY-AC-AIRCONDITIONING-KIT-OEM-CHEROKEE-COMANCHE/383479464806?hash=item5949284366:g:wokAAOSwemdefLga
  12. Yep it will work but the transfer case will be clocked higher than stock. Youll have to see if it interferes with your floor in that area. Check and see if the bell housing is external slave or not. If not, you can brag a bell housing from a 94 and up
  13. Any amc logo splash guards are rare indeed. And they can be made to work with an mj but they are not mj specific. Here is a pic of the MJ rears for reference (not my picture by the way):
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