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  1. I had a bad transfer case outpu bushing that caused driveline vibes. Sye got rid of that obviously but have also had a bad pilot bearing for the front tcase output that caused a lot of noise that was extremely my hard to pinpoint.
  2. I like the @krustyballer16 design since it doesn’t rely on the pinch seam. Just another option is the Spadano rockers. I run the Spadano rockers and you can get a tube option for them also. The step is very high though since it’s part of the rocker
  3. I know they are 40.5 center to center on the leaf pads. I remember a topic about swapping an mj 44 into a YJ. It’s been several years back but iirc it was a bolt in.
  4. I think a YJ axle *may* also bolt right in.
  5. 99 was a changeover year. Mid year they updated the hubs and added longer wheel studs. Also went to the composite rotors at the same time so the longer studs made up the difference. They are all interchangeable but would recommend the rotors/wheel bearings be matched.
  6. I run the JCR front and rear bumpers. Everything I have bought from them over the years has been awesome. Customer service is great too
  7. Shock valving will set your ride quality with regular coils.
  8. I’d diy. What led me to start setting up my own gears is a botched “professional” install. Put my YJ in reverse and the ring and pinion locked up. No one will care more about your Jeep then you do. If your patient and willing to learn the process, you will do better work than most shops out there.
  9. Just to clarify, there is no complete off the shelf lift kit for the MJ for a 6.5” lift that includes everything you’ll need/want to modify. Don’t even worry about frame stiffeners if your not going to swap your steering. At 6.5” the tie rod angles will be extreme and will be destroyed if flexed off-road. Plus, at 6.5” 33’s look quite small depending on flares. Running 33’s and re-gearing a stock dana 35 rear axle for wheeling will kill that axle in very short order. You’ll start to see why several of us have recommended going with a lower lift unless you have the budget, time and experience t
  10. There are tons of them on eBay. Also car-part.com. Here are new ones from Novak: https://www.novak-adapt.com/catalog/transmission/transmission-packages/ax15-package/ Rock auto carries them also. You’ll just have to look outside of you immediate area. Shipping an ax15 is simple and cheap.
  11. Since when did it get hard to find an ax15? They are still being manufactured and you can but them new. They are all over the place
  12. If you have a press you can do it yourself. In the absence of a press I used a bottle jack, freezer, pipe, the sun and my MJ. Throw the carrier in the freezer overnight, let the carrier bearings sit in the sun or put them in an oven at like 150*. I used a pipe that was the same size as the inner race and used a hydraulic jack to press on the bearing using the frame rail of my MJ. Worked great. On the 8.25 I believe you don’t have any shims inboard of the bearing since you have adjusters. You’ll need whatever tool (like a spammer wrench) to adjust the carrier. I also think the pinion has a crus
  13. most of the Japanese vehicle here are JDM iterations it seems. Looks like when they assembled them in the US they would put in a Dana 44. Troopers came with the 12 bolt corporate axle which is supposed to be super tough. There are a ton of junked rodeos and passports though along the roads and in the jungle here. Time for the saws all and the winch
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