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  1. I can’t emphasize enough how much I like this mod. It works great and ads some real functionality. On to more electrical mods now!
  2. True, but my license plate is mounted to my receiver hitch. I mounted the backup cam just below the tailgate handle and it works perfect there
  3. Here are the final results. Everything works excellent and the center vent blows plenty of air. Plenty of trimming needed but all in all not to bad. I did not need to widen the opening for this head unit so I have about a 1/8” gap but it looks just fine and very clean.
  4. ghetdjc320

    Door hinges

    Anyone have some hinges out there?
  5. Thanks! Just waiting on the equipment now for the install. Going to mount the backup cam to the tailgate if i can get it to look clean enough.
  6. I also picked up some adhesive backed felt at Home Depot (yep we have one here on Guam!) for the vents. It works awesome and takes up and slack or flop in the vents
  7. Ok so here is an update. The conversion is ready to go. I must say, there is a lot of small things to mod but you can keep your hvac controls, center and install a double din unit. Here are some pics:
  8. ghetdjc320

    Leaf springs

    Just got the springs in from JW Jeep. Not to bad a shape. Knocked out the bushings and cleaned them up really well. Sprayed them with rustoleum industrial gloss black. Hope to have them installed by tomorrow. Thanks!
  9. I’ve been looking for a good switch plate too. I think I might have a sign company make a new one for me.
  10. ghetdjc320

    Door hinges

    Need of pair of door hinges for my 91. It’s the passenger side. Managed to find a new set for the drivers side but now the passenger side is going out and I can’t find any more.
  11. There is no “lens” in the cargo light. They are a single piece of clear plastic. Everything but the “lens” area is painted black. Just restored mine with a good headlight polish then repainted it. Looks like new
  12. Worked on my under dash lights today as well as my rear b pillar lights. Trying to get all factory options working again. Also have an oem cargo light to add. The Sony receiver is on its way. Here Is a pic of what I’ve been working on
  13. I’ve been tossing around the idea of moding the dash for a double din head unit. Used to have one in my TJ and really enjoyed some of the features (especially a backup cam). Most of the pictures I saw involved moving the hvac controls down and deleting the center vent. However, as has been noted, the center vent is attached to the plenum and if I moved the hvac controls there it would not seal the plenum back up. I would also loose the center vent and I actually really like that vent. So instead I decided to move the hvac controls to the top and move the radio to the center. I plan on running a Sony CarPlay headunit like the ax1000 which has a single din frame but a double dine screen. I’ll post pics on how I will install this setup. I plan to retain the center vent as well but move it down about 1/2”. Should be a good clean oem looking mod when done.
  14. that pretty much sums up why I want to do custom gauges as well. That and accuracy
  15. Will do! Contemplating a dash and sound overhaul
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