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  1. It’s the wrong fastener used. Even the oem bolt is wrong.
  2. Too much talk about repairing the damage vs fixing the underlying issue. Jeep did not use the correct bolt for the track bar and the hardware store probably does NOT have what you need. Yes a grade 8 bolt will last a while longer and yes you could use a larger bolt and sleeve size. Still is t the right fastener for the application. Great explanation video
  3. Floor pans finally came in! Going to set aside a few days to tackle this.
  4. I think the large one may be a seat bracket cover
  5. The BMB bolt has the threads on the bolt the same diameter as the shank with makes for a tighter fit. No typical hardware store bolt has this. This issue comes from both a very flimsy metal in the axle side track bar mount as @Pete M mentioned and a poor fitment of the standard factory bolt inside the bushing. The washer fix is a good one. Just need the right size bolt as well (one that does not under size the threads even one .001” vs the shank diameter. Few bolts have those specs, thus the BMB kit.
  6. Leaving them on looks like a hack job. They probably won’t interfere though. Seriously though, take the effort to cut them off and cleanup the tube
  7. What causes the oblong holes in the first place is the tiny bit of slip between the bolt and the bushing sleeve. The BMB kit fixes the underlying problem, not the damage that has been done after the fact.
  8. By the way, here are the gear ratios for the AW4: 2.8 1.53 1.0 .75 AX15 3.83 2.33 1.44 1.0 .79 The unique thing to remember with an automatic is the torque converter, which in effect produces a sort of lower version of each gear. Top end highway speeds are very similar with both options. In practice, they both have a very similar effective first gear as well when the torque converter is factored in. Both are great tranny’s for our Jeep’s imho.
  9. 4.88’s are great. 4.56 with an ax15 with stroker on 35’s was also nice but I could definitely have used 4.88’s though and that’s with plenty of long highway drives,
  10. Just as an option, I used a rubber floor plug and some urethane sealant. Works great. Put a small “drip loop” in the antenna cable before it enters the cab also.
  11. I haven’t gone a drop over 210 pulling my jet ski through the mountain passes in Guam with my AC on… the mishimoto radiator or novak is where it’s at. I’ve tried others, oem, csf, spectra. Nothing cools like the mishimoto has. Plus a threaded magnetic drain plug, 19psi cap, perfect welds, and (2) decent size cores with a higher fins per inch count than most. Oh, and lifetime warranty. Cold Case if you want to save a bit more coin. Novak if you only ever want to but once.
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