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  1. Hello all, I just had to replace my rear springs on my 91 MJ because one of the main leafs had broken at the eye. My MJ is SOA with 5.5” front springs. I got the new springs from general spring in Kansas City and they are direct 4 leaf replacements. Problem is the new leaves are really tall. It’s peobaby 4” higher than it was which puts it close to 9”. On the flip side, it looks like I could easily fit 37’s lol. Any suggestions on speeding up the spring settling process or lowering it somehow. I need to shed at least 2-3” so the rake is not so extreme.
  2. Yeah I knew this would be quite a thread resurrection. There are several references to getting a label for an HO 4.0 but no one ever posted one that I can see. Can anyone out there post a clear picture of their emissions label from a 91 with a 4.0? I’m in Guam and my MJ is shipping from stateside butbthe shipping company needs a picture of the epa label
  3. Need an emissions label for a 91 4.0
  4. I just created the file based off of the original Comanche emblem for anyone to create. Just have it printed locally
  5. These emblems have been out of production for quite some time now. With the attached file you can send it straight to your local vinyl printer and have your own set of decal/emblems. Hopefully some can make good use of these files.
  6. Yeah, Ive been searching ebay and the classifieds section and they are all gone or if/when they are available they cost far to much. I noticed a couple of members were trying to get a vinyl graphic that looked like the original. I'm military family but I do contract work on Guam. Moved here last year. We have access to use the FPO but we are serviced by USPS so its the same price as shipping anything domestic and there are no customs since we are part of the US. Priority mail takes about 5 days to get here from the conus.
  7. The dimensions are based on the original and are approx 9" long and 1" tall
  8. Just have the AI file sent to your local vinyl printing shop and have them make as many as you need.
  9. I am putting the finishing touches on my MJ restoration and having a very hard time finding "comanche" emblems for the fenders and/or tailgate. It frustrates me to no end to see that most people remove and hoard the emblems all to themselves or try to sell them for ridiculous prices because they are rare. So I decided to vector trace an original and give everyone the JPG and AI file so they can print their own on vinyl. I would like to get a 3d model file format as well for 3d printing so everyone can have access to it in full emblem for if they want. Once I get the 3d file I will post it as well. Comanche Vinyl.ai
  10. I have a 91 Comanche with a 4.0 and aw4. I accidentally damaged part of my wiring harness near the back of the cylinder head (mostly the section that splits off to the injectors). I need to source a replacement harness. I've tried splicing it back together but I cannot identify the wires anymore because of the angle grinder damage. Would an XJ harness swap over? I would liely just swap over the engine side and leave the headlight section alone. Any advice? By the way, I live in Guam so there are not many salvage yards here in the area. Thanks
  11. In pinch I've use some stuff called "through the roof" and it work remarkably well. You can get it a Lowes.
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