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  1. I’ll be home in about 4 hrs and will get some
  2. Bump for taillights $125 for the pair shipped
  3. Here are the long awaited pictures of the finished product. Still working on a lot of cleanup and trim piece restoration.
  4. The Rustoleum Granite color is a very close match to the original light gray color
  5. That’s super helpful! I noticed that eliminator is no longer listed under the 91,92 trim. Does that now fall under “sport” or another mode?
  6. we have almost the same identical truck. Built 2 days apart and both from the St. Louis area
  7. Every one I’ve had has been made from aluminum. The old 4.2s has some plastic covers for a few years
  8. Thanks! Yeah it really glows in the sun. It has a tremendous amount of pearl in it
  9. Did it have the original eliminator striping or how do you know it’s an eliminator? The eliminator was the “sporty” track version of the truck from what I understand and was only offered in 2wd until 91-92 when the option for 4x4 was added. If they were available pre 91 that would be awesome! I have been looking for another MJE 4x4 but have been limiting my search to just 91-92.
  10. Never heard of 4x4 being an option pre 91 on eliminators. As far as I knew that was only an option introduced in 91. What is you build date? Have you registered your VIN?
  11. Color is oem 2019 Aston Martin Cinnabar Orange. Ditzler PPG paint. Can’t wait to get the trim all perfected and reinstalled along with the new tail lights. Going to get the new tail lights clear coated with several coats from the body shop before installing.
  12. Here is a bit of a teaser for the color and mods:
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