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  1. Replacing all ball joints, axle shaft u joints, welding on artec C gussets and installing the arb up front.
  2. I think I have about 10 switches left. I guess they are officially nos now. Probably doesn’t help that I have 6 of them in my dash lol. Anyways, good to know @Dzimm is making replacement faces.
  3. Yeah, and I cleaned out the supplies I could find. Not sure if I’ll need more or not but let me know if you come across some
  4. Hello all, just getting the next batch complete and wanted to upload the latest "catalog" of custom and OEM versions. Of note are the new air compressor versions including the new style ARB switch design (that one is for my truck). Still have about (8) nos switches in stock and it looks like I've exhausted the supply from there. I'm sure there are a few floating around out there in dealerships but they are hard to track down. I'm going to source some aftermarket switches as well that have a clean oem like appearance and will post back with the results.
  5. Installed NOS mud flaps in the rear. These were NOS XJ fronts. I made some simple brackets and they work excellent. Also installed the hilift extreme in the bed. Installing the nuts on those upper mounting plate bolts was crazy.
  6. Yikes thing thing is rough. Looks like a cheap tube bumper that interferes with the tires. Can’t believe they angled the front flare like that. Very shoddy work all over
  7. Just note that Rustys and Rough Country are sub-par. Grab a Zone, BDS, OME or piece one together as others have mentioned.
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