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  1. Had to take some pics after doing the headlights swap. These morimoto hid projectors are awesome while driving.
  2. Just waiting for the vinyl cutters to reopen. We are closed by order of the governor until April 15th
  3. This is an excellent and cost effective technique. Seen it used in many other countries to preserve the underside of vehicles. Works awesome! If you prefer a wax based product, pb blaster makes a corrosion stop that leaves a nice thick film behind that lasts a while. I am bombarded by salt spray where we live and use a car cover, wax, and spray salt-away frequently. But seriously, diesel works great.
  4. Just heard back from Mark, it’s musical horns...
  5. I would not silicone them. They should not be leaking since the tubes are pressed in. Those welds simply aid in tube retention but they are not holes that go all the way through the axle tube and should never be the source of a leak. You could seal the tubes inside the pumpkin but use the “right stuff” or similar
  6. I haven’t heard of many d44’s though spinning their tubes. Has anyone had any experience with that happening on a 44?
  7. Seen too many people installing 8.8s welding the case spreader holes thinking they are rosette weld holes 😂. I always use rosette welds when working with links and threaded inserts also in addition to welding the actual flange/joint and they hold very well.
  8. I’ve also welded it cold in short bursts with lots of cool down in between with good results but I think heating it up as suggested is probably the better way to go.
  9. I asked Mark at J and W Jeep to give us a closeup shot
  10. I’d bet that it’s someone’s old car phone they retrofit.
  11. Perhaps you didn’t count the buttons. Let’s try this: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,*,#, A,b,c,d??? That’s the layout of a standard dtmf phone dialer keypad. Still can’t say for sure that’s what it is but it’s a good possibility imho.
  12. Car phones were an option on Comanches since 86:
  13. You can reference this photo. The red x is not a plug weld. It’s hard to see for sure but it looks like this housing does have some plug weld provisions (highlighted in the green circles)
  14. People refer to the two round holes in the housing near the axle tubes as “plug weld” holes. Many have indeed plug welded that hole but that is where a case spreader would normally go. Not many d44s have an axle tube spinning problem like the 8.8s. You can still weld the tubes if you like if you can get a good weld on the pumpkin to tube area. I would recommend though that you don’t use the case spreader holes and fill them up with “plug welds”.
  15. Funny, I was starting to think they didn’t exist lol. I’ve never come across a center console with an in tact or functioning latch
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