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Found 6 results

  1. March 2020-Awinski's 1988 SWB! Here is an MJ a little different from most... Build Thread https://comancheclub.com/forum/41-mj-hardcore-tech-epic-journeys-to-greatness/ YEAR/MODEL 1988 comanche short bed base ENGINE/PERFORMANCE stock... for now DRIVETRAIN 2016 mustang rear subframe, suspension, and diff COOLING Stock ELECTRICAL/IGNITION Stock other than repairs SUSPENSION/STEERING Front IFS conversion, crown vic knuckles, custom A arms; chrysler screw in ball joints with 7/8 heims on frame side 2016 mustang irs INTERIOR Kirkey race seats, roll cage BRAKES Front: 2010 gt500 rotors with c5 caliper and pads Rear: stock 2016 mustang LIGHTING Highbeam offroad led headlights Amazon special led rear EXTERIOR Modified Hanneman fiberglass fenders and bedsides WHEELS AND TIRES 19x8.5" Esr sr01 with 245/50 atlas uhp 19x10.5 ear sr01 with 285/45 atlas uhp MISC Back half tube chassis Remember That One Time?... Tell Us Your Best MJ Story From stock to now, I've always smiled running through the gears in this truck. Also stacking deck boards to get it on the trailer and realizing it might be a bit too low CC is Awesome!... Why Do You Think So? everyone getting creative and doing their own thing with the same model Congrats! I can't wait to see it finished @Awinski!
  2. Sorry for the late one this month, but here it is! December 2019-The Sleigh Santa Wanted-eaglescout526’s 1988 (Little Red Wagon) YEAR/MODEL ● 1988 Comanche Pioneer. Equipped with mostly factory equipment and has been kept stock with a touch of personalization. ENGINE/PERFORMANCE ● 150 CID 2.5L TBI Renix. Factory with "American Air dealer installed AC" setup, cruise control and power steering. AMC logo hard plastic valve cover is on too. No C101 delete. DRIVETRAIN ● 5-speed Aisin AX5 trans. Second trans. COOLING ● Factory standard cooling with OEM radiator and water pump. ELECTRICAL/IGNITION ● Renix Factory ICM and distributor with Mopar cap, rotor and wires. SUSPENSION/STEERING ● Factory suspension with JK shocks on the front and rear. Factory steering set up. INTERIOR ● Factory charcoal color interior panels with custom tweed headliner and door panels, Full '87 Blue Face Cluster, charcoal bench seat with Native American design blanket as a seat cover, 3-spoke leather wrapped sport type steering wheel, Renix era horn button, black with silver dash bezel and vents, custom charcoal dashmat with Comanche stitched in on the glove box fabric and chrome trim are around the handles and arm rests. All panels except dash have been repainted to their factory color. BRAKES ● Factory front discs and rear drums with operational height sensing valve. Operational factory E-brake. LIGHTING ● Factory lamps all around(with recommended headlight harness), cargo light and NOS fog lamps from Sears and Roebuck. LED light strip under hood that's hooked up to a factory rocker switch and a factory under hood retractable lamp. Factory style replacement Euramtec dome lights, courtesy lights, ash tray light and cigar lighter trim ring light are installed for the interior lighting. EXTERIOR ● Factory Colorado Red BE paint with Pioneer package trim level with factory running boards, factory remote control mirrors, AMC Jeep mud flaps, rear FEY bumper with factory front bumper, 21 slot grill for 80's Jeep awesomness, factory bed mat and tailgate liner with chrome wrap over and a AMC Jeep front plate with Renix plate mount to distinguish from the Mopars. 4 pane sliding rear window and cargo light. Mopar wheel locks are on the wheels to deter theft. Spare tire carrier is a GM carrier with the OEM carrier used as brackets to hold the GM carrier in place. WHEELS/TIRES ● Jeep five spoke rim with "Jeep" engraved. Toyo Extensas A/S 215/75R15 tires with white walls. MISCELLANEOUS ● Club is used, driving gloves and hat are equipped on driver when driving. For now she has a Pioneer stereo head and four speaker but will get a factory one RX-141. Intermittent wipers are equipped. To be equipped in the near future are a OEM vanity mirror, RX-141 radio, tow hooks and front skid plate. Remember That One Time?... Tell Us Your Best MJ Story ● I swear I have the most boring time in Little Red, so i’ll share some experiences. One time I was driving home on the freeway and the trans exploded from all the poly bushings vibrations. Then another MJ owner saw me pulled over and stopped to chat and told me to hop on here. Still don't know who that member is to this day. One time I was driving home and an XJ owner pulled up and gave me a thumbs up of approval. Another time I was driving home from my grandparents and a guy in a Mercedes rolled down his window and chatted about my truck and his 86 XJ till the light changed. My favorite story though is when Pirate and I finally met up and hung out at AMC salvage. Pulling parts and teaching him how to do some basic things. That was a real fun day we had, talkin Jeeps and hanging out. Me on the left and Pirate on the right with Graham Cracker.(Old picture, duh) We also met up at Jeep Jam and our MJ's stole the show, that was awesome! CC is Awsome!... Tell us why● This club is pretty awesome! Probably unlike any other car club out there. We all have knowledge and trucks to share, jokes and stories to tell by the fire and coveted NOS parts to treasure. If I hadn't known about the clubs existence by using search terms with "Comanche" in them, I would have probably not had Little Red for as long as I have. I appreciate all of you and could very well consider you guys family away from family as this place makes everyone feel welcome, no matter how simple or difficult the question we all may have. That's why CC is awesome! Build Thread here: I would also like to extend a huge thank you to @eaglescout526 for all of the work he has done with the NOS parts that he lists for sale and all of the help he has done with the registry! Have a Happy Holiday and New Year! Edit: WE NOW HAS PICS WITH NEW GRAPHICS!!!! I might need to get some stripes for mine now...
  3. The 1st MJOTM of the New Decade: EvilMJ's 1989 Evil MJ!!! YEAR/MODEL: 1989 Jeep Comanche - 162k ENGINE/PERFORMANCE: 4.0L inline rebuilt at 145k DRIVETRAIN: 4.10 gears front & rear AX15 transmission w/ 115k on it at 145k Rebuilt 231 transfer case HD slip-yoke eliminator & Novak cable shifter Rebuilt front axle - new bearings, seals, U-joints, & ball joints Tru-track locker in front axle Clayton Offroad front truss Carolina Driveline rear driveshaft Rebuilt Ford 8.8" rear w/ disc brakes, new calipers, rotors, lines, etc. New clutch, flywheel, master & slave, pressure plate, lines, & bushing ELECTRICAL/IGNITION: New coil wires, distributor, and ignition module SUSPENSION/STEERING: Clayton Offroad 3-link long arm kit, trackbar, drop bracket, dropped pitman arm, & steering stabilizer HD steering linkage (draglink & tie rods) and diff covers New coil springs w/ adjustable spacers Bilstein shocks INTERIOR: Gentex auto dimming mirror w/ temp & compass JW Speakers BRAKES: Rear Disc LIGHTING: LED lights all around including A-pillars EXTERIOR: Custom bobbed bed, bumpers, sliders, 35" spare tire carrier, winch mounts, etc. WHEELS/TIRES: 5 Procomp 15s with 35x12.50R15 Pitbull Rockers MISCELLANEOUS: New fuel lines, pump, tank, & filter Spectre cowl intake and filter New exhaust, radiator, thermostat, Congratulations!!!! The bed on your truck is sweet!
  4. Okay... that's pretty nice looking.... Let's get that pesky technical stuff out of the way, so we can go back to drooling over pictures. build thread: YEAR/MODEL ●1990 Comanche Sport ENGINE/PERFORMANCE ● Chevy 5.3 Vortec engine, Novak headers, and Novak Cherokee/Comanche specific engine mounts. DRIVETRAIN ● Chevy 4L65E transmission/231J transfer case, Jeep JK Dana 44 axles front and rear. Front has factory locker COOLING ● Novak heavy duty aluminum radiator w/ 3 electric fans ELECTRICAL/IGNITION ● GM System tied into Comanche fuel and rear taillight harness SUSPENSION/STEERING ● Clayton long arm Radius in front, bastard leaf pack in back with U-bolt eliminator kit. Fox shocks all around. Steering is a stock Jeep Cherokee gear box/pitman arm reamed out to except stock Jeep JK drag link, also stock Jeep JK tie rod INTERIOR ●'99 Jeep Cherokee dash swap, with Autometer gauges to monitor the Chevy motor. The seats will be swapped to the '99 Cherokee seats soon BRAKES ● Stock JK brakes all around, but I need to add a proportioning valve to the rear. LIGHTING ● Start in the front with Truck-lite LED headlights, then LED wrap around pods mounted to the fairlead, red LED rock lights at each corner, then out back I have the stock Comanche taillights and a pair of flush mount LED's in the rear bumper. EXTERIOR ● Front - Early JCR bumper, and I added the winch mount which holds a Warn VR 8000 winch, Rear in a DIY JCR bumper, and Notch Custom Flares to finish the look. WHEELS/TIRES ● Tires are Toyo MT's mounted on 17" AEV Pintler wheels, in the JK bolt pattern MISCELLANEOUS ● Recently painted by me(first vehicle paint job) with the factory paint code, custom diff covers with Detroit Jeepers logo, Bullet lined bed. Remember That One Time?... Tell Us Your Best MJ Story ● My best Story to date is the complete rebuild of the awesome truck. I really haven't had it out too much as the build has taken so long, that I am just starting to get it out to make some memories. CC is Awesome!... Why Do You Think So? ● This site is awesome because everything one needs to know about these awesome trucks is right here in one location. Congrats. Rangel!! I guess we will let you stay will such a nice resto-mod
  5. Every month we get to feature some great Comanches, a lot are terrifically built trucks with all kinds of purposes in mind. This month we are highlighting a true survivor of the brand. Its an almost stock 1989, that belongs to BuxMJ. I will let Buck describe his truck in his own words! BUXMJ's 89 Year/Model 1989 Pioneer Engine/Performance 4.0 stock Drivetrain 5 speed AX15, stock transmission with the 4th (I think) clutch. Cooling Stock with aluminum overflow tank. Electrical/Ignition Stock Suspension/Steering Stock with helper springs added Interior Reupholstered driver's seat with stock material. Center console from a Wrangler, cut down shorter. New stereo and door speakers, rebuilt box speakers from '89, upgraded dome lights. Exterior Pioneer stripes removed when repainted in 2000. Repainted again in 2010 in slightly darker grey with black flares and lower panels, drip rails and cowl panel. I had an aluminum topper for 20 years and I feel lucky to have found a Comanche specific topper that cost more to ship than the purchase price but worth every penny. Miscellaneous My mj has earned its retirement and is only driven about 2k miles a year now, currently sitting at 261k. I do use this as a truck still and don't know what I would do without the bedslide. I think I have every receipt for service, repair and parts since I bought it 28 1/2 years ago. Best story: I was cleaning out the back after hauling mulch. I had stopped to use the vacuum at a convenience store and a Jeep CJ pulled up. A father and his young adult son got out and said they tuned around to come see my mj. They said they had owned and restored many jeeps over the years and wanted to stop and thank me for taking care of this Jeep. CC is awesome, tell us why: Since I joined CC several years ago I have been a quiet lurker for the most part. I do not post a lot but have been so impressed with so much on this site. I use it to answer my dumb questions without having to post those dumb questions, there are are so many knowledgeable people who give great advice freely without a condescending attitude for those of us who might need a stupid question answered. I am continually in awe of so many of the Comanches and the stories that go with them.
  6. Fall is officially here gentlemen... Cool weather, crisp sunsets, falling leaves, and the smell of bonfires. Be sure to take those MJ's out and enjoy the ride. This month, we feature a member and truck that is clean, cool, and crisp, just like the season. USAFAGumby's 1989 Comanche 4x4 YEAR/MODEL ● 1989 Base short bed 4x4 ENGINE/PERFORMANCE ● 4.0L: 60mm throttle body, Dodge 703 injectors, THOR cowl intake, catless exhaust DRIVETRAIN ● AX-15 / external slave swap, Ford 8.8 limited slip, 3.55 re-gear, Novak cable shifter, Rustys trans X-member COOLING ● Open cooling conversion ELECTRICAL/IGNITION ● Stock SUSPENSION/STEERING ● Crown Heavy Duty tie-rod and drag link INTERIOR ● Herculined floor, full instrument cluster swap, Euramtec cab lights, 12" sub/component speakers/amp/head unit, airspeed indicator BRAKES ● Rear disk brakes w/ ZJ parking brake cables LIGHTING ● Hella H4 headlights with Putco harness EXTERIOR ● Bushwacker flat fenders, Warrior Products front bumper, two stock side mirrors, Herculined bed, bed rails, body line, fiberglass sun visor, blue MAACO paint job, SoftTopper canvas topper, pitot tube WHEELS/TIRES ● American Racing AR767 with 31x10.5 R15 BFG A/T KO2 Remember That One Time?... Tell Us Your Best MJ Story ● Which time?! This has been my first and only vehicle and I've driven the pants off it. I could start with my pathetic and destructive attempt to repair the rust in the floors; I could talk about the several 24hr trips I've taken to and from NC and CO, including the trip I made with the transmission I rebuilt that wouldn't shift into 2nd, or 4th; There is the ice racing trip I took and proceeded to incur some body damage on the way home from the lake; The hopeful Dyno runs with high expectations and realistic outcomes; Or recently when I finally got stuck for the first time and spent several hours in the mud. Point is I love this truck and the stories keep getting better! Never gonna sell it and can't wait for the next story CC is Awesome!... Why Do You Think So? ● I didn't have any mechanical background till I bought this truck in college but I knew I wanted to work on cars. This site combined with my Formula SAE team taught me everything I know. Literally whenever I have a question, or a no start, or a weird noise this is the first place I turn and somehow I fumble my way into fixing it. Everyone on here is helpful and the tech articles are always super detailed. Keep it up everyone, there are a lot of aspiring mechanics out there who appreciate the help! ====================================================================== USAFAGumby, allow me to be the first to congratulate you on the spotlight this month. This truck had simple roots with a surprisingly clean body for being Chicago-driven. Luckily you saved it from an untimely demise in the rust belt, and made it into one hell of an MJ. Congrats again, Rob :cheers:
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