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Found 7 results

  1. Sorry for the late one this month, but here it is! December 2019-The Sleigh Santa Wanted-eaglescout526’s 1988 (Little Red Wagon) YEAR/MODEL ● 1988 Comanche Pioneer. Equipped with mostly factory equipment and has been kept stock with a touch of personalization. ENGINE/PERFORMANCE ● 150 CID 2.5L TBI Renix. Factory with "American Air dealer installed AC" setup, cruise control and power steering. AMC logo hard plastic valve cover is on too. No C101 delete. DRIVETRAIN ● 5-speed Aisin AX5 trans. Second
  2. June 2020-JMO413's 88 Pioneer "Ratricha" Build Thread https://comancheclub.com/topic/56932-ratricha-the-88-pioneer/ Year/Model - 1988 Jeep Comanche Pioneer Drivetrain- Renix 4.0 /BA10-5/ NP231/ Dana 30/Dana 35 Mean Lemons Bored Throttle Body, 4 Hole Bosch Injectors, HO Exhaust Manifold, EGR Delete, Brown Dog Motor Mounts, 90 ECM, New Clutch,flywheel, and Complete clutch Hydraulics. All new exhaust with a Thrush fully welded muffler,flex pipe added, and HO down pipe. POSI locked added to delete CAD vacuum servo. Cooling- Still clos
  3. March 2020-Awinski's 1988 SWB! Here is an MJ a little different from most... Build Thread https://comancheclub.com/forum/41-mj-hardcore-tech-epic-journeys-to-greatness/ YEAR/MODEL 1988 comanche short bed base ENGINE/PERFORMANCE stock... for now DRIVETRAIN 2016 mustang rear subframe, suspension, and diff COOLING Stock ELECTRICAL/IGNITION Stock other than repairs SUSPENSION/STEERING
  4. The 1st MJOTM of the New Decade: EvilMJ's 1989 Evil MJ!!! YEAR/MODEL: 1989 Jeep Comanche - 162k ENGINE/PERFORMANCE: 4.0L inline rebuilt at 145k DRIVETRAIN: 4.10 gears front & rear AX15 transmission w/ 115k on it at 145k Rebuilt 231 transfer case HD slip-yoke eliminator & Novak cable shifter Rebuilt front axle - new bearings, seals, U-joints, & ball joints Tru-track
  5. Okay... that's pretty nice looking.... Let's get that pesky technical stuff out of the way, so we can go back to drooling over pictures. build thread: YEAR/MODEL ●1990 Comanche Sport ENGINE/PERFORMANCE ● Chevy 5.3 Vortec engine, Novak headers, and Novak Cherokee/Comanche specific engine mounts. DRIVETRAIN ● Chevy 4L65E transmission/231J transfer case, Jeep JK Dana 44 axles front and rear. Front has factory locker COOLING ● Novak heavy duty aluminum radiator w/ 3 electric fans ELECTRICAL/IGNITION ● GM System tied into Comanche fuel and rear taillight ha
  6. Every month we get to feature some great Comanches, a lot are terrifically built trucks with all kinds of purposes in mind. This month we are highlighting a true survivor of the brand. Its an almost stock 1989, that belongs to BuxMJ. I will let Buck describe his truck in his own words! BUXMJ's 89 Year/Model 1989 Pioneer Engine/Performance 4.0 stock Drivetrain 5 speed AX15, stock transmission with the 4th (I think) clutch. Cooling Stock with aluminum overflow tank. Electrical/Ignition Stock Suspens
  7. Fall is officially here gentlemen... Cool weather, crisp sunsets, falling leaves, and the smell of bonfires. Be sure to take those MJ's out and enjoy the ride. This month, we feature a member and truck that is clean, cool, and crisp, just like the season. USAFAGumby's 1989 Comanche 4x4 YEAR/MODEL ● 1989 Base short bed 4x4 ENGINE/PERFORMANCE ● 4.0L: 60mm throttle body, Dodge 703 injectors, THOR cowl intake, catless exhaust DRIVETRAIN ● AX-15 / external slave swap, Ford 8.8 limited slip, 3.55 re-gear, Nova
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