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  1. I had one on a full size. It worked okay. The arm just wasn't long enough to be truly useful.
  2. Its currently on duty as my daughter's college cruiser. I was asking as she whines about how it vibrates in the pedals, and shifter. I wondered if it was there, or was she being a pain in the @$$.
  3. Did you have interior vibration issues afterwards? When I was trying to decide what kind to get, I read a lot of internet stuff about using the complete poly kit and people noticing all the engine vibration transferring into the pedals and shifter inside. I couldn't decide, but I happened to find this stuff for sale.
  4. I did it to ours, except i used a poly bushing in the bottom one, for racecar reasons... Really, a local guy had a kit on market place and the bottom was poly. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  5. When I did the TPS on my 01 with the auto, it was available on Rockauto. I think thats a SOHC vs. DOHC thing. The SOHC is available the DOHC isn't
  6. Is that like the Taurus and a stuck or fouled IAC won't even throw an emissions code, just run like crap once you let off the gas? I'm very surprised you got ahold of an Amazon employee capable of speaking a language you understand well enough to communicate. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  7. Is this one missing the back fairings? Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  8. At what point does something like that become no longer a Comanche.? What I see there is really akin to a Nascar car. Yeah.. it might say Toyota on the sticker, but there isn't much there that makes it truly a Toyota.
  9. This month we feature another every day truck with a quality restoration job. Its another great example of what our faithful community members are doing these old warrior trucks! While you are looking at these great pictures, be careful to not sprain an ankle turning around to look at them again! YEAR/MODEL ● 1992 Jeep Comanche Base 2WD (eliminator clone) ENGINE/PERFORMANCE ● 4.0L High Output Specter Highflow air filter 2.5" exhaust to Magnaflow stainless muffler DRIVETRAIN ● Dana 35 Rear Dana 30 HP Front from a 97 XJ NP231
  10. whowey

    88 MJ?

    I can't zoom in enough on the emblem, but it looks like the post 86 emblem on the fender with the lower case letters. That however doesn't mean much as it could have been switched or the fender switched.
  11. What part of western IL? I'm a bit east of Fulton. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  12. We have one of those rent a lift places here. Pretty good deal if your not a complete cheap @$$ like me. Sent from my SM-S727VL using Tapatalk
  13. whowey

    Dash cams

    So is stopping your car in the middle of the interstate and getting out... and paper license plates with the words License Plate, but that sure doesn't deter Atlanta drivers. I have that 'fancy' Garmin one for $149. I used it when I tried my hand at Uber driving. It worked really well for what it was. My complaint was that only one lens could be active at a time. For my use, I wanted both lenses to be able to be recorded at the same time,
  14. OSHA? Never heard of her.... This looks like the set-up for a Farmers' Insurance commercial.. Janky ladderscaffold-asaurs?? We seen it... didn't cover it.
  15. BTW.. for the sake of posterity, the Dana 35 in Jeeps is 27 spline, not 21. It doesn't matter whether its a C-Clip or non C-Clip axle. The Ford version, I don't remember.. I'm fairly sure its the horrible memories of them being blocked out by my subconscious.
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