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  1. Really I'm looking for the cloth interior door panels and seats in Cordovan/Maroon.
  2. Thanks Swampy! I just found a NP242 21 spline locally that I'm buying, otherwise I'd take you up on that offer.
  3. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I just want the best highway / light off road use combination that is "original" to Jeeps of that era. The LS 8.25 would be a great option if I was trying to get better performance (braking), but with new shoes, the drums on my truck in the rear have been totally fine. I'm not towing much other than a 10-12' Livingston boat with this thing..and occasional dump runs.
  4. Yes, 1989 XJ. Reminder: this doesn't see off road use...mostly pavement and gravel roads, occasional very light trail.
  5. A local guy has a Dana 35 w/factory limited slip, with new drum brakes & wheel cylinders, for $300 and a NP242 for $250. All from 1989 Jeep. That might be the simplest and most cost effect swap...including replacing my wrong transfer case *AND* getting limited-slip added. For my 1987, do I need anything special to fit the NP242 regarding the shifting mechanism?
  6. Great points everyone, thanks for the ideas. The MT definitely are not great in the snow...or ice...or even rain, though that was solved mostly by siping them. I love the look of the MT though...the big knobby tires just fit the look of my truck perfectly. Realistically, we only get snow here 3-4 days a year...this year being a rare exception. So I don't have to worry about it too much. The other benefit of an all terrain tire would be quieter road noise. I will start investigating what tires to buy...I have a brand new spare set of 10 spoke aluminum wheels, so will fit to those. So, based on kryptoronic/Eagle/Pete M's suggestions...I will give up on trying to find the D44/NP242/LSD unicorn ;). Perhaps a D44 Posi + NP242 with 3.55 (so nothing else has to change) would be ok. A NP242 would be nice to be able to run AWD all the time, even on highway, during inclement weather.
  7. rynoshark

    Introduce yourself and your comanche

    Now that Olympic 4x4 has closed...what other shop or mechanics are Jeep MJ/XJ experts?
  8. The D35 non-clip on my 87 4x4 4.0 was replaced by a previous owner with the incorrect unit (one from a later Wrangler), so does not lock. I was thinking of tracking the correct one down, but then though it might be nice to swap to a D44 to get 4.10 gears and find one with a limited-slip differential. It has a 21-spline rear NP231, was considering NP242 so I could use 4x4 even at higher speeds. Given I run the BFG T/A Mud Terrain 30x9 50R15LT tires, it seems like changing from 3.55 to 4.10 would improve drivability as well. I do a lot of highway miles and occasional light offroad/gravel driving. In snow right now, the Comanche is useless since with open diff, one tire spins...and it won't shift into 4x4 mode. What is the best "original style" setup in this case? Am I going down the right track here? Thanks!
  9. Hello! I am looking for the following parts for my 1987 Comanche: * NP242 (21 spline) * short bedliner (Comanche or Jeep or Pendaliner) * Maroon/Burgundy/Cordovan cloth interior * Maroon cloth bucket seats
  10. rynoshark

    Factory original keys

    PC06, what do your keys look like?
  11. rynoshark

    Factory original keys

    Did the keys come with a JEEP or AMC key ring when new? Or did dealers provide key rings?
  12. I am looking for a complete set of power door locks/actuators/switches and a cross body harness from a MJ or a 2-door XJ.
  13. rynoshark

    2 door Cherokee Seats

    Is it annoying that they sit higher? I am 6'0". I've not finalized whether I will remove the old MJ buckets off the seat brackets, and re-weld the Laredo Cherokee front seats. Will I really miss the ability to not fold the seats down? IDK