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  1. Dang it...I'm looking for a chrome rear step bumper in great shape.
  2. Yes, Eagle, I know it is 5 years old, but it is the most authoritative thread on ComancheClub about the original wheels, so figured it was the best place to document. Thanks for confirming! Does anyone know the paint color code for the factory white wagon wheels (aka Styled Sport wheels)?
  3. One detail I noticed on my white Styled Sport wheels from 1987, which I believe are still in original paint, was that they actually had a black (approx 5-6 mm) pinstripe line that went around the entire wheel from the valve stem cap location. I had never noticed this detail before, and I believe my wheels are factory original, never touched. I'll try to upload close up photos...and will keep my eye out for low mileage Jeeps that have these wheels fitted to confirm this detail on other Jeeps.
  4. I wonder if there is any way to shim the seals from behind (for instance, using expanding foam in the channel for the seals) so the seals expand slightly. I love idea of having pivoting vent windows...but may have to replace with fixed or just silicone seal shut.
  5. I have a D35 non-clip 21 spline in my MJ right now that has some problems, and have a D35 non-clip 21-spline with LSD from a 1989 XJ that I'd like to swap in *BUT* not lift the truck at all (or very little) to keep the stock stance. It seems most people want to lift their MJ when doing the spring-under to spring-over swap. Is there a way to not lift the MJ when doing the swap? Or should I find another D35 with LSD that was from an MJ? Thanks!
  6. Eagle, great background on the vent windows!!! Ok, I will not worry about those for now and fix the main window seals first. Then either seal with silicone like you did, or live with it. Thanks for sharing your experiences from new.
  7. Do you have all the parts necessary for the power door lock conversion? I'd like both actuators, all wiring, etc.
  8. My vent windows leak I don't want to replace with fixed window. Is there any source for the seals? Anyone selling a non-leaking window set with vents? ;)
  9. Really I'm looking for the cloth interior door panels and seats in Cordovan/Maroon.
  10. Thanks Swampy! I just found a NP242 21 spline locally that I'm buying, otherwise I'd take you up on that offer.
  11. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I just want the best highway / light off road use combination that is "original" to Jeeps of that era. The LS 8.25 would be a great option if I was trying to get better performance (braking), but with new shoes, the drums on my truck in the rear have been totally fine. I'm not towing much other than a 10-12' Livingston boat with this thing..and occasional dump runs.
  12. Yes, 1989 XJ. Reminder: this doesn't see off road use...mostly pavement and gravel roads, occasional very light trail.
  13. A local guy has a Dana 35 w/factory limited slip, with new drum brakes & wheel cylinders, for $300 and a NP242 for $250. All from 1989 Jeep. That might be the simplest and most cost effect swap...including replacing my wrong transfer case *AND* getting limited-slip added. For my 1987, do I need anything special to fit the NP242 regarding the shifting mechanism?
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