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  1. DesertRat1991

    what is the peice under the rockers

    What makes you say that? Wasn't there an optional OEM rear tube bumper?
  2. DesertRat1991

    Suspension lift

    Plus HO motor and OBD1.
  3. DesertRat1991

    Suspension lift

    If you're resigned to butchering the truck then why stop at 33's? Hell, you could run 35x12.5 with 3" lift and "some trimming." R.i.P. clean '92.
  4. DesertRat1991

    Another feeler!

    Great info! Def looks like you could trim a universal mud flap to work with these. Thanks.
  5. DesertRat1991

    Another feeler!

    Do you need OEM mud flaps to run with these brackets? Or, can you trim any piece of rubber to the right shape and bolt them to the bracket?
  6. DesertRat1991

    Tail Light Extruded U Nuts

    We call them u-nuts or speed nuts. I found them in the bins at the local ACE hardware.
  7. DesertRat1991

    what did you do to your MJ today?

    I've recently been mapping out parts for an (eventual) A/C install. This bundle at RockAuto has the compressor, condenser, o-ring kit, expansion valve, and accumulator/drier for $195. I think that's everything under the hood, except hoses. https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=9827000&cc=1181775&jsn=407
  8. DesertRat1991

    random PowWow pics

    Great pics! That guy is in quite a jam. What was the fix? Did you guys have the gear to swap out the studs?
  9. DesertRat1991

    Seat Brackets

    So if MJ bench and bucket floor brackets are the same, and MJ/XJ seats are the same -- then MJ bench floor brackets will readily accept XJ bucket seats? Then I guess I'm sorta confused as to why so many MJ owners are in the market for new floor brackets? Is there an advantage to the new production brackets that I'm missing?
  10. DesertRat1991

    Comanche promo video

    Thanks for sharing. Observations: 1) All that shiny, new - and straight - chrome! Beautiful! 2) It's interesting that the grill on the blue truck is "upside down" in this 1986 dealer promo vid. Guess that debate will go unsettled. 3) I thought side mouldings only came on Eliminators, but there weren't any Eliminators in 1986, right?
  11. DesertRat1991

    Picking up a new hobby I've always wanted to learn!

    Serious question, is it safe to weld inside an attached garage? Or do you guys have a separate shed out back for flinging sparks?
  12. DesertRat1991

    Another feeler!

    Sliders with up-angled tubing like JCRs, but follow the body line like yours do.
  13. DesertRat1991

    Axle swap...?

    There is an MJ D44 on car-part.com listed for $1500+shipping at the moment. Dude said he sells them "all the time" for that price... lol.
  14. DesertRat1991

    Axle swap...?

    1) Are you aware that a D30 out of an XJ Cherokee would be a direct swap for your truck? 2) Are you aware that the XJ/MJ D30 is driver drop, not passenger drop? 3) You do not have a Dana 44 rear axle in your truck.