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  1. Shouldn't be any issues with the axle swap other than driveshaft length. If you're going to yank the D44, you might as well snag the Metric Ton badge off the tail gate too. Even if you don't want it, some guy out there will pay a stupid amount for it.
  2. Lookin' good! What setup are you using to shoot your paint?
  3. The Dana 30 and Dana 44 both use a 26 spline end yoke.
  4. I think every young person should work at least one manual labor gig to help them appreciate the value of a good education and a cushy office job. Office jobs ain't all bad. There's nothing I miss about about coming home aching, sweaty and stinking everyday.
  5. Not sure I would call it a '"direct swap" since there are a few potential pitfalls, but it's certainly doable with the right combination of parts. The big thing is to be mindful of the input gear length, in addition to the spline count. The AX-15 should have enough room to accept short and medium gears, but trying to fit up an NP242 with a long gear could cause you some issues. The long gear NP242s were most commonly used on the WJs, so avoid those. Assuming your truck currently has an NP231, the shift linkage will be the same, the metal shift gate on the trans tunnel will need to change, and the electrical connectors to the XFR case will be different. ETA: Just remembered that at some point, the speedometer sensor changed from being cable driven to an electronic sensor. Just another thing to look out for.
  6. Will you ever want to move to bigger tires? ...at any point...EVER? If so, then you then you might as well plan to go 3.73 or higher now. Plan well, and pay once. Other things to consider: - The carrier break on the D30 is at 3.54/3.73. Meaning, if you want to re-gear it to match the 3.73 in the AMC20 you will need to buy a new carrier. About an extra ~$75-100 depending on where you shop. - The carrier break on the AMC20 is at 2.73/3.07 so you should not need a new carrier if you move down to 3.55 - When seeking quotes for your gear job, ask how much they charge to do the job with the axle installed on the vehicle and how much LESS they charge if you just drop off the stripped down axle for a bench top gear swap. Dropping off the stripped down AMC20 for a gear swap may save you hundreds compared to driving the truck in and having the D30 gears swapped. The D30 gear job requires more time and labor from the shops perspective. - Regarding finding a completely different D30 with 3.73 already installed -- good luck with that. Those aren't very common.
  7. But... that XJ tho... Are those the original Marchal fogs? How's the interior look?
  8. 91-95 for engine & electrical bits 86-95 for interior cabin trim & furniture
  9. If you're interested in reproducing them, try contacting Phoenix Graphics up in Chandler so they can add it to their library. https://www.phoenixgraphix.com/jeep.php That's probably the best chance there is for preserving them for the community. Years ago I inquired about having the 91+ splash graphics package reproduced. They said they could do it, but would need to hold on to my truck for a few days. Just couldn't get the scheduling worked out.
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