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  1. DesertRat1991

    Mysterious "clunk", please help.

    You're not gonna push around 3500lbs enough to actually see anything while laying on your back. You need a buddy to bounce on the font end and rock the hell out of it Left/Right while you're under there. Or, slide your cellphone camera under there and film a video while you do the rocking. Were your lift components installed with red Loctite? If so, those nuts aren't gonna budge without heat, even if they need it. It can be deceptive. Your bushings break in, hardware needs to be retorqued, but the torque spec checks out because the nuts are super glued to the fastener threads. Solution is to loosen and retourque. My money is on control arm bolts.
  2. DesertRat1991

    Axle plate

    You can make a replacement rod.
  3. DesertRat1991

    First aid kit recommendations

    Heads up that LA Police Gear has 25% off everything and free shipping over $125 until midnight tonight. Med supplies included. Good chance to stock up or swap out aging items. Use code: SB2018 https://lapolicegear.com/more/first-aid.html
  4. Finally a price drop on the dually. $4500 --> $3900. I'm surprised it hasn't sold yet. Been listed for nearly a year. What do you guys think it's worth..? 89 - $3900https://mohave.craigslist.org/cto/d/1989-jeep-comanche-dually/6745473060.html
  5. DesertRat1991

    the new Jeep truck. it is what we all thought it would be.

    Seems like the bed was designed just big enough to fit one of those roof top tent setups and not much else. It supposedly has a removable roof and doors, and a flip down windshield. I wonder if there are roll bars around the passenger compartment? If not, and they end up offering a sport bar setup like the old Scrambler, then you won't even be able to run your tent setup. I think it's pretty clear this was not aimed at the F150 crowd. It's a Wrangler for guys who didn't want to tow an adventure trailer to haul a few extra items.
  6. DesertRat1991

    Rim Question

    You ran 32s with a 3" lift? Any trimming required?
  7. DesertRat1991

    First aid kit recommendations

    I often go shooting out in the desert by myself. I suppose the thing I worry most about is an ND through my foot/leg when I'm miles out in the middle of nowhere. To me a good tourniquet is most important, everything else is just comfort/convenience stuff. I built two vehicle kits by bundling the three items below from Rescue Essentials and added extra consumables where necessary. I keep one kit in a Pelican 1400 behind the bench in the Jeep at all times. In truth, the only thing I've ever actually used in the last 3 years were the bandaids and antiseptic ointment -- which brings up another point -- if you can swing it ($$$), remember to buy extras to train with, izzy bandages and tourniquets come to mind in particular. And don't forget to train your wife how to use them too. She just may be the one saving your bacon after you roll your truck/ flip your quad/ put a round through your leg. https://www.rescue-essentials.com/combat-application-tourniquet-c-a-t-tactical-black-gen-7/ https://www.rescue-essentials.com/hunter-safety-kit/ https://www.rescue-essentials.com/the-nick-fixer/ Hunter Safety Contents: 1 QuikClot EMS Hemostatic Gauze (3" x 48") 1 Israeli Emergency Pressure Dressing (4") 1 Compressed Gauze (4.5" x 4.1yds) 3 Gauze Sponge, Sterile (4" x 4") 1 Pair Nitrile Gloves (Black) 1 Petrolatum Gauze Dressing 1 Duct Tape (2" x 36") 1 Immediate Action Card 5 Wound Closure Strip Nick Fixer Contents:1 Ultra Lite 2.0 Silcoat Bag10 Adhesive Bandages (1" x 3")3 Plastic Oval Bandages (2" x 4")2 Fingertip Adhesive Bandages4 Gauze Pads, Sterile(2" x 2", 2 /pack)3 Flexible Knuckle Bandages5 Medium Butterfly Wound Closure Strips1 Conforming Gauze, Non-sterile (2" x 5yds) 1 Trauma Pad, Sterile (5" x 9")2 Non-adherent Pads (2" x 3")2 Moleskin Pads (2 " x 3")1 Tape Roll (0.5" x 5yds)1 Cohesive Wrap (1" X 5 yds) 2 Triple Antibiotic Unit Doses2 BurnX Burn Gel Foil Packs1 Tincture of Benzoin Ampule2 Iodine Prep Pads3 BZK Antiseptic Wipes1 Antimicrobial Hand Wipe1 IvyX Cleanser Towelette2 Sting Relief Pads2 Acetaminophen (NSAID) - 325 mg Unit Doses (2 caplets /pack)2 Calcium Carbonate (Antacid) Unit Doses (2 tablets per /pack)2 Ibuprofen - 200 mg Tablets (2 per /pack)2 Diamode Anti-Diarrheal2 Safety Pins1 Mini EMT Shears1 Mini tweezers kit2 Nitrile Gloves Large1 Backcountry First Aid Book
  8. DesertRat1991

    Best tires for off and on-road?

    I've run several sets of KOs over the years and I'm on my first trial with AT2s now. So far, I've encountered no appreciable difference between the two in street comfort or light-offroad performance (mostly sand and coarse rock desert trails). They both sling gravel equally bad. Can't say yet if they will match the KOs in tread life, but overall I'm very pleased so far. The difference in price can't be overlooked. The AT2s have a lower list price than KO2s and you can have Amazon deliver them to your door for free with Prime membership. Plus, GT usually has some kind of rebate program running. I think I got a $60 rebate on a full set. A few weeks back I saw an ad offering $100 cash back. It's worth looking around.
  9. DesertRat1991

    The Golden Eagle MJ

    Looks like the bed boxes came out pretty nice! How is your topper secured to yhe bed? I don't see any bed rail clamps in your pics..?
  10. DesertRat1991


    For the parts that we share with the Cherokeesyou can hit up any of the sites listed previously. There are only a handful of companies still making lift kits, bumpers, and armor upgrades specifically for the Comanche, to name a few: JCR Offroad Nates 4x4 Hell Creek Rusty's Offroad Zone BDS
  11. DesertRat1991

    Pictures of Comanches with Toppers.

    Same tag in mine. Creation Windows made windows for lots of RVs, busses, and camper shells. The shell itself was likely manufactured by someone else. Got any details on that light bar? Bought or made?
  12. DesertRat1991

    Sad End to Comanche TDI project?

    Terrible news. Did they get the wildernest too? Keep an eye on clist in case they dumped it.
  13. DesertRat1991

    Jeep "Pioneer" name

    That's called a Bronco...
  14. DesertRat1991

    Jeep "Pioneer" name

    "Scout" might have been a better name than "Pioneer," but International Harvester had dibs on that one through the 80s. A Comanche Scout would have been a nice companion to the Chief model. "Comanche Eliminator" is a real curiosity. I imagine that would make for an awkward drive through the many reservations we have here in So. AZ. lol...