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  1. What is the bore size of the intake manifold on a 91-95 HO motor?
  2. That stalk part number doesn't look familiar. The Mopar CC kit instructions call out 56004595 for the stalk which can be found on ebay for $15. I wasn't interested in paying $100 for an on/off switch. Here's the thing about the stalks -- it seems like they only made stalks with markings for CC+Delay wipers and No CC+No delay wipers. Couldn't find one with the right markings for CC+No delay wipers. So if you install a CC stalk without delay wipers, it will still work, but the wiper markings won't be useful. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Black-Cruise-Control-Windshield-Wiper-Arm-Lever-Switch-for-Chevy-Truck-Pontiac/371109667956?hash=item5667dc2474:g:gTkAAOSw3qVca8Mt At the time, Team Cherokee had the best price on OEM actuators. Looks like they still have some: http://teamcherokee.com/cruise-control-vacuum-servo-assembly-oem-cherokee-comanche-1991-1996/ And no that's not the right cable. I suggest hitting the junkyard to find the right cable because you'll also get the loop bracket that secures the cable to the coolant reservoir.
  3. I don't think there is supposed to be an o-ring there. I recall that junction being a moderate press-fit. Either way, I pulled the tube, smeared on high-temp silicone and stuck it back in. Not a leak since.
  4. Check it out: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223476950976 Good luck!
  5. Got started cleaning up the D44. Found a trac-lock inside which is interesting because it doesn't jive with the p/n on the tag. Tag is for a non-LSD. Gears were in good shape. Got a coat of primer on till I can circle back.
  6. Got on the schedule last week and will have the truck back by this weekend? That's a helluva turnaround for a full paint job. If you remove the rear window trim, do so carefully. Those are hard to come by these days. You may need to re-use it.
  7. What a mess. It could be spraying out of your dipstick tube if your PCV/CCV system is clogged causing pressure to build up in your crank case. Can't say for sure if you have PCV or CCV in your '86. Things get kind of fuzzy in the years around the transition from carb to TBI. It could also be a very small drip that's just being blown around by the engine fan. Some tips: 1) Hose everything down with degreaser. 2) Check the crankshaft ventilation system for clogs. 3) Observe valve cover, breather lines, dipstick, filter and front crankshaft seal for signs of leakage.
  8. This the same stud Matt removes in the video below. You should be able to back it out.
  9. Interesting design on the Metal Cloak arms... it's not a quite a heim joint. Something they call it a "fusion ball" instead. Never used them myself. Core 4x4 and IRO are two examples of adjustable arms that use standard press-fit rubber bushings: https://www.core4x4.com/product/front-control-arm-set-tj-lj-xj-mj/ https://www.ironrockoffroad.com/product/xj-heavy-duty-front-adjustable-control-arm-set-0-65-lift.html
  10. ^ What he said. Measure if you want to be certain. Also, in stock form Cherokees and Comanches don't use the same length rear shocks. So when you look at a kit spec'd for a Cherokee with [X]" of lift, that doesn't mean it will fit a Comanche with the same amount of lift.
  11. That D44 out of Phx just arrived at it's new home in Tucson! Bonkers, it's true what they say -- not all heroes wear capes. Thanks brotha..!
  12. I agree that the maintenance schedule is more important than what you put in. Especially if the truck sees offroad use or temperature extremes. Engine: Mobil1 10w30 Filter (4.0L): Wix 51085 Clutch and Brakes: ATE 200 MT: Redline MT-90 Xfer Case: Dex III (any) Diffs: Mobil1 75w90
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