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  1. DesertRat1991

    Wheel cleaning

    No way on the wire wheel. Unmount the tires and try power washing first. Scrub, claybar, then polish.
  2. I used nail polish remover (acetone) to remove paint overspray from the tail lights. Whatever kind of plastic the tail lights are made from was unaffected by acetone.
  3. DesertRat1991

    New Tires

    +1 on the Grabbers. Been very happy with the AT2 but these are being phased out in favor of the next-gen ATX. I hope the ATX performs as well. He didn't ask for wheel suggestions. But also, those wheels won't fit the MJ without adapters. Wrong bolt pattern.
  4. DesertRat1991

    3in suspension lift questions

    +1 for IRO. They offer life time warranty on control arms against bending or breaking, on-road or off-road: https://www.ironrockoffroad.com/guarantee.html
  5. DesertRat1991

    3in suspension lift questions

    What wheels will you be running? One of the advantages of aftermarket fender flares is the additional outboard tire coverage they provide. The Napier flares are wider than stock, they stick out 3.25" inches from the body. That means you have additional room to run wheels with increased negative offset which would alleviate rubbing on the control arms.
  6. DesertRat1991

    Factory push bar ?

    Can you post some pics of what that is mounted to? And how? Is it bolted to the factory tow hook brackets?
  7. DesertRat1991

    One of our own is down

    Sincere condolences to the Hornbrook family.
  8. DesertRat1991

    Street comanche #53

    What a bizarre thread... For those keeping score "dirt poor" actually means: 2017 Laramie, 3 Comanches, SS Chevelle, a brand new Miller welder, ...and at least 1 go cart. #firstworldproblems But honestly, that truck looks like it needs 10k worth of work to make it worth 8k. Can't fault a guy for swinging for the fences though. Good luck.
  9. DesertRat1991

    Street comanche #53

    How many miles are on the truck? Got any pictures of the interior, rear bumper and tailgate?
  10. DesertRat1991

    Ain't nothing free and dumb is expensive.

    What a way to go. You couldn't get me within 1 mile of a gasoline geyser. The vapor is just as flammable as the liquid gasoline. The air all around them would literally be on fire. Nowhere to run. Nothing to breathe. Awful.
  11. DesertRat1991

    4th Generation MJ project

    You do not want a CAD axle in front. Check out the rear axle. Since it's an 86 you might get lucky and find an AMC 20. Who knows. For $200 bucks you could still make hay selling the tail lights and camper shell.
  12. DesertRat1991

    Street comanche #53

    Ambitious. It was on craigslist a week ago for $7,000.
  13. DesertRat1991

    Some video in ouray featuring my friends MJ:

    Nice vid! I noticed the sedan passing through. Is all of Imogene Pass as easy as the vid makes it look? Any obstacles?
  14. DesertRat1991

    86 on eBay

    Any idea who makes those sliders with the rear hoop?
  15. DesertRat1991

    My Jeep Comanche Story

    Nice build! What's the source on that front bumper?