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  1. Interesting. I've never seen that crazy looking fastener before. I have aftermarket tow hook brackets and the kit just used carriage bolts through the frame rail.
  2. Looks like it would work. The stock bumper is curved and the contour is a good match for a 25-30" curved light bar.
  3. The ad says it's non-running (corrected) and rusty. Someone please buy this truck. ...then sell me the fuel sending unit. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1391994314352033/permalink/2474183719466415/?sale_post_id=2474183719466415
  4. I don't know why teamcherokee gets so some hate around the forum scene. They consistently come up with hard to find parts at good prices. I've never had a problem with an order. Look here: Brand new OEM bottle jacks for $13? The junkyard charges more than that!
  5. Very interesting hearing the different perspectives. I've always viewed "stock" as a configuratuin of items available from dealer stock, and "all original" as the unmolested, virgin state that rolled off the factory floor. Two questions for you guys: 1) If a guy ordered a Comanche with 15" steelies, then goes back to the dealer a week later to have them swapped out for turbines -- do you object to marketing that vehicle as a "stock" Comanche at the time of resale? 2) A different Comanche goes in for its first dealer service and has the lower control arms replaced with the correct dealer-supplied parts. Stock or not? By my compass, both are in stock configurations but neither is "all original." For that reason, I kind of agree that "stock" is overrated but a 30 year old, low mileage, "all original" is a noteworthy find.
  6. This parts manual is a nice document to keep around: MJ Parts Manual.pdf In my opinion, if you can find the part in that manual then it is in bounds for "stock" and period correct. Those wheels you bought are on page 7 of PDF. Enjoy them!
  7. Just a thought -- but if you have a stock MJ on tires 33" or less -- do you really need an onboard air tank? As an alternative, I can highly recommend the Viar 88p, portable 12V compressor. It has no problem airing up my 32's from ~17psi back to street pressure. It won't even bat an eye at those tires you're running, and it fits in that canvas bag you see tucked behind the driver's seat: The other thing to notice about this pic would be the 4.5lb fire extinguisher mounted to the bulkhead. I suppose if you insist on installing an air tank you could mount it similarly.
  8. How do you plan to achieve 10" of lift in the rear?
  9. Anyone need these handles..? Couldn't get the rear driver door to open. Gonna have to bring a crow bar next time.
  10. This vid shows removal of the crossmember stud.
  11. I think it looks great! Which JBL amp are you going with? I've been taking a close look at the Kenwood KAC-M1824BT lately. Mostly because it will let me stream tunes from my smartphone via bluetooth, while also keeping the stock head unit. It's also small and should be easy to hide under the seat.
  12. Met 2 local guys through clist parts deals. Spotted 2 passing by on the road. Picked 2 in junkyards. Since 2015.
  13. Sorry for your loss. At least no one was hurt. I am always curious if the guys with massive parts hordes have a plan to cover their losses in a fire.
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