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  1. POS 1 POS 2 DECKS FRY OUTER CORN ALLY ALLY ??? ??? Very curious!
  2. In that price range you might be able to do a set of cross bars that clamp to the drip rails. Those kits are fairly universal. You would just need to cut them down to your preferred width.
  3. This is a great solution. I trimmed the lip off the tray then rounded the corners with the dremel. Simple, sturdy and completely removable. Couldn't find it at Walmart, Target, or Ebay but Amazon still has them: https://www.amazon.com/Rubbermaid-3318-20-Automotive-Organizer-Hanging/dp/B00S9LK9MQ/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3TUXQPGN4FF3M
  4. I've also noticed that older Jeeps tend to wave more often. Seems like half of the new Jeeps on the road out here are driven by soccer moms. I have never seen a soccer mom give a Jeep wave.
  5. I think what you are looking at in the pic is the hidden winch kit with a separate brush guard mounted to the front of the bumper. I can't find an OEM part number for a guard/winch combo. Warn used to make one but it's been out of production for ages. This is the Warn Trans4mer kit:
  6. Thanks! See sig for lift and tire specs.
  7. Seems like you've made more progress than most towards eventually being your own boss, which is the dream for a lot of people. Have you considered bringing on an apprentice to give yourself a break from the manual labor so you can focus on growing your business? Getting more into the sales/marketing/e-commerce side of things might be the new challenge you are looking for while still leveraging your existing knowledge base. Beyond that, I would say learn to code. If you do it well, you're looking at a 6 figure desk job with plenty of opportunity for entrepreneurship.
  8. Is it really important to you to maintain the stock wiring? If not, you could probably bypass the stock setup with much less headache. I used this $10 harness for my aux lighting: MICTUNING MIC-B1002. It's good to 40A and comes with fuse, relay and switch. You can replace the switch with any style you like -- possibly even the OEM switch if it uses standard spade connectors. Regarding the legalities, when I lived back east I recall that the state conducted annual DOT safety inspections as part of vehicle registration renewal. The inspection station checked things such as airbags, lighting, seat belts and even wiper blades. There is no such thing in the state of Arizona. No one is ever going to look in to how OP's fog lights are wired up.
  9. Thanks, fellas! The paint was touched up at some point in the past and I've added a fair share of trail scuffs and scratches since I've owned it, but she still cleans up nice. The graphics are original. Way way back, I spent several days working with q-tips and acetone solution to clean all the overspray off the graphics, corner lenses and tail lights.
  10. Painted and mounted a set of Krustyballer's SWB sliders:
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