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  1. Falveys must have been quite the dealership in its day we've parted out and scrapped hundreds....yes hundreds of jeeps from all around new england (as far as maine and upstate ny) that came from falveys
  2. We are all set for space at deadjeep. Ad we draw closer to spring we will set a specific date. Now i need to figure ouy if ill be roxlckin the mj or the f150 dd
  3. I just saw this on the shelf today j8s bosch injection pump. Looks to be rebuilt.
  4. Not to hijack your thread but did you ever get that diesel going? Ray has dealership workshop manual for the diesel
  5. I can ask him saturday. I know hes got a a mint chili pepper red 99. But its like MINT mint and he wants like 4500 for that one. I think it has like 50k on it.
  6. Frank have you talked to ray? He might have one he'd sell cheap. -kelsey
  7. I was thinking the same thing. I have never seen that type bracket before either. Everyone one ive seen mounted on the side for the dana 35 and 44. What does the one for the amc 20 look like?
  8. For the record... i don't mind him as long as he sticks to the fords and dodges
  9. Took ride to pick up a new headliner from @acfortier. I recovered it along with the visors using the instructional video posted by tyler over at bleepinjeep. They came out pretty good. now to install them in the truck. Prob going to install the NOS cargo box lamp first so i don't have to take it down again.
  10. Mounting the plate literally anywhere else would have been a better option. This photo does to my eyes, what nails on chalkboard does to my ears.
  11. "Enthusiast" is a losley used term too. Every mouth breather up here in new england wants a comanche and ends up getting one and destroying it. don't get me wrong i enjoy a good *tasteful* offroad build but up here it seems like every kid 19-25 that buys an mj gets in the middle of the 97+ swap, realizes it actually takes some effort to do it right, then junks the project that was an otherwise decent mj.
  12. Whens the last time you tried to get one? Can you send me a pic of thr correct one i can text my buddy tomorrow to confirm. Been out with covid.
  13. Yea we should have some done a few older xjs lately if we havnt sold them all. Might even have a nos one
  14. Lol....replacing it. we have about 50 oem ones sitting in a bread tray at work lol this guy lived up the road from our shop to bad he didnt know hahah
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