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  1. This is the one was sold by a customer of ours to this guy. He sold it for 5k .... This guys trying to make 7 grand...
  2. Happy to hear. With ebay its easy because you take a picture of one item it sells then you move on. With an online store we take one picture and use it as a stock photo which becomes tricky when dealing with used parts.
  3. Wow you are the first person ive come across that ordered off our site! I hope you are happy with the purchase and everything went well we are transitioning from mainly ebay sales to the website and it has presented some challenges that we are trying to work out.
  4. New bumper installed with tow hooks. I'm starting to get really excited!
  5. Thanks guys truck was very very base. I'm suprised it has power steering! Its getting all the goodies it deserves after a hard life. I will note it had a spray painted black chrome bumper when i got it and the pass side bumper ear was bent so it must have been in a collision at some point.
  6. 1986 jeep comanche Build date: wasnt able to read the sticker Location: Northwestern Rhode Island. Now located in massachusettes. Current status: Complete restoration almost complete. Current work in progress photo:
  7. I should add my 86 to registry 1jths6610gt194701
  8. Boss texed me this picture today. Never opened!
  9. Congrats 89mj! You are the winner! PM me your adress and shirt size and ill have one sent your way.
  10. So true we literally have a dumpster full of them and keep 1-2 nice ones on hand
  11. The old timer told me this one was an aw4 overhall tool set. There are no markings on it but i have no reason not to believe him. He was amc jeep tech for years and years.. turns out its the guy phil mentioned earlier in the hemmings article i posted! It was sad hearing him talk about how he had to move on. Hopefully he enjoys his retirement.
  12. Ba10 overhall tool set
  13. Not sure he wants to go through it all first and we are trying to balance that with taking apart jeeps we already have in the yard. It doesnt help that the guy brought us another pickup truck load from the dealership today
  14. Yea so what people say willis and willys who cares..I'm from mass. We also say stuff like cah and idear.
  15. New video is up and i made an appearance. This was one of the smaller pallets. Some highlights so far (not all in this video) all NOS -amc mudflaps for xj - heater control xj/mj - e brake cable for mj -2 sets mj rear bumper endcaps -rear bumper plastic pieces -hidden winch pieces -mj renix sending unit -xj/mj front bumper endcaps -xj/mj front bumper gaurds -just about everey amc/renault/jeep shop manual you can imagine.
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