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  1. Lol "rusty". As someone who lives in new england thats laughable.
  2. Awesome scout. Awesome will buy a repro when ready. I did not buy it for myself because my truck is not worthy yet.
  3. Saw this on ebay thought someone from here would apprecciate it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Jeep-COMANCHE-FOUR-WHEELER-OF-THE-YEAR-Vinyl-Window-Cling-NOS-/303407762242
  4. strictlyxjs


    I don't drink beer but if you would like beer and jeeps a good channel to watch on youtube is "bull$#!&korner" the guy jerry usually reviews some type of new beer from somewhere around the us or canada after working on his jeep. Ill add a link in here:
  5. This is owned by an autobody shop on charles street. Things as cherry as you can get. Seen it in person many times they used it to run around and pick up parts. Bought many parts off of us for years. Its 4 banger. I hope someone picks it up before some hillbilly buys it or worse...Charles street is known as a "stolen car" area of providence.
  6. One time my friends radiator started leaking so he went to pick and pull and grabbed a used one. It was bad and the water got in his tranny and took it out. He ended up grabbing a used tranny to swap in and it ended up not working because the wj tranny was 99 only. Turned into a huge fiasco.
  7. I don want to give away any details that spoil it but the extra nut part was my really funny.
  8. My favorite is the xls used for promotion in 86
  9. Wow i just watched a video on this mj yesterday...crazy coincidence! Edit:looks like the owner did a ton of work recently even repaint...damn that sucks
  10. Well after a month listed on ebay and no bites locally or non my boss parted this one out. Shell is gone everything else sorted and put on the shelf for ebay. Such a shame. We have a million projects going on right now that are sadly slightly more important.
  11. I used the rainx headlight restoratiom kit to refinish my tailights. I'm very happy with the way they turned out. My boss also hooked me up with 4 turbine rims with center caps for 50 bucks!
  12. Ive always been a fan of john davis and the show motorweek. can't forget the one rob posted
  13. Some things I learned watching this: 1. It was acceptable to hike your shorts up past your knees 2.People were jerks and left trash strewn about the forest. 3. People threw their old hot water heaters in the creek rather than scrapping them for beer money 4. It took 2 people to move an old tire and 3 to carry a small empty cooler.
  14. Found this tonight sorry if its been posted before but this my first time seeing it. Looks like it was published to youtube recently
  15. When i swapped in a 7120 head 95 block into my 2000 xj there was a huge seat of pant difference in more power than the crappy 0331 head motor.
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