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  1. Damn i just got my second pullover hoodie in the mail wish i would have bought a zip up.
  2. If Those wooden side boards on the cj8 are oem and worth a pretty penny if not rotted.
  3. No its an intrument panel.light for the defrost switch. If you look at the other side there is a similar switch and bulb for the fogs/cargo light
  4. Orange and black one (square) on bottom is for ash tray light. Top one (round) is and instrument bulb. Not sure on 3 prong. Isnt fog switch on left side of wheel?
  5. My boss is selling these.These were spares from an xj. Very nice shape. 2 separate listings. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jeep-Comanche-Cherokee-90-96-Aluminum-Rim-Wheel-15x7-5x4-5-OEM-FREE-SHIPPING/284095912955?hash=item42256f9bfb:g:qfsAAOSwDchfwSwg https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jeep-Comanche-Cherokee-90-96-Aluminum-Rim-Wheel-15x7-5x4-5-Lug-OEM-FREE-SHIPPING/284095914411?hash=item42256fa1ab:g:7mQAAOSwrglfwS25
  6. Damn wish i could afford it glws
  7. Hey thanks for that! I found several listed on there. I need to educate myself on private sales/internet.
  8. Ive been eyeing the 715t but no one seems to have it in stock. Its essentially a plinkster in a tactical outfit.
  9. I suspect this is the only real reason you didnt take it
  10. He wants a fortune. Went to look at it. Its pretty rotten sadly unibody, bed no floors gm v6 doesnt run .my friend went with truck and trailer with 800 cash and the guy laughed at him. This was like 6 months ago. He told us on the phone he needs to move the cars out of there quickly so we tried doing a VERY generous package deal for all of them and he declined. don't waste your time lol.
  11. Looks great! Ill be in RI thursday for thanks giving if you want me to bring it by otherwise ill leave it at my parents in warwick and you can pick it up anytime.
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