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  1. We have the snap on branded on at work. It works great for removing interior seatbelt bolts in xjs and yjs. It's great for interior work because there is no flame and you can use it around carpet and interior panels
  2. John hollibaugh bought that truck out of my home state of ri. Absolutely stunning guy had floor mats over the factory floor mats supposedly
  3. wow i didnt know that i have an old cannon powershot its a great camera but has the same symptoms brand new energizer or duracel batteries and it still says they are dead. ill have to try this.
  4. I'm fairly certain mine came from "roberts amc jeep" in Chepachet, RI. it was literally a mile from the house where my truck came from.
  5. That's awesome. Glad you have been happy with your purchases. The shipping deparent usually does a nice job making sure you get all the right nuts and bolts ect. Let me know how everything works out.
  6. The company I work for specializes in ax15 conversion. These can ordered for wrangler comanche or cherokee. Expensive but VERY complete setup https://www.ebay.com/itm/Jeep-Cherokee-XJ-87-90-BA10-Peugeot-to-AX15-Transmission-Conversion-FREIGHT/283984206307?hash=item421ec719e3:g:bm4AAOSwdG5fKGMr
  7. strictlyxjs

    wood stoves

    I installed my grandpa's old coal stove in my shop. I burn wood it but even on the coldest days I get it roaring about an hour before I head out there and I can work comforably in a t shirt.
  8. Hey Cory I was the one that helped load that up. Nice to meet you!
  9. I didn't see this. I pm'd you just to make sure you didn't have a bad experience with us or someting
  10. Red mj getting ready to strip has 31k original miles call 4012731860 for inquiries unibody rotted
  11. I can take some pics of his collection. He has more on his YouTube page "deadjeeps". The green kaiser m715 is his pride and joy it has a 4.0/aw4/np231 which he swaped from an xj and is a blast to drive.
  12. If you bought it from "deadjeep.com" or "deadjeepparts" on ebay then yes. If you bought it from "deadjeeps" on ebay that is not us. We have no affiliation with the user "deadjeeps" on ebay. That user even uses our logo without permission.
  13. Stripping for parts. My boss likes to keep rare or cool stuff for his collection. You should see how people cry and moan on facebook saying we are d-bags for stripping them but as soon as you name a price (always very fair) poeple shut right up.
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