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  1. Muncher


    Yea that would suck
  2. Muncher


    Whats everyone doing during these interesting times? I'm still looking for a semi decent comanche and also had to move.
  3. Who has used bed liner on the bottom portion all the way around there comanche? Also pictures would help.
  4. I see a lot about the ax15 transmission swap to would that be better to do?
  5. That's what I would hope cause I think I'd prefer a column shifter
  6. It is also a column shift so I'm not sure if that would affect anything
  7. So I'm still trying to get a comanche but there's no really nice ones around me except one. The only problem with that one is that it's not a 4x4. How hard is a 4x4 and what do u need for it?
  8. Muncher


    On Amazon
  9. Muncher


    Got my comanche club long sleeve today. It's pretty great
  10. Muncher


    How do we all feel about this 😂
  11. Muncher

    Parted xj

    parted out a 94 jeep xj country today. Got the front door panels and the dash bezel and also the gauge cluster and a couple of other things that I could hopefully use when I get a comanche.
  12. Yea I was talking about in fabric. I'm guessing a normal one would work though just wanted to know if anyone else has done it
  13. Not quite sure if anyone has done this but has anyone done heated seats on the factory bench?
  14. Muncher


    They are more convenient for people but very inconvenient to hold stuff
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