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  1. Muncher


    yeah thats what i was going to ask if it was
  2. Muncher


    what is GVW/Payload Rating
  3. Muncher

    Long beds

    yeah I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. personally id just like the extra bed space and think it just looks better with the longer bed
  4. Muncher


    1989 commence pioneer 4.0 4x4 column shift runs but not sure of status i don't own it its on marketplace
  5. Muncher

    Long beds

    I've kinda got the thought that id wanna sell my truck and get a long bed. I've always liked em better. Any pros or cons over having a long bed vs a short bed?
  6. Yeah its pretty nice. I've had them on here before but no one close by wanted them
  7. Black buckets with brackets from 87 comanche. They are both in pretty good shape. the drivers side has a little bit of damage but there are no rips asking for 300 for the both of them. Pickup would be preferred
  8. What are some things you guys would recommend changing out or adding to a comanche?
  9. Muncher

    SWB Roll Bar

    oh alright ill mount it to the top of my moms yukon and hall it up there asap
  10. Muncher

    SWB Roll Bar

    Not sure if this question would go on this forum or not but how much would a swb roll bar sell for? might sell mine eventually but I'm not sure. I love the thing but hate the fact that i can't have a full sized tool box or a topper on the truck.
  11. Do you have any pictures of it? Becuase i have the raised carpeted peice in the back of my truck and would like to try to keep it looking like that
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