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  1. Saw this pic on instagram. Is that a street comanche grill on it?
  2. Muncher


    Cool to see all the different models. who hear has older kaiser or willy's jeeps?
  3. Muncher


    I didnt even know the 10 was a thing till like i made this post. But i love them already
  4. Muncher


    You guys prefer the normal grille or the 21 slot one?
  5. Wow what a coincidence 😂 Once you said you worked there and i saw xjs in your name i thought it might of been you. I remember every time me and him went on this one trail hed point out a tree you rubbed some of your paint off on.
  6. Last name is McGowan. He worked there for a while and then once he left he was around a lot helping out and stuff.
  7. His name is david but he has a million Nick names.
  8. Jeez i messed up trying to respond to this sorry for that. but if you have been working there for 10 years you probably know my dad.
  9. Does anyone have swing out tire carriers on there mj like ones on a xj or a tacoma?
  10. _street_kings_br_20200408_4.mp4
  11. Muncher


    Yes i do. I also have family in mass
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