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  1. Hadn't gotten to check the red wire yet but I got the new ignition switch and I can't get it in properly so I'm just going to have to bring it to a shop and have them figure it out sadly
  2. yeah that's a good question.
  3. That's what I'm saying i could be over there with my MJ winching them out!
  4. yeah that's what i was thinking seems like they aren't trying hard enough to sell off all those cars. wouldn't mind me a little gremlin or a eagle
  5. This is pretty sad. I've always been a fan of amc cars and there's a lot of nice ones here. Wish I could grab some. https://www.thedrive.com/news/39807/the-clock-is-ticking-for-americas-last-amc-dealership
  6. i get what you mean but my truck is just a nice chief survivor and what i want to do to it i can't do without ruining that aspect of it ya know. I'm to much of a comanche enthusiast i guess
  7. straight up trade yea and depending on your rig possibly cash on top.
  8. Looking to trade my swb comanche chief for a lwb prefer to be a 4.0 4x4. My trucks currently not running but will be again soon it's only because of something electrical. Here's my build thread if you want to check out my truck.
  9. New hubs rotors pads and calipers along with rubber hoses. And now of course some electric bs is causing it not to start. Off to the shop!
  10. i have not tried adjusting it yet i tried to put it in but couldn't get it to work so I'm trying again tommrow.
  11. These instructions are much better then the ones it came with. I do I deed have a tilt wheel and it does say it's for a tilt wheel.
  12. Bought a new ignition switch hoping it will make my truck run. Problem is everytime I out the rod in and tighten the bolts it won't let the key turn passed when the buzzer comes on any advice?
  13. Not sure I got a new ignition switch but now I can't even get the new one to turn over properly like the old one would
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