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  1. Yea. How much will they be?
  2. Hows this project going?
  3. Year ago today. She's been mine for a whole year now.
  4. Have these random plastic peices out of my jeep but have no idea what they go to. Also some type of tag out of it with a year on it but not sure what it's for.
  5. Thank you. I do love the design all though I could have done it a little better.
  6. Not perfect bu any means and I wish it turned out nicer but I think it looks teslly coool
  7. Muncher


    Sad. I like the pin stripe on the center though
  8. Muncher


    Thought I saw some type of brown one at one point as well. Hopefully some fellow members will have some pictures to post on here
  9. Muncher


    What were color options for chiefs ? Just red and gray or were there others?
  10. Got some new axles soon! 4:10s out of another comanche so I can just swap em right in and get her lifted. Not completely sure what the rear end is but guessing a 35. Don't care for the time being ill keep my 44 and take some time to really re do it and build it up and put it back in eventually.
  11. Quick question about where you got that badge. That'd be awesome for my chief
  12. Anyone got a comanche swb bed liner they want to get rid of? Over in rhode island or surrounding areas.
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