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  1. Yea I was talking about in fabric. I'm guessing a normal one would work though just wanted to know if anyone else has done it
  2. Not quite sure if anyone has done this but has anyone done heated seats on the factory bench?
  3. Muncher


    They are more convenient for people but very inconvenient to hold stuff
  4. Muncher


    Ive started liking bench seats with column shifters even tho when i first started looking at comanches that was probably my least favorite.
  5. Muncher


    Not quite sure if this belongs in the pub but i was wondering on what people like more. Manual shift vs auto floor vs column shift
  6. Muncher


    Looking for a Comanche in Rhode Island or close by. 2500 is my max budget. 4x4 is also much preferred
  7. Saw someone on Facebook thatd gonna be making head ache racks just for comanches wondering if he's on here?
  8. Yea I was looking for the one without the cutout
  9. What's the dimensions of the bench seat? Mostly back to front to see what center consoles would fit on it.
  10. Hey wanted to know what guys with column shifters do to the interior of their trucks. Like if anyone uses a center console with a column shift?
  11. Muncher

    Amazing Build

    Got permission from @sasquatch.the.nomad on Instagram to share some of the pictures of his amazing Comanche on here! This is probably one of the best looking builds i have ever seen.
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