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  1. I totally wouldn't know but Indica Movies night or Fire night ?
  2. Pics are awful quality for some reason but I painted some of the front trim black. Looks a lot better. Once I take my bumper off I'll do rhat bottom peice.
  3. A little fresh paint for the headlight bezels and the grill. I got the little chrome peices that go around them soaking in some paint remover to get the chrome off before I paint those as well
  4. Will not ship this because it is to large to. It is in good condition. A little surface rust and paint chips but good besides that. Will get some pictures in the morning
  5. Didn't get any pictures of it yet but I got my new tailgate. A little rust but it's straight. I'll bring it to the body shop and get it all painted up nice
  6. Bluetooth lug nuts anyone? I suppose I'll replace all 10 upfront and do a full brake replacement along with the wj master and brake booster upgrade now Snapchat-861478177.mp4
  7. Rear view mirror in and also some weather stripping for the door. Still gotta get a starter and I also got a tailgate I'm going to pick up for 100 bucks.
  8. Anything cool that I don't need?
  9. That must be the one I'm buying the tailgate off of
  10. Muncher

    junkyard scores

    There's a 5.9 wj right next to my house house I'm going to get the master and brake booster off of. Any recommendations of things I should see if I can grab off of it?
  11. Yep I have a lot better things I could be actually buying for my jeep but I decide to buy a book
  12. If I can even get it its going to a winch
  13. New shirt and 86 accessories book.
  14. Next thing I have to do now is replace the starter. Quit out on me today when I was going to start it.
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