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  1. Is this relay a under the hood thing or on the little Fuze panel inside ?
  2. So one of the fun things I've found on my truck is that it decided that yesterday as long as the wire for the horn is plugged in the horn stays on without the key even I'm the ignition. Is this just a bad horn?
  3. Love this jeep! Not the money spent on gas though..
  4. Maiden voyage for the truck was very fun. First day I blew the rubber on the fuel filter and then had some fun over heating issues. Second day my horn decides to go a wall and just honk for ever when plugged in. But today it has been amazing I went on some trails with her and had fun! Thing rides great even on the high way with no sway bars.
  5. Muncher

    Weirdest MJ

    Yeah reallt that thing must be a bee heaven they love yellow
  6. Muncher

    Weirdest MJ

    Yeah what you said lol
  7. Muncher

    Weirdest MJ

    I'm sure it's been on here before but it's my first time stumbling upon this...
  8. What are the head lamp relay stickers ?
  9. He pmd me about them because I already texted him about them
  10. This little plate near where the tailgate mounts should be bolted in to prevent falling off
  11. Mine binds up all the time. Two things you could do is get rid of the hinges and uses cables instead or put the bolts in that are supposed to be there that I still haven't done yet
  12. Only the top socket in the rear of mine work with led the middle one led messes up all of the lights on the vehicle so I just have a mix
  13. This is m2 bandits usb clarning and ram ball switch mount that replaces the cigarette lighter. I sanded it down first with 60 gritt then used 120 gritt. After that cleaned it up a little and used filler/sandable primer on it, now I have to sand the filler a little just once then paint it black and it can go in! Awesome design can't wait to use it
  14. My fog lights worked for the first time today since I got it out of the random when they were switched off lol. Think it's time for a new relay.
  15. It does I replaced it with a led. It's started up the past few days again though fine after tightening my battery cables and re installing the glove box light
  16. Muncher

    Overland MJs

    I hear the ryobi ones are just as good as the milwuakee ones! They are actually owned by by same company now.
  17. Well thats what I tried last time with the old battery and when I went to get the reading to show if I had a draw even on the right settings for the multimeter it was only showing .2
  18. Muncher

    Overland MJs

    Yea thats pretty awesome. I love the bench in my truck I could sleep on it all night don't know why people think there so uncomfortable
  19. I took a video of me shutting my phone in my glove box and it's off now lol. I'm going to check in a minute and see if the battery's at all dead
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