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  1. Never talked to him outside this forum, but he seemed like a great guy. Sucks to hear he is gone. RIP.
  2. That is for sure. I think I would need to live in them if I had as many as I wanted though.
  3. Ohhh, green! I love green. You and your Little Red makes we want to build an MJ with a bunch of factory accessories. Fair enough. But you kept reminding me!
  4. 89 MJ

    Bucket seats

    @early comanche owner
  5. Cherokee will bolt in as long as yup use the Comanche brackets. @krustyballer16 Makes new brackets.
  6. I want to start by blaming Pete, Red Mistress, and eagslescout526 for making me realize I want to do this. I am casually looking to buy a mostly stock LWB Metric Ton Comanche. Minimal rust would be great and I’m not afraid to travel for one. Paint condition doesn’t matter either, so long as it is straight (I have a passenger door and fender to put on if those are damaged) Transmission doesn’t matter much to me. I prefer an 91-92 but would be okay with any year, so long as it is a Metric Ton. My plans with this truck are to get to get a bunch of factory accessories to put on it. I do do have a restored (my dad restored cars for a living, so this was a professional job) SWB 89 4x4 with a 4.0 and a 5 speed and a 3 inch lift (pictured below) I’d trade for one with cash on your end, otherwise I will be listing it for $12,000 once I 96 swap it. Note, I’m not looking for a perfect truck, but I don’t want some cheap repaint or trail rig. I just want a Metric Ton LWB because a little more bed space would be nice, and the higher towing capacity too. I want a black XJ to make a Goonies replica.
  7. I’m not saying my generation is better (I ho early think it’s worse)
  8. 89 MJ

    96 XJ partout-WI

    I will try to get pics of the seats soon. I will also check on shipping.
  9. 89 MJ

    96 XJ partout-WI

    Front seats are a lighter grey. They do look more like the 97 seats than stock Comanche buckets, but they are near perfect. I’m located in 54636.
  10. Clearly none of those hipster morons have ever experienced a Jeep. I guarantee you the author is a millennial snowflake that just whines about everything. Some kids should have been spanked...
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