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  1. Thanks! Us midwesterners should get together sometime next year in the spring or something.
  2. That’s not very original, Minuit. Just giving you a hard time. Safety comes first.
  3. This is what I’m leaning towards, although a camper has more room and I wouldn’t need to strip the back of the bed every time I want to use it as a truck. I should just buy a second one to camp in. Now you’re thinking. Big brain right here.
  4. True story, I’m allergic to the cold. If I go outside and it is sub 50 and raining or sub 40 and dry, I will break out and I itch really bad once I warm up. It looks like a bunch of mosquito bites on my face, legs, arms, and hands. Back to the game.
  5. Gotcha. Thanks. I’m still doing research on swapping my bench seat cover on my MJ.
  6. 89 MJ


    Any updates?
  7. What you were saying makes sense, plus, when you get the MJ up to the house, you will have 2 vehicles to drive so you don't need to worry about being perfect mechanically (although it is nice).
  8. Those Icons should make your ZJ look extra classy. I'm excited to see it.
  9. Maybe chop out the spot of the frame where the front of the leaf springs mounts for people with rusty frames.
  10. Jeeping But hiking if I had to choose Superbird or Daytona?
  11. Any more updates on the truck?
  12. Or maybe OEM replica sliding rear window latches would be something that you could make.
  13. 89 MJ


    Its a 4 speed auto and a 5 speed manual, according to the website. LOL Good thing that we have people to help with build sheets.
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