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  1. I get this, and wanted to keep the closed loop with my engine swap, but with 2 major fails this year, it’s time for it to go. Time to look into Cold Case! Thanks!
  2. ^ can’t decide which MJ he wants to fix.
  3. 89 MJ

    Epic MJ Roadtrip

    Doing better now. We are in Cleveland, OH for the night.
  4. My dad has a YJ on 35s with 4.10s and a 5.3. He says that sometimes he wishes he put 4.56s in that.
  5. Interesting take, but I believe my radiator to have caused the issue.
  6. I’d run 4.56 if it were me. My truck on 31s with 4.10s turns about 2700 rpms at 75 mph. At that speed and rpm fuel consumption is about 3.5 gph. 4.56s on 35s would be similar to that. If you won’t go that fast very often though or live in hilly regions, I’d run 4.88s.
  7. Local parts stores should be able to get them for you. Just bring one of yours in to verify size and make sure they are rated for fuel
  8. When you say this, are you talking about a 97-01 e fan?
  9. I was looking (briefly) at some of the Aluminium ones on Amazon. The reviews seem pretty good and they are a lot cheaper than I have found the Mishimoto. The irritating part is that all of my hoses are already new.
  10. Thank you. I think I do like the route of just doing the radiator. If I were to do a higher flow water pump, my concern would be it flowing too quickly with an OEM type radiator and it wouldn’t be able to cool quick enough. Even if I did a higher flower pump with an upgraded radiator, I don’t think the truck would get up into the operating temperature quick enough.
  11. 89 MJ

    Epic MJ Roadtrip

    Yeah, once sucks. Three is too many. I could have, but now the truck is home and we are back on the way to PA with my mom’s JKU.
  12. My truck has left me on the side of the road three times due to cooling system fails (water pump, coolant pressure tank, and now what we assume to be the radiator in the way to PA). Needless to say I am fed up with the closed loop system (even though it wasn’t at fault the first time). I am going to convert the truck to open loop, but I am interested in hearing about upgrades along the way. What are the thoughts on high flow water pumps, different fans (electric or different mechanical fans), and upgraded radiators. The Mishimoto looks nice, but no $425 nice.
  13. 89 MJ

    Epic MJ Roadtrip

    I appreciate it anyways. Thankfully I was in a small convoy, so we were able to at least get me off of the interstate.
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