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  1. 89 MJ

    Long beds

    Oh yeah they are. I can out maneuver my dads YJ and moms JKU with ease.
  2. 89 MJ

    Long beds

    I've thought about this too. Short bed pros: easier to park seem more desirable when restored better breakover angle for off-roading looks taller with less lift (my opinion) easier to find other bed parts for (toppers, tonneau covers, etc.) Long bed pros: more hauling space more load capacity (w/ Metric Ton package) better ride because of longer wheel base (in theory, cannot confirm or deny this) Short bed cons: No Metric Ton Stiffer ride? slightly less bed space pricier when you find a nice one
  3. They seem like a good deal for some black seats. Black is rare.
  4. 89 MJ

    WI Car shows

    Mines a work truck. People still love it.
  5. 89 MJ

    WI Car shows

    If I came up with a list of shows that I might be going to around WI, would anyone else be interested in meeting there and showing there MJ?
  6. 89 MJ

    CC cookbook

    The rest of my family has. LOL. I've made it several times.
  7. Turns out this truck is a Honcho. It has the stickers on the lip of the doors, fenders, cab, and bed. It has had a low quality repaint at one point. It
  8. Looks fun! What are the details on the old Ford pickup?
  9. Brought the old pig to a car show today. It’s crazy how many people were asking about it.
  10. The link above has 8 videos for your viewing pleasure.
  11. I just uploaded a bunch to You Tube.
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