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  1. 89 MJ

    Seat belt

    I’ll keep you in mind!
  2. 89 MJ

    Seat belt

    Driver side.
  3. 89 MJ

    Parts Liquidation

    Pics of some parts.
  4. Get the Raptor stay in kit. It is just over $100 on Amazon and it comes as a complete kit-Gun and everything. We did that in mine.
  5. 89 MJ

    Seat belt

    I am looking for a seat belt, preferably dark blue shipped to 54636. Thanks
  6. I feel okay if I sell the MJ because I know a few people interested and they would take good care of it.
  7. I’m thinking I want an LJ. They have the same towing capacity as an MJ, but it is a little bit newer so it should be better as a daily for me in high school.
  8. 89 MJ

    Parts Liquidation

    Door. Sorry. A rust free door. And I am just North of La Crosse, Wisconsin.
  9. I’ll bet. Do you know what caused the slit? I have heard that can be caused by driving over economy cars...
  10. 89 MJ

    Parts Liquidation

    @Dzimm, Do you need a good rust free for your 92?
  11. 89 MJ

    Parts Liquidation

    I have too many parts taking up space. I have a whole 97 Cherokee with 303,XXX on it. I am keeping the trans out of that. It does not have the clutch pedal assembly. $500 for the whole thing or PM me for parts wanted. $300 for all three seats. $200 for all four door panels. $200 for dash $100 for passenger side doors with some rust $100 for D30 front $100 for 8.25 rear I also have some other misc parts. D30 3.07 gears out of my 89. Windowed Knuckles!!! Whole axle for $150 or just knuckles for $125. Rust free passenger side door $75. Passenger side METAL door handle (exterior) $25 Passenger (maybe driver too) side door panel with 3 point armrest $25 a piece. Porno red. D35 MJ rear end. 3.07 geared. $50 Solid rear window $50 4.10 Trac-Loc D35 from a Cherokee $100 2 cowl vents. 1 is cracked. $5 for cracked one, $25 for good one. All prices exclude shipping. PM me if you need any other parts, I may have them.
  12. 1989 Jeep Comanche 1989 Jeep Comanche Short bed 4.0 straight six 5 speed manual 159,000 miles Ford 8.8 rear end out of a 2002 Ford Explorer Sport Trac with 4.10 gears and a limited slip Dana 30 front axle with 4.10 gears Fresh paint New vinyl flooring Raptor Bedliner in bed Sliding rear window Was a 99% rust free truck before restoration, all of the rust has been repaired the right way. Aftermarket front bumper Bottom of the bed, back and sides of the frame, and front suspension area have been freshly undercoated. 3in front lift springs to make it sit level Longer lower control arms to prevent death wobble Adjustable track bar New rod bearings Comes with an AX-15 5 speed transmission that needs to be rebuilt Comes with stock front suspension pieces. Can come with wheels and tires pictured for an extra $1000, otherwise comes with a set of American Racing steel wheels. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Additional pics available upon request. $15,000 Link to build thread on Comanche Club:https://comancheclub.com/topic/57877-1st-truck-89-mj-40-5-speed-4x4/ I have two people that are possibly interested that are not on this forum. Just seeing if anyone on here is interested. I may consider trades for an LJ plus cash or a rust free Chevy or GMC 2500hd crew cab or an extended cab plus cash. I don’t really want (or need) to sell this, just looking to get a more high school friendly vehicle. More pics tomorrow.
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