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  1. 89 MJ

    Jeep J-10 Price

    I think my brother may want that, but I’ll pm you if he doesn’t.
  2. I have been using the snowblower all winter-it works pretty good. I'll see if I can get some pics. Also, with the rear locker and the weight of the snowblower off the front, it does good donuts.
  3. 89 MJ

    Jeep J-10 Price

    It has the front axle.
  4. 89 MJ

    Jeep J-10 Price

    The current owner is working out a price. The other bedside is basically gone-there is no way to fix it-and this side has a lot of holes in it in places that would make it hard to patch. Thank you!
  5. 89 MJ

    Jeep J-10 Price

    My little brother is looking at buying this: 360, auto, AMC 20 rear end. Needs a box, tailgate, and a rear bumper, but it only has 64,XXX miles. The cab and interior are immaculate, box is very rusty (a lot worse than shown in pictures). Does anybody know what this would be worth in their area?
  6. Sad but true... No true Jeep guy who will beat on and build their own Jeep would want to spend $50,000+ on a Rubicon or $30,000+ on a sport.
  7. Me too. I think they should make this one too. If they were to make it do you think they would call it something different, or would it still be the Gladiator? Personally, I think they should make it and call it a Comanche.
  8. Don’t run a solid bead around what you are welding-too much heat. Instead do beads 1 in long at the most and let them cool briefly.
  9. 89 MJ

    Plastic Bed Liner

    It is an over the rails one.
  10. 89 MJ

    Plastic Bed Liner

    I have a SWB plastic bed liner I am thinking about selling. It has two holes in it on the wheel wells. Anybody know what it would be worth?
  11. With enough beer and duck tape, you can accomplish anything...
  12. 89 MJ

    Hey you, Pete!

    What's the plan for it? Just gonna be a daily?
  13. Will be going to the Jefferson Swap Meet in Jefferson WI on the 26th. Will be looking for MJ parts.
  14. A few I have taken over the past year or two... My dads YJ and 59 Chevy in the background My MJ, my dads 59, a 38 Chevy and my cousins 72 Lemans GT My dads YJ and a friends YJ A TJ Rubi, a CJ5 with a custom YJ grille, and my dads YJ on a snow wheeling adventure My dads YJ, a friends TJ (same as above), another friends TH, and a friends JK
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