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  1. Pull the steering wheel as hard as you can to one side and or the other and try it. It’s a common thing when the wheel locks, you just need to turn the wheel to the stop and try it.
  2. I second them being for the tow hooks. I had some similar from my truck that had them, my other two don’t.
  3. I may be interested in a metal SWB one, price and shipping depending.
  4. I was hoping for June, but I will be too busy. We normally do have an old car get together in September. I’ll see about expanding it to MJs.
  5. Thank you! Someday, we will need to hit the trails!
  6. It looks like it has a very bright interior too for an 88. It looks like porno red to me.
  7. Be sure to post your VIN and the guys can get you a build sheet.
  8. I noticed that right away. Glad I wasn’t the only one...
  9. The reason I’m suggesting removing the handle is in case the rods or even the tailgate shell if binding up on it and preventing it from moving.
  10. I meant remove the handle when I said pull the handle. What I should have said was remove the handle and try actuating the levers from the inside.
  11. @ghetdjc320 separated the inner and outer tailgate pieces. I’d try pulling the handle and just actuating the levers inside the gate if you can.
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