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  1. It’s up above the drivers side kick panel. If it’s factory, should be a white square relay with an AMC part number on it that should start with 895600. If not then it’s probably been replaced. Either way the relay plug should be three pronged. Two on top and one on bottom. Or vice versa depending on how you look at it. If it can’t be found above the kick panel, it could be tucked behind the panel.
  2. Sounds like the horn is shorted to ground somewhere in the column or the relay. Pull the relay first. Should kill it. Swap with another relay. If that doesn’t work, dig into the column to the turn signal switch assembly and see what’s goin on.
  3. JEEP AMC NOS VINTAGE TWO (2) INTERIOR LIGHT SWITCHES MADE IN FRANCE 3 1/2 X1 1/4 | eBay Not a terrible price but high. I don't see any packaging, pics look to have been taken decades ago and they have a different plug in style.
  4. 3.7L isn’t the best Chrysler V6. If I recall it’s supposed to be a power tech to succeed the 4.0L. But that engine is the reason why the pentastar exists today.
  5. Oh hell yeah! I’ve been keeping an eye out for local car shows. Thank ya mini! Actually that was interesting. I had trimmed the openings for both the books and guard, tried to slip the guard over with the pieces bent back and came to the realization that I need to accept my loss on the dam and cut the flaps I bent off. Otherwise that was pretty easy with a cut off wheel.
  6. Did you see that one guy on Facebook who bought a 93 press kit of some sorts for the MJ?
  7. Oh ho ho not done yet. Ok now were done lol. That bra actually was a pain but given between installing the two, the brush guard was more challenging. But holy crap what a change!
  8. Todays list starts off with an oil change. Last night I swapped a door panel out, gonna swap the other side and post a pic of that. As I wait for the oil to drain out and I eat some lunch I decided to tackle the front end cover. So far so good. Kinda digging it. God I havent see that front in a while.
  9. I think they are the same. I don't posses and Eagle parts book so I have no absolute way of telling if they’re the same. Which’s reminds me I’ll update my post with some pics.
  10. Oh I would also like to add that the labels for this conversion are still very much available at one dealer. I’ll probably order some just to have on hand for those of you who want to add that “dealer” conversion authenticity rather than shade tree/non dealer mechanic conversion done.
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