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  1. eaglescout526

    My '88 Not-a-build or resto project

    I feel if Steven Spielberg put an MJ into the First Jurassic Park, it would most likely look like that! Maybe with a sport bar too. Looks great!
  2. eaglescout526

    My '88 Not-a-build or resto project

    I agree, it is a great find. Shame the owner spray painted over the factory color.
  3. eaglescout526

    1986 Comanche No Start Condition

    Have you tested the fuel pump our of the tank at all? Or has it been replaced recently?
  4. eaglescout526

    1986 Comanche No Start Condition

    Welcome. This manual is from '87, noid lights probably did not exist back then and so an ordinary test lamp was used. Then again it could be the same idea. ive never used or heard of a noid light till now. Crap shoot. Did you try a new relay by any chance?
  5. eaglescout526

    1986 Comanche No Start Condition

    Chrysler calls the CPS the Speed Sensor. Give these a shot
  6. eaglescout526

    1986 Comanche No Start Condition

    I have a crown that I've been using for a year and its doing great. that being said, I do agree with Jeep Driver. Most CPS are crap out of the box since the French company Siemens is not making them anymore to my knowledge. But he is getting spark and right now its not the CPS but it sounds like a fuel delivery issue he is having.
  7. Commandtrac is the type of Four Wheel Drive system it has.
  8. eaglescout526

    Replacing Stock Suspension

    I just replaced all of the bushings on my suspension and I got a nice smooth ride out of it. Don’t go polyurethane if the truck is your daily....unless you like a good massage on the road. I recommend replacing the bushing that sits on top of the coil springs if it has never been replaced in its lifetime. That’s my suggestion.
  9. eaglescout526

    Diesel Cherokee Wagoneer Holy Grail?

    That Wagoneer just looks awesome! Even in its current state! Nonetheless it is cool from the grill to the back "Wagoneer" nameplate above the license plate mount. Does it have the system sentry that tells you about all your fluids?
  10. eaglescout526

    Members Map... New and improved and functional!

    I had no idea this existed but this is nonetheless awesome!! Also nice to know there is a few vault dwellers around.
  11. eaglescout526

    Little Red Wagon

    I decided to go with the plastic liner.....boy is the new tailgate dented inward. I got the plastic liner to fit but to slide the chrome wrap-around on was a pain. But now it looks nice, with some warping at the bottom but that's expected on a pushed in tailgate. I also replaced the air box lid and received a new valve cover. It is still the hard plastic cover from Chrysler but I did preventative failure fix on the new one by JBWelding the plastic knobs on the inside. I also decided to paint the stripes on it and add a little touch that Chrysler deleted I spray painted the lines sliver then came back and painted the whole thing black, I think it came out pretty good, toughest bit was the AMC emblem. Lastly I finally replaced the manual mirror for a remote one and the door checks. I went with a used factory mirror and not an aftermarket as the aftermarket holes on any mirror are not threaded. At least any I have ordered were not threaded and did not secure tightly to the door. Apparently these were broken and I had no idea till I started removing them. If your door(s) flies(y) open, this is probably why.
  12. eaglescout526

    The future of the ComancheClub...

    Now I didn’t know Don at all on here, he asked me on question on my truck and it was why my spare was in the bed. If he was still around he probably would be happy to see I made a new winch and stuffed it under Little Red. I do feel the impact of his passing despite not knowing him. But as an aged out Boy Scout and Eagle, I will do my best to fulfill your requests Pete. I’ll admit, I’m terrible about posting on here except to update “Little Red” but am always on here looking at tech and everyone’s projects but have nothing to say unless I know I can chime in and say something. Now I know nothing about the 4.0Litre but I have a love and passion for the pre Chrysler AMC 2.5’s. I love knowing what makes that little engine tick and I have two official pieces of AMC dealer literature about the engine and the Renix system and a factory manual. I’ll definitly do my best to help out with all the 2.5Litre owners.
  13. eaglescout526

    Little Red Wagon

    You are most welcome.