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  1. Should we tell them how rare that bumper is?
  2. Heck Yeah! Looks great! I may or may not have developed an addiction calling dealers on old parts like such to purchase.
  3. Just did the adjustment procedure for the regulator for cruise control and after a drive around the block and a couple pull off stops to adjust the centering adjustment screw per directions of the FSM, I got it to engage and stay at the speed it gets set to. Woo! Next, tackle these clutch issues then radio set up/swap.
  4. I believe so. I think that may be right, but its tough to find any info for the manual trans set ups. So we will roll with that.
  5. That’s a tricky question as it seems all of our trucks can use either auto or manual cruise set ups. The manual set up uses a switch/valve that is used in conjunction to the brake switch. I believe in the DIY Blaine D has a picture of one that has both a valve and plug. AMC and GM used the same switch as Chrysler references the GM number for the Chrysler part. So yes there is a switch/dump valve that the set up needs but an auto set up works just as well Hopefully I answered that well enough for ya Ohm.
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Cruise...it works! I really had my doubts any of it would freaking work but it does! After fighting with the clutch and the master cylinder(helps to rebuild it properly.) and it still giving some slight trouble after taking it out and re-rebuilding it, it no longer leaks inside now, so I'm looking at replacing the slave. Anyways that's not what this is about, it is this: As we all know the 2.5Litre has been shadowed by its younger sibling the 4.0L. So finding pictures of this engine bay with cruise control is not fun. I don't think I found a single one. The cable is so damn long though that I decided to fill the empty space by the blower motor and not puncture the fire wall. Looks factory in that location, had to modify the original mounting bracket for the firewall but I did not have the right cable at the time....so I really didn't need to butcher the mounting bracket. Oh well. Still looks good. Now I'm sure you are all wondering, how does it perform? Well surprisingly for how old it all is, it only drops a couple miles under what you set the speed at. I'll have to play with the adjustments later. I'm just happy to be done with this thing already. Oh and Thank you Will for the cruise vacuum tank.
  7. Awesome! Side note. I did replace my slip yoke prior to the trans blowing up and it fit really snug with new case, bushing and seal and still does to this day.
  8. Lol. Don’t get me wrong though it is still a nice truck.
  9. I can almost swear Chrysler still has plenty available. I think I got every piece to the splash shields as I had to remove every brittle piece of plastic that was still attached. At least when I did mine Chrysler still has a bunch left. Probably to do at most 100 MJ/XJ’s
  10. All that comes to mind is the Hummer limo when looking at this...… Thing.
  11. The splash shield? I can’t imagine Chrysler would’ve changed the design of those during the XJ life. I don’t see why not. It seems Chrysler has different part numbers over the years but they supersede. So they should work
  12. When you can’t afford a Jeep so you snatch a junk yard front clip and throw it on your vehicle.
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