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  1. To back up AZJeff, I can say that I have rarely seen my truck climb over 212. I have seen it get to 220 but that was on a freeway drive and it stayed like that until I returned home. Course it’s the 2.5L and I drive mostly surface streets home but I never see the gauge go over 210. And I don’t even have AC at all but I have never had a overheat issue except for the time my head gasket was bad. That was the only overheating issue I ever had.
  2. Yes! Did you come across a whole thing?
  3. Body code T-RWD M-medium price class. (Decor based) 62-Long Bed I finally figured it out!
  4. Basically the whole diagram is what you will need. Parts 3, 4 and 5 is the pump mount assembly minus the pump. 19 is the reservoir mount. So if you Find a 86-90 Jeep with 2.5L and power steering, you'll want to snag the whole shebang.
  5. That's only the surface of the interesting things you will find that you would never have guessed these trucks have.
  6. I don't know how essential the High Pressure sensor is to the operation of the RENIX system. Here's a diagram of what you'll need: Number 23 is the High pressure sensor. The wiring for that little sensor may very well be on the harness already. I can't imagine it being essential but it probably helps.
  7. That is correct, you will also need the lines and wiring. If you can find an XJ with the 2.5L.
  8. One dealer has one. The last one.
  9. Well since we are talking about MoPar T-stats, Chrysler uses MotoRad brand T-stats now and clearly swears by them for their 5.7L hemi. Here is a part number of the kit they sell that includes the gasket:
  10. Riding in the middle on a bench seat would be a total blast with that just jabbing you in the chest each time you shift.
  11. Well after one hell of a day at work and all that jazz I decided to go out and replace the rear shocks. I think a week of owning these things is enough prep time to install the shocks. As per the DIY of installing the JK shocks, you do absolutely have to replace the top rear bushing. Good thing my skyjacker shocks happened to have those exact bushings still in good shape. So they got swapped and are now installed. I'll get a picture tomorrow when the oven light turns back on.
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