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  1. Indeed! Thanks wahoo! It was weird to be in snotsdale and knowing full well that your one of the only 80’s vehicles there. Aside from @CactusComancheof course. Come on down! Might have to charge an entry fee though just to service the plumbing system lol.
  2. Thanks man! It’s kinda exciting for the moment but it could change to stressful. Did find more small things wrong. Lol pretty much. I was willing to live anywhere(except Surprise, Avondale and Maryville) so long the house has a garage and three beds. I got lucky with this one with it having a pool. Thanks gents!
  3. Lol gladly. Just for warning y’all I’m not a beer person but I drink a metric ton of Dr. Pepper.
  4. All MJ owners are welcome! Lol.
  5. Thank Pete and don’t ya worry. There will be. Thank ya and I’m gonna need all I can get.
  6. Lol would’ve been more funny if he was round but still fun. My girlfriend is as well which is how my 84 XJ got his name.
  7. Thank ya! It really was timing! This house I bought was “destroyed” by the people renting it from the seller. So the seller was looking to sell. I threw and offer at them and I said I will take the house as is and they accepted it. It’s honestly not in that bad of shape and just needs some TLC. Gonna actually paint over the weekend before moving in. I will be sure to get plenty of pics. Might even post it as another project lol.
  8. Thank ya! She’s gonna be officially garaged at my new home, along side Chunk when I bring him down here in May.
  9. So I was out in snottsdale today for an hour and decide to take a picture and commemorate the moment. Back in late January early February I decided and was suggested to look for a house after looking at a place to rent. I wasn’t fully aware of what I was getting into but figured why not, especially with the girlfriend moving very soon, I knew I needed a place. Thankfully my parents were able to help and my long time best friends father is a realtor so I was able to work with him on finding a house. Long story short I found a house in late March and just finished signing the closing p
  10. He is working on them. He recently updated me on these and he is producing new molds for them as we speak. The new molds should make the process easier. @CoastChief
  11. If it’s a manual trans I would be interested in everything in the bell house.
  12. Could have an AMC 20 out back with 4.10 as well. If it’s an auto it might have one of the two axles with 4.56 out back as well cause AMC used Chrysler’s A900 series torqflight trannys
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