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  1. I found a piece of mine under the vents in front of the center console.
  2. Actually yes! I will be up there June 11-20th. So I will actually be able to do things and get y’all pics.
  3. I know the owners manual calls for power steering fluid for power steering but I’m curious as to what some of you may be running in yours. The T-bird says to use ATF for its power steering but I’m curious if anyone runs ATF in their MJ.
  4. Holy moly does my truck ride better now. Wish my past self put the shackle in right. I got the XJ bushing in on the drivers side shackle. Now to do the ZJ gear box as mine is just tired and done with steering. Hopefully I’ll get that back from being rebuilt and I’ll do that swap and should be good to go and should cure the last of the vibrations.
  5. Cruise control stalk wire. That wire runs up from the bottom of the column up to the turn signal stalk.
  6. 5012968AA or AB is the Mopar numbers I use. There is an older number of 3300 but the first two are what Chrysler superseded the number to and are readily available still. Hopefully they will help cross-reference. But the Renix 4.0 and 2.5's used the same oil filter so yes they say vertical but you can use it. A good note to remember is us 2.5's float in a sea of 4.0's.
  7. Close, something tells me not to give up on the search for the original one though.
  8. Uh yall may just want to avoid this MJ. @CoastChief went there as did someone else and when he got there, that MJ was molested with hardly anything MJ specific left other than the cab, rear flares and bed. There is a reason why it is there. It has minor bed damage from something but someone totaled it and took the money and ran.
  9. That's actually what goes there is 4x6 speakers so yes. As long as you have the wiring, throw em in.
  10. I just went and looked. It does not. It describes the injector "pulse" which is determined by the ECU for how long it should spray before the ECU breaks contacts and does another pulse. Refers to the MS-1700 for testing and apparently that machine did a lot and I mean a lot.
  11. Actually as soon as rylee mentioned yalls website I immediately hopped over there and bought a NOS 2.5L overflow bottle.
  12. This got me thinking. Prior to my ownership my grandfather asked me how I liked his "replacement J-hooks" for the gas tank straps. I will have to snap a pic of his genius work but All it is is a long threaded rod, threaded into where the hook would sit. Anyways this makes me think that I could have the nuts tightened just high enough that the tank could be slightly tilted enough and with that sag only exaggerates it further. This has me really thinking, good stuff gogmorgo!
  13. Another 2.5L TBI book for the collection.
  14. So that's not a true Chief as it doesn't bare the JH class.
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