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  1. These are custom. It can be up to this size which is about 3.5 inches long and necks up to about a 2.25-2.5 diameter. This is as big at you would want to go I feel. But it fits perfect in the palm!
  2. Daaaamn! Well I hope you got your money back! Every dog has his day dude! At least none of us will let that happen twice!
  3. that coulda been bad! Ditches are unforgiving
  4. I'm really trying to make light of my frustration at my own stupidity here, Since I picked up my MJ in January this year it was leaking oil like a MOFO, The valve cover had no gasket, the PCV valve bushing was worn and the oil cap lid just seeps out a bunch. All I was able to fix thanks to some parts form the CC members parts and info. After all that, I was still dripping oil on to my exhaust system burning it up and stinkin out the parking lot, and the whole passenger side of the engine bay was just a mess, for weeks looking at every seal and plug every nook and cranny..
  5. JStone

    Parts in Denver

    Still have that steering wheel?
  6. What is a hurst handle? I’ve heard of them but never seen!
  7. Right now it is currently without any finish, he wanted to ensure that it fit and works before finalizing. So ill have to give it to him so he can put a clear coat on it. Its made from White Oak, Maple, and Walnut with copper liners for structure.
  8. When I got my MJ, the shifter in it was the wrong gear pattern and poorly silicone in, eventually fell off. So my good friend who owns a cabinet making shop agreed to make me one. Well he ended up enjoying it so much that he got carried away and made this work of art, and now would love to make more of them for CC members. So it took him about 2-3 days in between work and glue setting and finish. So materials and time cost is 150 per knob but if your looking for something unique, you won't regret it!
  9. Hahaha once piece at a time they'd say!
  10. Hats off to all the owners of this. I am floored!
  11. Well hot damn maybe it’s time I go get a lotto ticket!
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