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  1. I am also in for the Light grey! Hell, at this rate we might get another 10!
  2. JStone

    AMC Mudflaps

    Put me on the list as well!! HOT BUY
  3. Honestly this was the key, I was just mega frustrated when I wrote up this thread but I took it on some drives, and out in the dirt field a 2 or 3 times and It really calmed down. Also adjusting some of the interior panels was huge to. None the less for the price I paid on the mounts (westar) from rock auto, can't complain!
  4. Got any further info on these solid mounts? Curious on just what that is exactly?
  5. I'm pickin up what your putting down. The truck is not lifted at all, and the speed vibrations were more like i can't see out the mirrors cause they're buzzing so hard. So thats why i decided to do the repair(and it was a pretty good price) I used to have a ford with bad ball joints and that baby had some vibrations. So now with the new mounts in, I'm meaning as soon as I start the truck up the vibration has panels rattling and what not. Any links for the oem mounts?
  6. Hey all, just wondering if I'm crazy or I screwed up, maybe both. But my ride was vibrating reallly hard at over 60mph. So i decided to change out the 2 motor mounts with some I bought off rock auto. After install it seems almost worse, is this normal until they break in like a new pair of shoes?? Did I miss something or maybe just order some crap mounts? I bought the Weststar brand. Real frustrated so if you have any input that would be appreciated! Ill attach some awesome pics of the old mounts later.
  7. So I’m guessing your saying that somewhere in the diagram you just posted that there is a break or some sort of malfunction? I will dig into it this weekend and let y’all know what I find,
  8. Right on! Definitely gonna want two of those! What colors do you have or able to get?I'm looking for the Grey
  9. Do you still have speaker grill covers?
  10. Having the Same issue, ive been meaning to get on and ask about this! So thank you for this, cause ive heard the vac system needs repair if this is an issue, I'm not really sure why that is. I've also heard that the vac cannister preforms better if set closer to the back firewall, is that true? Does it also require a lot of re routing of the vac lines?
  11. These are custom. It can be up to this size which is about 3.5 inches long and necks up to about a 2.25-2.5 diameter. This is as big at you would want to go I feel. But it fits perfect in the palm!
  12. Daaaamn! Well I hope you got your money back! Every dog has his day dude! At least none of us will let that happen twice!
  13. that coulda been bad! Ditches are unforgiving
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