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  1. Wow, super happy you got some great advice! Sorry I couldn’t haven’t been more of a use @jazzyjeeper. Plenty of great people though! GUESS ILL FORGIVE YOU ABOUT THE SEATS
  2. they don’t really work, but I’m keeping an eye out for someone that does good body work. The previous owner just put the screws that mounted it in the holes. It’s the original, just keep it covered.
  3. I was looking through my notes after I saw that my coolant looked like river water. I had taken it to be replaced it the week I had purchased her. I showed a few members and they all mentioned the possibility of a HEAD GASKET LEAK? So I did a flush, flushed out the hoses top and bottom. Used 3 gallons of distilled to flush again. Ran for a second, flushed again. Filled with coolant and water. When I looked into the bucket I found oil contaminated in the coolant. looks like I’ll be doing some reading. any tips, advice as always is deeply appreciated!
  4. Thank you all. Iv hope to work to keep her in great shape. @eaglescout526 Thank you especially for all the help, and patience!
  5. It was super simple, it took 6 hours it was a demo test. My friend is using it for model making in architecture. It can print complex parts pretty fast. We used YT and figured how to make files and everything.
  6. Was messing with a friends ender 3 dragon. Was shocked at the quality for 180$.
  7. awesome guys! keep em coming! I never put where I was from! Orange, CA.
  8. I think remember us starting a thread on this for pop culture Comanches. Here are some Iv found so far. Cobra- Regular Show- ones I can remember people mentioning - karate kid, Monsters Ball.
  9. Swapped out the old fender liners for new ones. Spent most of the time fighting the non OEM plastic to line up with most 6/8 push pin holes. The two top ones would not fit, but Ill take a heat gun and work them along the wheel well. Drill a new hole into the liner. Broke one of the mounting nuts clean off not paying attention. Guess that’s what I get for rushing through. I knew it was going to happen, could feel the socket heating up from the metal twisting. overall I’m happy with the fit of these, found a random cap that fell into the door space. Couldn’t find what it covered.
  10. Just getting an idea of who is in California. - Michael
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