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  1. Replied to your message, taking orders for production at the end of the month
  2. well at the moment its just up in the air as an idea. Waiting for things to mellow out
  3. Bump - moved to LA - Looks like things are getting more stable. Hope to me a meet and greet in Death Valley soon
  4. I got started on that project too! Haha thank you! Iv been driving a lot less now that I’m not commuting! MJ hit 150,000! I take those photos with a lot of irony! I wouldn’t trade my truck for any of them lol.
  5. I will be active again as of 04/2021



  6. I make these, I’ll be producing new ones April
  7. Hello Everyone! I deeply apologize for my absence! I have been moving to the big ol city! I cannot thank you for your interest in these moldings! those of you that have posted, I will contact directly! as always thank you to @eaglescout526 & @Pete Mfor keeping everyone updated!
  8. Hello, Everyone ! It’s been a very long while so I figured I would stop by and let you know I’m alive! My life has been very crazy since covid. I took a trip to upstate NY, loved it so much I stayed almost two months. I visited Corning, and parts of the Hudson. There I had sold some pieces and got some cash saved to move out of my parents. I have a brother who suffers from very severe mental disorders and it was becoming taxing on my own health. I would be constantly coming home with the “ what’s next” feeling. so, for 2021 I figured - might as well be m
  9. Good Afternoon David, please message me privately on here and we can move forward. It’s $150 for the entire set, both sides, plus whatever shipping is to New Mexico. Happy Thanksgiving!
  10. its 150 the full set. Will be increasing the price after you. Beautiful truck!
  11. Good Afternoon guys! I am in the process of moving at the moment to LA. Been quite the experience with the Dodgers/ Lakers/ Biden celebration/ looting. Been taking longer than expected. I currently do not have the body molding for the long wheel base. I will keep asking around. Thank you @eaglescout526 for catching them up for me!
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