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  1. you buy that yellow rubber wheel? my paints starting to dull and was gonna take mine off before getting the paint fixed. Love seeing the bright red paint under those decals!
  2. https://www.copart.com/lot/50902299?fbclid=IwAR3o7_cCiZJKmdhB2kO0E5DdDc9kWeBDdHH_-LE4dF7hFsO2Wv5dfD_VNIw
  3. also @Gjeep thank you for the recommendations ! I just saw your comment! Really appreciate it!
  4. Seen a few really really nice camping set ups. Wanted to see if anyone was pulling a boat or had put a kayak on their Comanche? Recently was thinking of getting one but wanted to see what people thought about the investment. Getting into Fly fishing, and just being able to get away from the city relax in the Jeep. love to see what you guys are up too! Here’s two bass I caught earlier this week. one on a small baby bass with booted tail. second on dead sticked slow retrieve a wide lip crank bait. and a fancy salamander that walked up to me in Batcave, NC
  5. Defiantly are some genuinely kind people. He sent me a email not to long ago. Answering some of my questions in more detail. Yes! He would hall a small blue trailer. here it is on there last trip together. - always been big on fishing but he showed me his old Hobie fishing kayak. Mentioned that’s what the racks were for. Defiantly got me curious about taking one out.
  6. Close to 6 months with the Comanche. Will post a detailed list of everything done to her. Including the tools I’ve purchased to keep her in good shape. I have driven to 3 states now in the Comanche. She has only died once due to starter seize that I fixed with a hammer swing. Iv been just trying to get things cleaned and figure out exactly what I want to do. Sitting in the sun A/C was the first thing to do with help from @eaglescout526 I was able to get started on some really nice used A/C parts. That will be a big project. The more I learned about Comanches, Jeeps, proper autocare. The more I realize how lucky I am to have one in this stock shape. A lot of the smaller things have been upgraded and kept in surprisingly amazing shape. I feel guilty still for parking it in the drive way. It’s been kept inside it’s whole life. As I cleaned and carefully looked around. I could tell more and more Doug the original owner really cared for it dearly. So I wrote him an email, he send me a really cool response asking me to come by. So I drove up after a camping trip with the girlfriend in Joshua Tree. He was surprised to hear how enthusiastic I was about the truck. Shared with me old photos and little stories. “ this truck was our family vacation truck, we took it to every western state, and parts of western Canada. I could have upgraded it, but I wanted it to be reliable for the family. It’s all highway miles and I never took it out of the garage during the early two-thousands.” We began to chat and look at the truck. Trying to pick his memory about the mirrors, and little things. I mentioned my interest in fishing and the outdoors. How I wanted to get into kayak fishing/ fly fishing. He chuckled and, invited me to come help him organize the garage, look for Comanche things he misplaced. We found the old window sticker, and the roof racks, some 80s camping gear. Gifted it to me as long as they stayed with the truck, and I helped him clean. His wife Fran came out, and gave me more stories and Comanche documents. Every single oil change, service from the local auto shop in Whittier, CA just like it stated in my Carfax report. Even have the original window sticker with all the options from 1988.....
  7. I made sure to do my research so it be hard to tell the difference here are the two side by side. left are reproduction/ right are OEM
  8. my brother wraps cars professionally. I'm gonna wrap mine in a forest green. been pretty damn cheap
  9. Good afternoon, @marcial88 Thank you for the photos! I would love to sell you the parts you need. Just understand that they are completely new, so they will be off in color. The new rubber is modern and UV resistant. I will post side by side.
  10. with that much time involved. You’re understanding of the truck. I can imagine it be like loosing an old friend. I see them auction for 7-10 sometimes. I’m defiantly worse condition. 16 years old with that kind of knowledge! I have only the highest hopes for you! Seem like you’re ahead of the crowd!! people on Facebook Jeep groups are brutal. I joined this club because I was tried of people be rude. “ thats a noob sensor “. Etc. Post it I SoCal and other states. I noticed that many of the people on “Jeeps for sale/trade SoCal” are people from out of state trying to get clean ones.
  11. I have a friend in Argentina who says hes seen one or two. Alot of XJs, love seeing where they land!
  12. El facebook, Comanches Culican ! Sinaloa, MEX! They are all over Mx though. Baja, Sonora etc! 🇲🇽
  13. Thank you! hopefully everyone can see them now!
  14. So today I was looking up Jeep Comanches in different languages. Trying to find international Comanches and see how far they've gone. Came up with some cool results! Curious Australians & Japanese wondering what it is! Of course not to my surprise Latin American has a large following of Comanche enthusiasts. I figured why not look into one of the manufacturing hubs for Xj parts - Mexico! quickly found a club with 1.7k followers from based in my home state in Mexico! Its cool to see how far, and different they are treated/equipped. I can't still just UNDERSTAND WHY THEY LOVE THE CHINESE FRONT END FOR MY LIFE THOUGH! Below are some of my favorite Mexican Comanches! first jeep is the Mexican admin. rest are just some of my favorite Jeeps in Mexico. some are just weird things I found.
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