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  1. I have found I can cast most items with reasonable success for reproduction. I want to meet the best expectations for those looking for more NOEM reproduction parts. I am reaching out to see if anyone is willing to lend over/ keep an eye out for parts for casting. - NOEM Body molding short/ long ( I have body molding available , but it seems to fall short for those looking something closer to NOEM ) - Small rigid plastic parts of any kind that are not reproduced. ( Cab light is in hand for casting )
  2. Back online and healthy as of 9/14/2021

  3. going to cast soon. gathering material for new molds. everything takes 30 minutes in the city sadly.
  4. Happy 4th I’m at 154,000 miles now! here are some small updates on the truck.
  5. It went really well! The only thing that upset me is the mechanic let my calipers rest hanging from the drive lines. Kinda put me in a mood the rest of the day lol. seeing how easy it was I’ll do it myself the next time. my rotors maybe had 1mm on one side. scary condition.
  6. thank you guys for looking out. Someone pulled through in minutes ( A G A I N )! Happy Forth Everyone!
  7. especially for the price , big ol lie of a description. I’ll wait and see for a little to find a better one. I can’t comfortably sell 1 perfect set and a scratched up set. I just feel wrong about It :/
  8. So much for that description. This is a sad mudflap. Going to return
  9. Well the Comanche club pulls though in minutes again @Kaiserman sent me a eBay link to a NOS AMC front. So I jumped the gun right away and got it. Now I can cast this and just flip it for the other side!! @eaglescout526@fiatslug87
  10. I am casting these directly from the nice originals @fiatslug87. That way they are exact replicas in terms of fit and finish. for making the AMC I could sculp the angled part onto some copies, but it would not as look good. The comb texture on the back of the regular JEEP front and rears loves to trap air when casting. With casting, it captures every scratch and detail in the original, they are both pristine examples, just a matter of quality overall.
  11. Thank you! corrected !
  12. Good Afternoon Everyone, I apologize for the late response. Very happy to see there is gaining interest in these. at the moment I’m prepping to cast the right front side. I currently only have the AMC fronts. Alongside regular Jeep back and front. Materials to cast are rather expensive. So I’m starting with the AMC fronts ( 100% no AMC bias (; please be patient with me in the coming weeks. -Michael
  13. Happy to announce of started casting Mudflaps thanks to @fiatslug87 Curious of the demand and what to ask. I'm out a few hundred on casting material at the moment. Presales will dictate overall cost.
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