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  1. Thank you all for your really well thought out responses. I just want to keep it a 1988 time capsule with modifications only to improve mechanical/ electrical reliability. I’m not entering any auto shows etc, so I don’t need to be down to the extremely fine details. I don’t plan on selling the truck. ( Iv been offered 8k) already. My sister dropped me off in grade school in a XJ. My stepdad taught me to drive manual in a YJ. I got hit by a semi owning before this Jeep.That in mind I could have bought something with airbags . None the less after being merged into by Optimus Prime. I got this Jeep death trap because I love it. I really enjoy Jeeps history, and they don’t make cars that feel this solid anymore. When I park I always double check the locks, keep it clean. Not to tempt anyone to break in. If I go eat it’s always in my vision.
  2. were all within 20-100 miles of eachother
  3. they look very much like boat parts. They are really square and look like they belong. That black and silver looks amazing.
  4. looking to complete my Comanche. I'm a sucker for turbine wheels/
  5. Ill have to start organizing an area for parts before the parental unit says something! Thank you so much, I really am starting to understand what I have. Someone the other day tried to purchase it from me at a stoplight. I worry about racking the mileage up on it too much, I drive sometimes 400 miles in a week.
  6. I was told it’s a old carpet kit. The camper is just a little larger. I do plan to camp and go fishing with the Jeep soon.
  7. Thank you ! That is a huge help, I am very excited about owning a Comanche. I do not want to make knee jerk decisions.
  8. I saw this today and it looked pretty good if you need me to go back I would gladly. I have made a lot of molds in my life. I’m really considering casting these rubber door moldings I just purchased. Everyone seems to be missing them and they are easy to make. Other plastics I have seen here don’t really hold up with age. Injection molded plastics are really a modern marvel.
  9. The more I learn, the more I understand how special stock is. I'm curious what is in bounds for within stock upgrades and alterations? I recently purchased 10 hole jeep wheels but don't know if thats considered a non-stock upgrade. Even though they are OEM they did not come with my sporTruck. I just want to make sure I keep things period correct. I want to basically get it to a showroom stock jeep, but really don't know whats in bounds.
  10. She’s been good to me. Today I got the molding for the other side! So she will be complete!
  11. Thank you Minuit, I really want to get it as stock as possible. I’m looking for NOS black mirrors. I thought about what a handful of members told me. “ it’s only stock once”. So I’m exploring what I can do to really get it sharp. first wash- Stock Rx 171-173 radios Today I picked up two wheels from a ladero XJ at pickapart for 78$
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