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  1. Good Afternoon David, please message me privately on here and we can move forward. It’s $150 for the entire set, both sides, plus whatever shipping is to New Mexico. Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. its 150 the full set. Will be increasing the price after you. Beautiful truck!
  3. Good Afternoon guys! I am in the process of moving at the moment to LA. Been quite the experience with the Dodgers/ Lakers/ Biden celebration/ looting. Been taking longer than expected. I currently do not have the body molding for the long wheel base. I will keep asking around. Thank you @eaglescout526 for catching them up for me!
  4. I asked this guy and he sold his for $8500 I paid 5800 for mine
  5. New power steering pump/ hoses/ 195 Tstat/ cleaned the underside a little with brake cleaner. Threw on some AMC stickers >? mystery nut
  6. Oooh that seat looks real clean!
  7. Woooow these look amazing! @eaglescout526 I just bought that switch too!
  8. Here’s how much slack I’m left with, on the cable install today
  9. Got the speedo cable properly working and installed the NOS dash
  10. Got it hooked up today and seems to be working
  11. CoastChief

    Oh no

    iv started looking for a 92 eliminator.......cause....you know.....it won't hurt.
  12. I just ordered a new one from rockauto that seems better designed even though its also a Pioneer cable - CA-3068
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