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Found 14 results

  1. Hello all! Just purchased this beautiful '88 Pioneer today. My plan is to go through EVERYTHING and get this puppy looking clean again. I've been following Steve's journey and got way too excited so I pulled the trigger when I found the right one. As it sits, it's a 1988 Comanche LWB Pioneer 4x4 with the 4.0 & 5spd. It even has the original OEM camper shell! After going through the vehicle once I got home, it's clear that a lot of work is needed (was expecting so). The GREAT news is that the engine runs & drives and the transmission shifts nicely. The BAD news is that I will need to learn to weld... as per the usual Comanche. But in this case, the PO cut out a couple square holes in the bed where I am assuming there was a lot of rust and he kept it from spreading. I fear I won't find another Long Bed in nice shape lying around... Fortunately the passenger side looks good and the driver's side floor is really not that much surface area (although there is a very nice hole). There is a junkyard just north of me that has an '86 4D Cherokee just waiting to be taken apart. So I will get to have the beloved 10-Spoke wheels and I will grab the doors as well. My GOAL is to have this project wrapped up by January. I'm going all the way in and replacing as much as I can. Hoping to have painted by November, but life has a funny way of showing that you're wrong.
  2. Hello Everyone. I'm fairly new here and I have been lurking about for a couple of years since owning my Comanche and did not sign up until recently. Most of every part replaced is junkyard OEM or NOS from the dealership I work at. At last here is Little Red. She is a 1988 2.5L 5-speed Pioneer Comanche. Built 11/15/1987 and she left the factory bare minimum as a Pioneer trim. She started with an idiot light cluster and white trailer like rims but came with floor mats with matching dash mat, mud flaps and a tailgate liner. Since owning her I have done some upgrades such as a 5/6th gauge cluster, various factory lights add-ons, clock, headlight warning buzzer, sentinel headlamp module, hood insulation, AMC jeep nameplates, 2.5Litre nameplate, and a NOS hard plastic valve cover. I changed the rims to the star "Jeep" engraved rims from the trailer looking rims. The only non factory thing added is an LED under hood light strip. Year 1: Upon acquiring her I did basic repairs and fluid changes to bring her back to life. Fuel pump was dead and had to replace that and various other tune up pieces to get her going again. My father redid the door panels and headliner. After I got her running, brown coolant started showing up and could not figure out why. Before the Jeep rims I repainted the white rims to a black color so they didn't look awful. Took me a couple of years to hunt down a set of 5. Year 2: Figured out the cause of the brown coolant being a blown head gasket and changed that in the summer. Surprisingly the head gasket was 30 years old and I'm surprised is lasted as long as it did before it gave out. Sadly due to pressed time I did not have the head rebuilt until this year. A few months after changing the head gasket I changed the motor mounts and due to a bad drive shaft causing awful vibrations I destroyed the AX-5 transmission. Had to replace everything from the bellhousing to the driveshaft. Lesson learned, never underestimate the 2.5L. After that I learned to seat the pilot bushing all the way into the flywheel. Year 3: Early this year I changed the water pump out and the window seals replaced. In march I replaced the oil pan gasket and repainted it as well, cleaned up the engine and engine bay. Had the head rebuilt and upgraded to a leather steering wheel recently. Also replaced the 8 slot grille with the 10 slot variant and replaced upper radiator hose. End goal is complete restoration with some other additions. Sorry about that. Just three years of summarizing. I will upload more pictures from early on as I find them.
  3. Hey all! Long time lurker and lover of the MJ and XJ platforms! I've wanted one of these awesome trucks since I found out about their existence and, when I got married, the wife was excited about it too! Well...the day finally came. A clean MJ showed up on craigslist at a decent price and I showed my wife. She said "lets go get it!" and so we did! The stats: - 1991 Jeep Comanche Pioneer...long bed. - 4.0 I6 w/Auto - Factory D44 rear, D30 CAD front - Blue - (More to come as I spend time with her) The end goal: - 40s, tons, locked, street legal The timeframe: forever...going to be a long slow build. I want to do things right and I'm not as skilled at fab or auto work yet...but I'll keep learning and enjoying it! Without further ado...I present Rocky, the flying squirrel. Here he is when we brought him home, last night (next to Natasha, my other jeep): Here's a few pics I snapped this morning... Next steps: - Clean interior and hopefully reduce the "old car" smell - Remove the rear bedliner and inspect what's under there - Check what gear ratios it currently has - Fluids check and replace - Spark plugs - Battery and Alternator Boring stuff, I know, but it's gotta be reliable before I start doing anything really big. :)
  4. Hello I'd like to introduce my newly acquired 1988 Comanche, some of you might recognize her , I had already purchased her once a few years ago and then sold it and regretted it and now I have bought her back for a whopping 900$. She runs and drives beautifully , starter seems sluggish thought and she had non functioning hazards and stop lights but that has been fixed. Plans for this is to just get her running even better , going through all of cruisers tips , and also get her repainted and swap the front end to chrome and just drive and enjoy it. This one is equipped with the 4.0 , 5 speed Dana 35
  5. Hey all thanks for letting me join your group of misfits. Got my 88 Manche Pioneer on a trade, was in better shape than my 87 Manche so I sold it, and my parts Cherokee. So now here I am digging into Big Red. Live in Gig Harbor, WA. That's it for now.
  6. 1986 jeep comanche X model 2.8 v6, tf904 3 speed, 209 transfer case, high pinion d30 front, d35 rear i believe high pinion as well. 3.54 gear ratio. Long wheelbase Build date unknown, sticker is too faded. Resides in the U.S. states. Eastern Massachusetts. It is back on the road after having sat, but not neglected, for a few years. Was owned brand new by a single family who loved the truck. Red outside black interior, black with white plaid striped bench seat, vinyl floor, column shift, warning light cluster. No quarts clock, am/fm radio no cassette. 3 piece back glass, single slider. 4x4. Steel rims with chrome rings, 7 foot bed. Chrome bumpers with front fog lights. Was a 2.8 but the engine was swapped out. Was told it was a better 2.8 direct from gm. But i think it could be a 3.4? I can't find any block numbers so i can't figure it out.. Current owner: me, corey ward now
  7. Tramp


    1986 Jeep Comanche LWB Command-Trac, 2.5 litre 4x4. Body ia a little rough but sound. Runs good. Has a leak in the clutch slave cylinder so you have to pump the clutch up a few times before you take off if you haven't driven it in a while. 2.5 litre Iron Duke 4 cylinder All New brake system, master cylinder, braided lines, rotors, pads, EVERYTHING! New Ignition Module Recent tune up with new plugs and wires too New Starter Spectre water cooled air filter 4" lift kit Zone Shocks
  8. Hi all, Thought I'd give a write up a shot, and I've been meaning to post one about my experience working with and installing @krustyballer16's custom sliders. Working with Krusty was a breeze, and he was quick to send pictures and answer any questions. While there weren't any instructions, it is very straight forward, and all of the hardware is shipped along with a drill bit for the frame. It took about 3 weeks for the sliders to arrive after placing the order, which worked out perfect with my Thanksgiving travel plans. It's 50% upfront for the materials, and 50% before the sliders are shipped out. The came taped together with the nuts, bolts, and drill tip. We cleaned them up and removed off the excess tape and residue from the packaging, then lined them up on the frame for install. We used a grinder to get to the bare metal on the frame before making our marks. Each slider is 8 bolts, and you have to drill through the frame. There are several additional screws that go through a few tabs and into the cab's flanges down below. We lined up the holes with a jack then drilled through. In the meantime I added a couple layers of primer, followed by some paint. Then we realigned the sliders, tightened the nuts and bolts, and had a 360 weld done around the base plate of each slider arm. They are great quality, I'm extremely happy with my purchase. They are also the very first set of LWB sliders Krusty has done, and I couldn't be more impressed!
  9. Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum. I just picked up my first Comanche yesterday. Snagged a non-running 86 4x4 auto model for $500. I wanted to start this thread so I had a place to post progress on the truck, as well as get feedback and tips. Plans for the truck so far are to get it running, repair any rust, paint, bedliner, wheels and tires, and then use it as a daily driver to keep the miles down on my TJ. Eventually I would like to do a lift, bigger tires, and a motor swap. The truck will mostly be used to drive back and forth to work, hauling loads of mulch, and the occasional light trail riding. I will post pictures as soon as I figure out how. Thanks everyone.
  10. So the belts on my 86 Mj are dry-rotted, and I'm in need of some new ones. Problem is, I have too many options. Unfortunately I'm using my phone at the moment so I have no way to upload pictures, but I need the one that has the grooves in it, I belive it's called the v belt. I'm probably wrong on that though. I also need the smooth one. Rockauto has belts for my truck, but some day with ac, others say without and I don't know which ones I need. My truck does have factory ac, power steering, etc. Problem is, I don't know which belt is supposed to power what. Any help?
  11. Last week I started this thread http://comancheclub.com/topic/41888-86-comanche-purchasing-advice/ to ask for help with purchasing a comanche. It took a little while, with the seller being absent for a while but since last tuesday I am officially the owner of a new to me 1986 comanche! It's hard to describe how exited I am about this, it's my first car and what a car to start with! Before I give you my long story, let's get the obligatory pictures out of the way first. So, as mentioned before it's an 86 LWB. It was imported from Californio late 2012 and had been sitting in the p/o's garage since then. He started sanding the hood and roof and did some other things, but eventually just didn't have time anymore for it and wanted to get rid of it. Which I where I came in of course. I took it off his hands for a reasonable price and was able to drive it home, where I got some sweet time to get to know my new pick up. It runs fine, it shifts(though first and second whine) and it goes down at 75 mph quite well. But let's say that there are a few...ahem..issues. None of which I can't tackle, but I definitely miss having an autozone/advanced/napa with a full availabilty of knock off or reman parts. Now, the list of critical problems. - The (power)steering box leaks fluid, not at the pitman arm(as far as I know) but definitely at the input shaft from the actual steering wheel. There is also a lot of slop in the steering wheel, and when I go lock to lock the whole car vibrates pretty badly. I can't imagine what causes that horrible vibration, maybe low fluid or something, I don't know. The serpentine doesn't look brand new but it's not worn. The p/o gave me a few seals to tackle it, but I think I just need a rebuild kit or a new one. I haven't had it off the floor yet so I can't confirm the slop comes from the box, but considering its condition I suspect it's that. The steering wheel itself is offset too, but the weird thing is that the car tracks very well. I can let go of the wheel and it just keeps going straight...quite surprising. - The brakes need to be bled, I found that out right when I took off. It was pretty scary. I went ahead and just treated myself to a WJ master cylinder + booster from a JY, i hope to god it works and doesn't leak or have vacume issues. - Being in Europe, I need to adjust adjust the lighting. At least up to a point where I'm not blinding everyone in their tiny little Peugot 106's. Or smart roadsters for that matter, holy $#!& those are small and low... - It has vibrations between 50-55 miles per hour. The front driveshaft is also not currently in it, though I do have it. I need to do ujoints on both shafts and see if that helps. After I get these four critical things fixed, I can bring it in for a National inspection. Right now I don't have a formal title or even license plates. That means I can't legally drive it, insure it or pay the required quarterly roadtaxes. With the JY brake set up bleeding it shouldn't require much, but I haven't had it on four jackstands yet. Who knows what else there is to find, wheelbearings, CV joints on the halfshafts, the list is endless. So far I've just taken off those horrid round lights off of the rollbar, they're nice and heavy but I want rectangular lights as they came from the factory. I think it just suits the headlights better. I've also been tackling the interior lights, which turned out to be a bad connection. I need to follow all of the renix tips, refresh grounds etc. But so far I just haven't had the time. I won't bore you with my long list of things I want to do to this car, because it's all pretty cookie cutter. But for now I just want it safe and mechanically sound so I can get plates and drive it to work and school. I've been using the search function a lot to solve issues, but I'll keep posting updates here when I get time. I have next week off from class and (mostly) work, so I'll get a lot done I hope. Thanks for reading! *edit, as far as the last picture goes. Those were in the spare parts container. Anyone know what they are?
  12. Tried a different post but nobody cared to reply..... so lets try this. a guys selling a 1991 pioneer 4x4 4.0 LWB with a good floor and bad rockers. what kind of range do you guys think its in? It comes with lots of parts but is in good shape besides the rockers, the floor on has surface rust on it believe it or not. Juts want to get an idea before I go and make an offer.
  13. Any advice or write ups on how to do a remove and install the entire dash assembly in our MJs? Mine is cracked up from 28 years of heat and sun. I am taking the dash out of an '88 XJ as it is not cracked or damaged. Wasn't sure how much work is involved or if there's anything special I need to know before starting...
  14. Hey guys, I am finishing up a engine & transmission swap with a 87 i6 with a 2wd aw4 that went into into an 89 lwb mj that originally had a ba10. I can see that my old driveshaft is too long to use now. The Aw4 is longer than the ba10. Can anyone tell me the difference in length between lwb automatic aw4 and lwb manual ba10 driveshafts? :hmm: :dunno: :hmm: Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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