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Found 17 results

  1. Hey all thanks for letting me join your group of misfits. Got my 88 Manche Pioneer on a trade, was in better shape than my 87 Manche so I sold it, and my parts Cherokee. So now here I am digging into Big Red. Live in Gig Harbor, WA. That's it for now.
  2. Anybody know any good paints that match the navy blue interior? I’m trying to paint some of the dash and trim pieces like the vents for the windshield but I’m trying to keep it looking OEM as possible. Please help me! Thanks a lot :)
  3. Looking for any leads on some bucket seats for my baby, '89 MJ Pioneer. Thanks!
  4. So I sunk it... You can check it out in my background picture if you'd like. After going through all the mechanical issues we decided to do a little more. Started with a paint job on the body/bed and replaced a couple frame pieces. That led to removing and replacing all the carpet and roofing as well as putting in a new bench. New visors too! After that we replaced the radio and threw in four new speakers. Let me know if you guys want pictures of the interior and bed. Also I just made an account with you guys and I must say that it's a very awesome and helpful club. Glad to be a part of it!
  5. Got tired of Dailing my loud, stinky, and uncomfortable rig every day. So I took so time and money to spruce it up a bit. -Welded custom floor mounts for my new early 2000s 3 series BMW seats that I got cheep from a junk yard. -Cleaned up all the surface rust on the floorboards and painted. - lay down some knock off Dinamat (everywhere) floor, doors, roof, -All New speakers -Installed new JC Whitney vinyl floor -Also did headliner but no before pics It so much nicer! No Cadillac but wife will actually ride
  6. Hello Everyone! First and foremost, I am thankful to be accepted into the club! Last week I accomplished a dream of buying a 1988 Comanche (for a whopping 600 bucks). Now behind the journey of getting it back on it's feet! I really only need to swap out a few parts: the bed, passenger fender and the bench seat! The only problem is that I cannot find them!! I was hoping you guys had some experience with this issue and would have some advice! Thanks a lot everyone! The Bandit
  7. I am looking for factory interior lights. B pillar and if they made them roof liner. My jeep was basically bare when I obtained it. Thanks.
  8. So I've finally decided to get serious about restoring my fathers 86 and first on the agenda is replacing the floor. I very much never want to do this again, so I'm trying to do it right the first time. I cut all the rust back and have some new floor pans to go in, but I have a question about the rockers. They're rusted from the inside near the tire. Here's a before picture and where I'm at now. Has anyone repaired this before and have any advice. Right now the plan is to get some metal flats (maybe stainless) and try to weld them in at the right angle but I'm open to different solutions. Any
  9. I am so close to collecting all of the parts to restore my 1989 Comanche. My MJ started life as a 2wd long wheel base. I just purchased an 88 XJ to convert the MJ to 4wd. I have a column shifter in my MJ with a non-indent bench seat. I am looking for either a mini console like the one below, automatic or manual (doesn't matter, as I will be using the shifter hole for a switch panel), If I could find one in burgundy that would be too good to be true, but I will accept any color. I will also need to console bracketry to properly bolt this thing in. I will also accept just the tr
  10. So I've had my MJ for about a week and considering switching interior from tan to black. I'm asking for advice on best ways to do this. I saw a post showing how interior panels were painted. I'm wondering what the best product is for this and if it'll work on the dash. Also need black door panels. Also need carpet and a bench seat. I'm in East Central Florida area, so most items will need to be shipped. I'm open to any advice on this.
  11. So it's starting to get colder here in the PNW, and I would like to spoof up my cabs interior before it gets real cold. Couple questions for y'all. 1. I'm getting a headliner from a guy that makes specific comanche headliners. Should I put dynamite on the ceiling behind it? 2. I want to dynamat whole cab and door panels, how much would it cost? 3. I have my carpet and some other stuff out, should I go with a vinyl kit? Ive seen some nice pre made comanche vinyl floors online. 4. The black trim on my windows is peeling off, theres good looking chrome behind it, should i pull it all off? or
  12. Looking for a complete tan interior for a MJ . Dash, seats,head liner, all trim panels and seat belts. Gabe 517 896 0020
  13. I just bought a 92 Comanche and there is no cover over the shift levers. It may not be stock configuration as the previous owner changed out some things. I am looking for the console that dresses up the shift levers. The Jeep has a deep red (Cordovan?) interior. I will try and past photos of the levers
  14. Ok guys I've had my 88 comanche MJ for almost a year now I bout it without heat in it. My truck actually has a dash in it from like a 98 and there is no heater controls in it the vac lines and everything are there but no controls I phisicly have to get out of the truck and plug in a plug to turn my defroster on...but guys I'm looking for some heater controls with the vac line plug and electrical plug on the back just in case for my 88 comanche MJ I have no heat right now and hunting season starts in a couple weeks and I need to get this fixed so I don't freeze..something local would be great b
  15. In this topic you will read about what I have done so far with my 1989 Jeep Comanche Eliminator Edition. I am simply making this topic because I like to read what other people have done and what their experiences are so I can learn from them. So if you have any questions or comments about what I have done let me know! I HAVE PICTURES!! :rotfl2: I bought it with 32,000 original miles. Exhaust----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Flowmaster Delta Ser
  16. I'm looking for TAN interior plactics for my comanche. if anyone is willing to sell them I'm would be glad to buy. need to be in good condition. plactics behind driver and passenger side where the seat belts are. thanks. brady
  17. I need a domelight swich for my 87 comanche. If anyone could help me me in locating one. Thanks
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