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  1. I have an '88 comanche. on the valve cover there's a hole with a half inch hose that goes down to my air box. My air filter gets covered with oil. I was wondering if a check valve is supposed to be there that lets the engine breathe but keeps the oil where it's s to be. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Please help.
  2. Does anyone know if there is a company that makes a better unit than imperial, for around the same price ($62.49)
  3. V8's deffinetlly sound awsome. I was gonna put a 305 in her number one, I hav one already and number two the 305 can rev higher than a 400 or 350. After talking to some ppl on this site, I may just stick with my RENIX engine. Better gas mileage and the RENIX's are virtually indestructible.
  4. I have a 305 that has some work done to it. My 6 cylinder renix that's in my manche is acting Wierd. It's burning oil, but it only throws smoke when I'm climbin hills. It doesn't make sense. It's not like there's a crazy amount of miles on it. It's Got 118,000 on it. It is bothering the hell out of me. If you have any insight it would be awesome.
  5. I have an '88 comanche with the straight 6 cylinder renix engine. I would like to put a Chevy 305 small block in her. I was wondering how difficult the conversion will be. I Know that there will be some difficulties, but in general how hard will it be?
  6. Ok guys I've had my 88 comanche MJ for almost a year now I bout it without heat in it. My truck actually has a dash in it from like a 98 and there is no heater controls in it the vac lines and everything are there but no controls I phisicly have to get out of the truck and plug in a plug to turn my defroster on...but guys I'm looking for some heater controls with the vac line plug and electrical plug on the back just in case for my 88 comanche MJ I have no heat right now and hunting season starts in a couple weeks and I need to get this fixed so I don't freeze..something local would be great b
  7. I'm sure some of the fuse able links like u said ars fried the actual positive cable where it arched on the battery try a bunch of the strands are broken in it. And the truck still starts right up with plenty of juice. And the lights still work they are just really faint and almost non existent. When the truck Is idling and I turn the lights on the idle drops and the truck almost wants to shut off. I had my jump box in thd back and I didn't even need it. I dono if this tells u guys anything else or not. And I need daylight to look at it the right way. It still drives so I'm gonna get up early
  8. Ok so my little brother finally finished up all my brake's issues I was having today. He also put my brown dog mounts in the other day too. Well we took her out for her maiden voyage tonight we were cruising for a while and my bro turns to me and says my battery light came on then went off 10 min later it did it again. We got off the exit to get gas and click the whole truck shuts down I mean everything. I get it into a parking lot my bro jumps out says pop the hood and the positive battery cable that goes down to the starter was sitting against the try and it was on FIRE!!! My bro got it out
  9. I tried searching everywhere on Google to find out what size brake line and fittings flairs are on our Comanches I'm trying to get an answer ASAP so I can get the line tonight before the parts store closes. And I figured I would get an answer very quick on here. But that's it guys just need what size line and the flair type on our bad boys thanks and help ASAP
  10. I kno this post is a month or so old now. Earlier last week I recived my mounts, overall just from opening them they looked like a nice strong product and they came with great instructions. My problem now was getting the sheared bolts out of the passenger side. I did not have the clearance to use a drill. My little brother who is very mechanicly inclined also tried his drill with left handed bits and everything and he just couldn't get on them straight enough to drill. So he grabbed the propane torch and heated the bosses up on the block. He was able to use a small hammer and flat head screwdr
  11. Thanks for all the input guys I would of thought someone used this kit but it's alright. I will be purchasing this kit tomorrow, as I didn't get my disability check yet so my brother just got an insurance check from someone rear ending him on his motorcycle so he is gonna loan me the cash to order the kit for the time being and I am ordering the whole kit with the brackets mounts all new hardware and everything and my awsome brother is gonna install the kit for me. I will take lots of pics and post up a tech article/how to when we complete the install.
  12. don't know how i posted this thread twice.....i guess Because my computer is all screwed up. If an admin could delete this one that would be great cuz i can't figure out how to delete a thread.....Thanks and sorry. D.k. Flanagan
  13. So late last night i thought i was having trans issues, as many of you may have saw i posted a thread about the trans. It turns out that it wasnt even the trans me and my helpful brother poped my hood before we were about to go to the shop to try and figure out the trans issue and to change his brake master. well he looked down on the passenger side and noticed the motor mount was compleatly broken and it actually sheared 2 of the 3 bolts off and broke a section of the front boss off for the mount. then noticed the driver side mount was compleatly gone too. well dude to the 2 sheared off bolts
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