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Found 8 results

  1. Ok, I managed to get my hands on some suitable replacement for the vacuum line in the first picture. It connects in the engine bay to the vacuum solenoid in the second picture. Where the heck does it go in the cab? I've got the dash apart, I had assumed (incorrectly) that it attached to the A/C controls but can't find the other end of that sucker anywhere. Any ideas? (Pictures greatly appreciated!!!) Sent from my SM-G930T using Tapatalk
  2. So I have some time and I decided to pull my dash and HVAC box to fix my water leaks which I originally thought was coming from the fresh air intake but it appears now it's all the blower motor seal/foam. When I pulled the dash I discovered all kinds of exposed wires, dirty grounds, smashed/pancaked heater tubes and all sorts of nonsense so I'm making it a general clean up. It was also an excuse to put as much Dynamat (well, a knock off) on the firewall as I could. Anyway, now that I'm sitting here with this nonsense, I'm kind of regretting it... I didn't find it all that complicated
  3. 'Ello there! I've got a '92 manche. 75K miles. Couple weeks ago my heat/vent/defrost stopped working. I thought my blower motor went out. I pulled the windshield reservoir, un did the power connector to the blower, tested it and yup, ~10.6 Volts when the switch was in the ON position. I bought and installed a new blower motor assembly tonight. NOTHING HAPPENS WHEN I PLUGGED EVERYTHING BACK IN AND TURNED IT ON. :???: :???: :???: COuld it be a relay? Resistor bank I've heard about? Anything else? Please help! Thanks! :doh: :bowdown: :thumbsup:
  4. Hello, my first post . I have a 1988 Comanche Eliminator and was wondering why when ever I turn on my air conditioner or heater it only comes out the defroster? The vents that are facing at you when in the truck seem to not be working. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or is it normal which seems kinda odd. Any input will help a lot, Thanks.
  5. Hi, Got a 92 MJ 4.0. Just replaced the water pump, thermostat (195 deg), coolant, and blower motor... Used to be that I got really hot air coming outta my heater...now it's just luke warm at best. The blower motor was one that had the vent hole (in the motor casing) in the wrong place for me to hook it back up properly, so i left the rubber hose off. Could this be causing me the cold-air situation? ANother thing is that the jeep is running noticeably cooler (like propably 20 deg) according to the dash thermometer...could it be that it's just not warming up all the way for t
  6. Ok guys I've had my 88 comanche MJ for almost a year now I bout it without heat in it. My truck actually has a dash in it from like a 98 and there is no heater controls in it the vac lines and everything are there but no controls I phisicly have to get out of the truck and plug in a plug to turn my defroster on...but guys I'm looking for some heater controls with the vac line plug and electrical plug on the back just in case for my 88 comanche MJ I have no heat right now and hunting season starts in a couple weeks and I need to get this fixed so I don't freeze..something local would be great b
  7. Never noticed until this winter, heater isn't hot enough. Not really complaining but this winter is rather chilly. My truck's heater get warm it's not broken. It gets hot enough to defrost the windows but not enough to keep the cab warm the entire time. Especially when I'm on the highway it can't heat up the cab enough. Anyone know how to increase the heat coming out. Not just the air flow I mean the temperature.
  8. So, my blower motor decided to stop working (just in time for winter). Fuse is good. Replaced it just in case.I even went through and cleaned all the grime out of the fuse block. Still doesn't work. Then I took the heater control assembly out of the dash and checked the connections. Aaaand still no luck. What are the chances it is actually the the blower motor that went bad? or is it more likely something else? any advice would be greatly appreciated as it is 20*F where I live right now and its impossible to drive without the blower working.
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