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Found 4 results

  1. Parts required from donor XJ: Overhead console (OHC) Sunvisors & clips (optional) OHC wiring harness (runs along passenger A-pillar) OHC mounting bracket & screw (only front most bracket required) Temperature sensor (located behind front bumper, in front of "frame") ________ After scoring a couple of pre97 XJ overhead consoles (OHC) from the parts yard, I decided that one could be modified to work in the cab of an MJ. Figuring this project had been done before, I spent hours reading through threads on here and NAXJA. Some of the info and even F
  2. I am so close to collecting all of the parts to restore my 1989 Comanche. My MJ started life as a 2wd long wheel base. I just purchased an 88 XJ to convert the MJ to 4wd. I have a column shifter in my MJ with a non-indent bench seat. I am looking for either a mini console like the one below, automatic or manual (doesn't matter, as I will be using the shifter hole for a switch panel), If I could find one in burgundy that would be too good to be true, but I will accept any color. I will also need to console bracketry to properly bolt this thing in. I will also accept just the tr
  3. I have a 1990 chief , i am trying to add an Overhead console from a 1990 xj i have the console and the mounting brackets and the wiring from the donor vehicle , my problem is the wiring, I have not been able to find a write up for this, involving an MJ. have no problem having to modify the harness, and electrical work does not scare me. It does appear i do have the ambient sensor temp in the middle of my bumper. i would like ambient temp to work, as i do live in Texas. if someone could post a link or so or even pictures on how they did i would be very grateful.
  4. I just bought a 92 Comanche and there is no cover over the shift levers. It may not be stock configuration as the previous owner changed out some things. I am looking for the console that dresses up the shift levers. The Jeep has a deep red (Cordovan?) interior. I will try and past photos of the levers
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