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  1. We've done a lot of work that is not visible, engine, transmission and handling components. We are building a new home and restoring a 1953 M38A1 Willys. i.e. we are BUSY! ;-)
  2. Yes as I recall it is. My son does most of the work for me. He runs a Jeep repair and build business on the side(time permitting). He gave me the Comanche and we have been building as time and money allow.
  3. It would be nice to see more than one Comanche there
  4. Good Morning all. It looks like Jeremy has me all fixed up. I can't express how much I LOVE this group. Thank you Doug
  5. I need a replacement for the parking brake release handle assembly on my 1994.
  6. The Eight Ball sporting a new light bar mount.
  7. A BIG thank you to 4 Wheel Parts in Lynwood WA. Rather than go to all the hassle and make us wait for Hanson, They redrilled all the holes so they would match up and mounted the bumper. Now I am no mechanical slouch. I was at one time a journeyman machinist in the shipyards here in Seattle. I know that it was no easy job to move a hole over 1/4 to 1/2 it's diameter. They spent a long time working on it and they only charged the minimum one hour that a normal bumper install would have cost us. Now I need to take some pictures in the morning and add them to my build page. I do
  8. I would not recomment Hanson to anyone right now. I bought one and it is FUBAR. Hanson won't admit they screwed up.
  9. So we bought one of the Hanson bumpers and tried to put it on. Hanson had welded the flat bottom mount plates too high and too far inboard. The bars for the tow hitch support were also welded in the wrong place. No way could any of the holes line up. So we called Hanson about a return. HAH!!! They didn't believe us and wanted us to try again and send them pictures. What sort of company can't take responsibility for such a glaring mistake? So we had to wait a month and a half to get the first bumper and now we have to go through once more removing the old bumper and placing the
  10. I didn't have the money yet so my son bought the winch for me. Here is install and finished item.
  11. Which bumper is that, jcr? It is a SmittyBuilt. My son gets a discount from 4 Wheel Parts and they have been improving the quality of Smitty Built products. It is well built and HEAVY. I couldn't lift it into place. But then again I have lost some strength <GRIN>
  12. Added a new front bumper and bull bar. The winch is next when I have the money,
  13. 1A RAINGUTTER 4 PACK SYSTEM MSRP $284 USD http://www.yakima.com/fit/baseracks/ CHOOSE IT If raingutters are all your car has on its roof, this tower is all you need to rack it up. This rack system contains these products to fit on your Jeep Comanche: 1A Raingutter 4 Pack 58" CrossBar Pair (2 CrossBars)
  14. Thanks to the group, I now have a center console in Also FYI, the Jeep show at XXX brought in over 100 entries
  15. A number have left to prepare the XXX parking lot for the show. Some Saturdays we have more in the driveway. Having 450 feet of driveway between us and the road helps
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