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  1. I have one. Without your post I was going to say I was missing one.
  2. Instead of making a new thread I'll revive this one and add to it. I will be adding these to my truck. Will I have to remove the bumper and the small cowl peice made of plastic to do so? Also will the tube bumper that's welded on interfere with the mounting?
  3. My concern is the tube bumper my grandpa made will be in the way. He welded it to the frame near where the hooks mount.
  4. Yes, I believe I did. Most are rusty old bolts that will clean up and a couple are new and shiny.
  5. With all the talk about tow hooks I began to keep my eye out for a set. An add popped up yesterday and I got them today. Came with a license plate holder too. Hopefully they will mount up ok with the bumper I have.
  6. Mine is 20 inches or so. Paid under 50 if I remember right. Came with all the wiring and switch. Plenty bright
  7. I have 31x10.5x15 with a 3"lift. Also added a lift puck to the front to level it
  8. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/pts/d/carmichael-rollbar-fits-jeep-comanche/7066759960.html
  9. Found this ad today. Says its $100. I ask for a photo and was sent this. I know nothing more.
  10. mine did that when the fuse was out. might check that.
  11. I have this one as an extra. Free to who ever it helps. It came from an 80s 2.5L MJ. I know very little about it or any but it may be helpful maybe not
  12. In WA on the westside. https://olympic.craigslist.org/cto/d/port-angeles-88-jeep-comanche/7061950345.html
  13. rylee144


    Grab those bed rails on the red one! The little exhausters behind the cab vent are hard to fine these days too. I've never seen so many in one spot. Happy hunting
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