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  1. rylee144

    91 XJ part out

    I got it at an auction
  2. rylee144

    91 XJ part out

    I can't remember. I have a metal black set you can have if that's what your after
  3. rylee144

    91 XJ part out

    Asking $400 for the wheels and tires for any Washington folks on here. They are 33x12.5x15
  4. rylee144

    91 XJ part out

    I'll check in the morning. Are talking about the one at the base of the windows? Or the ones at the base of the doors?
  5. rylee144

    91 XJ part out

    I will have more photos tomorrow. Let me know what you want more photos of as well. I will be keeping the axels, transfer case and drive lines, front bumper and that's about it. I have it at a buddy's so I won't have it very long. It's an auto, 4.0. It has a 4 inch lift and nice 33s.
  6. rylee144

    Various parts

    I have a maroon set and tan set your welcome to if you pay shipping
  7. rylee144


    Mine was under my seat.
  8. rylee144

    Gone fishing

    Took my nephew to Ohop lake about 40 minutes south of Puyallup. First time there, nice little lake. Caught five trout trolling with wedding rings. Jeep drove good to and from. 2wd always scares me launching a boat, afraid I'll get stuck on the slippery concrete. Well built gradual slope was easy though. Feel free to post your adventures. Couple throw backs are my two favorites. Me and the wife ice fishing near colville and my 1.5 year old daughter fishing near Omak.
  9. I never tried the penny thing, wish I would have. Hadn't heard of it
  10. They wouldnt close all the way and the front leaked.
  11. It was good. I couldnt tell when I bought them if the seals would be good. One was great one was cracked up pretty bad. Shipped quick overall I'm happy.
  12. I'm rooting for you! I liked having them but no water inside will be nice. Once I fix my AC I won't miss them.
  13. Thank you for the reply. Lots to figure still too. Like adjustable control arms while I have the axle off. The lowers I have are WJ. My springs have a slight curve to them so i think longer adjustable arms could help with that
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