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  1. Also finished my daughters bedroom. Since we moved I had to rebuild it. 2.0 has a porch.
  2. Finally got the perches off. Had to take a break and get some wheeling in with the kiddo.
  3. Not much of an update. Silly how long things take with kiddos and honey do lists. Had some member advice help with a tricky bolt. Finally got it off with the right tool. Started grinding on the 8.8. The welds on the inside will be tricky. Got the steering components off and ready for new end links.
  4. Got it done. Thanks! I ended up using a box end wrech and a pry tool to hold it down and it rattled right off. Took far longer than it should have. Next task grinding the xj perches off the 8.8. Thanks again for the attention
  5. Thank you all for the options! Happy to be working on the truck again.
  6. What brand of wrech do you have. Mine are too thick.
  7. I am taking apart the front end of my dana 30 and of course the last one is the hardest. The first picture shows what I'm working on. The second shows the small window to see the nut. The third is a poor picture of another window to the nut. Do I need a special tool to get in there?
  8. I wish I took a photo. A rock smashed between the treads and made a cut about 2 inches long. No idea where I would have picked that up at.
  9. Building a truck on a budget sucks... the wife's budget lol. Another set back. Came out to a flat tire this morning on tires with 80% tred. Bought them used last year so no warranty. One tire 250 bucks. Good looking tire tho haha
  10. Finally found some turbine caps. Even got an extra set. Prolly sell the extras later
  11. https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/d/seattle-1987-jeep-comanche-no-rust-144k/7184798065.html maybe they will sell the canopy separate
  12. rylee144


    No clue lol. Brewed in Redmond washington
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