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  1. That was done. Everything worked great before the axle swap.
  2. Still no luck. Some say stomp the brakes to get the proportioning valve to move. One guy told me don't do that I'll ruin my brake booster, specifically the diaphragms inside. Another says just keep bleeding them. I still can't get anything out of front passenger side even with the brake line off. So it's either the proportioning valve or a blocked line right? Is there one more likely? Getting the brake line off the proportioning valve to blow it out is a real b. I'd rather not do that until it's my last option.
  3. Could they be blown out with an air compressor?
  4. Got some shorter misalignment spacers coming and good eye the wheels are 15 inches.
  5. I am bleeding my brakes and hit a snag. No fluid comes out the front right. Pulled the bleeder in case it was plugged, nothing. Pulled soft line still nothing.
  6. I may have to shorten it up. If that bolt rotates somehow it would rub again and if that happened at speed that could do some damage.
  7. id like to say they are 16s. i had to leave for work and the truck was blocking the garage door so i resorted to the grinder for now so that it could be moved.
  8. That idea crossed my mind. The doner jeep did have aftermarket wheels
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