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  1. rylee144

    The gun

    I used to have a HP but sold it in my foolish youth. I have several glocks, a kimber 1911, a S&W shield and a colt .22 peacemaker(sweet little gun). Also numerous rifles and shotguns
  2. If I disconnect the axle in loose 4wd right?
  3. I have a constant grinding sound coming from the front tire area. I lifted the truck and could move the wheel back and forth a little. Is that the wheel bearing indicating its worn out? What brand is a good price/quality? Secondly, I'm getting really tired of the front locker clunking in low speed sharp turns. Really embarrassing in parking lots. Anything I can do? Thanks!
  4. Turbines with caps $100 in WA https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/898030587593955/?ref=facebook_story_share
  5. Part out in Sacramento https://sacramento.craigslist.org/pts/d/sacramento-jeep-comanche-parts/7343081110.html
  6. This link may help. Where in BC are you?
  7. So true and it's so bad. The first drive I felt like everything was out of oil lol
  8. Got the new muffler and tail pipe on today. Not sure what brand they used but it sure is quite. So quite I hear every noise now. Happy i can start it in the morning without waking up the kiddos tho.
  9. I used a strap the first time and a bottle jack the second time
  10. Seems like a good video. I think mine needs a little tightening https://bleepinjeep.com/video/how-to-tighten-your-steering-box/
  11. I just put in an ax15 and when I was done I didn't have reverse either. Had to bleed the master 3 or 4 times now it works great
  12. No I don't think that will work. Ax5 came with the 2.5L. What's wrong with your ba10?
  13. Here is the gas tank skid link again https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2710962195819527/
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