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  1. That rubber grommet crumbled inside the valve cover. I didnt want that chunk working it's way down so I pulled the cover and got a new gasket.
  2. My little girls first swim and her going golfing with me. She is just over 2.
  3. rylee144

    Buying stuff.

    give me a day or two if you can. i found a set here for pretty cheap but i havent seen them yet. they said one side is a little stiff. what side are you missing?
  4. 140 +shipping. Lenses are good, couple chips are shown. One mount tab has damage.
  5. Got my plugs, wires, cap and rotor in. Plugs were over due it seems. Handy trick for retrieving and starting plugs is a little piece of tubing. Then I noticed this little rubber grommet crumbled on the value cover.
  6. rylee144

    drip rail trim

    I have a chrome set, one has been cut a couple inches tho. Only one has clips too. Yours for shipping and five bucks.
  7. Me either. I'm no master. But when you have the door card off you'll be able to see better and check your speakers.
  8. Mine just needed WD40. Got the bottle with the bendable spray nosle. Took off the door card and bent the nosle to the track and gave it a spray while cranking the window up and down. It may help it may not. Mine has been perfect ever since
  9. It would be a good time to add a sound and heat dampener too, something like dynomat. I'm on a tight budget so I used duct insulation
  10. I removed my seat, all the interior trim, shift bezel on the tunnel and I had to remove my seat belt studs. Then it's just molded in there
  11. I waited a year or so. Just convenient is all. Can source from all over just might be more money. I have a wrangler ax15 to put in mine
  12. Be patient and wait for the right xj. Check auction yards and marketplace. Get the 4x4 and axles from the same rig.
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