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  1. The canopy sold so I was able to buy door seals and the windshield gasket. Satellite is coming at the end of the week for the new glass.
  2. Found an E brake handle and cable in good shape asking $75. Based that on the sold out price on another site. Let me know.
  3. Thanks jdog I'll check it out.
  4. Sometimes when I drive down the road with my driver's side window down and the radio on the radio sound will cut out but the radio is still on. If I turn the window crank even a 1/4 turn the sound comes back. What would cause such a strange thing? All the sound goes out not just to the speak in the driver door. Any thoughts?
  5. Is this it? http://teamcherokee.com/secondary-rain-molding-seal-oem-jeep-cherokee-wagoneer-comanche-1984-1996/
  6. Tailgate hinges and jack handle have sold.
  7. Prices are 40 for the vent covers, 80 for the taillights, 75 for the tailgate handle, 25 for the tailgate hinges, 15 for the coil spacers, and 10 for the jack handle. Shipping is on the buyer. Thanks.
  8. Where are you located?
  9. The bulbs were blown and the lenses were cloudy so I just opted for new one. The door switches still work and I have power. The 10s pop. If i put in a 15 they turn on but if I toggle the light they pop too.
  10. I finally got around to installing my new b pillar lights. I bought the ones below. I keep blowing the 10 amp fuses and I can't figure out why. Can I just put a bigger fuse in and call it good?
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