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  1. rylee144

    should I bring back the 3x5 CC stickers?

    Love it. I'd buy any of them. Thanks for looking into this.
  2. rylee144

    4th Generation MJ project

    Got My visors wrapped up and reinstalled.
  3. rylee144

    4th Generation MJ project

    if i get a new windshield would that solve the leak? Wouldn't they install a new gasket?
  4. rylee144

    4th Generation MJ project

    Finally got my truck back home. I drove it home in the rain and when i arrived i noticed water running down the door jamb then under my plastic rocker. i removed the plastic and saw the water was running into the screw hole for the plastic cover. Where does the water go from there? When i park outside in the rain there is water that pools on the floor pan. i believe a lot of that comes from the super old wind shield but who know. I bought a head light harness, B pillar lights, fog lights, flush mount reverse lights and plan to install all of that soon. After that i need to drop my fuel tank and inspect the inside of the tank and the fuel pump. When ever my fuel level drops below 3/4 of a tank the truck sputters and dies. I'll add some photos when I get it all done.
  5. https://seattle.craigslist.org/tac/cto/d/lakewood-jeep-comanche/6784640228.html
  6. rylee144

    MJ axles and lift parts Berwick, ME

    where are you located?
  7. rylee144

    4th Generation MJ project

    I'll check it out thanks.
  8. rylee144

    4th Generation MJ project

    Has anyone every used a water sand blaster to strip the paint down to bare metal? I have watched some Youtube videos on these and they appear to work well. It would save me a lot of time doing this than sanding. Thoughts anyone? Here is a link.
  9. rylee144

    4th Generation MJ project

    I was driving the MJ to and from work about 55 miles round trip for about a month with no issues. I am averaging 16 MPG right now which I am happy with. I was on the freeway driving home and it sputtered and died on me. I had about a 1/4 tank of fuel at the time. I suspected the fuel pump or fuel filter. I asked for help and received some good responses from members. I replaced the filer and filled it up with fuel. I have not had the issue since but am slightly afraid of letting the fuel level drop. I'd like to drop the tank and check the condition of the fuel pump but am trying to hold out until I remove the bed. I am planning to paint it myself within a year and will have to remove the bed then. If everything works out I can do it then.
  10. rylee144

    4th Generation MJ project

    Found a set of wheels and a set of used 31" tires. The tires are pretty much brand new and got them put on last week
  11. rylee144

    4th Generation MJ project

    Put some lower control arms on, shocks, coil spacer and ball joints.
  12. rylee144

    4th Generation MJ project

    Got the new carpet in and a set of speakers while i was at it. I didnt have a CD player so I installed one of those. I had some water trickle in from somewhere and pool up on the floor. Not sure where it is coming from so I replaced the cracked and missing window trim pieces. I plan to replace the door seals too. My wind shield is cracked in a few spots so when a new one gets installed it can get sealed up properly.
  13. rylee144

    4th Generation MJ project

    I still need to recover the sun visors