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  1. Re bled the master, we'll see how it goes. Found a couple leaks. Might need a new oil pan plug and a new seal on the slip yoke eliminator.
  2. wowza! nice work. I'm about to break ground on my backyard project. Sprinkler system and a concrete patio.
  3. That's where mine came from too. It's coming along.
  4. Pretty good. Couple techs said I needed to bleed the clutch again and reverse should be there. I need to drive it more to figure out the sounds it makes and if they are good or not. Its geared way lower, I hit 5th gear sooner. I got some wheel spacers for the front until I locate some smaller misalignment spacers. They said the camber is off a tad but can't get it any better. He said the heim components won't let them dial it in more.
  5. Got the alignment done. Good people out at XO Fab
  6. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1311370835914419/?ref=facebook_story_share
  7. I will. Feels different than that tho. I'll crawl around and see what's what. Felt good to get out tho. Wife already put it to work, dump run and home depot trip
  8. Great. About 2 inches off the floor I start to go.
  9. I am out for a little put around the neighborhood so I feel better about driving to get it aligned in the next town over. Twice I hear a grinding sound when I hit a bump once on each front corner. Vast amount of possibilities but any guesses. Feels fine other than that. So many new things on the truck I'm not used to
  10. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/306287570818764/
  11. Extremely frustrating! I'm glad you got the welder back. Sad truth that the justice system favors the crook and not the victim. Here in WA all drugs are legal now, terrible idea. Too much crime and no place to put them. Take a theft of 2k to be a felony as of last month. They get a week in jail as punishment so why not keep stealing.
  12. I got tied up, I'll have to report back later
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