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  1. I'm a little disappointed that nobody told the OP that the problem was being caused by his grill being upside down.
  2. While I'm not crazy about the Gladiator, if I was in the market for a similar vehicle I'd much rather have that over a Colorado or Ranger. So yeah...I'm a bit jealous!
  3. My suggestion would be to not be in such a hurry to spend the money and time to legally own the name. Unless you have a plan to monetize the domain, it's just speculation as to whether it will ever be worth anything to you or anybody else. My advice would be to just sit on that domain until you come up with a plan for it, or somebody wants to buy it from you. Just my two cents worth. In my particular case, I wanted a "brand" for any apparel designs that I made available on Amazon. I bought "BedfordFallsCollection.com", and the CC apparel that members buy on Amazon are part of the "Bedford Falls Collection" brand. Buying the domain is all the effort that I've put into it so far, and may never do more. Yes, someone could trademark the name. But it would be a pretty stupid business move on their part seeing as how they can't get the .com domain for it.
  4. amsuco

    Favorite jeep

    One of the old DJ5 postals for me. I like my Comanche, but I love my postal. The only thing more fun than driving an old "manual everything" jeep, is adding right-hand drive to the mix.
  5. I'll share a story. I went to Scheels a few years back with my youngest sister, when she was bike shopping. The salesman was nice, and helpful. When she made her choice I pointed out that it didn't have a kickstand. The salesman's nose went up in the air, he did a little sniff, and said "REAL bikes don't have kick stands". My yuppy sister got her $700. plus dollar bike, and I'm still riding my old Jeep branded bike from Walmart. The bike she bought was nice for sure, but I'm pretty sure that mine gets more use! (And when I park it, I have a kick stand.)
  6. It's a shame the OP has a time crunch situation. If I had it tore apart like he has, I'd take the opportunity to swap to an external slave if at all possible.
  7. Sometimes you're better off to just replace all those taillight screws and nuts at the same time. Personally, I'm happy with the ones I picked up from Fastenal.
  8. Yep. His was from a late 80's Buick Regal.
  9. Amazon's Merch division is coming back on line. Some of our apparel is already showing up as available again. The rest should be showing up soon. We even have a seller on Amazon trying to "copycat" us! It happens from time to time.
  10. Gog, that's just another way of saying "Thank you sir! May I have another?"
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