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  1. I would love to know just how many of these they have in stock. The two that I ordered arrived today. Thanks so much for passing this along! I don't have an immediate need for these, so they are officially the beginning of my personal "stash".
  2. Sorry if this seems like a thread hijack, but I couldn't help but notice the tow mirrors. They seem to be in a different location than factory. I'm curious if the internal bracing can be moved forward, if this particular mounting design wouldn't require the bracing, or if this mounting was just done in a less than ideal fashion? It is a pretty truck though.
  3. Here's a useless bit of trivia for you. Postal Jeeps (DJ's) can be found with either "Jeep" or "AM General" stamped on the back door. My '76 has the "AMG" version, and my '84 has the "Jeep" style. I don't have any idea if either one is original though.
  4. Oh yeah. I had that addiction bad! Between the lady that I live with and myself, we owned 11 total. Not much aftermarket support for those either.
  5. I'm big fan of those courses! In Illinois, some years they had an advanced class available in addition to the basic course. It's a great way to practice moves you hope you never need to make.
  6. I once bought a car that had power door locks and manual windows. I never could understand the logic of that combination. All power? Yes. All manual? Yes. But to have one power and the other manual? No. I'm curious as to what your reasoning is.
  7. I just realized that my sickness is worse than I thought. It seems I'm much more envious of a find like this than to see a really sharp Comanche that is already fixed up and a nice DD. I'm hopeless.
  8. To say "kinda" is being extremely generous.
  9. Decades back, I used to refer to our local radio station as "WKRP" (Yes, they even have the morning hog reports!). But along the way I began to appreciate their AM broadcast a bit more. They just play "classic" country. Classic as in most of the artists are dead. But I can still enjoy listening to that more than newer country or "rap crap". I'm getting old too.
  10. It's time I made this official. I've been selling on Amazon for years, focusing on inventory that I found from various sources locally. Now I'm looking to help one or two other individuals/companies take their products to Amazon as well. You never know where you'll find someone that could use the help, so I'm mentioning this here. If you're a prospect, or know someone who might be, feel free to PM me. I'll provide my email and phone, and we'll talk. Thanks! Ron
  11. Congrats all the way around, but especially for getting your dog from a shelter.
  12. We just added a second short-sleeve T. Now we have versions with, and without, the dot com.
  13. I'm happy to report that we finally have a short sleeve T-shirt available. I submitted 4 designs to Amazon a few days ago and they only shot 3 of them down. I'm calling that a win! With the exception of the new short sleeve shirt, all of the existing designs have had sales now and should be available on Amazon forever. However, when I pulled up our CC designs just recently I noticed that a couple of them weren't showing up for some reason. But it gave me a thought. Below is a list of what styles we have available, and the identifying number on Amazon (the ASIN) that should pull up the product detail page regardless of what silliness Amazon's search engine is doing at the moment. I'll update this list when, and if, more items become available. Designs with ".com": Sweatshirt with Black Logo - B07L691CX5 Sweatshirt with White Logo - B07KJVQV7H Long Sleeve T with Black Logo - B07KH1M8LQ Long Sleeve T with White Logo - B07KBNXW2M Hoodie with Black Logo on Front - B07LBPBZGC Hoodie with White Logo on Front - B07LBDFJTP Hoodie with Black Logo on Back - B07MCZ1D7D Hoodie with White Logo on Back - B07MNBZ5G8 Short Sleeve T with White Logo on Front - B07T9NMGFY Designs without ".com": Sweatshirt with Black Logo - B07L5YS2X6 Sweatshirt with White Logo - B07KJVQV7P Long Sleeve T with Black Logo - B07KH83534 Long Sleeve T with White Logo - B07L69BL6M
  14. Nothing says "I love you" quite like the gift of a firearm! No sarcasm intended.
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