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  1. Buying one of these has been on my list of things to do. But today I was cleaning up my bedroom and found one mixed in with a bunch of JP magazines! It looks like I found it on eBay at some point, but I have no memory of that purchase. That's a sure sign that I have too much crap. I can't even keep track of what I have.
  2. amsuco

    The Army

    There are a few things I try to caution people away from, assuming that I like them. Joining the military is high on the list. Right now you're young and stupid. I mean no offense by that statement. We ALL start out that way. Luckily, most of us live to outgrow it. I was military. What passed for training was absolutely pathetic, once you got past the physical part. (I'm talking basic AND the skills training.) I've heard it said that the larger the organization, the more stupid BS is built into it. Take it from me, the military is a VERY large organization. At
  3. I'm not advocating it, because that would probably get me into trouble, but vigilante justice is most likely the only chance you have of getting anything out of this that resembles justice. The folks that you are forced to deal with legally, have very little (if any) incentive to do their jobs. They're a lot more concerned about the easy revenue / little work involved situations like seat belt violations and zoning issues. Even the DA only goes after the cases that are getting enough attention that he thinks he/she really has to. Or if it will further their political ambitions. Sad, but t
  4. Depending on what you find when you dig deeper in, you might find something worthwhile in this thread. I'm still happy with the route that I went.
  5. Nice gifts! Is your family looking to adopt? I'm available. I could be your older (but not necessarily more mature) brother!
  6. I enjoy the heck out of this site, and it's my pleasure to be able to give something back. But it wouldn't have happened without the help of Pete and Nick.
  7. If anyone is considering a short-sleeved t-shirt, take a look at: ASIN: B0837L7FS5 25 days left. It's black with dot com on the front. After this one is safe, that just leaves a single zip hoodie that I need to to keep an eye on. Every other design has had at least one sale.
  8. Some of the last hoodie designs that were submitted to Amazon haven't had any sales yet. Amazon gives us a year, and we're down to 20 days at this point. No sales = the design gets pulled from the Amazon catalog. If anybody is considering a zip hoodie, take a look at: ASIN: B081V2HP61 (white logo on the back with no dot com) (purchased) If you're looking for a pull over hoodie, check out: ASIN: B081V2NYX5 (black logo on the front with no dot com) (purchased) ASIN: B081V2HZ1X (white logo on the front with no dot com) (purchased) ASIN: B081TTV
  9. I wish you luck. I love IH's. In fact, the lady I live with and I owned a total of 11 before we finally decided that it was just too expensive a hobby for us. If I ever win the lottery, I'll have another one though! That one looks pretty rough. I hope you can bring it back, and I hope that you don't end up kicking yourself for thinking this was going to be less expensive than the Comanche's that you were running across. One thing IH's share with Comanches is the addictive quality. Don't say you weren't warned!
  10. Yugo's were also know to have starter issues. But they could be coaxed into working by popping the hood and tapping on the starter. So you could at least in theory be distracted because you are running late, have the hood propped open, alternately tapping on the starter and then running around the car to reach in through the drivers side window to turn the ignition key, and if you had forgotten that it was in gear, eventually launch it across the parking lot while you were running after it in hot pursuit. (Not that such a thing EVER happened to me...I'm just sayin' that it's possible.)
  11. The first thing that ANY prospective juror should do is to educate themselves. I've been supporting the Fully Informed Jury Association for about thirty years. The legal system is more screwed up than you can probably even imagine. Jurors hold a lot more power than they are led to believe. And the powers that be aim to keep it that way! www.fija.org
  12. I hope that you like them! I see a sale come through every so often, but Amazon doesn't tell me who the buyer is. Once in awhile someone will leave a review. That's about the only clue I have.
  13. That started my day with a smile. I'm pretty sure "duck" is the word you had in mind. My sense of humor may be a bit juvenile, but Beavis and Butthead would be proud of me!
  14. I'm a little disappointed that nobody told the OP that the problem was being caused by his grill being upside down.
  15. While I'm not crazy about the Gladiator, if I was in the market for a similar vehicle I'd much rather have that over a Colorado or Ranger. So yeah...I'm a bit jealous!
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