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  1. If you're wanting to make large boxes smaller, you might want to invest in a box sizer as well. I'd be lost without mine. I use the heck out of it for eBay and Amazon shipments. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F273748484678
  2. I think I spotted an IH Terra in that pic too. Darn it Pete, stop teasing me with all these things that I can't afford!
  3. I'm loving that "Big Sky". I've never been a big fan of white vehicles. So naturally, the MJ I was finally able to buy was white. But adding the two tone makes all the difference in the world! Unfortunately, I don't see many of those to get ideas from.
  4. amsuco

    how low is too low?

    On the bright side though...at least they did this to a S-10 instead of a Comanche.
  5. The lady that I live with and I had matching Yugo's back in the day. Bought them new. You have no idea how much abuse we took over the years driving those around! But in all honesty, they really weren't that bad. (Aside from the inside door latch that kept breaking off, and the windshield wipers that weren't pinned to hold them in place, etc.) Let's just say that Yugo's have character.
  6. As I stated in the first post, I have a "Merch" account. I figured that I would put it to use. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't have offered at all, since I have no equipment of my own and no creativity whatsoever. Working with Amazon has been "challenging" though, to say the least. Much more so than I expected, and I've been selling on Amazon for years. I've been in discussions with Pete again recently. I'll keep trying to get short sleeve shirts made available. If I can't do it on Amazon though, it'll be up to someone else to make those available. We've moved a few long sleeve t's, sweatshirts, and hoodies on Amazon. I'll try to make sure that at least one of everything sells in the first 180 days. That should ensure that the options that have been accepted already stay available. As much of a pain as it has been to get designs accepted, I still really like Amazon as a place for us to get our shirts and such. I think that most people are already used to doing at least some of their shopping on that site. And if you happen to be a "Prime" member, the shipping is free.
  7. This looks like an outtake from "Search For The Holy Grail".
  8. amsuco

    old Jeeps are fun!

    Fellow CC member kryptronic just recently clued me in to that as well. It's fun reading! I still see the DJ's coming up for sale on eBay every so often, although I haven't seen anything locally for years now. When the postal service was phasing them out, you could buy them for cheap directly from them. But somewhere along they way, some idiot decided that they were too dangerous for us. (Very similar to how the CJ-5 was taken off the market.) From that point on, the postal service just had them crushed. Hearing that had me feeling the same way...crushed.
  9. Thanks so much for clueing me in! I started at the beginning https://jalopnik.com/i-just-bought-this-500-postal-jeep-sight-unseen-and-no-1828345958 and read the first couple of entries. It was genuinely lol stuff. Partly because of his writing style and partly because I can relate to some of his trials and tribulations.
  10. I just LOVE that you have a postal grill hanging on the wall. (VERY nice patio by the way. I'm a bit envious.) The grill in my avatar is a NOS one that I found. It, or one of the others in my collection, might become "wall art" too at some point.
  11. I'm not sure how much demand there will be for the more obscure models. But if you're considering doing a FC, I'll put in a request for the DJ as well!
  12. Thanks again for the help! I managed to take some different photos and upload a different one. I'm good now. Ron
  13. So I finally decided to get a little crazy and upload an avatar image. I kept scaling the image size and quality down on my camera until I finally ended up with a file size small enough to be acceptable. But now I'm getting a message saying "There was a problem uploading the file". Any thoughts? Thanks! Ron
  14. amsuco

    old Jeeps are fun!

    I have two. One is a mid '70's with the more robust drive train (258, 727, D44) and the other from the early '80's has a good body and frame (from Texas). Rust has claimed one and the cats have laid claim to the other. I'm still holding on to the dream that someday I can get the two combined. Right now the situation is so sad that I don't even want to include a picture of them. However...you mentioned the rear doors. I've seen those come in two "flavors" so far. One says "Jeep" and the other "AM General". I don't know if the difference is because of the year they were made, or if it was for another reason. I figured if I ran the Jeep version, I can always point out to some Wrangler owner that what I have is his ride's grand-daddy. On the other hand, the AM General version would allow me to have a little fun with some yuppie in their H3. It's a tough call.
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