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  1. I think I know what Forest Gump's mom would have to say about this.
  2. Both of those options, while nice, are soft covers. The one on the truck being sold looks like it is solid. Fiberglass perhaps?
  3. That solid tonneau cover is beautiful. It's the first I've seen on a Comanche. Does anybody have an idea as to the manufacturer?
  4. That reminds me of pretty much every vehicle I see advertised as "restored". I find that the vast majority of sellers that use the term made a few improvements (Sometimes the work is good, sometimes not.) and think they performed a frame-off rotisserie restoration!
  5. Or perhaps "88 JPMJ"? That's the styling I went with for mine, here in Illinois.
  6. That thing takes "wrong" to a whole new level. If I have nightmares, I'm blaming it on you.
  7. Considering how detailed this inspection/write up was, I'm curious just how overpriced the members think this particular MJ really was.
  8. Took one look at your ladder setup, and suddenly remembered why I have only lived in single story ranch style houses. Heights don't bother me. But feeling unsafe at ANY height is a big problem. I'm glad that it was you and not me up there.
  9. amsuco


    That's good to know. On the forums, it's not a factor at all. But I can remember years back, when I had my first conversation with a deaf person over the phone (via an interpreter). It took me a while to figure out what was going on. Boy, did I feel stupid!
  10. Right now, nothing new CC related is being approved by Amazon. I'm trying to get a "permission slip" from Jeep corporate, that I can offer to Amazon to get around this problem. But email and chatting didn't get me anywhere. We'll see if Jeep responds at all to the letter I sent them. I don't have any problem at all with doing a shirt of Don's truck, as long as someone can offer me the artwork in a form that is acceptable to Amazon. (Well, we also need to be sure that at least a few people WANT one.) But at the moment, there is no point in even trying.
  11. I got to ride in one of these just once, back in the mid-nineties. Some friends of mine owned it. They said they loved everything about it except for the fuel mileage.
  12. When I threw out the possibility of 3D printing, I wasn't really thinking of the reproduction being in metal. So far, all I've seen 3D printers work with is a plastic type material. Would a "plastic" floor pan cause any kind of a problem that anyone can think of?
  13. My floor needs attention that it hasn't gotten yet. So this comment got me to thinking. Would it make any sense to try to use this as a pattern of some sort? The last I read, there were no patch panels specifically made for Comanches. Everything available new requires some degree of "tweaking". This may be a really dumb idea, but I'm wondering if a 3D printer could make floor patch panels that would be a better alternative than the metal parts available to us now. I've managed to get hold of some NOS body parts for a postal jeep that I have no intention of using. I just want to make sure there's a perfect, new part available, in case someone ever tries to reproduce it. So obviously I've given this sort of thing a little thought. I've just never done any research. Thoughts?
  14. THAT'S a problem I never anticipated! PM me and let me know what you're interested in buying. I'll give it some thought. I have no doubt that there are ways to make it work.
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