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  1. Hey guys, I have started my 87 restoration project. Just trying to make him a respectable work truck not show truck. So far have put in front to back exhaust, new calipers, rotors, and pads on front. I am working on fixing rust issues and some dings then primer and original Briarwood metallic paint. I have a guy helping me with that. Lol. I have new headlight bezels and markers too for it. I will post a couple pictures of the progress. The last picture was the day I brought him home.
  2. Come and grab it someone. I still have it! I will scrap it out if no one wants it unfortunately.
  3. Does that have the orange tab that lets you know what gear you are in?
  4. I definitely would be. Would you be interested in selling the indicator bezel? I can’t read my letters anymore in mine. Also do you have the washer fluid reservoir? Thanks
  5. Do you pull and ship? I might be interested in the steering column. Would that fit an 87?
  6. Hi guys, I am still looking for a automatic floor shifter indicator bezel if anyone has one laying around. I can’t read any of letters anymore. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for keeping an eye out. I hope at some point I can score one.
  8. Just a bit north of Peoria
  9. Ok I am looking for that elusive SWB sports bar. My original sticker said my truck came with one. I know it’s a needle in a haystack, but I thought I would try. I live in Illinois so I’m a bit limited. If someone hears of anything let me know. Thanks guys!
  10. Sounds good. Can you send me a picture?
  11. Whitaker717

    4x4 badge

    Hi guys I am looking for the 4x4 badge that goes on the back corner of the bed. I have one that’s missing. I will take 2 of them if someone wants to keep a set together. Thanks in advance.
  12. I need a sports bar MJ. Find me one would you. Lol
  13. Hi guys, my Comanche just came with a color matching topper or cap. It’s a bronze metallic color in fairly decent shape. I am giving it away for FREE if someone wants it. I am in Central Illinois. I hate to just throw it away or scrap it. It’s upside down so I don’t have the best picture, but I will attach one when I bought it. I apologize Moderators if this is not in the right spot.
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