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  1. Sweet. I will pick one up this week. Thanks as usual!
  2. Isn't step 5 checking sensor grounds? I will do most of these this week.
  3. Just trying to learn. I don’t have a lot of fancy tools for testing connections. The way it sputters tells me from my little knowledge it’s around the throttle body, so the iac or the tps. Runs great when it warms up.
  4. I put my old one back in and it idles at normal speed.
  5. Hey guys got an issue. In the mornings the truck was sputtering, so I decided to start by changing out the idle air control valve. Now the engine is receding up so high it sounds like it will explode. I took it for a drive to see if it would reset and nothing. It’s even shifting funny now. What in the world is going in here
  6. I have not. Is like a salvage website. Sounds like I need to check it out.
  7. That’s exactly what I have. Mine is missing the same pieces. Lol
  8. Man I wish that floor shift indicator bezel was complete. I have been looking for one for along time.
  9. Thanks eagle. I am going to pop the rear tires off tomorrow and take a look. I am having a bit of squeaking in the rear. Kinda sounds like they are dragging a bit. I’m not super familiar with drums so hopefully I don’t screw up anything. Lol
  10. My brakes have been replaced and bypassed from the old system. It’s a bit too complicated for me to understand. I stop though. Lol
  11. I’m looking to replace my instrument panel lights on the Comanche. I really would like to stay with the incandescent or old school bulbs. Don’t really want led’s. Any good recommendations? Mine work just not quite bright enough for me. Thanks
  12. Thanks for this tip. I have been hearing some noises after getting mine redone. Silly question, but what side is the emergency brake on? Also my emergency brake light is on in the dash, would that cause that?
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