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  1. The dissimilar metals between the steel and aluminum causes the aluminum to oxidize and sort of “weld” itself to the steel. Getting something to dissolve the aluminum oxide (and not trash the base aluminum or the steel parts) is going to be tough. Its for that reason I chose to drill out the corroded and siezed pivot pins.
  2. I got my replacement tank on Amazon. They are all the same for any of the 97+ XJ’s. Most of the ones on Amazon come with pumps as well.
  3. You are in Glendale. There is a place over there that specializes in Jeep used parts. It's called AMC 4x4 Salvage on W. Belmont Ave. I got a front sway bar and a set of ZJ disc brake parts from them in the past. I am pretty sure they will have a steering column nut. Alternatively, you can go to Glendale Auto Parts on W. Orangewood Ave. and scrounge a nut from a GM vehicle using that same older style column.
  4. So what you are saying is that the oil pressure is 85psi or more all the time, and you have confirmed that with both the factory dashboard guage and a separate mechanical gauge? If that is the case, I think the pressure relief valve in the pump must be defective.
  5. Fuse panel issues in the earlier MJ/XJ vehicles are quite common. It would be wise to inspect/repair/replace ALL of the fuse connectors if you find one or more that are already flakey. You want to avoid a rolling campfire situation.
  6. How about going to a junkyard and pulling a couple of nuts off older GM vehicles? I am pretty sure they all have the same thread.
  7. When purchasing old cars, it seems like the general rule of thumb is this: The older the car, the more hacked up the electrical system will be. Previous owners, who in almost all cases do not have a good understanding of low voltage electricity and automotive wiring practices, tend to go crazy with repairs and "improvements" that completely screw up the factory wiring (even as bad as it is on the early XJ's and MJ's). My favorite finds in old cars are the use of twisted and taped connections, follow closely by "wire nuts" intended for residential house wiring to make connections. And if you live in an area that has lots of moisture, "Scotchlock" connectors and unsealed crimp-type butt splices are always fun to find, since they corrode and become intermittent or have high resistance.
  8. That wiring is a COMPLETE disaster, and needs to be fixed before you deal with the refrigerant plumbing.
  9. Go to a real auto paint supply place. AutoZone and the like are not going to have touch up paint for a 30 year old car, no matter what brand of vehicle.
  10. You can fix that tilt wheel aggravation with a little time. Check out this site: http://www.chevyasylum.com/column/tiltcol.html Since you have a GM steering column, the procedure applies to your Jeep as well as it does to Chevy's
  11. If the resistor coils get corroded, that is no big deal. If the CONNECTIONS to the coils get rasty, then you have issues. The connections on the "outside" of the heater box, in the passenger compartment, should be relatively immune to moisture that causes corrosion, assuming you are not submerging your MJ/XJ to the point of water getting into the heater box. One KEY issue to consider is the fact that old resistor packs, when they get hot, cause the temper (springing-ness) of the female half of the "spade connectors", which are part of the wiring harness, to become loose. Any resistor pack that has seen excessive heat should be considered a candidate for replacing the female spade terminals on the wiring harness on general principles.
  12. Some more modern cars use a semiconductor regulator to control fan speed, instead of just a plain voltage dropping resistor. Then again, those are a LOT more expensive than the simple resistor network the MJ/XJ. Heater uses.
  13. They are all the same for MJ and XJ vehicle front doors. It’s a Dorman 924-148 for the check. It’s on Amazon. several makers offer the bracket and pin on Amazon as well
  14. That looks great. A side benefit of late model XJ windshield trim is there is no chance for rust around all the stupid clips that hold the bright garnish molding on.
  15. Backfiring is usually a sign of a lean mixture.
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