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  1. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/pts/d/castaic-jeep-comanche-bumper-and-hitch/6976541416.html
  2. FYI, your truck is an 89 MJ from the color/ stripping.
  3. No MJ's came with a rear sway bar from the factory. PST (Performance Suspension Technologies) originally made the MJ aftermarket rear sway bar for the short bed only. Addcco purchased this design and now sell it as their own. The bar is nice and beefy but the linkage set up is ridiculous. Has 15" endlinks stacked with 8-10 small bushings on each side that secures to the upper shock mount. I'm sure other endlinks can be used, I just didn't want to deal with it at the time.
  4. As you know, fronts are the same. Rear is different.
  5. I bought the sway bars at SD Springs about 3 months ago.
  6. Yep. A '98 XJ Classic only item. He upgraded them years after buying my '97 Sport. These icon rims were bright silver in later XJ's.
  7. So cal truck. Poorly repainted. Bent rear bumper... pricey. https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?listingId=519554014&zip=95120&referrer=%2Fcars-for-sale%2Fsearchresults.xhtml%3Fzip%3D95120%26sortBy%3Drelevance%26incremental%3Dall%26firstRecord%3D0%26marketExtension%3Don%26modelCodeList%3DCOMANC%26makeCodeList%3DJEEP%26searchRadius%3D500&numRecords=25&firstRecord=0&modelCodeList=COMANC&makeCodeList=JEEP&searchRadius=500&makeCode1=JEEP&modelCode1=COMANC&clickType=listing
  8. Picked up this ’97 XJ 2wd several months back and it has moved in front of the MJ builds for now. Super clean, low mileage…bought from a 90 year old retired air force mechanic. Spent more than I wanted to but couldn’t pass it up. 4.0L AW4 LSD 8.25 axle. I’ve currently pulled out the ‘97/’98 year only saddle color interior that I found hideous. I’ve been collecting as many NOS agate (charcoal) interior parts and panels as I can find and I’ve just about got them all. Will be installing ’01 XJ new power heated seats, fog lights, extended idle control, overhead console, etc. All the bells and whistles on the inside. For the exterior, I’ve already torn apart/ modified the front and rear suspension with 1” lowered heavy duty custom coils, add-a-leaf, beefy Addcco bars, KYB shocks, and new brakes/ cross-drilled rotors up front. I’m running powder coated black TJ Ravine rims wrapped in big and little BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires (255/60 front; 275/60 rear). New Mopar/ Jeep bumpers and body trim have arrived and all the old stuff removed. Will be updating the body badgeing to the brushed chrome of the ‘00/’01 XJ Limited era. And the 4.0L engine is getting the later style U-shaped intake manifiold, Borla header and cat-back exhaust. Should be fun once I’m done as a semi-daily driver.
  9. For Renix era guys, this truck has the dealer installed A/C. I purchased this kit myself and sold it to someone on CC. Any way, there’s an engine pic in this ebay listing. The dealer kits are visually unique because of the the clear plastic sheath on the line off the compressor. And the 2 piece lower radiator hose that has the temp sensor that kicks on the Efan. Check it out, clean truck too. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1987-Jeep-Comanche/123890936241?hash=item1cd879a9b1:g:VWEAAOSwAy9dOmbt
  10. I'm fairly sure this was the same truck for sale about a year or so ago in Santa Cruz, CA. I remember it because of the factory hidden winch and first gen AMC brush guard. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/cto/d/san-francisco-1987-jeep-comanche/6965940316.html
  11. Nice looking XJ. The chrome also came on the 00/01 xj freedom model.
  12. That was for a Comanche short bed. I owned one but didn’t like the 12” stacked end link bushing design. I could never keep the nut on top tight. Again it is MJ short bed specific. I sold it to Don who learned it wouldn’t work on the long bed.
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