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    Subs... CA

    sorry both sold
  2. Gjeep

    Subs... CA

    NEW Rockford T1S2-10 Power 10" T1 Slim Single 2-Ohm Subwoofer · 10" slimline subwoofer, designed for spaces where traditional sized woofers will not fit, but delivers full size bass · The Power Series T1S2-10 is a 2-Ohm subwoofer with power handling rated at 500 Watts RMS/1000 Watts Max · Extreme flexibility for extreme installations with a mounting depth of 3. 0” · Do NOT have mounting HW $529 retail…$270 + shipping NEW Rockford Punch P3 Shallow 10", 300W subwoofer · Shallow
  3. Swapped the pump/ sender in the tank which got my 49lbs at the fuel rail back and miraculously found a damaged pin on injector# 4 not allowing full contact with injector side so added to the horrible idle/ CEL. Life is good with the XJ finally.
  4. Success!! Figured out the idle issue/ CEL... It was a combination of things. 4-5 lbs lacking in fuel pressure (causing the initial cylinder 5 & 6 misfire issue)... Replaced sender/ pump in tank with new Bosch -- now proper fuel pressure (but sender isn't sending... doesn't read anything on gauge -- need to swap to yet another new unit). Also found a damaged fuel injector female connector. It was only touching on 2 of the 4 sides. Bent it back into shape and drove the Jeep hard. No issues. Runs as it should. I'll be replacing that bent fuel injector conn
  5. The filter, regulator, sender/ pump is all together...in the tank for it. Going to bite the bullet this weekend. Thanks
  6. This is probably a no-brainer, but I want to confirm with those of you who have experience with 97+ XJ's 4.0L's. As posted in my 'other projects' page, my '97 has been having idle, acceleration, bogging issues. Runs rough and doesn't move as quickly as XJ's typically do. Just to cover the everything -- this is a low 37K 4.0L, AW4, 2WD. One owner, super clean. I installed a Borla header, magnaflow CA appropriate cat, and Borla cat-back exhaust. U-shape intake manifold, all new sensors (read every single under the hood sensor), new Champion spark plugs, Bosch 12-hole injectors, K&N intake,
  7. Hell no. They'll be getting the 01 XJ or an MJ... Sold my SnugTop camper shell to a local guy with a 130K renix era MJ Eliminator 5-speed 2WD. Really clean. He's in the army and it's looking like in the upcoming year he'll be going overseas and will need to sell the Jeep. Wants to sell it to Jeeper as he bought it from the original owner. Good chance the daughter will be getting that.
  8. Drive it a couple times a week. My 01 XJ is the daily driver.
  9. Just about done with the '97 XJ... Only thing I'm waiting on is the recovered sun visors. I have an annoying CEL/ rough running issue I've been battling on and off. I need to test the fuel rail pressure because my gut feeling at this point after testing that's got to be the FPR in the flipping tank not functioning properly despite being a new Bosch unit. There are times it seems like its starving for fuel when I hit the accelerator. Easy driving most of the time no issue. When I get on it...C
  10. Looks good, but I agree seems too high in the back. Either lift the front 3” or swap shackles to bring the rear down a little.
  11. Final touches to the subwoofer install... Once I got the box in and all the interior panels installed, of course first pass at listening to the sub and nada. At first I thought the woofer may have been bad so I tried another sub I had laying around. Still nada. I had a feeling under side of the sub box one of the wires must have come loose from the spring tension connector...Thanks to peek inside space through the lower mounting point of the passenger taillight (removed rubber grommet) I could see in fact BOTH wires came out. I wasn't going to take a part the interior and thankfully the XJ has
  12. Getting down to it -- rear bumper is on and center dash stack in place. Couple more to-do's and the XJ will be good to go!
  13. It's amazing how long things take when you obsess. Finally got the sub setup in place...After carving up the interior panel for fitment, I noticed there was close to 1/2" inch open space that wouldn't look good even with the woofer installed, so I laid down lots of carefully placed rough side velcro I cut strips of the factory agate scraps and placed them fuzzy side up out over the gaps. The rest of the velcro was put in place to stick to the sub box so when the interior panel was re-installed. I wanted the fit to be tight against the enclosure.
  14. Still chipping away at the XJ -- I went with a TJ aftermarket shifter for the AW4. Also put the Jeep agate carpet surface on the sub box so all matches and refinished the quarter panel interior trim that surrounds the box... The hope is I get this corner of the interior finished this weekend.
  15. I can tell you BOTH my MJ's had gaps in seam sealer at overlaps of floorboard sheet metal. My '89 most noticeably when I POR-15 sealed it (as it made it's way through and dripped on garage floor). There were zero rust holes in the metal (California trucks)(. Freeway driving rain water was getting in through those gaps. Both MJ's oddly enough ONLY passenger side floorboard.
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