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  1. Gjeep

    Son of Stink

    I worked a bit on the interior floorboard today prepping for POR15...As I wire brushed the floor I was surprised to see that I do in fact have a couple of small rust holes where I can see ground on the passenger side. (Photo make them look larger than they are for some reason). Need to fix it before I seal and line the floorboard...
  2. A rare find, but pricey. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOS-Jeep-Passengers-Side-Window-Regulator-XJ-Cherokee-MJ-Comanche-86-92-55154522/332774985473?hash=item4d7aef4f01:g:WrQAAOSwqj9bfHr4:rk:12:pf:0
  3. Gjeep

    OEM Aux Fan & Wheel Spacers

    01 XJ Mopar Aux Fan (with proper older style weather pack connector). Fan works great no issues, was bought new and installed in 2012. $25 + shipping. SpiderTrax rear axle spacers (not-anodized any color). Two of them (a pair). No issues, just mounted new ones on my '92 MJ. Missing one lug nut (I think, unless it turns up). $25 + shipping.
  4. It would have to pass smog in CA. I believe 1973 is the cut off.
  5. Currently in Beverly Hills CA and just saw 6 heavily disguised Gladiator pickups driving around. If I was quicker I would have snapped a pic! They’re all cab. Very disproportionate.
  6. I spoke to the estate broker and apparently someone was coming by to look at it and very interested. No idea if that is true or not. They also don’t know the last time it started but believe it has been sitting for a good 5 years.
  7. Gjeep

    Son of Stink

    I've been scratching my head about a rear sway bar for my MJ. The TrailBlazer option works great for a D35, but the 44's pumpkin isn't centered and that option sway bar looks off to me. I took a chance grabbing a 3/4" TJ factory rear sway bar to see how it would mount up. Just held it up over the rear differential/ frame this morning and it's going to fit great (possibly with different endlinks or endlinks mounted on the outside of the bar). With this bar, the arms extend in the forward direction (towards the front of the truck) versus rearward as the TrailBlazer bar does. This prevents the issue of fitting a larger spare tire. (Originally I was running 235/70R15's and that size tire would not get under my truck well, so I opted to get a slightly smaller spare at that time that did not contact the bar). Steinjager makes an aftermarket 1" rear bar that fits the bill. I've just ordered it and it will be here next week some time and I'll do a write up.
  8. Gjeep

    Dana 44 drum brakes

    I don't think there was a difference in the 44 throughout the years? Could be wrong. Mine was out of an '89 MJ.
  9. Gjeep

    Dana 44 drum brakes

    I took a peek at my TeraFlex pdf and for the D44 kit it says backing plates are part#'s 86211 and 86212. (You mentioned 86311 and 86312...and I'm thinking these may be for the D35). It's worth double checking. Also, I found this on Amazon and it looks like they are for the at least the D35, possibly the D44? ...as one of the reviews says it was put on a ZJ D44 rear axle. Not clear which. I am doing a little research to confirm. https://www.amazon.com/Crown-Automotive-4762128-29K-Hardware/dp/B00I7ERHIE/ref=asc_df_B00I7ERHIE/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312712394155&hvpos=1o4&hvnetw=g&hvrand=5737560112073037969&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9032154&hvtargid=pla-599105888604&psc=1
  10. Gjeep

    Son of Stink

    Yep, I bought 2 from that guy as well about the same time as you did. Same as yours. He is still making the black plastic ones as I recently purchased another that I was going to chrome pen paint it. Options...I like to have options.
  11. Gjeep

    Son of Stink

    Final posting for the night...got these yesterday from ebay. I think Hornbrod is running something similar. Mine is a 2 piece emblem -- the 4.6 and the 'stroker' badge. Don't think I'm going to put these on until after the paint job in the spring, but looking forward to it. (If anyone is looking at these as well, know there is a seller selling a 4" stroker badge and a 5" badge...the 5" is the one to get as it matches the width of the numeric.
  12. Gjeep

    Son of Stink

    Didn't have much time to work on the MJ today, but got a couple things done towards reviving the interior...Pulled out the bench seat (I have kids that I transport to school), all the interior panels, and carpet. I knew the seams of the floorboard were letting water in for at least 3 years as the carpet was getting damp. I tested and confirmed today it wasn't the antenna grommet or windshield, but the floorboard. Water came right in. Pulled the carpet back and that dreadful plastic bagged heat shield had held the water against the metal floor. The photo makes it look works that it is. The majority of the 'orange' wiped up with brake cleaner. There we a few crusts of metal that came up, but the floor is solid. And there was absolutely no rust or wet under the rubber mat that is behind the dashboard/ firewall. Going to seam-seal and then POR-15 the hell out of it, especially since I have new carpet going in. While I had access to the Hurst shifter I popped it off. It's always been a real pain in the @$$ to access one of those 12mm bolts, so I tool the opportunity to trim a small piece of floor board for access. Will touch it up and make sure the cover plate is sealed nice and tight with butyl tape. Had a feeling I should have swapped out that little gasket that came with the new AX-15 that sits between the top of the trans and the shifter...this was the source of the minor transmission leak. Also figured out my parking brake issue... the aftermarket cables were not the same length though they were in a box each with the proper part number. Wish there was NOS available for these as I probably wouldn't have had this issue. Lesson learned...confirm the length of identical part numbered items before installing and Raybestos is an idiot. ;)
  13. Gjeep

    Son of Stink

    I routed my oxygen sensor wiring straight down from factory location with hesco relocated CPS wiring. Wanted to keep it neat and far from the header.
  14. Gjeep

    Son of Stink

    ZJ was still too short for my comfort/ wire routing so I ditched the connector extension I made and got a 24” pigtail from the wrecking yard and neatly crimped it on (I read a couple places on line that soldering an oxygen sensor wire added resistance similar to the connector extension I made). Anyways, I crimped the pigtail extension on and plugged in a new XJ oxygen sensor. Flashed the PCM and life was good.
  15. Gjeep

    Son of Stink

    Here she stands just prior to test drive #2 (that's my neighbors Dakota in the background)...and yes, that is electrical tape on the front fender/ door as I have the bolts out installing my radio antenna. Old tires for now too. Success! Drove it about 45 mins around the block and then the local expressway taking it up to 70 mph. Runs very smooth now that I reset the PCM according to Hornbrod's notes and replaced a bad Mopar oxygen sensor and front wheel bearing. The idle was a bit rough at first, but smoothed out to just about factory after the go-around. Had my 12 year old tinkerer beside me with an iphone stop watch app doing 0-60 timing. Only gave it about 3/4 throttle for the sake of break in and best time was 8.4 seconds. Have a feeling can get it under 8. Will see on a drag strip after about 1000 miles break in. Still a few issues to resolve -- parking brake adjustment, transmission leak at the topside mating surface of the shifter to the AX-15. Moving on to interior refresh. Will start with floorboard seam-sealing, new carpet, radio, speakers, etc...Will then button-up the dashboard switch pods and general wiring clean up.