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  1. I've bought from Buyee many times. Never any issues.
  2. Any sort of non-compliant CARB approved tuning picked up through the PCM will be a fail at smog. https://www.yahoo.com/autos/california-start-testing-ecu-tunes-133700524.html
  3. After an eight month hiatus working on the daughters XJ, I'm finally getting back to the MJ. First step -- washing all the dust off. (Fuel tank still out from when I painted it, hence the car wash in the garage.) Giving myself a target goal of New Year's 2023 (January) to get the Colorado Red MJ done as well. I work at a snails pace, so hopefully that's realistic. Giddy up...
  4. These Mopar mats wear exceptionally well. They came out of my 500K '01 XJ auto (manual trans would wear them down). Only damage is about 1/4" separation of 4 of the horizontal strips about where the heel of your foot falls. Can most likely be glued. $50 plus whatever shipping is to you.
  5. The XJ's officially done -- dropped in the cargo tray that arrived yesterday. Last piece of the puzzle.
  6. Got the new rim/ tire combo on... The rears show before, and fronts after. The stance and larger meats on this XJ are spot-on for my taste. The 1" rear wheel spacers shove the rear tires out but not too much. Like the MJ, I like to have the tires more or less even with the flares. And lastly all Jeep lettering is in place. Just a few more things to do before I can call this project done -- Learned today for any of you with 97+ XJ's running factory fog lights/ wiring -- when you install the IPF headlight wiring upgrade it doesn't play nice with the high beam headlight switch. Meaning when you turn of the high beams or flash to pass they stay on until you turn the lights off entirely. At first, I was going to pull the trigger wire under the PDC for the fog to high beam sense at 'Fog Light Relay 1', but decided to instead cut the pin off a relay. A lot easier and simpler to undo.
  7. Getting close to wrapping up on this XJ... Need to finish placing all exterior trim, decals, and emblems. But here's how she stands currently. New BFG A/T's & Ravine's going on next. Interior is complete... Door panels installed.
  8. I installed new '95 XJ components many years back in my 92 MJ. Complete bolt-in and "benefit" of r134 (here in CA no options on that). No issues.
  9. Found pics of what I’m talking about... Currently on eBay.
  10. 95 on the SE model only was that plastic gone. Sport and up still had the breakaway retaining clips through 96.
  11. Mostly interior detail work this weekend -- refinished the front door panels. Lots of masking and patience. Since the power door locks died at some time during PO's time, manual flipping of the lock/unlock was necessity. Now that I have all accessories working like new, I decided to swap out both the driver and passenger side rocker switch for rear door units that show little to no sign of wear. Also was lucky enough to find a very low mileage XJ whose switch panel identification plates were in like new condition both driver and passenger side also. That was a fun one -- managing to not break the mine-field of plastic clips and rivets that hold the majority of it together. In the end both turned out great. (No idea why some of these photos show up up-side-down...tried endlessly to flip them right-side without luck.) Upcoming to do is AGAIN replace the new Bosch fuel pump/sender assembly. The check valve quit working with less than 500 miles on it. Insane. Off comes the skid plate, the receiver hitch, the tank straps, and all the other stuff that needs to come off to drop the tank yet again. Really disappointed with Bosch's build quality these days.
  12. Though MJ's rear axle is significantly more recessed in the wheel-well than the XJ, the XJ is about 1" off both driver and passenger side at the rear axle versus the front. I just don't like how that looks, so tracked down some quality 1" wheel spacers that brought things back to visually good.
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