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  1. Happy to say this has been a minimal bleed new carpet install. About 88% done on the front carpet. And have high hopes of getting the cargo area carpet in tomorrow. I can't get into the booth right now to primer the MJ until the 'accident' cars are through, so using this time to close the gap on finishing the XJ.
  2. Didn't get as much as I had hoped done with the time I had today, but got the overhead console reassembled, hands-free mic tested, and unit installed in this XJ Sport that didn't come with one from the factory. Additionally, I got about half the upper plastic trim installed -- I had to look high and low to find the 'screw-in' a-pillars in agate color. Ended up buying then selling an auctioned XJ in South Carolina to find these a little over a year ago. This design was only available in very early '99 builds (when the agate interior came out as the gray interior option) and then the a-pillars c
  3. Chugging along on the XJ... Held my breath once again as I trimmed out a NOS overhead console bezel to fit the hands-free microphone grille I sourced from a '90's BMW (only thing out there that looks like it could belong in an XJ). Then I refinished the panels and let them dry. My goal for tomorrow morning is to get the overhead console re-assembled and up in the Jeep. Also hoping to get the upper trim panels installed!
  4. I stopped by the upholstery shop working on my MJ's seats this afternoon to see how things were coming along...Happy to seat the one of two seats is about 60% together and looking great! Couldn't be happier with his work and how the upholstery looks together! Supposed to be done in a about a week. Then I'm going to turn him to updating some factory door panels along the same lines.
  5. Got up extra early to tinker/ trim on the XJ’s passenger side interior quarter panel for subwoofer installation. Nothing quite as terrifying as botching the last NOS agate panel in Chrysler’s parts location. The below is my mist gray rough-cut junkyard tester panel from a while back. This cut follows both the enclosure manufacturers recommendation and the outer most line of the quarter panel insert. To me, it just looks to be too big of an opening. It loses the character lines of the original panel. The lower two pics are of the NOS agate panel I cut keepi
  6. Gjeep

    Willys Restomod

    Nicely done even if it doesn’t have an inline motor. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1955-willys-truck-2/#?utm_source=motorious.com&utm_medium=article&utm_campaign=motorious
  7. Just saw this post — looks great on your MJ. I like the simple white and black of your truck. Good meeting you!
  8. Taking a break from body work on the weekend and took some time to dissect the unique only to 1990 XJ/MJ vanity visor (which has the black mirror assembly inside...probably only important to me as I'm converting my '92 to a black interior...and '90+ is when the shorter sun visors came into being). First off, this one year only part is hard to come by -- so I heat up the thin plastic clips that hold the two plastic visor sides together. There's a total of nine that need to be carefully pried apart (and not broken) as these are how the 'teeth' on the inside area of this assembly holds the foam b
  9. The weekend has given me the chance to focus on the XJ...I decided to refinish the interior panels as they were all various shades of the agate color. Probably due to production year/ paint batches. I just knew I would eventually regret not just handling refinishing these -- so adhesion promoter, color, and low sheen clear is now covering these parts. The cargo area panels I’ll do last as I need to trim-out the passenger side quarter panel for the custom recessed sub box. After that I’ll refinish those also. Getting there...
  10. I like what you’ve done. Especially going the extra mile finding stainless. To me, the grommets are most needed at the 3 push pins at the front. That’s typically where it tears and where I remove the splash shield when draining the lower radiator hose. I’ve never had issue at the oil pan mounts.
  11. These are photo's of a 95/96 Country edition seat (it's the same seat found in the 97-01 XJ Country and Limited editions except in the newer gen XJ they added the plastic side trim on the seat). It is an entirely different seat and cushions than the 84-94 winged XJ seats. The headrest on the newer one is taller and narrower than the old.
  12. 97-01 leathers --- SOLD Only thing left is the 95/96 set
  13. Both leather sets reduced to $200 + shipping. Thanks
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