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  1. It's taking endless time to clean these seats. Driver's side done. I had two small cracks starting drivers side vinyl that I had the upholstery guy address. He mentioned something I'd never put much attention on -- Jeep made a mistake running the side strip of vinyl with the grain going vertical. That's why cracking on these panels is inevitable (except on the leather/ vinyl seats where the grain does run horizontally.) My passenger side was in good shape/ NOS issues but I had him run mist gray vinyl horizontally on that side strip as well. As most of you know, many of
  2. Cost of the headliner/ overhead console recover was $300, but know I remove the old material and clean it up/ repair if needed before bringing it to him.
  3. Got the recovered headliner, overhead console frame and visors back from Harold's Upholstery out in Santa Clara, CA. The guy is top notch, never an issue, even for this perfectionist. (He's the same guy that did my MJ seats and '97 XJ headliner et all.) Decided we're keeping the Country edition cloth seats over upgrading to Katzkin leather, so I took an upholstery cleaner/ vacuum to probably what I would consider the least used seat panel in the vehicle -- the back seat upper portion and after an hour and a half a cleaning the waste water was unbelievably filthy -- and
  4. Removed the door handles, key cylinders, and roof rack so Mossy green got a much needed compound polish 3x, followed by wax. New badging to go on next. And headliner, overhead console and visor recover should be ready by end of week.
  5. Been chipping away at a mix of things – added rear passenger factory footwell lighting – similar to the ’97 XJ I’ve got. Also ran the dual front power seat wiring for the Country edition mist gray seats. Dual power became available from the factory in ’00; Prior to that if there was a power seat option, it was driver’s seat only. As an FYI, there’s a guy in Ohio who rebuilds these seat tracks and does a heck of a good job freshening them up. NOS seat switches round up that upgrade. I couldn't help myself and decided to refresh the entirety of the interior panels with a
  6. No doubt that's factory paint. Looks similar in texture to my '89 MJ when I got it.
  7. Box is the same, components are different. 92 and 89 components don't play together. You need Renix goodies.
  8. Interior side overhead console gets the same treatment as my '97 XJ... Handsfree mic. The microphone grille is from a '04-'10 BMW 5-series and looks right in the XJ. Headliner and overhead console will be out for a recover by end of this week.
  9. I wish her luck getting the keys from me... I mean, yes, it is for my daughter.
  10. Had some quality Dremel tool time carving out the extra 1 3/8" needed for the factory 97+ XJ tow hooks to clear the bumper corners -- and the fog light openings. Dremel tool, followed by an assortment of flat and round files, and finished things out with a varied grit wet sanding. Final step is the SEM Trim Black rattle can to get things back to factory finish.
  11. Fired up Mossy Green today after the make-over...Idled and sounded great. Couldn't drive it as the front suspension is bare minimum -- axle, springs and tires. Getting ready to swap over a low mileage Dana 30 and install all the new stuff. In between time, we pulled the overhead console and headliner. There were a couple small bubbles starting, and I just wanted to be done with it. The board was in near perfect shape once I buzzed off the old foam.
  12. New transmission hard lines in and first gen XJ trans cooler connected up. I prefer this style of cooler over the newer XJ style that completely bypasses the radiator connections and is hung through the fins.
  13. Banks doesn’t make a downpipe for their headers (not sure why)…so I had to source my own. Since I wanted to keep things stainless my search took me to Northeastern Exhaust (an ebay seller). Two thumbs up on the stainless steel 4.0L downpipe I got from them – zero issues with installation/ bends – absolutely perfect. From there the pipe connects to a Magnaflow California spec catalytic converter, then back into a Banks “Monster” stainless steel cat-back system. The pipe size is 2.5” and it’s a simple turn-down style tip same as stock under the rear bumper.
  14. The dashboard is no longer hanging by a ziptie off the passenger side upper grab handle... back in place and buttoning up any displaced junction blocks/ wires. And with the dashboard back up, I was able to swap out some of the stopping essentials -- new brake booster/ master/ combo valve. While I was at it I bled the system several times to get the never changed fluid out (it was black in color). The entirety of the engine bay is shaping up too -- installed the K&N FIPK...and just waiting on a NOS efan to arrive. Trans lines will also be n
  15. Had just a couple hours today to tinker, so I got the transmission line and o2 sensor brackets cleaned up and mounted to the oil pan. I also started to line up a NOS '97+ XJ tow hook bracket set I was lucky enough to find...but couldn't get things mounted up because the front cross member inboard support bracket holes needed to be fixed. The cross member is an over lay of 2 pieces of sheet metal... not at all -- no where near -- lined up properly before spot welded together. Easy fix to carve things out, but I lost my narrow window of time to get these mounted up. Next
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